The houseguests continue to scramble on the eve of another eviction

April 2, 2014

2:00-3:00 PM: Andrew went to Jon and said that Kenny just had a conversation with him, then he ran to Sabrina right away. Jon said nope, Sabrina came to him. Andrew said that there are no hard feelings either way, but he is confused why Jon approached him the other night about possibly voting to keep him. Andrew pointed out that if he is out of the house, odds are high that Jon becomes a target. Andrew said that the only way that he doesn’t see Jon going on the block is if he, Adel, Neda or Heather win HoH. Andrew said that he and the people that are keeping him around would swear on their families that he would be 100% safe next week. Andrew left the door open for them to work together even longer. Jon went to Sabrina and said that Andrew made a plea for himself, offering him safety, but he is still voting to evict Andrew. Jon said that, according to Andrew, he is the deciding vote. Jon said that Sabrina would have to trust him them, as would Rachelle. Sabrina said that both of them would never come after him.

Kenny told Andrew that he is doing more harm than good by campaigning when it comes to his own game, so Andrew needs to campaign for himself. Andrew said that he just did with Jon. Kenny said that Jon will not vote for Andrew to stay, as he has been trying to get him out since Day 1. Andrew then told Kenny that he or Sarah need to go to Heather and threaten her. Kenny said that Heather feels safe with the other side at the moment, so it’s not going to work. Kenny said that he will give Andrew his vote but he cannot do that for him.

Sarah told Sabrina that she is 100% not going home. Sabrina told Sarah about the conversation that she had just had with Jon. She said that Jon basically admitted to being with Heather, Neda and Adel. Sabrina then explained that she has always been loyal to the First Five, but she got jealous about Sarah being with Kenny so much. She said that she got close to Rachelle because she saw Sarah distancing from her. Sarah told Sabrina to please not put little digs out there to plant seeds about she and Kenny, cause people are coming to her and telling her. Sabrina said “I know that Arlie is telling you”. Sarah denied that it was Arlie, but Sabrina said that it was the only person that she had told it to. Sarah reassured Sabrina that she and Kenny have her back 100%.

3:00-4:00 PM: Sarah and Jon talked things over. Sarah said that she wanted Jon to know that if he really trusts her, then him going after Kenny is like her going after Neda. Sarah said that it hurts because Kenny was 100% not going after Jon as of this morning, then Jon got freaked out about what was happening today. Jon said that all that he did was say that Andrew was campaigning. Jon said that he has no doubts about Sarah. Sarah said that that’s why he should trust that she would not let Kenny go after him. She explained that her diary room sessions are her bawling about loving Kenny and Jon so much while they are on opposite sides. Jon said that Kenny gives him nothing when he tries to talk game with him.

Sarah told Jon that she is in the middle right now and can get information for him, so do not throw her under the bus. Jon questioned what Sabrina and Rachelle told her that he had said. Sarah said nothing really. Jon explained that he told the girls that they can trust Sarah. She replied by telling him not to trust Rachelle or Sabrina. Jon was pissed off that the girls would lie about him after he helped them by going to them and warning them that Andrew is campaigning. Sarah told Jon to let her handle it. Jon asked if Kenny is after him. Sarah said that he wasn’t but she needs to talk to him to confirm it. Jon said that he had Kenny’s back until the end from Day 1, but Kenny made it blatantly obvious that he was with Andrew and that Jon was on the outside. Sarah said that she had Kenny convinced that Jon was not after him. She promised to try to fix things between the two of them.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sabrina went to Neda and said that she is going home because Jon is now mad at her. Neda explained that she is staying and that Jon will be voting to keep her unless he is totally fucking her over in this game. Neda said that Andrew and Kenny are trying really hard but it’s because it’s a show and they have to show something going on to keep things interesting. Neda advised Sabrina to stay calm because she will be staying. Sarah told Kenny that it is imperative that Jon thinks that he is not after him, otherwise they are in danger of not having the numbers to keep Kenny if someone like Adel nominates him. Sarah pleaded with Kenny not to make it so obvious that he is mad at Jon. Kenny promised to work on it.

Sarah pointed out that Jon mentioned how he wanted to take Kenny to the end. Kenny said that Jon is totally bullshitting her, cause he ran straight to Rachelle and told her everything that he said to Jon. Kenny acknowledged that it was still smart of Sarah to try to keep Jon close in case they need him down the line. Kenny said hopefully their side wins HoH, puts up Adel and Jon, Adel uses his power, and then they can send home Jon. Kenny then speculated that Adel doesn’t even have a power and wont be able to save himself if he is nominated. Kenny told Arlie and Sarah that he is voting for Andrew to stay but it is best for the two of them to vote him out. They all agreed that it is not worth it to get Sabrina all riled up over a meaningless vote.

5:00-6:00 PM: Jon told Neda that he is feeling as though he will be the next to go. Neda then pointed out that Adel has his power. Jon said that they keep forgetting about that, but there is no way that they are going home then unless Adel is bullshitting them. After some discussion about the possibility of the power being non-existent, Neda concluded that Adel really does have a power.

Jon had another talk with Sarah. Sarah told Jon that Kenny believes that Rachelle is a liar and that there were so many cracks in her story about Jon having ratted Kenny out. Jon asked how Kenny feels about him. Sarah said that Kenny mentioned that after Andrew goes, the only person other than her that Kenny has made a deal with is Jon. Jon asked why they can’t continue to work with Kenny. Sarah said that she wants to but she has to see that they are really committed to doing so. Sarah said that Heather and Adel need to go as a sign of good faith. Jon said that he has no problem with picking Heather off. Sarah said that she hopes that Jon or Kenny win HoH so that they can prove toe ash other that they are on the same page and not after each other. Jon agreed.

7:00-8:00 PM: Andrew asked Sabrina if she was upset with him. Sabrina said that she is a little hurt but doesn’t want to get into it. Andrew pressed for answers. Sabrina said that she is very sensitive and things get to her more than usual when it’s someone that she cares about. Andrew said that it hurts him just as much to hear that she is campaigning against him too. Andrew said that it was the only day that there was any effort on his part to stay, and all that he did was ask questions. Sabrina said that she does not believe that and said that all that she did was ask people if she had their votes.

Andrew said that he did nothing different than she has done, and he is not hurt by what she has done because it is a game. Sabrina questioned if Andrew tried making deals. He said he did with Jon. Sabrina said that she hasn’t even done that much. She began crying and said that she did not campaign at all and that he will see it when he gets out. She said that she obviously cannot trust anyone if people are telling Andrew that she had been campaigning.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon told Arlie that Kenny’s actions make it blatantly obvious that he is coming after him. Arlie said that Sarah is trying to work on him and that Kenny will likely calm down once Andrew goes. Arlie pointed out that Kenny is gone next anyway. Arlie said that Adel is dead set on not taking the backdoor route to take out Kenny. Jon said “why wouldn’t you?!”. They agreed that they can try talking some sense into Adel if the time comes.

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah asked Arlie if he had talked to Jon recently. Arlie said briefly, and Jon mentioned that he is unsure of Kenny. Arlie said that he explained that Adel has his power and they have the numbers anyway, so it’s no big deal. Sarah said that she wishes that Jon hadn’t done what he did, cause they were sitting in such a pretty position. Sarah said that the thing that scares her about Sabrina is that she has such an ability to make you feel safe. They discussed that Sabrina is playing all angles. Arlie mentioned that it’s good that Sabrina is gaining trust in him now, as he can bring the dirt straight back to Sarah and Kenny. He mentioned that he loves how Sabrina thinks that she is playing him, but he is the one that is playing her.

Arlie and Sarah pondered if they should get rid of Sabrina if they win HoH. Arlie mentioned that Rachelle is a bigger comp threat, so it may be smarter to take her out first. Sarah said that she would feel more comfortable getting rid of Heather before picking off their own side, cause then they know Jon and Neda don’t have the numbers and are on board with them to pick off the others. Arlie said that makes sense. Sarah is concerned that Allison may tell Sabrina that they have been campaigning against Sabrina. Arlie thought that they could convince her that it was untrue.

11:00-12:00 AM: Adel asked Jon if he believes that there is any way that Arlie is playing them. Jon said that it’s impossible. Adel said that he will lose his mind if Arlie nominates one of their girls in order to stay in good with the other side of the house. Adel and Jon agreed that Arlie will have to stop playing both sides in the near future, especially if they get Kenny out next. Adel said that he would tell Arlie that his inside information is no longer of use to them and he needs to just pick his side. Adel’s fear is that Arlie will coast on by while he and Jon will be the two biggest targets. Adel said that if Kenny or Sarah win HoH, he is going to go to their HoH room and tell them that if they nominate him or Jon, he will use his power to put one of them up.

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