The meter reaches 6 million, meaning that a hidden PoV will be unlocked

April 1, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Rachelle and Sarah discussed that Sabrina has become so much more paranoid now that she realizes that Andrew is leaving. Sarah said that even though they have Kenny’s back, there is no way that he is going to make it to the end because he is such a big target. That being said, Sarah explained that Sabrina has no reason to worry that the girls will not have her back. Sarah told Rachelle that she is staying so close to Jon in hope of him not coming after them. Sarah reiterated that she did not turn on the girls because of them, but more so because of Ika and how she was acting.

Sarah told Rachelle that Kenny had wanted Allison out but now he wants Jon out since Andrew is leaving. Sarah said that she doesn’t think that Jon is actually after them. Rachelle told Sarah that she prefers to go after Heather and Adel. Sarah and Rachelle continued to discuss that they were unsure of whether or not it was the right move to go after Jon, as they don’t think that he would put them up. Sarah mentioned that Kenny is definitely going on the block if Adel has his power. Sarah added that it’s really bad for her and Rachelle since Kenny always says that the only person that he trusts other than her is Rachelle. Rachelle said that she trusts Kenny.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sabrina had previously sworn to stop bringing Adel’s name up around the house. She proceeded to go on to say things to a few of her allies. She went to Adel to ask him if he had heard anything. Adel quickly shot it down and told her not to worry about it. Adel explained that people are now using it to their advantage and he is just going to brush it off, as he doesn’t believe anything that anyone says anymore. She continued to tell him that she did not say anything to anyone. Adel reassured her that everything is fine.

Adel showed Jon his veto card that he got when he received his power. He is now claiming that he gets a “Canada’s prize” if he does not use the power within three weeks, so he told Jon that he had ripped that portion of the card off in case anyone found it. Jon said hopefully Adel doesn’t have to use his power then, but Kenny and the others are likely going to put him on the block. Adel said that he would have to use it then. Jon said that there is no way that any of them are going home next week. Adel agreed and said that they need to keep the numbers. He added that they have three men to compete in the next HoH, while the other side only has Kenny. Adel and Jon both agreed that Heather is also very smart.

12:00-1:00 PM: The screens in the living room showed the numbers from the meter. It was over 3.6 million. The houseguests began speculating what it could mean. Kenny said that perhaps this twist is even crazier, so they need 4 million votes this time instead of 2 million. Neda thought that the viewers may be voting on what type of twist they want, such as a double eviction. Kenny then threw it out there that an evicted houseguest might return once it hits 4 million. Jon shot that idea down.

Sarah told Kenny that she wishes that there was a way that Andrew could stay this week, though she has gone through it in her head and there is no way that it is possible. Kenny said that he has thought it over as well. Sarah said that Andrew is too obnoxious and Jon hates him, yet it would have to be Jon that votes to keep him. Sarah said that she really wants Sabrina gone and really wants Allison gone. Kenny told her that right now they can’t take them out. Sarah pointed out that Allison’s game might be saved by Andrew leaving. Kenny agreed and said that they could replace Andrew with Allison. He mentioned that he has been talking with Allison now so that it doesn’t seem fishy if he talks to her once Andrew leaves. Kenny said that the way that Allison acts once Andrew leaves will tell them what they need to know.

Sarah said that while they are concerned about Jon and Neda, they have to worry about Sabrina and Rachelle since Rachelle is literally Sabrina’s puppet. Sarah told Kenny that she believes that Sabrina has instructed Rachelle to get as close to him as possible. Sarah said that she took the opportunity to remind Rachelle that if Kenny is around, she will be safe. Kenny was concerned that Adel would nominate him and Sabrina if he wins HoH. Kenny wasn’t sure if he would have the votes to stay in that scenario. Sarah said that she is worried that it would be their chance to take Kenny out, so he could be in danger. Sarah said that if the other side was smart, they would nominate Adel and Sabrina and then have Adel use his power to put up Kenny.

1:00-2:00 PM: Sarah told Sabrina that Jon, Neda, Adel and Heather are after Kenny but are definitely not after Sabrina and probably not after her. Sarah said that they are also concerned about Allison. Sarah said that she trusts Kenny and trust that he is looking out for them one million percent. She explained that they cannot let Jon be the king in this game, as they need it to be someone that has their backs. Sarah told Rachelle and Sabrina that she really likes Neda and Jon makes her laugh, but she has chosen her side and is going to stick with it. Sarah added that they have such a strong group that it would make no sense for any of them to switch sides because they enjoy someone on the other side.

Sabrina told Sarah that she always trusted her the most but now she feels left out with her cause she is always with Kenny. Sarah said that it’s all about perception and that she could say the same about Sabrina and Rachelle. Rachelle asked who the girls would nominate if they won HoH. Sarah said that she would put up Adel and Heather, then Adel would use his power to nominate Kenny. Sarah said that she would like to get Adel out if he is lying and doesn’t really have a power. Sarah mentioned that she is 100% on board to get rid of Jon if that is what the group decides.

4:00-5:00 PM: The numbers on the screen reached 6 million, which we all know means that a hidden Power of Veto will be unlocked. The houseguests have no idea what it means. Heather was wondering what could possibly be bigger than Canada being HoH, as she believes that the 2 million they had previously seen was related to Canada becoming HoH. The others were not so sure. Arlie took the approach of not caring about the numbers, seeing as he said that they will not be able to figure it out no matter what it is.

5:00-6:00 PM: Kenny and Sarah discussed that it would be amazing if they could make it to the end together. Sarah said that she is so concerned that Sabrina plans to call her out if she gets the chance, as she continually questions whether or not she is still her number one. They agreed that Sabrina’s type of personality is driving them insane. Kenny said that Sabrina thinks that she is the one that has made every big move in the game and is the best at everything, but they cannot say anything to her because she will explode.

Sabrina told Rachelle that when she says that she feels alone, it does not include her and that it is meant to make Sarah open her eyes. Sabrina told Rachelle that she is her clear cut choice for Final 2 now that Andrew is going. Sabrina said that even though Sarah claims that she is her girl, she will want to take Kenny. Rachelle said that Kenny and Sarah will for sure take each other to the Final 2, so they need to be separated at some point. Rachelle said that too many people like Sarah, so she wouldn’t be a good one to take to the end. The girls agreed that they would have a good chance of going to the Final 4 with Sarah and Kenny. Rachelle figured that the others don’t care much about Arlie. Sabrina disagreed, saying that they do care about Arlie because he is such a good person. As for next week, they believe that they will be safe if Sarah, Arlie, Allison or Kenny win HoH.

6:00-7:00 PM: Sabrina spoke with Arlie about her growing concern when it comes to Kenny and Sarah. Sabrina said that she has always made everyone in the First 5 feel equally, yet Kenny and Sarah are making it seem as though they are above everyone. Sabrina told Arlie that she is starting to believe that Kenny and Sarah plan to screw them over. Sabrina pointed out that Sarah had told her that Allison in the Liza of the house, then Allison came to her and gave the exact words but told her that Kenny had said Jon called her the Liza. Thus Sabrina believes that Kenny and Sarah are trying to take the attention off of them and put it all on Jon so that Allison will go after Jon.

7:00-8:00 PM: Sabrina asked Arlie if Sarah has ever talked game with him. Arlie said no. Sabrina said that’s what she means, and it is concerning that Sarah and Kenny are always with Jon and Neda but never come back to them with any information. Sabrina mentioned that Sarah has been getting pissed off when people say that Sabrina is the strategical brain of the group, as Sarah realizes that she is doing nothing. Sabrina wondered if perhaps Sarah finds her to be too smart. Sabrina explained her plan for dealing with Kenny and Sarah. She told Arlie that she has Rachelle and Allison in her corner 100%. Sabrina plans to stay loyal to Kenny and Sarah until they are no longer loyal to her. She explained to Arlie that they may need to realign themselves.

Arlie told Sabrina that he doesn’t have close bonds with Rachelle and Allison, but knows that Sabrina can keep him safe with them. Arlie asked that she not reveal how close the two of them are. Arlie said that he now trusts Sabrina so much more after this conversation, as he realizes that she really does have his back since she revealed so much potentially dangerous information. After Arlie left, Sabrina was talking to herself and said that she will always have Rachelle’s back and will never nominate her or vote against her. She also said that she will have Allison and Arlie, and will have Kenny and Sarah as long as they have her.

8:00-9:00 PM: Andrew asked Arlie what he was thinking in terms of the vote. Arlie said that he was planning on throwing a vote to Sabrina since he finds that Andrew has thrown in the towel. Andrew said that he is just in a tough spot and doesn’t want to campaign against Sabrina. He asked Arlie if he would give him a vote so that it would be 6-3 instead of 7-2. Arlie said that he would have no problem doing that. Andrew explained that it’s tough to have been nominated by your entire country. He said that he just doesn’t want to leave in a landslide. Arlie again told him that he can have his vote, also adding that he would not be opposed to Andrew actually staying in the game. Andrew thanked him and said that whether it’s with him or without him, he believes that the First Five will do well. He said that he told Allison that she can trust them, so they should utilize her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jon and Neda discussed their thoughts on what will happen in the week ahead. Jon said that he doesn’t think that Sabrina would nominate them. He thought that she would opt to go after Adel and Heather. Neda said that what sketches her out about Sabrina and Rachelle is that they are constantly asking her if she trusts them, which means that they don’t trust her. Jon said that she is the closest girl to those two, so he wouldn’t worry too much. As for Kenny, Jon thinks that he has his sights set on taking out Adel. Jon revealed that he would like to nominate Rachelle and Allison, telling both that they are pawns, and then nominate Kenny if he does not win the veto.

There was talk about what would happen if Andrew ended up staying. Jon said that him and Neda would be totally screwed and on their own. Neda didn’t totally agree but acknowledged that Andrew needs to go. Neda said that Andrew is the glue that holds the other side together. Both Jon and Neda believe that people will gravitate towards Jon, not Kenny, once Andrew leaves. Neda noted that one good thing about Kenny being there is that him and Sarah will be the biggest target. Neda explained that Sarah would do whatever it takes to keep Kenny in the game and that she would be worried about how close Kenny and Sarah are if she were good friends with them.

11:00-12:00 AM: Arlie told Jon and Adel that the other side is starting to crack a bit. He said that Rachelle, Allison and Sabrina are a strong three. He then said that Sarah and Kenny are a lot closer than he thought, so the best thing is definitely to get rid of Kenny next. Arlie said that he cannot openly do it. Arlie then informed them that Andrew is not rolling over and is trying to get votes, including his. Arlie said that he is thinking that he wont give it to Andrew. Adel told him that he cannot. Arlie said that the other side is taking a lot of shit about Neda, so they aren’t as close as he thought. He told Jon that they need to have a sit down talk with Neda next week.

Arlie explained that he is not sure what to think about Sarah anymore, as he feels that she is withholding information about Kenny. Arlie didn’t know if he was Sarah’s #1 anymore, so he said that Neda is basically above Sarah now. Adel asked who Sarah wants out. Arlie said that he has been pushing for Kenny but Sarah is pushing for Sabrina, so he is concerned. Arlie told Adel that he is the #1 target and told Jon that he is the #2 target. Arlie said that Sabrina is lower on the target list cause she sucks. He explained that Kenny needs to go first, but Allison and Rachelle should be above Sabrina on the hit list. Adel asked if they can separate from the house and show their power if they get Kenny out. Arlie said that they may need to wait one more week to ensure that they get Neda in. Adel reassured Arlie that Neda is 100% in. Arlie is still working under the assumption that Adel has the power to replace a nominee, so he said that no matter what Kenny, Allison or Rachelle will go home.

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