Heather nominates Kenny and Allison for eviction; Kenny wins the Power of Veto

April 5, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Allison told Kenny that she is going up. She said that it blows her mind, because she is not the person to put up if Heather wants Kenny to go home. Allison said that Heather’s reasoning was that she doesn’t want her to use the veto on Kenny. Kenny told Allison that Heather is just saying that as an excuse to nominate two strong players. Kenny told Allison that Sabrina and Rachelle threw out a couple of their names. He pointed out that you would think that they would have named people from the other side, not their own. Allison questioned why she is a strong player. She said that she won a veto because the others let her win it. Kenny told her that Heather is going based on what people tell her and want her to feel.

Kenny went to Sarah and told her that he is hearing that apparently it is Allison, not Rachelle, going up 100%. Sarah said that she is surprised. She wonders why the other side wouldn’t nominate Rachelle if they really want Kenny out, as that is their best bet to get Sabrina to flip. Kenny suggested that perhaps they think that Allison is stronger or they are just throwing it out there in order to not give them time to prepare. Kenny said that Allison was also told it was so that she doesn’t use the veto on him. Sarah said that she wishes that they would put her up, because she would use the veto on him anyway. She explained that she wouldn’t get voted out either way. Kenny and Sarah discussed that Kenny will be fine as long as Sabrina and Arlie don’t flip, even though Sarah knows that Arlie is planning on voting out Kenny.

11:00-12:00 PM: When the feeds return, we found out that Heather had indeed nominated Kenny and Allison for eviction. Allison was speaking to Heather and told her about the “original five”. Allison explained that Sarah, Sabrina, Kenny, Arlie and Andrew were working together. Allison said that she stepped into Andrew’s spot but she is the low man on the totem pole. Allison told Heather because she wanted her to be aware that the group would likely choose to keep Kenny over her. Heather told her that it will be okay.

Allison explained that she has doubts about Jon because she had trusted him but he came to her and Andrew when Andrew had accepted that he was leaving, and said that him and Neda would vote to keep Andrew if he found another vote. Allison said that even though Andrew had another vote, Jon didn’t follow through on his own plan. Heather explained that Jon has only made her three promises in the game. The first two were to vote to keep her, which he followed through on. The third was that he will use the veto on Allison if he wins, as he wants Kenny to go. Allison said that she will trust Heather then.

Heather told Allison that a few people want to work together with the both of them, so they can discuss that once she stays. Allison mentioned that Sabrina and Rachelle are promising her the world. Heather said that they do that and that most of the house can see through Sabrina’s shit at this point. She advised Allison to be careful.

12:00-1:00 PM: Last night, Sabrina and Rachelle told Allison that Rachelle will vote to evict Kenny and that Allison will be safe. Today, Rachelle asked Sabrina if she thinks that it is smart to evict Kenny. Sabrina said that she doesn’t know anymore. Rachelle said that she doesn’t know either, adding that keeping Kenny is good in that it keeps a big target in the game. Sabrina said that they can talk about it after the veto competition. In the meantime, Sabrina said to keep both Kenny and Allison feeling as though they are safe.

Sabrina was frustrated that Kenny and Sarah have been looking at her weird, as if they are thinking that she knew something and didn’t tell them. She told Rachelle that they are also mad at her for revealing her original alliance to Rachelle yesterday. As for Arlie, Sabrina said that he is being a shit and is so close to Sarah now and is ignoring her. Sabrina and Rachelle agreed that they are playing the game for themselves and don’t care about anyone else. Sabrina said that she will backdoor Jon if she wins HoH next week.

Allison spoke with Kenny, Arlie and Sarah, telling them that she feels so defeated already. She said that no matter who goes up, she is the low man and they will be keeping the other person. Kenny said that he is going home unless he wins the veto. Arlie and Sarah agreed. Allison didn’t see how that was possible. Arlie and Sarah both suggested that Rachelle must have cut a deal to evict Kenny in order to avoid being nominated. They said that it makes no sense for Allison to be nominated over Rachelle if not.

Adel told Jon and Neda that Allison needs to go if Kenny wins the veto. Heather joined them and told them that Allison had said that the alliance is Arlie, Sarah, Kenny, Sabrina and Allison. Heather said that Andrew was in it and that Allison is only involved because of him. She said that Rachelle is not a part of it. Neda questioned if Arlie is just pretending. They said yes. They couldn’t believe that Sabrina would use Rachelle like that, but they are unaware that Sabrina informed Rachelle about the alliance already. Arlie came into the room and told them that the others are convinced that Rachelle cut a deal to evict Kenny if she stays off the block, so nobody is going to know that it was him. Everyone burst out laughing.

1:00-2:00 PM: Neda asked Heather when the First Five alliance began. Heather explained that it started in the very beginning, with Andrew in it. She said that Allison only became a part of it when Andrew knew that he was going home, as she became his replacement. Neda said that she just hopes that Arlie is really 100% with them. Heather said that she doesn’t think that they have anything to worry about. Heather then said that she is becoming really worried about Sarah.

Heather revealed that she is considering targeting Sarah if Kenny wins the veto. She explained that Sarah is flying under the radar and is a strong competitor. She added that Sarah will be disruptive to their alliance if she stays, while Allison is alone and is looking for someone to work with. Neda agreed that Sarah is dangerous, noting that she has ties all across the house. Heather and Neda wondered if Allison was just telling Heather what she wanted to hear or if she would really work with them. They agreed to worry about it later if Kenny actually wins the veto.

Adel was discussing with Heather and Neda that perhaps they could bring Rachelle in since she is on the outs with the other side. Neda said that the Heather and Rachelle relationship will never be fixed because Sabrina is feeding Rachelle lies and being the drive force of the hatred. Heather agreed. Adel said that they should at least nominate Sabrina instead of Rachelle if Kenny wins the veto, as it would cause more drama. Neda and Heather said that they will talk about it when the time comes. Adel later said that he plans to nominate Sarah and Allison if he wins HoH. He said that they could tell Allison that she is a pawn and offer to bring her on board to take out the Gremlins in the following two weeks after Sarah leaves.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda, Heather, Jon and Adel are upset that they are being punished for Rachelle eating a fuzzy peach. They said that they need to hide the sugar, salsa and syrup once they are off slop, so that the have-nots don’t have any. Heather then told Neda that she is unsure of who to use as a replacement nominee. She again said that Sarah might need to go up. Neda said that she is concerned that it may not be the smartest move to take Allison off the block. Neda said that Allison will vote to keep Kenny. She also said that she would lose trust with Rachelle if she used the veto on Allison. Neda said that a third person would get pissed off for no reason.

Heather told Neda that putting Sarah up is the only way to guarantee that Kenny goes home. Neda said that she doesn’t mind that. Heather then brought up the idea to Jon and Adel. Both said that it would not be wise to nominate Sarah. Adel said that Sabrina has to go up as it would make her head go crazy, and they want her to stress out and lose her mind. Jon agreed. Heather gave in and said that she loves that. Heather said that Sabrina treated her like shit so she can on the block.

3:00-4:00 PM: The players were picked for the veto competition. Rachelle, Sabrina and Arlie were chosen. When the feeds returned, Jon and Allison were walking upstairs when Kenny questioned why they were walking away when they are supposed to be cleaning the kitchen. Jon snapped back and told Kenny to calm down and said that he didn’t hear the announcement. They went back and forth a little, with Kenny telling Jon to go fuck himself. Kenny then told Jon to go swear on his dog on something else. Jon told Kenny that he has been shooting shit out of his mouth since Day 1 and that he is a fucking loser.

Jon went to Heather and they discussed that Sarah needs to go home if Kenny wins the veto. Jon pointed out that they will not have the votes to do it if Arlie is not on board. Jon said that he would have to talk to Arlie. Meanwhile, Sarah was telling Sabrina and Rachelle that they need to use the veto on Kenny if they win. Sarah said that there is a far greater risk of Kenny going home than her going home, so she is fine with the veto being used even though she is at risk of going up. Sarah said that she would still be safe and that even if she gets voted out, they would be stronger with Kenny around. Rachelle and Sabrina pointed out that Sarah would not necessarily be the one to go up. Sarah said that they will come up with a plan to ensure that she gets nominated if that is the only thing stopping the girls from using the veto.

4:00-5:00 PM: Neda told Jon that Arlie has thrown every single competition and will not try to win the Power of Veto. Neda said that Arlie is waiting until there are no threats left in the house until he starts winning. Jon then asked Arlie if he would be on board with Sarah going up if Kenny wins the veto. Arlie said yes but he would prefer that it be Sabrina. Jon agreed but said that Sabrina is no threat. He said that taking out Sarah would be cutting Kenny’s head off. Jon again asked if Arlie is on board. He said yes. Jon went to Heather and informed her that Arlie is on board with taking out Sarah. Heather then spoke with Neda. They agreed that Sarah needs to go home if Kenny wins the veto. In the event that Allison comes off the block, they agreed that Sabrina is the best choice for a replacement nominee.

Sarah went to Kenny and told him that they need to ensure that Sabrina and Rachelle use the veto on him if they win. Sarah seemed more concerned about Rachelle not using it. If they came up with a way to get Rachelle to use it, Sarah said that she doesnt even care if it is Sabrina that then goes home. Kenny then went and asked Sabrina what she will do if nominations stay the same. Sabrina said that she will be keeping Kenny 100%. She said that her only hesitation was that she thought that Rachelle would be on the block. Arlie joined in the conversation and caught wind of the fact that Sarah may try to get herself nominated in order to save Kenny.

Arlie went to Sarah and told her that she cannot offer to go up in order to get the veto to be used on Kenny. Arlie explained that based on his conversation with Sabrina the other day, Sabrina and Rachelle would evict her. Arlie said that Sabrina is concerned about the Kenny and Sarah relationship and is thinking long term, so she will not be afraid to take her shot. Arlie told Sarah that she would be most at risk if Kenny were to be saved. He pointed out that he was considering winning the veto to save Kenny but he is concerned that she will be in danger if that happens.

Arlie advised Sarah not to do too much to save Kenny. Sarah agreed and said that she was thinking about it and was going to tell the girls to leave nominations the same if they win, cause Kenny is going home if he does not win it himself. Sarah asked if Arlie still thinks that it is in their best interest to stick with the Plan B alliance over the First 5. Arlie said yes, because the First 5 side of the house is crumbling. Arlie noted that he feels as though the other side is even pulling Allison away at this point. Sarah was concerned about Jon and Neda remaining together. She does not want them to reach the end together, especially since Arlie and Jon are her two allies. Arlie said that he doesn’t see Neda going in the next two or three weeks, but he does not want her there by the time that they reach the Final 5.

5:00-6:00 PM: Heather told Neda that she is concerned about Arlie breaking away from the alliance around the Final 5 or 6. Neda agreed that the will break away at some point. Neda then said that he assumes that the boys in their alliance had made some sort of deal before bringing them in, but they are not stupid girls and can be the ones to break off first if needed. Neda later told Jon that Heather is concerned about Arlie flipping eventually. Jon agreed but said that Arlie is telling him that he is 100% with him. Neda said that Arlie will have to choose his side this week no matter what, as either Kenny or Sarah will be on the block.

6:00-7:00 PM: Sabrina told Rachelle that she Kenny and Sarah have made it clear that they will do anything for each other and will screw her over. Sabrina said that she will do anything for Rachelle. When asked if she would change nominations, Sabrina said that she is not going to win. Rachelle asked if she was going to try to lose. Sabrina said yes. Rachelle said she is too. Sabrina explained that she hates Kenny and Sarah and wants Allison to stay. Rachelle pointed out that the good thing about keeping Kenny is that he will always be a target, while Allison may flip.

1:00-2:00 AM: Kenny won the Power of Veto. Feeds did not immediately return, so some conversations were missed. When they did return, Jon was telling Heather that it is now going to be a war between him and Kenny, and that it will come down to whoever gets to who first. Jon advised Heather not to tell Sarah that she is flat out safe, otherwise she will look bad going back on her word.

Sarah then spoke with Heather, letting her know that she feels bad being excited that Kenny is coming off the block. Sarah said that she and Kenny will not be holding this against her at all. Sarah offered to vote whichever way Heather wanted. She asked Heather if the replacement nominee is going to be either her or Sabrina. Heather confirmed that and told her that she is leaning towards Sabrina. In the event that Sabrina went up, Heather said that she would want Sabrina to go home because she ruined her game and also because Canada wants it. Heather said that she will not be telling anyone who she is nominating until she tells the person right before the ceremony. She later told the same thing to both Rachelle and Sabrina.

Sabrina was next to check in with Heather. She asked if she is going to be the replacement. Heather said that she is considering a few people. Sabrina asked if she was one of them. Heather would not reveal who she is considering. Sabrina said that all that she can do is offer to keep Heather safe with her people next week when she cannot compete for HoH. Sabrina said that she will not hold it against Heather if she nominates someone close to her. Heather then asked Rachelle for her input. Rachelle said that she would target Allison or go after Jon. Heather said that she promised not to nominate Jon or Adel. Rachelle said that Allison is the next strongest after them. When Rachelle asked if Heather is considering nominating her, Heather said that she is not telling anyone. Rachelle ended things by telling Heather that she will not put her up even if she nominates someone that she loves.

Adel then went to Heather and informed her that Arlie has reeled in Allison to work with Heather and himself. Adel said that Arlie is planning on revealing himself and will be voting to evict Sarah. Adel said that it will then be the whole house against Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle. Meanwhile, Sarah told Jon that she will do everything that she can to keep him safe with Kenny but it may not work. Sarah then went to Kenny and told him that it is either her or Sabrina going up. Sarah said that she feels safe regardless. While Heather told Sarah that she was leaning towards nominating Sabrina, Sarah feels as though Jon may be pushing for he to be nominated instead.

2:00-3:00 AM: Arlie went to Heather and explained that it will be hard for him to say bye to Sarah because they have been attached for so long, but Sarah is doing things are bad for their game. Arlie added that he didn’t want Sarah to go but she is digging her own grave and it just happened. Arlie said that he told Sarah multiple times to break things off with Kenny, and she would tell him that she had, yet she made it blatantly obvious that she would do whatever it takes to save Kenny. Arlie then informed Heather that Allison is totally on board with them to take out Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina and that she is loving life right now. Arlie said that good will prevail over evil and that Canada is down with it based on the cheering that they heard when certain people were eliminated from the last HoH competition.

Next up, Heather got her chance to speak with Allison. Heather said that the person that she will be putting up will be going home for a fact. Heather said that she knows that Arlie talked to Allison and that Arlie is the person that she knew that she had on her side but couldn’t tell Allison about yesterday. Allison said that she will 100% work with Heather and Arlie. Allison explained that her mind is totally blown that they actually have the numbers. Heather assured Allison that she will not be the low man on the totem pole with them.

As a sign of her trust in Allison, Heather opted to tell Allison that Sarah will be going up and going home. Heather said that if it gets back to her she will know that Allison cannot be trusted. Allison said that it now all makes sense why Heather nominated her. Allison was thrilled to be on board but said that she will still hang out with Sabrina and Rachelle so that they do not get suspicious. In order to prove that she trusts Heather, Allison told her that Sabrina and Rachelle were saying that Rachelle would vote out Kenny in order to keep her safe this week. Allison also admitted to having told Rachelle that Heather was not putting her up.

Neda asked Arlie if he plans on blaming his vote on Rachelle. Arlie said yes and that Kenny will 100% believe him. Arlie told Jon that cutting ties with Sarah is better for them. Arlie explained that Sarah was too hard to control, even though he thought that he could. Arlie pointed out that he realized that Sarah was expendable when he couldn’t answer the question of who Sarah would choose to save if it came down to him and Kenny. Jon told Arlie that they are in a great spot, as they are in the middle with everyone. He pointed out that the two of them are in between Heather, Neda and were even in between Sarah before deciding to give her the boot. Arlie said that Sarah fucked up, even though he begged her to stop doing it. Jon said that she made her own bed.

Heather informed Neda that Allison is on board to work with Arlie. She said that no other names were brought up yet, but they told Allison that others may be involved. Heather explained that their core alliance will remain the core alliance and that anyone else is just being brought in strictly for numbers. The girls reiterated that they want to go deep into the game together. Neda felt that they could go even further by making it easier for the guys to underestimate their intelligence. While that talk was going on, Sabrina was asking Allison if she thinks that the plan is for Sarah to go up. Allison said that she doesn’t think so or else Sarah would have went up originally. Allison continued to play dumb throughout the conversation, even mentioning that it will be fun to watch the game from the outside if she goes home.

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