Jon decides to leave the nominations the same; Kenny tells Sarah that he is gay

March 31, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Andrew asked Kenny what he thinks about a straightforward speech at the veto ceremony. Andrew mentioned saying something like “I don’t expect you to use this on me, since it has been part of your plan since week one to get me out of this house”. Kenny said “no”, and questioned how Andrew even knows that. Kenny said that it will not be wise. Andrew said that he doesn’t want to beg Jon to use it on him. Kenny told him that he doesn’t have to. Andrew then asked if it would screw him and Arlie over. Kenny said absolutely. Arlie said it would make the lines a little more clear. Andrew said that he will not do it then.

9:00-10:00 AM: Kenny, Andrew and Arlie continued to talk over Andrew’s upcoming speech at the veto ceremony. Kenny and Arlie suggested that he goes with the standard speech, saying that he will respect whatever decision Jon makes. That being said, both guys told Andrew to do what he has to do. Andrew told Arlie to send Jon out next week. Andrew said that it’s the smartest move, so make sure that he is pushing for it and does not let anyone else sway him on it. Arlie went along with what Andrew was saying. Andrew added that it’s pretty clear that sending Jon out is the best move so no one should be arguing about it. Arlie said that it would be sending a big message to the rest of the house. Andrew agreed and said that it would be game over. Andrew pointed out that it would have been smooth sailing had he made it past this week.

Kenny then rejoined the guys. Andrew asked if Kenny was thinking of sending Jon out next week. Kenny said probably Adel first. Andrew told him that he feels as though sending Jon out is the better move. Kenny said we’ll see, as there is likely another twist coming. They discussed that Canada better not be HoH again, as it then just becomes a popularity contest and everyone will be walking around and smiling in order to get Canada to love them. Kenny said that he can respect that it is a twist this week, but it’s not the game that he signed up for to have Canada making all the decisions. Arlie agreed and said that while it’s about popularity in the UK and Australia, this game is supposed to be about strategy and forming alliances. Arlie said that they would have went untouched if not for this, as even the enemies were being manipulated into doing what they wanted.

Jon told Arlie to talk to Adel in order to put his mind at ease, as he is freaking out about Arlie not hanging out and talking with them. Jon mentioned that Adel is wondering if Arlie has broken off from them and shifted to the other side completely. Arlie said that he doesn’t plan on talking to Jon, Adel and Heather for a while, as he wants to keep things from appearing obvious. Arlie told Jon that he can pass the message on to Heather and Adel. Arlie later got a chance to speak with Adel himself. Arlie said that if he openly jumps over to the side with Jon and Adel, he will be headhunted. Adel said that he gets where Arlie is coming from but he has no problem hanging out with Kenny and Sarah, yet he won’t come around he or Jon. Arlie explained that the most important part of their alliance is the secrecy.

Adel said he tells Arlie everything, yet Arlie always says to just give him a couple of weeks and he will tell him everything. Arlie told Adel that he will come in his room tonight at 3 AM to fill him in on everything. Arlie reiterated that he said that this alliance would take time, so not to worry. Arlie mentioned that he has been working on Jon and Heather and is still working on Sarah. He advised Adel to give him time in order to ensure that everything is solid. Arlie again said that he can come talk to Adel at 3 AM and talk for hours. Adel told him that he doesn’t have to worry about it. Arlie said that he is worried that Heather is getting afraid as well. Arlie brought up that he had been called out by Kenny on being aligned with Adel, Heather and Jon, so it is imperative that do not be seen talking. Arlie said that he will not be talking to them for the next few days.

10:00-11:00 AM: Kenny and Sarah discussed that Jon is not going to use the Power of Veto, even though Sabrina said that Jon told her that he would use it on her. Sarah said that she has a gut feeling that Sabrina is lying about even more than they suspect. She said that Sabrina takes any information that they say and feeds it around. Sarah told Kenny that she wishes that Andrew was a better game player, because she is ready to cut Sabrina off. Kenny said that he has to vote for Andrew to stay. Sarah said that she knows but no one else is, so it would make no sense for her to. Sarah mentioned that the only good thing is that everyone knows what Sabrina is like at this point. Kenny told Sarah that he had a talk with Arlie last night and Arlie revealed that he feels as though Sabrina is lying about everything and is stretching the truth. Kenny explained that he and Arlie cleared the air and that Arlie told him that he needs him in this game. Kenny noted that Arlie mentioned that Sabrina is setting herself up so well with the rest of the house in the event that the First Five fails, so he decided to do the same with Adel.

Sarah again asked Kenny if she trusts that Jon will not use the veto. Kenny said yes and that Jon told him again that he will not use it. Sarah said that it would make no sense for him to use it. Kenny told Sarah that he doesn’t want to go after Jon right away, as he wants Adel gone. Kenny explained that it will buy him enough time to figure out what is really happening with Jon. Sarah said that if either of Kenny or Jon wins the next HoH and doesn’t attack, it will build trust between them. Kenny informed Sarah that Adel said that if he doesn’t use his veto within the three weeks, he gets a prize from Canada. Kenny said that there is no way that they can keep believing everything that Adel says about his power, so he needs to be the next to go. Sarah agreed.

12:00-1:00 PM: The feeds returned following the veto ceremony. Jon decided not to use the Power of Veto. Sabrina and Andrew will remain the nominees heading into Thursday night’s eviction. Jon told Sarah that even though he and Andrew have been butting heads, it was hard for him to look Andrew in the eye and essentially tell him that his game is over when he decided not to use the Power of Veto. Sarah told Jon that his reasons for not using it were true and valid, and it doesn’t make sense to save one person while making a bunch mad at you. Jon explained that he wanted Andrew out of the game anyway, as Andrew would take a shot at him if given the opportunity.

1:00-2:00 PM: Kenny told Jon that Adel continually changes his story about his power. Kenny said that Adel is his #1 target. Jon said that he is 100% on board with that. Jon said that Heather can go up next with him. If Adel comes off, Heather goes home. Kenny said that they need to either flush out Adel’s power or send him home if he is full of shit. Jon asked Kenny how Andrew is doing. Kenny said that Andrew has resigned to the fact that he is going home. Kenny said that he will be voting to keep Andrew anyway.

2:00-3:00 PM: Arlie told Jon that Adel was upset that he was giving up information but does not get anything in return. Arlie explained that he is not comfortable with sharing anything with Adel. Jon agreed. Arlie then revealed to Jon that he has been talking with Kenny and the others and Adel is the clear number one target, while Jon is the number two. Arlie told Jon that he will be the target if Adel uses his power. Arlie then spoke to Heather and told her that he cannot be seen with her right now. He said that he got grilled hard and was called out by Kenny about his alliance with Heather, Jon and Adel. Arlie told Heather that he will prove himself next week when Adel uses his power, as they will take out Kenny or Sabrina. Heather said that she understands. Arlie informed Heather that she would likely be a backup plan for the other side, as Adel and Jon are their number one and two targets.

Jon told Neda that Kenny pretty much came to him and apologized and said that he wants to get back to the point where they were so that they can work together in the game. Jon said that he feels that Kenny is scared now and is thus reaching out to him. Neda said that people do this at this time of the week because they do not know who the HoH will be. Jon told Neda that he has been hearing that Kenny is after Adel before him, which is not smart because he is gunning for Kenny. Neda told Jon that Sarah mentioned that now that the Andrew/Sabrina and Andrew/Allison pairs are split, they will be coming after Sarah and Kenny and she and Jon.

Neda told Jon to believe anything that Arlie says, as Arlie just wants to work with him for the time being but not for the long haul. Jon said that he doesn’t trust Arlie 100% but he believes that Arlie will keep him safe for the next 3-4 weeks. They both agreed that they can trust nobody but each other. They said that Kenny is their number one target. After Kenny, they agreed that Sabrina needs to go. Neda also mentioned Rachelle, Allison and Sarah as eventual targets. Jon told Neda that Sarah would not put him up.

3:00-4:00 PM: Sarah told Kenny that her only worry is that if Adel’s power is real, Kenny will be going up. Kenny agreed. Sarah was concerned that she may be put up as a pawn next to Kenny if someone is looking to make a big move and get him out of the game. Kenny didn’t think that anyone would do that at this point in the game. Kenny is still unsure if he can trust Jon. He was unsure of whether or not Jon really went to Rachelle to try to get him out. Sarah said that she thinks that Sabrina made it up. She explained that every decision that Sabrina makes is selfish and done to further her own game.

Kenny then revealed to Sarah that he is gay. Sarah said “Oh my God! Why don’t you want to tell anyone that?!”. Kenny said that it was a strategic thing at first, for flirting with the girls. He said that it has only been for the last few years. Sarah said that she is literally stunned. Kenny explained that hiding it is doing nothing anymore, as there are no bonds that are relying him on being straight. Kenny said that it has been really hard lately to not be himself. He said that everything that he has told her is 100% true except for stories about a girlfriend that was actually a boyfriend. Sarah asked if he was going to tell people. Kenny said that he doesn’t know. He explained that it was the first time in his life that he ever hid who he was. He said that it was not fun and that he does not want anyone that watches this to feel that they have to hide who they are. Now that hiding the fact that he is gay is not benefitting his game, Kenny said that he is unsure of whether or not he should continue to hide it.

Kenny told Sarah that it was killing him not to tell anyone. Sarah said that she is glad that he told her. He said that it felt so good to get that off his chest. Kenny explained that when he has spaced out and it is clear that there is something on his mind, this is what it has been. Sarah asked if he always knew that he was gay. Kenny said no. He said that he knew that he was attracted to guys in a way, but never thought that he was gay. Sarah said that Kenny telling him that he was gay does not make her worried that he lied about anything else, but others may feel that way. Kenny agreed and said that he was debating whether or not it’s worth it to come out to everyone at this point, or wait until after the season ends.

Kenny admitted that he was so concerned that Allison would know his secret, as they had crossed paths back home. Kenny mentioned that hiding his sexuality has really been weighing on him this week, seeing as this week has been so much about how you are perceived on the outside. Kenny said that he didn’t want to be defined as the guy that hid who he was. Kenny told Sarah that he is leaning towards telling everyone soon, once the numbers aren’t shaky, as he wants to be who he is. Sarah said that she wants Kenny to be who he is, but it needs to be the right timing for his game. Kenny told Sarah that she needs to act as blown away as she just was, if and when the time comes that he reveals it to the whole house. Kenny said that he had wanted to tell Andrew before he left, but he doesn't think that the timing is right to do it this week.

4:00-5:00 PM: Rachelle told Kenny that she overhead Sarah telling Neda that she needs to tell her something. Rachelle said that she is concerned that Sarah may be telling Neda that they are after Jon. Kenny told Rachelle that she doesn’t think that Sarah would do that. Rachelle informed Kenny that Sarah mentioned that she trusts Neda. Kenny was shocked to hear that. He didn’t understand how Sarah could trust Neda. Kenny said that he will fish for some answers from Sarah.

5:00-6:00 PM: Andrew told Sabrina and Rachelle that it was insinuated in the diary room that he has given up. He explained that he is not going to fight against one of his good friends in the house. Sabrina said that he can but she is not going to. Andrew said that he wont. Allison then joined them. Andrew asked who she would send home next week. Arlie joined in on the conversation before Allison could answer. They discussed that Adel needs to go up in order to flush out his power. Sabrina suggested that Adel and Jon need to go up together. The others agreed. Sabrina said that Adel will then nominate Kenny with his power, but they can send Jon home.

6:00-7:00 PM: Sarah was annoyed that Sabrina became paranoid that she was talking with Jon and Neda, yet Sabrina can talk to anyone that she wants. They agreed that they need to keep their distance from Jon for game purposes. Arlie said that Sabrina is so paranoid because she feels the game slipping away. Arlie said that Sabrina felt that she was the queen bee, yet she never actually was. He told Sarah that Sabrina can never really have actual power, just fake power. Sarah said that all that Sabrina has is Rachelle. Sarah said that Sabrina 100% does not have Kenny. Arlie now believes that too, after his talk with Kenny last night.

Arlie told Sarah that she and Jon will soon be confirming more things between the two of them, as their alliance gets tighter. Sarah questioned what Adel knows in terms of her involvement with the alliance. Arlie told her that Adel knows nothing and only thinks that it’s a four person alliance with Arlie, Jon and Heather. Arlie said that next week they will need her vote no matter what, and it will likely be to evict Sabrina, Kenny or Rachelle. Arlie said that they have the numbers no matter who wins HoH. Arlie explained that even if it’s Heather up against Adel and Heather wins veto, Jon would be the replacement but Adel would use his power to nominate Sabrina, Kenny or Rachelle. At that point, Arlie said that they could save Jon. Sarah said that she wants it to be Sabrina first, cause she is going to freak out. Arlie said that it will be Sabrina or Kenny, but Sabrina isn’t good at physical competitions and Kenny is.

7:00-8:00 PM: Big Brother started playing O Canada. The houseguests sang and then it was time to get into Canada’s HoH room. When they arrived there, they found out that Big Brother had something planned for them tonight. The houseguests are having a slumber party in the backyard. They are locked out of the bedrooms for the night.

9:00-10:00 PM: The feeds returned and the houseguests were in the backyard drinking. Jon and Neda eventually snuck away and talked things over. Neda said that it will suck so bad if Rachelle wins HoH this week, because she will do whatever Kenny tells her to. She advised Jon to suck up to Kenny. Jon said that he had a talk with Kenny today and that Kenny is not going to put him up in the week ahead. Neda disagreed and said that she is always right but Jon never wants to believe her.

10:00-11:00 PM: Allison told Sabrina that she thinks that Sarah loves Jon as a person but doesn’t know how close they are on a game level. Sabrina told Allison that she is now a little freaked out about Sarah, seeing as she use to be really close to her but now Sarah is hanging out with other people instead. Sabrina pointed out that it appears as though Sarah and Neda are now getting close, and Sarah and Jon were already close. Sabrina is concerned that Sarah doesn’t tell her anything about what Jon and Neda say. She told Allison that the two of them have to look out for each other since Kenny has Sarah’s back before anyone else’s.

Kenny spoke with Allison about how Jon is screwing himself in the game. He didn’t understand why Jon and Neda are aligning with Heather and Adel when they haven’t won anything. Kenny said that the clear cut targets would have been Heather and Adel had Jon and Neda just not done anything at all, yet they are trying to play both sides. That being said, Kenny said that Adel still needs to be their number one target so that they can flush his power out. Jon said that he would nominate Adel and either Heather or Jon. Kenny then informed Allison that Jon said that she is the Liza of the season and is a jumper that will attach herself to guys, starting with Andrew and then moving on to him (Kenny) once Andrew leaves. Allison was not happy to hear that. Kenny, Allison and Arlie discussed that the upcoming HoH will make the sides even more definitive. Arlie said that as long as they wipe someone out from the other side, they will be in control.

Kenny told Rachelle that he believes that he will be nominated if either Jon or Adel win HoH. Rachelle said that they should nominate Jon if one of them wins, and not even worry about backdooring him. Kenny said that that’s what he has been thinking. Rachelle said that Jon and Neda are always talking, so it’s the most ridiculous thing ever that Neda claims that they don’t talk game. She said that Jon leaving will be for the better and that it will leave Neda totally on her own.

Sabrina pointed out that Sarah is always jumping down Andrew’s throat. She said that it is becoming really sketchy. She then mentioned that Sarah never says anything when they talk bad about Jon and Neda. Andrew told her that she is overthinking things and that she needs to relax. He doesn’t think that there is any reason to worry about Sarah. Minutes earlier, Sarah had told Arlie that she is “backdooring the shit out of Sabrina” if she wins HoH. Arlie told her to do it.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jon made his rounds and talked game with a number of people. He and Sarah noted that Sabrina is on their case big time. Jon said that she is all over him about Sarah and Neda. Jon told Sarah that he wants to work with her more than anyone in this game. She said but you love Neda. Jon said that he loves Neda but it’s emotional, not game.

Jon then went to Andrew and encouraged him not to roll over and die. Jon said that he could not use the veto on him because someone like Neda may have went up. He also said that he believes that Canada will continue to have a lot of power, so it would not be wise to go against their decision. Andrew said that he is in a tough spot since he can either accept what is going on or fight against a girl that he loves as a friend. Jon said that it’s possible that he can sway Neda’s vote, so he would only need one more cause he already has Kenny and Allison. Jon said that he needs to know that Andrew actually wants to stay and fight. Andrew said obviously, but he can’t be the one to campaign. Jon told Andrew and Allison not to doubt him yet, since he has 48 hours to make something happen. They discussed that Heather is probably the best bet for a potential 5th vote.

Andrew and Allison were puzzled as to what Jon’s true motives were, even though he explained that it’s best for his game to keep Andrew since Sabrina would turn on him in a second. Allison told Andrew that she is in a tough spot since Andrew is her #1 but Sabrina is her #2. Allison told him that she cannot actively campaign for him because it would screw her game if Sabrina ended up staying and found out. Andrew understood and plans to work under the assumption that he is going home. If Jon pulls off a miracle and keeps him around, Andrew said that he is prepared to stay.

Jon went to Arlie and told him that he better not turn on him in this game. Jon said that what they have could be epic. Arlie said that it IS epic. Arlie explained that if he was going to turn on Jon he wouldn’t be taking out Andrew this week. Arlie said that there is nothing that the other side will be able to do next week, as either Kenny, Sabrina or Rachelle will be going home. Arlie said that it’s he and Jon and that they need to make Sarah feel comfortable with them as the number there. Jon told Arlie that he is putting all the marbles with this alliance right here. Arlie then asked Jon what he was talking to Andrew about. Jon revealed the details of his conversation and told Arlie that Andrew said that Arlie is someone that he has no chance of swaying for a vote.

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