Canada nominates Sabrina and Andrew for eviction; Jon wins the Power of Veto

March 30, 2014

9:00-10:00 PM: On tonight's episode, it was revealed that Canada had nominated Sabrina and Andrew for eviction. It was also revealed that there will be a mission where the houseguests may find a hidden Power of Veto. It is unclear when the mission will begin and for how long the Power of Veto will be able to be used.

10:00-11:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Jon has won the Power of Veto. Arlie and Sarah were having a conversation in which he told her that he went to Jon and reassured him that Sarah had both of their backs 100%. Arlie explained that Jon said that he trusts Arlie and wont ever question Sarah’s loyalties again.

Kenny then had a chat with Arlie, and began to question who Arlie was truly loyal to. He said that he knows that Arlie knows things, yet when he asks him questions he never gives anything back. Arlie said that he feels the same way about Kenny. Kenny told Arlie that when they talk and he gets nothing from Arlie, then he sees Arlie with Adel and Heather, his mind starts working. Arlie said that he doesn’t know what to tell Kenny, but obviously he is questioning him. Kenny pointed out that he is just telling him how it comes off. Arlie said that he is First Five all the way. He explained that he always tried to talk but his opinions weren’t viewed as being as valid as those of others, so he decided to sit back more. Kenny said that that’s not true.

Arlie then revealed his belief that Sabrina lies a ton in this game in order to better her own game, but he didn’t know how Kenny felt about that so he is afraid to say it. Kenny agreed and said that Sabrina almost never tells the truth, and when she does it’s a stretch. Kenny mentioned that while that is the case, Sabrina is very important to the alliance so he trusts her as much as he needs to but filters what information goes through to her. Kenny noted that Sabrina is high strung and emotional. Arlie told Kenny that he is with him and Sarah but is afraid that Sabrina is setting herself up in such a great position that it will end up screwing them in the end. He mentioned a specific example in that Sabrina is forcing them to keep Rachelle around for as long as possible.

11:00-12:00 AM: Arlie reassured Kenny that it would make no sense for him to flip, as he would be on the bottom on the other side. He told Kenny that he will not be nominating the First Five if he wins HoH. If he did, Arlie said that he would be the target for the First Five and would also be the first target for the other side once everyone else gets picked off. They began to discuss how the veto could be used to majorly change the game. Kenny mentioned that he had heard that Jon told Sabrina that he would use the veto on her. Kenny felt that Jon might still be scared and is trying to figure out who would go up as the replacement nominee in order to solidify one of the big guys going home. Kenny also noted that Adel could use his veto as well, but likely wants Andrew to go home.

Andrew was outside speaking with Heather and Sarah. He appears to have accepted that he is very likely going home this week. He said that there are only four days left and that he has tried to turn it around a little and be in good spirits, even though he had a couple of cries. He added that being put up by your country is a tough hand to be dealt. He feared that his friends will “cut him up” once he gets back home.

Sarah and Jon were having a talk. Sarah mentioned Jon feeling slighted by Kenny. While it is unclear what they were referencing, Sarah said that it is understandable that Jon feels that way. Sarah revealed that she is concerned about the relationship between Jon and Neda, as she feels that Jon will choose Neda over her. Jon told her that if cutting Neda has to happen at some point, it will happen. Sarah pointed out that Jon’s best move would be to keep Neda over her, as he would beat her if they made it to the end together. Jon told Sarah that it’s unlikely that that would ever happen and that it’s more likely that he could get to the end with Sarah and Arlie. He told Sarah that she, Neda and Arlie are the only three that he trusts. He said that he feels that Arlie is working for the three of them.

Jon let Sarah know that Neda has trust in her and feels that they can work together. Sarah said that even though she is scared of the connection between Jon and Neda, it’s not to a point where she is not willing to work with them. Talk then turned to Kenny. Jon asked Sarah if she thought that Kenny would nominate him. Sarah swore that Kenny has not said anything about him going any time soon. Jon said that he does not want Kenny to go either but if it happens, it happens. Sarah agreed. Jon let her know that Kenny would not go up if he wins HoH, unless she and their allies felt that it was their chance to take him out. Other than that, going after Kenny is not in his plans. Sarah told Jon to be very careful about Sabrina and Rachelle, as Sabrina has the ability to come up with the craziest stories in order to pull information from people.

12:00-1:00 AM: Adel and Jon discussed that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with Arlie. While Arlie wants to be in an alliance with them, Jon and Adel feel that Arlie is spending too much time covering all of his bases and is not actually siding with them. Adel said that Arlie is sucking up to Kenny and is stuck up Sarah’s ass. Jon mentioned that Arlie always said that they will talk when the time comes, yet he is not talking and the time is now. Jon explained that Andrew is going home since he will not be using the veto, so Arlie should be talking things over with them. Adel said that he believes that Sabrina, Sarah, Arlie and Kenny have something together. Jon agreed. Adel mentioned that Rachelle is also tagging along. Adel mentioned that Arlie and Sarah have themselves in the best position in the game.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sabrina went to Jon and asked him if he hates her and despises her. Jon said not at all. Sabrina said that she cannot elaborate on it. Jon told her that if he hated her, he would be using the veto on Andrew in hope of someone going up that would stay over Sabrina. In addition to that, he told Sabrina that the only reason why he is not using the veto on her is because he knows that she is not going anywhere. Sabrina was frustrated that she is being perceived as being a conniving, backstabbing bitch. Jon said that he doesn’t believe that to be the case and he figures that she got nominated due to her connection with Andrew.

Sabrina cleared the air with Jon about what went down the night that Ika shredded the letters. Sabrina said that while she repeated his and Neda’s names twice, she was not in game mode. Jon said that it didn’t bother him and that he hasn’t thought about it since. Sabrina then brought up her issues with Adel. She was afraid that Jon would leak their conversation to Adel. She made Jon swear on his family that he would not. Jon told her that he doesn’t trust Adel and that he would nominate Adel if he wins HoH.

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