Sarah is nominated; Arlie reveals the First Five

April 7, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Sabrina mentioned that Arlie was in the same room with the other side of the house all night last night. Sarah told Sabrina that if she goes home, Sabrina is going to know what happened because she 100% believes that Sabrina is voting to keep her. Sarah told Sabrina that it is for sure her going on the block. She said that she doesn’t want to leave the game but at least it would be before jury so she could go home to her kids. Sarah said that she will at least get to hang out with the people she likes this week, as it is up to her side to decide whether she stays or goes. Heather eventually asked Sarah if she could talk to her. Sarah declined to talk to her, as she knew that it meant that she would be going on the block.

9:00-10:00 AM: Arlie spoke with Kenny and informed him that Sabrina had told him that she is very concerned about Kenny and Sarah down the road. Arlie said that he is a little bit concerned about Sabrina this week. Kenny said that he believes that Sabrina will vote to keep Sarah this week and that if someone flipped, it would not be Sabrina. Kenny said that Sabrina will turn on him down the road but will not do it right now. Arlie said that he didn’t mean that Sabrina would flip to the other side but he thought that she would want to keep Allison over Sarah since she feels that she has Allison on her side and could take a shot at breaking him and Sarah up. Kenny again said that he does not believe that it would be Sabrina that flips.

Kenny told Arlie that Sabrina said she was worried about him and told Kenny that Arlie would try to blame it on her if he flipped. Arlie said that he expects that from her. Kenny said that he thinks that Sabrina would trust Sarah over Allison and would keep Sarah around due to loyalty reasons. Kenny explained that he is freaking out and that if Sarah goes home he will lose his mind and it will be no holds barred. Kenny noted his concern over both Jon and Adel, saying that both could be voted back into the game and that Jon has total control over Heather. Arlie again told Kenny that he wouldn’t be thinking this way about him if he had heard his conversation with Sabrina. Arlie explained that Sabrina made it obvious that she wanted to pull him in with Rachelle and Allison to split up Kenny and Sarah. Kenny said that they should be fine unless Arlie has had talks with Jon and the rest of the group about taking out Sarah.

10:00-11:00 AM: Sabrina asked Sarah if she thinks that Jon will vote against her. Sarah said 100% and that it is not Heather making the decisions, as it is Jon’s HoH. Sarah said that Jon is the reason that she is on the block. Sabrina said that she doesn’t want Arlie to know that they are worried about him or else he will get stressed out and could flip. Sarah told Sabrina that if someone does flip, they will know who it is. Sabrina said that she doesn’t think that Arlie would do that. Kenny then came to talk to the girls and said that he has a very big suspicion that Arlie has flipped. Kenny told them not to say anything or freak out or else it will only solidify Arlie flipping.

12:00-1:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Kenny used the Power of Veto on himself. Heather nominated Sarah as the replacement nominee. Arlie told Adel and Jon that he will be coming out in the next two days, exposing that he is no longer with Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina. Arlie said that he spoke with Kenny to determine if he could squeeze one more week out of it, but Kenny made it clear that he knows that it someone flips it was him. Arlie, Jon and Adel reiterated that the three of them need to stay solid. Adel said “it is always us”. Arlie later went to Heather and said that the next time that Kenny asks him what he is doing and what side he is on, he is just going to tell him. Arlie said that he will be a big target now but whatever. Heather told Allison that it is huge that Allison thinks that she has a deal within the alliance with the two of them.

Kenny told Allison that there are whispers going around and he has a feeling that someone has flipped and that she will be staying this week. Arlie said that he is so sick and tired of playing the game with people that he knows that he can’t say a word to because they will turn around and stab him in the back. Kenny said that if his suspicions are right, he will be livid and will go guns blazing. He said that nothing will stop him from winning the next HoH.

Sarah was alone by the hot tub, trying to figure out how to handle things with Arlie. She said that she has to put a plan together for how she is going to approach Arlie. Sarah said that she misses her kids so much but they will be her kids for the rest of her life, while this game will not come around again. Sarah said that Arlie is not an idiot and it is not going to be easy to convince him to keep her. Sarah said that she will remind Arlie that the other side doesn’t care about his game at all because the fact that they put her on the block means that she could have outed him.

1:00-2:00 PM: Rachelle mentioned that Kenny has a bad feeling that Arlie is going to flip. Sabrina said that she will personally attack Arlie and rip him a new asshole on Thursday night if he flips. Rachelle said that they all will. Rachelle noted that Arlie is being really sketchy and is not himself. Rachelle discussed that Jon and Arlie need to be nominated if Arlie flips. Rachelle said that Adel would be the replacement nominee if one is needed. Sabrina said that she would probably nominate Arlie and Adel, while looking to backdoor Jon.

Kenny said that it’s clear that Arlie is having an inner conflict about whether or not to screw them over. Sabrina said that she thinks that Arlie has been playing both sides. Kenny said that Arlie is laying the groundwork to evict Sarah and pin it on her. Sabrina told Kenny that Arlie is the one that came to her and said that him and Andrew were campaigning against her. Kenny said that they need to convince Arlie that the best strategic move is to stick with them, then they will vote him out. Kenny said he is worried that Arlie will feel that he is less of a target on the other side.

Arlie spoke to Sarah and told her that he doesn’t have a choice with regards to the upcoming vote. Sarah began to break down and walked away. Sarah said I had a choice and I always chose you. Sarah went outside and spoke with Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle. She began crying and said that she can tell that Arlie is on the other side. Sarah pleaded with them not to freak out. She said that Arlie had beat around the bush throughout their entire conversation. Sarah said that the only thing that could possibly help is by letting Arlie be and hoping that he comes to the decision by himself. Sarah said that they will notice that Arlie is going to distance himself from them over the next couple of days. Sarah explained that when you think about it logically, it is a better game move for Arlie to go to the other side. Sarah said that it would be 6 on 3 and Arlie can have Allison, who is not attached to Kenny like she is. Sarah again said that her only chance in this game is that Arlie feels so guilty that he keeps her.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kenny said that he shouldn’t have used the PoV. Sarah told him to smarten up and said that she would take a bullet for him any day and they know that, so that’s why she is going. They discussed nominating Arlie and Jon, taking out Jon if nominations stay the same. Kenny said that they should take out Arlie if Jon wins PoV. Sarah said that they must be super tight if Arlie chose Jon over her. Adel is the third target. While Sabrina wanted to take Neda out, Kenny said that she is even below Heather on the hit list. Sarah warned them not to leave Allison in the game too long, as she came in late and is playing against all odds so she can make a good case for herself.

4:00-5:00 PM: Neda, Heather, Jon and Allison discussed their plans for next week’s nominations if they win HoH. They were unsure of whether or not they should nominate Kenny with a Gremlin or put both Gremlins up in order to backdoor Kenny. Jon said why give Kenny a 100% chance to play for the veto when you can give him an 80% chance. Jon explained that Kenny is automatically gone if he isn’t chosen. Allison said she doesn’t like backdooring people cause it is almost disrespectful. Jon said to let him just sit there and know that he is going home. Allison pointed out that she hates when her favourite players get backdoored. Neda said that the fans wont mind based on the crowd noise that they heard during the last HoH competition.

5:00-6:00 PM: Arlie, Jon, Neda, Adel, Heather and Allison came up with a name for their alliance, deciding to call themselves The Sloppy Seconds. Arlie told the others that he feels that Sarah has yet to out him to the others side based on the conversations that they have had. There had been plenty of tension throughout the day. Adel wanted to go tell Sabrina to stop kissing ass, because the lines are drawn and it's too late.

6:00-7:00 PM: Kenny went to Arlie and said that they all know what is happening at this point. He said that he was super mad and pissed. Kenny said that he doesn’t want things to be awkward, so he will shake his hand and say touché, you did a good job. Arlie said that he respects that. Kenny said that Arlie pulled the wool over his eyes and made a big move, even though he doesn’t agree with it. Kenny said that Sarah is super hurt but will likely get over it when she gets back to the real world. He said that Sarah is taking it hard so he would respect if Arlie spoke with her and made it clear that it is not personal. Arlie said that it is strictly game and that he likes Sarah a lot.

When Sarah came out of the diary room, both Jon and Arlie made attempts to talk to her. She ignored Jon and told Arlie “no thank you” when he asked her if she wanted to talk. She proceeded to go into the bathroom and break down. Sarah went to Kenny and said that she feels that the house brings out the worst in people and that it is making her feel like a horrible person. She said that her words can hurt more than just the people that are in the house. Kenny said that that’s why Big Brother warned them, but they are going to play what’s left of the game with integrity. Kenny said that it will be so shitty when she leaves. Sarah said that she is so sad that Kenny lives so far away. Sarah said that sometimes you meet people that are just meant to be in your life. Kenny assured her that they will remain in each other’s lives.

7:00-8:00 PM: Allison sat down with Rachelle to tell her about why she had to switch sides. Rachelle was not happy about it but said that she understood. Allison then sat down with Sabrina. Sabrina began bawling and questioned why Allison would do that to her. Allison explained that it was the only way for her to stay in the game and that it was strictly a game move. Sabrina said that she has never been so hurt in her life than she has been by Arlie and Allison turning on her. She explained that she liked Allison and talked to her and told her everything about herself and the First Five even when nobody else would talk to her.

Sabrina asked Allison if she is having fun with the other side of the house where everyone hates her and bashes her. Allison said that nobody hates Sabrina but they think that she has said some mean things. For the remainder of the conversation, Sabrina brought everything back to the fact that Allison mentioned that people think that she is mean. She wanted to know who said she was mean. Allison said that both the girls and boys think that she is mean. Allison mentioned that Neda was one of the people that had said it. Sabrina continued to dwell on it and then she eventually got on Allison for doing something that Andrew would not have approved of. Allison simply told her that she was going home if not.

Sarah eventually went around the house and gave her fellow houseguests hugs. She went to Allison and told her that she completely understands why she made the moves that she did. Sarah said that there are no hard feelings. She explained that she feels as though she is rolling over and playing dead but there is no other option. Sarah encouraged Allison to keep fighting and told her that she if makes it to the end she will have such an edge over the others. Sarah explained that she was up against the odds, coming in two weeks late.

Sabrina went to Neda to clear the air. She was upset that she was seen as mean. Neda asked if Sabrina knew all along that Sarah was voting to evict Paul. Sabrina said yes. Neda questioned why Sabrina lied to the extent that she did, even when it was not necessary. Neda pointed to the time when Sabrina would come to them and cry that Andrew was pressuring her to evict Paul. Sabrina said that everything that she did was for the First Five and to protect Andrew. Neda had clearly checked out of the conversation when Sabrina kept dwelling on the fact that she was called mean. Sabrina went on for a while longer before ending the conversation and asking to speak to Jon. The Jon conversation went the same way as the one with Neda.

9:00-10:00 PM: Rachelle told Sabrina that Sarah and Kenny are taking things so well but she cannot. Rachelle and Sabrina agreed that they feel defeated. Sarah spoke with them and said that she didn’t realize that what Arlie had with Jon stemmed back to Week 2, but Arlie truly did make an effort to bring her in to work with the two of them. Sarah said that her only chance would have been to flip but she just couldn’t do it. She mentioned that the girls alliance would never have worked because she had such a strong connection with Kenny. Sarah told the girls that now that things are out in the open, Jon and Arlie have to be their targets if they win HoH.

12:00-1:00 AM: Adel finally told his alliance about his true power. While he lied and said that his power weakened, he did reveal the actual power. He explained that he can replace a randomly chosen veto player. The alliance was shocked to hear it and celebrated that Kenny is going home as long as they win HoH. Their plan is to nominate the Gremlins, then take Kenny out of the veto competition if his name is drawn. The downside is that Adel said that he has to decide if he is using the power before players are drawn for veto.

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