Jon and Neda call out Sabrina; Arlie works on Allison

April 8, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Adel revealed his true power to his alliance last night, explaining that he can replace any of the randomly selected veto players on one occasion at any point this season. Today, he confirmed with Heather that he plans on using it this week as long as their side wins HoH. Adel said that he has to tell the diary room if he is using it prior the veto players being selected. It was previously discussed that this will seal Kenny’s fate, as he would have absolutely zero chance of playing for veto and saving himself. The plan would be to nominate Sabrina and Rachelle, and then backdoor Kenny.

10:00-11:00 AM: Sabrina told Jon and Arlie that it wouldn’t be right for her to be exiled and be seen as a bad person and manipulative. She explained that what she did was all for game purposes, in order to protect the First Five, just like Arlie flipping was for game purposes. Arlie said that he is there to talk to her whenever she wants. Jon said that he didn’t care for her continually swearing on her grandmother that he and Neda were never her targets. Sabrina said that it was true and that is what he doesn’t understand.

Jon questioned if she had talked crap behind his back to the First Five. Sabrina said that it was only the last two weeks, as she was pissed off. Sabrina said that she will not swear on anything anymore. She explained that she would have told Jon and Neda about the First Five if it ever came to a point where she had to pick between them and her alliance. She reiterated that Jon and Neda were never her targets. Jon said that they will have to talk after the season is over. Jon said that he will be the first to apologize if he was wrong. Sabrina questioned if Jon wanted her out last week. Jon said that by no means did he want her out last week.

For the past few days, Neda had been plotting to pour out or hide the various condiments that the have-nots are allowed to use with their slop, such as syrup, sugar and salsa. Neda eventually went through with the plan a couple of nights ago and had dumped out and thrown away the condiments. Rachelle was searching all over for the syrup, and then also asked if they had any sugar left. She couldn’t find any and said that she is so rattled. Kenny said that Sarah was also looking for the bottles of syrup and could not find them. Rachelle said that “there was like 10 bottles and there is no way we ate all of it”.

Rachelle went to ask Sarah if she had the syrup. Sarah said that she used what little was left in the last bottle. She was also confused where it all went. Sarah and Rachelle said that they will die without it, as they cannot eat the slop without syrup. Rachelle tried to go to the diary room to ask about it but they did not let her in. Adel, Arlie and Allison all said that they were not playing a prank and do not know where the syrup went. Arlie said that it is awfully perfect timing for something like this to happen to make it seem like they had done it.

1:00-2:00 PM: Arlie and Allison had a lengthy discussion. Arlie said that he feels as though it is in both of their best interests to have each other’s backs. Arlie said that he is putting trust in her and has only ever done that with Sarah, but Sarah began affecting his game negatively. Arlie said that Allison understands the game better so he doesn’t feel that she would do the same. He pointed out that Sarah was his number one and he now needs someone to trust. Arlie clarified that he never would have let Sarah go had she not begun to hurt his game by not listening. Arlie said that it was supposed to be 7 on 2 but now it is only 6 on 3 and Sarah is gone, which hurts him tremendously. He said that Sarah wanted too much, as she felt the need to have him, Jon and Kenny all backing her 100%.

Arlie continued to push for he and Allison to work together. Arlie said that he and Jon have been close for a long time but he is not stupid enough to think that Jon would take him to the Final 2. Allison told Arlie that she gets the impression that Heather has him 100%. Arlie said that he gets that impression too but doesn’t want to be naive enough to believe it completely. Allison said that he is focused on just making it through Thursday at this point. Allison told Arlie that she agrees with what he is saying about working together, as it would be foolish to try to work with Jon and Neda. She pointed out the pairs as Heather/Adel, Jon/Neda, Heather/Neda and Jon/Adel. Arlie said that’s why he is having this conversation with her. He explained that they are both at the bottom and need someone. Arlie told Allison that it would be devastating for both of their games if she threw him under the bus and told them of this conversation.

2:00-3:00 PM: Allison talked to herself in the storage room. She mentioned that they have the power to replace someone in the veto competition. She said that Sabrina’s lips are are going to get them in trouble. Allison mentioned “why not switch and leave my alliance to Sab and Kenny”. She then began talking about Arlie, saying that she feels that Arlie is a mastermind and super fan, and is lying to people. She thought back to the bobbleheads during her task in the war room and decided that Arlie must be the super fan and must be trying to trick her.

3:00-4:00 PM: Sabrina told Jon that the more that she finds out, the more she realizes that people were feeding her things in order to get her fired up because she wasn’t going against Jon. Neda then questioned Sabrina and asked if she had just said that she was not going against Jon. Sabrina asked Arlie to join them and clarify when she started going against Jon. Arlie said “our whole alliance was against Jon”. Jon and Neda began laughing. Sabrina then asked Arlie which week she began going against him. Arlie said that he thought the whole alliance was on the same page with regards to Jon. Sabrina said that she was not after Jon until two weeks ago in the pantry when she realized that Jon was going to break his promise to her.

Neda called Sabrina out, saying that she cannot say that was not going to evict Jon when she would have voted him out over Kenny if it came down to it. Sabrina said okay fine. She said that she didn’t talk one bad word about him until two weeks ago. Neda said they were talking about whether or not she would target him, since she swore up and down that she was not targeting she or Jon. Sabrina said that they would not have been her targets but she does not want to say who would have been. Neda and Jon pointed out that there was nobody else left for her to target since she was also working with Rachelle and Allison. Sabrina said that she cannot wait for them to watch the show.

Sabrina asked Sarah if she knew that Kenny told Jon about the First Five in Week 2. Sarah snapped back at Sabrina and said that she honestly doesn’t give a shit and she couldn’t care less. Sabrina then pointed out that she cannot believe that she was threatened to vote against Rachelle for the First Five. Neda said they know and that it blows her mind that Sabrina was going to go against her best friend. Neda pointed out that Arlie is now on their side and has told them that Sabrina would laugh about manipulating Rachelle when retelling things to the First Five. Sabrina said that she wasn’t laughing at her and was pleading with her to go with them until the Final 5. They continued to go back and forth with Sabrina, calling her out whenever she said that Jon was not her target and she would never vote him out, as she openly admitted that she would have voted Jon out for the First Five.

Sabrina and Allison were crying together in the bedroom. Sabrina asked Allison if she joins in when the others talk bad about her. Allison said no and that it kills her. She clarified that it is nothing malicious that is being said. Allison pointed out that she feels that Jon thinks that Sabrina is a bad person. Allison said that Jon doesn’t understand how she can swear on family and go back on it. Sabrina said that she was not even lying. Allison said that she did what she could to tell Jon to stop. She said that it is killing her to sit there and listen to her alliance talk about taking Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle out. Allison explained that she wishes that there was something that she could do, because it is not what she wants, but there is nothing that can be done.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sarah told Jon that she turned on him. She questioned how they thought that she had turned on them, just because Kenny had won PoV and she got excited. Sarah said that it didn’t mean that she would have turned on them for Kenny. Jon said “but he would have been the one to come turn on us!”. Sarah said that they should have backdoored Kenny. Sarah explained that her excitement over Kenny winning the veto didn’t mean that she wasn’t loyal to Jon and Arlie. She said that her excitement was simply because Kenny is someone that she knew would keep her safe. Sarah told Jon that they may have Allison on board now, but she will go wherever the power is. Sarah said that she would have been with them 100%. Sarah eventually told Jon that it’s just a game. She hugged him and said that they will always be friends.

Sarah went to Kenny and filled him in on all of the drama with Sabrina. They agreed that Sabrina can never let anything go. Sarah mentioned that Sabrina continually said that she was never after Jon. Sarah told Kenny that if they were going to have a family meeting, Sabrina should have at least been telling the truth. Kenny said that Sabrina cannot handle not being liked. Sarah said that she also cannot handle the thought of anyone going behind her back. Kenny pointed out that Sabrina does the exact same thing.

8:00-9:00 PM: Ever since the house divided, the game talk has slowed down considerably. Tonight, Sarah came up with what will be her last ditch effort to stay. She plans to go to Jon tomorrow night and tell him that Kenny has a very good chance of winning HoH and he will be after Jon and Arlie. Sarah said that even though Arlie flipped, Jon is still the target. She will then tell him that his only chance of staying over Arlie is if she is in the house to vote for him. Sarah will explain that Arlie made it clear to her that Allison is his new #1, so she would be willing to evict Arlie in order to keep Jon. Kenny and Sarah discussed that they could see Sarah’s vote making it 3-3. Kenny said that he would still want Jon gone and would evict him. At that point, he would tell Arlie to look at the votes and see that people in his alliance are against him, so why not join back up with the First Four side of the house?

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah was once again going over her pitch to try to get Jon to save her. She was going to say that right now Jon’s side has the number and the power, but she can offer protection specifically for Jon and Neda. She would then tell Jon that Arlie had a talk with her and said that the main reason that he flipped was due to her attachment with Kenny. Sarah said that Arlie went on to say that he needed a new #1 and found that in Allison. Sarah would tell Jon that no matter what Allison would tell him, she will never have his back over Arlie’s. Sarah would explain that Jon could blame the vote on Arlie, as he is the most likely to flip. She would tell him that the alliance will not break up, given that they will still have the numbers and nobody will dare go away from that. Sarah intends on promising safety in the event that either Jon or Neda are on the block. She will tell Jon that Kenny would not approve but she can blame the vote on Sabrina since Sabrina is riled up due to Kenny having told Jon about the First Five in Week 2. Kenny said that it sounds like a great idea to pitch that to Jon.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sarah, Sabrina, Kenny and Rachelle discussed who they need to nominate next week if they win HoH. While everyone was in agreement that Jon needs to be the target, there was some debate over who to nominate next to him. Sabrina felt that it was best to nominate Neda. She explained that it would create friction between the two of them as they both fight to stay in the game. Kenny noted that he feels as though that would be the safest bet to get Jon out of the house. Rachelle felt that it would be better to nominate Jon next to Arlie. Sarah agreed that they should put up a second big target. She pointed out that they would be really disappointed if they got neither Jon nor Arlie out, so you don’t want to risk Neda going home over Jon. She later wondered if it would indeed be best to nominate Neda since Neda is the only one that will 100% never turn on Jon.

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