The First Five continues to fall apart; Heather settles on her nominations

April 4, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Kenny asked Allison if she talked to Heather yesterday. Allison said yes but she has no idea who is going up. Allison said that Heather made it seem as though she is safe, but she has done that with everyone that she talked to thus far. Kenny said that he expects her to nominate him and Rachelle, with him as the target. Allison mentioned that Heather had told her that she didn’t want to backdoor anyone. Allison said that Rachelle would go home over Kenny, but Kenny wasn’t so sure.

Sabrina told Neda and Rachelle that Heather really cannot use Rachelle as a pawn, otherwise things will not go the way that Heather thinks. Sabrina suggested that Rachelle would leave. Neda and Rachelle agreed that Rachelle would not go home. Sabrina said that she will not vote against Rachelle but she would be threatened that she has to vote Rachelle out or else she will be the next to go. Neda was confused and said that it would make no sense for anyone to expect her to vote out Rachelle. Sabrina explained that she is not voting against Rachelle but she is dead and will be the next to go. Rachelle said that Kenny would be gone, and asked who would come after her. Sabrina suggested that Sarah would.

Adel told Jon that what he is trying to do is make Allison think that he and Heather have their own little thing going on, just like Jon and Neda do. Adel then went to talk to Heather. He explained that rather than make themselves look like a five man unit, they should try to give off the perception that they are in pairs. Adel said that they need to continue to work on Allison. Heather commented on how everyone will not leave her alone, even though they were all jerks to her throughout the season.

10:00-11:00 AM: Kenny told Sabrina that he doesn’t see it any other way than he and Rachelle going up together, with him being the target. Kenny said that he intends on talking to Heather and telling her that she will have zero power next week and that she will not have the numbers. Kenny said that he will push for Rachelle and Allison to go up so that they can get rid of Allison. Sabrina asked Kenny what he would do if he were in her position and he was nominating alongside Rachelle. Kenny said that obviously he would say to keep him since they have been together since Day 1. Sabrina said that she would vote to keep him but next week she will be a dead woman since she would come off as a conniving bitch that back stabs everyone.

Kenny told Sabrina that people know that she has been close with him. Sabrina still thought that she would be in major trouble. She said that she is the deciding vote, as she assumes that Arlie is still with the First Five. Sabrina said that she will stay loyal to the First Five but Rachelle is her everything and this will put her in the worst spot ever. Sabrina said “how am I going to explain this to Rachelle? I am going to have to tell her”. Kenny said that it is up to her but he understands. Sabrina said that Allison already knows about the First Five. Kenny mentioned that Andrew had not told her, and that Allison came to him and said that she knows that he and Sabrina are his best bets to stick close to moving forward.

Kenny went to speak with Heather. She told him that she is very undecided at the moment, as she sees this as such a big point in the game. Kenny said that he realizes that he has a target on his back. He said that him going home would not be best for Heather. Kenny explained that she is in a good position to make a move this week but he would be able to compete for HoH to keep her safe and would also be able to bring some numbers to her side. Heather asked who Kenny thinks that it would be smarter to nominate. Kenny said that Jon is another big person and has Neda under his wing 100%. Kenny then said that Allison is still a question mark, chatting with everyone that she originally wasn’t. Kenny ended things by saying that it would crush him to go out without having a shot at the veto.

Sabrina was freaking out and telling Rachelle that she would have no choice but to vote to keep Kenny. She told Rachelle that she needs to understand what was done on Day 2. Sabrina said that she wont vote against Rachelle but she is dead next week. Sabrina continued to say that Rachelle doesn’t understand how difficult this is. Sabrina said that Sarah would come after her for turning on her if she evicts Kenny.

Sarah spoke to Jon and Arlie, trying to campaign on Kenny’s behalf. Jon asked who Kenny is after. Sarah said Heather and Adel. Sarah mentioned that she understands if those are the people that they are aligning with but they can make a stronger five with Kenny. Sarah said that Kenny would 100% be willing to go after Sabrina and Rachelle first if needed.

Jon asked Kenny how he is feeling. Kenny said that he is scared and feels that Heather will put him up but he knows that she will listen to Jon. Jon pointed out that he knows that Kenny didn’t eliminate him in the HoH competition. Kenny said that he was trying to prove his loyalty. Kenny said that Jon will be the next target if he leaves. Jon said that they could make some noise if they were together. Kenny discussed making a five person alliance with Neda, Sarah and Arlie. Jon told Kenny to talk to Arlie about it tonight.

Rachelle told Heather that she would likely not be a good pawn to use. Rachelle explained that if Sarah went up against Kenny, there is no way that Sarah would go home. Heather told Rachelle that she really doesn’t know what she is going to do at the moment, but she agreed to let Rachelle know if she would be going up. Jon broke up the conversation. Jon filled Heather in on the deal that Kenny had put on the table for him. Heather told Jon that Kenny had come to her and was a “jerk about him”, saying that Jon lied to Kenny and cannot be trusted. Jon could not believe that Kenny was so two-faced that he came to him with a deal immediately after throwing him under the bus.

11:00-12:00 PM: Heather told Adel that she is nervous that Sarah is a super strong player, almost as strong as Kenny. Adel told Heather and Neda that Allison, Kenny and Sarah is a dream team. Adel and Neda questioned whether it would be smarter to nominate Allison, not Rachelle, next to Kenny in case Allison uses the veto on Kenny. Heather said that if she nominates Rachelle and Kenny, and Allison wins veto and takes down Kenny, she wants to backdoor Sarah instead of Sabrina. Neda said that her issue with that is that she feels as though she can control Sarah once Kenny is gone. Neda explained that Sarah hates the Gremlins (Rachelle and Sabrina) with a passion.

Heather told Adel and Neda that she is planning on nominating Kenny and Rachelle. Heather said that she would prefer not to have to take out Allison but she will do it if that’s what they want. Neda said that they should at least take out Sabrina over Sarah if Kenny wins the veto. Adel asked Heather to consider nominating Allison next to Kenny. He explained that both Allison and Sarah would save Kenny, but if Allison is on the block and Sarah’s name does not get drawn then nobody is saving Kenny. Heather asked Neda if she agreed that nominating Allison is smarter. Neda said yes. Neda and Jon said that they are fine with Rachelle going up over Allison if Heather doesn’t want to cut ties with Allison. They suggested that taking out Allison is much more worthwhile than taking out Sabrina if Kenny is saved. Heather agreed that getting rid of Allison over Sabrina is the smarter game move.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sarah told Sabrina that she should not worry this week, as they are 100% after Kenny. Sarah said that she is pretty sure that she is going up next to Kenny in order to ensure that Kenny goes home. Sarah told Sabrina that they are better off keeping Kenny in the game over her. Sabrina said that she will not vote against her. Sarah said that if she won the veto, she almost feels that it would be better to save Kenny so that the others would be golden for the rest of the game. Sarah said that she is willing do what is best for her alliance, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Sabrina again told Sarah that she is going to keep her if she is nominated next to Kenny. Sabrina said that she is in such a tough spot and that she will have everyone after her next week. Sarah told Sabrina that she is going after Jon and Neda. Sarah told Sabrina that she knows that Kenny is going home unless he wins the veto. She said that she is accepting it. Sarah told Sabrina that she has been her girl since Day 1 and they will still have each other. Sarah explained that the cool thing about Kenny going home is that girls very much outnumber the guys.

1:00-2:00 PM: Sarah told Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison that it may be best if she gets nominated next to Kenny. Sarah said that if something happens and she ends up going home, at least she gets to go home and see her kids. Sarah said that if they wanted to keep Kenny over her, she would be okay with it since she could see her kids. Sabrina said that Sarah has outperformed Kenny in competitions. The girls reassured Sarah that she would not go home over Kenny. Sarah said that the best move for the other side would be to nominate Rachelle, as then Kenny would go home for sure.

Sarah said if they can convince them to nominate her, then she could self-sabotage her game in order to get evicted. Sabrina said that she will not turn on Sarah. Sarah wasn’t having it and said that the meanest shit about Sabrina will come out of her mouth in order to make it happen. Sabrina said that she is screwed no matter what she does. Sarah told Sabrina that she will not hold it against her if she votes to evict Kenny over Rachelle. Sabrina told Sarah not to sabotage her own game, because her kids are counting on her to win it for them.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina spoke with Kenny, at one point mentioning that he and Sarah are very close. Kenny had had enough of hearing about that. He told Sabrina that she keeps bringing up him and Sarah, but the reason that he had to get so close to Sarah is that she and Andrew and she and Rachelle were inseparable. Kenny explained that he had no one to talk to if he didn’t do that, yet Sabrina keeps bringing it up in a negative way. Sabrina then brought up that Kenny didn’t like her. Kenny said that he is blown away because he has worked with her since Day 1 and has had her back. Kenny said that he doesn’t like that Sabrina tries to victimize herself.

Kenny explained that there are people in the house that are saying a lot of shit, but he has trust in her since they have been together since Day 1. Kenny was looking to get the same trust in return. Sabrina told Kenny that it will be a very tough decision if it comes down to choosing between him and Rachelle. She said that she has never had thoughts of turning on the four until the possibility of turning on Rachelle came up. Sabrina explained that she doesn’t want to go against the First Five but she will be killing a girl that loves her in the process. Big Brother then came on the speakers and told the houseguests that they had 15 minutes to pack all of their clothes. Kenny immediately said that it is an instant eviction. Sabrina told Kenny that she is not voting against him but please have her back because Rachelle is going to hate her forever.

3:00-4:00 PM: The feeds returned and there was no instant eviction. Instead, the houseguests were simply sitting around making sock puppets of each other as part of a task. The houseguests were eventually using puppets of each other and had to speak as though they were the person whose sock puppet they had.

5:00-6:00 PM: Heather, Sabrina and Rachelle had a conversation about nominations. Heather explained that she is still not 100% sure on her decision. Heather told both Sabrina and Rachelle not to worry. Sabrina and Rachelle again pointed out that Rachelle could end up going home if she were the pawn. Sabrina and Rachelle agreed that they will not talk about nominations again until after they take place.

Sabrina then spoke with Rachelle and told her she loves her very much but she has to listen to what she was told and has to put game before emotion. Sabrina said that she had every intention to take her as far as possible, but things changed and not by choice. Rachelle said that she thought that Sabrina would never vote against her. Sabrina told Rachelle that she made an extremely solid promise on Day 1 and is in a position where she may not be able to break that. Rachelle said that Sarah and Kenny will be taking each other to the Final 2. Sabrina said that Sarah won’t understand if keeps Rachelle over Kenny.

Sabrina told Rachelle to stay calm in order to make Heather feel that nominating someone else is the better option. Rachelle said that she is a little hurt because she would never vote against Sabrina. Sabrina eventually began crying and said that she will die if Rachelle is not her friend when they leave the house. Sabrina said that she is in a terrible position right now. Rachelle said that she would be able to get over it and she would not hate Sabrina. Sabrina reiterated that she made a deal on Day 1 and that was the word that she never wants to go back on. Rachelle wondered who would be mad if she did go back on it. Sabrina said Arlie and Sarah. Rachelle told Sarah that she cannot trust Kenny and Sarah as much as she can trust her. Rachelle said that they want to send Sabrina home if the other side gets power again. Sabrina eventually said that her mind is not 100% made up and that she has a lot to think about.

8:00-9:00 PM: Sarah and Arlie discussed that Kenny is going home unless he wins veto, and there is nothing that they can do about it. Sarah was still worried that the backup alliance doesn’t actually have her back. She was concerned that Jon knocked her out of the HoH competition when he could have taken Heather out. Arlie reassured her that Jon has her back more than he has Heather’s. Arlie said that he, Sarah and Jon are going to the Final 3. Sarah said that Jon will know where her loyalty is once Kenny is gone. Sarah told Arlie that he is her number one, as Arlie is the only one that she can be 100% honest with and express all of her doubts. She said that Arlie then talks to her using logic and gets her back on track. Sarah said that the brilliant part about nominating Rachelle next to Kenny is that Arlie can blame Sabrina for voting to evict Kenny. They discussed that the best case scenario for them would still be having Kenny win the veto.

Earlier in the day, Rachelle ate a fuzzy peach. She is a have-not, so Big Brother punished the entire house. They are without hot water and will be on slop for 48 hours. Rachelle told Heather that it was a mistake and that she was stressed out because she had just found out that she is going home if she goes up. Heather told Rachelle that she has been on slop before and that she knows better. Heather explained that she is not mad but she is also not going to be like “it’s okay, don’t worry about it”.

9:00-10:00 PM: Arlie and Sarah continued to talk. Arlie told Sarah that he feels as though Heather is no longer going to try to backdoor Kenny. Arlie said that it was the best that he could do for Kenny without being obvious. Arlie told her that they are in a brilliant spot either way, even though she has to put a lot of trust in him with the other side. Sarah agreed. Sarah then went to Sabrina and told her that while she still believes that Kenny staying is the best thing for their game, she would not split up with Sabrina just because she disagreed and decided to keep Rachelle instead. Sarah said that she has done what she can to keep Kenny safe but it is not her and Kenny until the end. It is her and Sabrina until the end.

Heather informed Neda and Jon that she plans on nominating Kenny and Allison. She said that she would be telling Allison that she is thinking of using her as a pawn. She would explain to Allison that she knows that she will be safe and also wants to hide that they are friends. Heather also planned on lying to Rachelle and saying that she would be going up, because she was mad that Rachelle got the house punished and ruined her HoH experience. Finally, she said that she would be telling Kenny that he is going up as well.

Jon and Neda discussed that they may be the only two people that realize how dangerous Arlie is in this game. Jon suggested that they could go to Sarah around the Final 6 and make a Final 3 deal and tell her that Arlie needs to go. Jon expressed his confidence in Arlie sticking to his word and keeping him around for quite a while. Jon told Neda that two person alliance with Arlie is called the Goof Troop and that Arlie has really been milking that lately. They agreed that it would be good if Allison won the veto tomorrow. Neda explained that it would make Allison appear to be a bigger threat and then Sabrina could be nominated and cause more drama. They also noted that Adel runs his mouth too much and gets into trouble. Jon said that Adel needs to go soon. Neda said that she wants Allison and one of the Gremlins (Sabrina or Rachelle) to go before Adel.

10:00-11:00 PM: Sabrina told Kenny that there is no way that she will be voting against him. She said that she would however like it if Sarah and Kenny would tell people that she stuck to her word by voting to keep him, as she was afraid of appearing as though she stabs everyone in the back. Kenny said that he was fine with doing that. Sabrina told him that she will tell people that she doesn’t know how she is voting. Looking ahead to next week, Kenny said that it has to be Jon and Neda on the block together.

Heather went to Rachelle and informed her that she will be going up tomorrow. Heather said that she wants to have a big conversation with her after the nomination ceremony. Rachelle said that there is a big chance that she will be going home, even though she is just the pawn. Heather said that it is not her intention to have Rachelle go and that they will talk tomorrow. Heather hinted that it would likely be Kenny going up next to her.

Heather then told Allison that she is going up to Kenny. Heather said that there are a couple of reasons for nominating her. Heather explained that she cannot have Allison win the veto and use it to take Kenny off of the block. She added that it would make people be less likely to think that they are together. Finally, Heather said that it would ensure that Kenny goes home. Allison pleaded with Heather to reconsider, saying that she is low man on the totem pole and that she will go home. Allison said that Arlie, Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle will all vote to evict her. Heather simply said that she knows things that she can’t say and knows that Heather will be safe. Heather told Allison that she will make sure that the veto gets used on her and Rachelle will go up as the replacement nominee.

11:00-12:00 AM: Finally, Heather told Kenny that he will be going up tomorrow. Heather said that either Rachelle or Allison will be the other nominee. Heather said that Kenny is the strongest player in the game and she doesn’t stand much of a chance with players like him in the house. Heather said that she is giving Kenny the chance to play for veto, just like he wanted. Kenny said that he didn’t understand her logic in thinking that he is the biggest threat. He asked her to make sure that she is doing what is best for her game and is not just being manipulated by others like Jon, Adel and Neda.

Heather went to Arlie and Adel to inform them that she told Kenny and Allison that they are going up. Arlie questioned if she had also told Rachelle. Heather said yes, but that it was just to fuck with her for ruining her HoH. Heather said that she wants Kenny to go. Heather told the guys that she wants the veto to be used on Allison so that Rachelle can go up as a replacement nominee. Adel and Arlie both said that they are on board with that plan. Heather then told the same thing to Jon. He also said that he would be on board with using the veto on Allison.

12:00-1:00 AM: Allison told Sabrina and Rachelle that she is 100% going up on the block and that there is no way to change it. Allison informed Rachelle that Heather told her that she is going up as punishment for eating the fuzzy peach. Sabrina brought up that she feels as though she can no longer trust Kenny and Sarah. She told Allison that Rachelle can vote to evict Kenny, which would keep her safe. Sabrina said that she cannot vote to evict Kenny but both Sarah and Kenny were not loyal to her.

Sabrina said that at least the three girls now have each other. Sabrina informed Allison that it was Sarah, not Jon, that compared her to Liza. Sabrina said that they have no reason to be scared of Sarah, as it doesn’t matter if she runs her mouth. Sabrina said that they can come back at Sarah with a thousand more things. The girls felt that this was a game changing moment, as they do not realize that Arlie was already voting to evict Kenny. Rachelle said that she is the deciding vote and Kenny will be going home. Sabrina said that they just have to win the next HoH and then they will have the numbers. She was confident that she could pull Arlie in to work with the three of them as well.

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