Andrew is evicted by a vote of 7-2; Heather wins HoH

April 3, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Jon told Kenny that he would like for them to get back together. Jon said that he knows that it will not happen instantly, but he wants things to be the way they were. He guaranteed Kenny that if he wins HoH, Kenny will not be going up. Jon explained that having Andrew around scares him but once Andrew is gone, he wants it to get back to the way it was on Day 3. Kenny said that Jon will have to start doing things to prove it. Jon said that he has been hearing that he was their target for over a week and a half. Jon swore on his dog’s life that he did not throw Kenny under the bus to Sabrina and Rachelle, stating that all that he had said was that Andrew is not rolling over.

Jon told Kenny that they can make a lot of noise in the house, especially if the bring in Sarah and Neda to create a solid four. Kenny said that he knows that they can make some noise. After Jon left the room, Kenny said “You’re going home”. Jon went to Sarah and informed her of his conversation with Kenny. Sarah that she is so happy that he talked to Kenny. Sarah asked Jon if Kenny was receptive to any of it. Jon said that it was “hit and miss”. He added that it would be a kick in the balls if Kenny were to nominate him, because he meant what he said when he told Kenny that he will not go up if he wins HoH.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sarah, on her way outside, was talking to herself and said “Oh my God. My boys, my boys. Do not fight one another. Come closer and keep me safe, and do not make me choose between you…cause Jon, I will choose Kenny and that will break my heart. Kenny, I think you are going to be the one that makes me choose, because you no longer trust Jon”.

Sarah told Adel that she is scared that he will use his card to screw over Kenny cause Kenny is the only one that she trusts. Adel said that if he doesn’t use his power in three weeks, he gets a prize. Adel explained that he doesn’t even want to use the power because he figures that it will be a really good one. He said that he hopes that nobody makes him use it. He mentioned that he is hoping for a car or some money, since they have already seen prizes of $1,000 and $5,000. Adel later went to Kenny and told him the same thing. He said that all that he wants is his prize.

Kenny and Allison discussed that they would gladly nominate Jon if they won HoH. Kenny told Allison that she could act exactly like Jon wants her to act, as he expecting her to cling to him once Andrew is gone. Allison said that she will black widow his ass. She said that it will make it so much more satisfying if she played along with it and then bit his head off at the end.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sarah asked Jon if he believes that Adel really gets a prize if he doesn’t use his power. Jon said that he isn’t sure but he was thrown for a loop when Adel showed him the card and there had definitely been something ripped off of it. Jon said that it would be risky to mess with his potential power. Jon let Sarah know that Adel planned to go to whoever the HoH is and threaten to put up their best friend if they nominate him and Jon. Sarah figures that Adel is trying to make her feel comfortable that he wouldn’t use his power so that she and Kenny don’t put him up.

Andrew told Kenny to get Jon out of this house. Kenny filled Andrew in on his conversation with Jon from this morning, mentioning that Jon said that he wants things to get back to the way they were on Day 3. Kenny said that obviously he doesn’t trust Jon. He said that he half believed Jon for a second but then realized that Jon never would have went to the other side and ratted him out yesterday if he didn’t want him out. Andrew said "don’t trust him…for me". Kenny said that Jon is going up. Andrew told Kenny to say “that was for Andrew” when Jon goes on the block.

Jon and Rachelle told each other that they will be safe if they win HoH tonight. They discussed that Adel spreads so much shit. Jon told Rachelle to just stay in Adel’s good books until after this week when his power is up. Jon questioned if Adel even has a power. Rachelle said it may have already expired too. Jon said that he wants Allison gone so bad, cause she threatened him that he needs to keep Andrew.

1:00-2:00 PM: Rachelle and Kenny discussed that Jon had came to them and tried to see where their heads were at, also telling them that they are safe with him. Kenny then mentioned his conversation with Adel, where Adel said that he just wants to get a prize and doesn’t want to have to use his power. Kenny said that Jon and Adel will be going up if he wins HoH. Rachelle said that there is no prize. Kenny said that he doesn’t care either way but would like to put Adel up even more if there is a prize.

11:00-12:00 AM: On the eviction episode, Andrew was evicted by a vote of 7-2. The HoH competition did not conclude on the show. When feeds returned, we found out that Heather had become the new Head of Household. Adel told Jon that Canada loves them and they love Canada. Adel told Jon that every time he sees him and Arlie, he will be saying “Final 3”. Adel asked Jon who he should work on getting closer to from the other side. Jon said Rachelle.

Arlie was checking in on Sabrina. She was upset about it being a hard week. Arlie reassured Sabrina that he has her back and that he doesn’t want her to worry about that. They said that the four remaining members of the First Five have to stick together and be strong. Arlie played it up that he was upset, saying that it is tearing him up that Andrew is gone and they lost HoH. Arlie pointed out that Sabrina told him lots of information the other day, and that they are good. Sabrina said maybe that’s why she is worried. Sabrina asked if Arlie had told Sarah. He said no. Sabrina said that she trusts Kenny and Sarah but also trusts that they have each other before they would have either before they had either she or Arlie. Sabrina told Arlie that he will not be going up. She mentioned that Heather pulled her aside and said that two strong players are going up, one guy and one girl. Sabrina said that it will be Kenny and Allison.

Sabrina then spoke with Rachelle, informing her that the two of them are safe and that she is pushing for Allison to go up so that Rachelle stays safe. Sabrina repeated that Heather is putting up two strong players. Rachelle asked who they would be. Sabrina said that it’s going to be Kenny and Allison. She later said that it is possibly Kenny and Sarah. Sabrina informed Rachelle that Kenny said that he is going to push for Allison or Rachelle to go up. Rachelle was not happy about that, but Sabrina calmed her and said that she is not going home and she is not even going up on the block.

12:00-1:00 AM: The feeds were down briefly. Heather got to choose the have-nots for the week. She selected Sarah, Rachelle and Kenny. Jon asked Arlie where his head is at when it comes to Sarah. He asked if Arlie agreed that Sarah will be more on board once Kenny is gone. Arlie said yes and that they have to make her think that they are Final 3. Arlie commented on them having such a stacked side now and said that the two of them are the ones that put it all together.

Jon then went to Neda and they briefly discussed who should be nominated alongside Kenny. Jon said that it needs to be Sabrina. Neda wondered if nominating Rachelle would make more sense since she would have a better shot at winning the veto over Kenny than Sabrina would. She eventually said that she wants whatever would cause the most drama, which would likely be nominating Sabrina. Both agreed that they want Allison to go after Kenny leaves this week. Jon told Neda that Allison came to him and said that she wants to work with him. He said that they could take advantage of that once Kenny goes.

Adel told Neda that Arlie is so close to coming over to their side 100%, rather than playing down the middle. Neda said that what Arlie is doing is very smart in case the other side wins HoH next week. Neda told Adel that there is no need to let people know with 100% certainty that they are together. Adel asked Neda who she thinks is the most vulnerable on the other side, as he wanted to try to get close to someone. Neda said Allison.

Jon told Arlie that Adel continually runs his mouth and say more than he should. Arlie and Jon expressed frustration that Adel doesn’t understand that they are better off if the alliance remains a secret. They discussed that Adel is so against backdooring Kenny, even though it’s the only way to do it. Arlie told Jon that Heather is on board with backdooring Kenny.

Sarah went to Jon and told him that Sabrina has been talking about taking him out. Sarah explained that Sabrina feels that Jon was a big part of the reason why Andrew went home. Jon said that he was part of it. Sarah told Jon not to blow this up, as she would no longer be able to get information out of Sabrina then. Jon said that it’s fine and that he is not worried about Sabrina. Sarah asked if Jon was on board with discussion about an alliance between the two of them, Kenny and Neda. Jon said that they will see what happens tomorrow. Jon suggested that Kenny and either Sabrina or Allison will likely go up. Sarah said that she feels screwed over since they had talked about Sabrina going home next if Andrew left. Jon played it off as though Arlie, not him, is the one that has the power to make the call on who goes home.

Rachelle checked in with Heather to see where her head was at. Heather said that she wants to talk to the whole house before she makes her decision, but she did say that she wants Rachelle to know that she is not her target. If she had to nominate Rachelle as a pawn, she said that she would let her know ahead of time but that she was not even considering it at the moment.

Sarah went to Arlie and asked who would be going up next to Kenny. Arlie said that he thinks that it will be Rachelle. Sarah then asked if he thinks that it would be best to get rid of Rachelle. Arlie said that it is better but he doesn’t know if he can pull it off. Sarah wasn’t buying it. She suggested that he could secretly vote to keep Kenny. Arlie said that he cannot openly turn his back on that side. She then asked if Jon could be convinced to keep Kenny. Arlie said no. Sarah pointed out that Jon just lied to her then, as he said that Arlie was the one calling the shots and saying that Kenny has to go. Sarah stated that she does not trust Jon one bit. She pointed out that Arlie is asking her to go against the only other person other than him that she trusts. Arlie said that he isn’t asking Sarah to turn on Kenny, but rather is telling her that Kenny being target is what it is happening.

Sarah continued to voice her frustration with the plan to evict Kenny. She said that the “Plan B” alliance is bullshit and that nobody actually has her back, as they are all lying to her. Arlie said that it will be the two of them and Jon in the Final 3. He said that Jon has her back even though he is lying to her. Arlie explained that it would be terrible for both of their games for him to go against the people that he worked so hard to bring in. Sarah felt as though Arlie was sabotaging everything that she wants. She noted that she could blow up Arlie’s game and still be in the same point, but she isn’t. All that she asked was that Arlie shift the target from Kenny to Sabrina. Arlie explained that the other side has been after Kenny for weeks, so there will be no changing their minds. Arlie told her that they are in the dream position of being in the middle of two sides that are fighting.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sabrina walked in and Sarah asked her if she could have a few minutes. Sabrina came back right after and asked if Sarah was mad at her. Sarah said that she has a migraine and is pissed off that she cannot even talk to someone without Sabrina thinking that something is up. Sarah eventually let it out that Andrew had been campaigning against Sabrina for the past couple of days. Sabrina later told Allison that this confirmed that Jon was not lying yesterday. Everyone was trying to calm Sabrina down and tell her that nothing fishy was happening. Sabrina began freaking out that she was getting ganged up on, saying that both Kenny and Arlie stuck up for Sarah. Arlie told her that she cannot always assume the worst case scenario. Arlie reassured her that no one is jumping ship form their alliance. He mentioned that Kenny is in the worst position and that one of them will be going home, but they have to remain strong.

Allison spoke with Heather and told her that if she goes up next to Kenny, she will 100% go home. Heather told her that she is not the one that will be nominated and that she is not even considering nominating her. Heather suggested that the only way to get a strong player out is to put another strong player up next to them. She explained that if Jon were to go up that it would ensure a strong player goes. Allison admitted that Jon would likely be the one to leave. Heather didn’t reveal much but did say that she would like to avoid backdooring anyone and will most likely nominate her true target as an initial nominee.

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