Allison is on the hunt for a super power

April 6, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Heather told Jon that Allison apologized to him because she found out that she had been hearing lies about him. Specifically, Heather said that Allison heard from Sarah that Jon said that she would be like Liza and would be sleeping with all of the guys. Jon and Neda discussed that the other side are such idiots for trying to get Heather to nominate people from her own side. Jon told Neda that he wants to “blow this shit up”. Neda said that he thinks that hatred for Allison stems from Sabrina exaggerating that Allison has a boyfriend and making her seem like a big cheater. Neda plans to have a sit down with Allison in order to go over everything.

10:00-11:00 AM: Sabrina and Rachelle discussed that they really don’t want to go on the block. Sabrina said that she already went on it and it’s annoying now. Sabrina then said whatever, the person isn’t going to go home. Sarah went to Kenny and told him that people want to to break up the couples and they are as much of a couple as they can be, while Heather is aligned with the other couple. Kenny asked Sarah who she thinks would flip on her to send her home, cause he will go after them guns blazing. Sarah told Kenny that if something happens and she goes home, she will whisper in his ear who she thinks it was that flipped. Sarah said that it’s a dumb move for Heather to put her up since she was never after her and was actually the one that saved her. Additionally, Sarah said that it is dumb for Jon and Neda since she is the only one on their side that they don’t think is after them. Sarah pointed out that the person that is going up is going to go home, as she can tell that the other side already has Allison.

Sarah told Arlie that she has blatant distrust for the Plan B side, as their actions do not match their words. She said that she is unsure of whether or not they are making the right decision in going with them. Sarah said that she may have no choice to make this week, as she could end up on the block. If she doesn’t, Sarah said that she is unsure of which side she will choose. Sarah asked Arlie how he plans to play things out if she is nominated. Arlie said that he will have to sit down with Jon to see where his head is at, then he will need to play out all of the scenarios. Sarah told Arlie that she feels as though he is on the bottom of the other side based on things that Neda has been saying. Arlie agreed that he is not at the top. Arlie told Sarah that her best shot is getting into Jon’s ear, as he has a lot of pull.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sarah again went back to saying that it doesn’t make sense to put their cards with the Plan B side that doesn’t trust them. Sarah said that Kenny trusts Arlie so much and that Sabrina has proven to be loyal when she is not paranoid. Sarah asked Arlie how he will handle his vote if she is nominated. Arlie said that he could blame his vote on Sabrina. Jon then joined the conversation. Sarah tried to figure out where his head was at. She asked if Jon thinks that keeping her there is bad because Kenny is still there. Jon simply said that he knows how excited she was when Kenny won the veto yesterday. Sarah told him that she would have been equally excited if Jon had won. Jon said that him and Kenny will never be able to work together. Sarah said that it feels like they are her children and they are fighting and she cannot fix it. Sarah then noted that Allison is up Jon and Arlie’s asses so she is scared that Allison will stay, especially since Heather implied that the replacement will be the target.

Sabrina told Sarah that she is wondering why people are freaking out unless something fishy is going on and Allison isn’t the one going home. Sabrina said that Adel has been saying that Allison will spend her birthday in the house, which would mean that she is staying. Sarah said that Jon was beating around the bush a lot in her conversation with him, so she feels as though she is the one going up. She added that it’s clear that Jon is no longer on her side and that everything that she has done means nothing, as the fact that she is associated with Kenny is too much for Jon to take. Sarah then told Allison that she thinks that she will be the nominee. Allison told her that it wont matter much since she is going home, as Heather made it clear all along that she would be gone if Kenny wins the veto. Elsewhere, Rachelle was asking Sabrina why Heather is contemplating who to nominate so much when she knows that Allison is going home.

4:00-5:00 PM: After a lockdown and a feed outage, there were some flowers scattered around the upstairs area. Neda looked through them but found nothing. Later, Allison found a small piece of paper in the flowers. She quickly stuffed it in the back of her pants and then went to the bathroom to read it. She then went outside and took a look at the pucks in the pool. She went back to the bedroom and read it again, repeating “make a splash”.

She questioned how she can get to the pucks in the bottom of the pool without anyone realizing. Allison went out to the pool and put her feet in but was hesitant to go in fully. Eventually she took the plunge and grabbed a puck out of the pool. She peeled the next clue off of it and then went back to her bedroom to read it.

The clue read: "Dear houseguest, pick a mirror on the wall. Who is the best Big Brother game player of all? You are one step closer to the game changing super power. You want to be hot but you want to be cold too.”

5:00-6:00 PM: Allison determined that it has to be one of the mirrors by the hot tub. Allison proceeded to go out to the hot tub area and found her third clue.

It read as follows:

"Read it like a book from left to right, then find one and three and you will be out of sight. Turn them right and turn them back or else the door wont open a crack.” Allison then said “Oh my God. Is that my secret room (the war room)?”. Allison then went inside and sat on the chair outside of the entrance.

She could not attempt to go in because others were around. Arlie then sat down beside her and talked game with her. Arlie told Allison that it will be 6 on 3 when she stays, so their side of the house will be able to take a stand. Arlie said that the isn’t planning on going much longer before he exposes himself. He said that the only one that it might benefit him to stay undercover with is Kenny. Arlie told Allison that she will be able to ride the middle for a while if she wishes, but he said that it could end up doing more harm than good. Arlie explained that from his own experience of playing the middle, he has found that he is sliding down the totem pole since the others spend so much time together without him. Arlie pointed out to Allison that she won’t even be a target if she does expose herself as being with him, as plenty of others have done far worse to the other side. Specifically, Arlie felt that he would become a target for turning on his former side.

6:00-7:00 PM: Adel asked Allison what she had been stressing about earlier. She said that you just never know what can happen in Big Brother. Adel agreed but said that he doesn’t expect the new twist to come in to play until after the next HoH. Adel, Jon and Allison discussed that things couldn’t have played out any more perfectly with Kenny winning the veto, as now they have a solid group to take on the others 6 on 3. They said that they have three easy weeks ahead of them as long as they win HoH. It was discussed that Kenny needs to be backdoored next, so Rachelle and Sabrina will be the initial nominees. Jon said that he believes that they could even sway those two girls to nominate Kenny if they win HoH, since they will want to get back with the numbers. Allison eventually tried to enter the hidden room again. Feeds cut when she was attempting to, but they returned right after because someone interrupted her before she had a chance.

Kenny and Sarah discussed that they don’t feel as though Arlie is actually making much of an attempt to ensure that Sarah does not go up as the replacement nominee. Kenny said that Arlie is just wandering from group to group but you can’t blame him for it. They agreed that they cannot let on that they are having any doubts about Arlie. Sarah said that Allison is a wildcard and will go wherever the numbers are. If Arlie has flipped, Sarah believes that Allison will go to the other side as well. They stressed that they need to win the next HoH. Sarah said that if Arlie has flipped and she is still in the house, she will be going after Jon and Arlie. Kenny mentioned that Adel needs to go before jury because he will get voted back in. Sarah said that they are unlikely to repeat twists, so they have to focus on getting out the bigger threats in Jon and Arlie.

7:00-8:00 PM: Sarah asked Arlie if he thought that she will be nominated. Arlie said that the others aren’t giving him much at all, which isn’t a good sign for her. Sarah told Arlie that if he decides that it is best for his game to evict her, she will not out him or anything but she just wants to know. Sarah explained that she wants to know because of her anxiety issues, as it would let her prepare. Arlie said that he doesn’t want to vote her out and that it is the first time that he has ever considered it. Arlie said that he will definitely let Sarah know what he is doing. Sarah said that Arlie was always her number one and that he is the one that she had wanted to go to the Final 2 with. Sarah said that she even felt the same way about Jon. She was frustrated that Jon gets to hang out with Neda all day but she cannot hang out with Kenny.

Sarah accepted responsibility for her potential upcoming eviction, saying that she was the one that pushed it on Arlie that it was so good to have Kenny there. Arlie said that it was not her fault and that keeping Kenny was good for him too. Arlie told her that he messed up when he didn’t try to push for Kenny to be backdoored, but he wanted Kenny to have a shot to stay. Sarah said that she hates that she is going out like this for someone that was not even her number one. She explained that she got too comfortable and started worrying about someone else instead of herself. Sarah said that her only shot at this point is to trust in Sabrina, Arlie and Kenny. Arlie made it clear that he doesn’t trust Sabrina to keep her if she is on the block.

Allison went to the storage room and went over the third clue again. She said that it has a to be the secret room. She then repeated the “one and three” part of the clue. She wondered if it meant the first and third blocks or thirteen or even four. She said that she needs to get over to that wall without anyone seeing but will have to wait until everyone is in bed. That being said, she quickly tried to get it to open. She was unsuccessful.

Around 7:55 PM, Allison went back to the wall and succesfully got one of the pieces to move. She still did not unlock whatever it is that it awaiting her. Rachelle came downstairs and interrupted her, then Allison quickly tried again but put the piece back in place and said "I'll be back".

8:00-9:00 PM: Allison went outside to the hot tub area where she found the third clue and asked Big Brother if she could see it again. Big Brother showed it to her. A short while later she went back to the wall and was finally successful in the getting the door to open. Feeds cut immediately after.

10:00-11:00 PM: When Allison returned to the house, she went to the bedroom, took something out of the back of her pants and hid it with her belongings. The cameras did not give a clear view, so it is has yet to be confirmed whether or not it was indeed the secret Power of Veto. While Allison was in the room, Kenny went to her and explained that he would love for her to stay because he feels that they could do some damage together. Kenny did however reiterate time and time again that he could not promise Allison anything, seeing as they did not know who the replacement nominee would be. Kenny said that he felt as though Allison was receptive to his pitch when he tried to get her to nominate Adel.

Sarah told Kenny that she is worried that the other side would not risk nominating her if they did know that they had the numbers to evict her. Kenny said that he doesn’t think that Arlie would actually vote her out, so she will be safe. He mentioned that it is almost better if she goes up over Sabrina, as there is less chance of Allison staying in that scenario. Kenny told Sarah that it would be game on and that he would go savage after Arlie if he ever voted Sarah out. Kenny said that he will let Arlie know that too. Kenny pointed out that he would even be willing to leave Adel alone to go after Arlie. Sarah said that Arlie will blame his vote on Sabrina if he flips. Sarah informed Kenny that when the houseguests thought that it was an instant eviction, Sabrina told Rachelle that she was voting her out. Sarah said that it proves that no matter what anyone says, Sabrina will not be voting her out. Sarah explained that if something happens and only on person flips, they know that it is not Rachelle or Sabrina.

12:00-1:00 AM: Before going to bed, Sabrina went to Heather in order to try one more time to figure out if she will be the replacement nominee. Heather said that she has told everyone that she will not tell, so she cannot tell even though she wants to. Heather said that part of it is that she doesn’t know who she is going to nominate. She said that Sarah and Sabrina are 50/50 but that there is a third person that she is now considering. Sabrina told Heather that it would be a waste to nominate her, as she is not after her. Sabrina said that she will not nominate Heather at all, nor will Rachelle. Heather eventually told Sabrina that she doesn’t need to worry as much as she is. Sabrina said that she will trust her and will see what happens tomorrow.

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