Kenny shocks the house by coming out; Sarah campaigns

April 9, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: All of the houseguests were out by the hot tub and the two sides had revealed their alliance names to each other. While Kenny had previously only revealed to Sarah that he is gay, he decided to come out to the rest of the houseguests this afternoon. Since everyone was being open and honest, Kenny said “Fuck it. I’m gay!” out loud for all to hear. The houseguests were surprised by the news. A number of them immediately said “what?!” Arlie told Kenny that that’s bad ass. Adel said that he doesn’t believe Kenny. Jon asked Kenny if he swears to God that he is gay, which Kenny then did. Jon then got up and shook Kenny’s hand, saying “Wow. I had no idea! Wowwww!” Each of the houseguests then got up and gave Kenny a hug. Rachelle said that she has never been so shocked in her whole life. Sabrina then mentioned that she kissed Kenny. All of the houseguests burst out laughing. Sabrina said that it is always the hot guy that is gay.

Kenny told Allison that when she came into the house, he was afraid that she knew for sure that he was gay since she knows one of his good friends. Allison said that had no idea. Arlie said that he was shocked that there wasn’t a gay person in the house. A number of others agreed. Kenny told them that he had come out to Sarah last week. Kenny explained that he came into the game as someone that was good with women, so he hid that he was gay. He said that he was going to use it as a strategy so that he could flirt or have a showmance. He explained that he had girlfriends throughout his whole life up until a few years ago, so he thought that it could help him out but then all of the girls had boyfriends or were married.

Kenny said that he wanted to reveal it sooner but was concerned that everyone would see it as a massive lie and call him a huge liar. He said “Now we are all being honest, so fuck it!”. Kenny added that he was not being who he is and there was no reason not to be. Kenny told them that he was truthful about everything about his life, aside from his sexuality and replacing a “he” with a “she” in some stories that he had told. Kenny said that he feels so much better now. Sarah said that she is so happy that she was there to see him reveal it to all of the houseguests. Neda said that what’s cool is that Kenny is breaking so many of the stereotypes that people have. They began applauding him. Kenny said that people have always been accepting of him and he has no much more respect for people that have to hide that they are gay, because it was so tough to do.

1:00-2:00 PM: Rachelle laughed and said “Big Brother, I am so stupid”. Rachelle and Arlie said that they have no words to explain how surprised they are about Kenny being gay. They said that they have never been so shocked in their lives. Rachelle pointed out that at least the possibility of her looking like a whore for giving Kenny massages is out the window. Kenny had mentioned that he was going to tell them on his way out the door whenever he got evicted. They said that they were glad that Kenny came out beforehand. Sarah said that she is so happy that she was there for that moment and that it was a great final day in the house. Arlie said that it gave him chills. He said that it was the coolest moment of the season.

Arlie, still in shock, went to Jon and said “Kenny is gay”. Jon was happy for Kenny but laughed and said that they are still getting him out. Arlie said that Canada must love Kenny. Jon said that the moment that they had just experience was so good because people will get to see Kenny come out and see how accepting every single one of them was. Jon said that Kenny just helped hundreds of thousands of people by coming out to them. Arlie said that Kenny helped both gay and straight people by doing this. Jon agreed and said that sexuality is something that you should never have to be embarrassed about.

Sarah told Kenny that she loves him and is proud of him. Kenny said that he loves her too and is glad that she was there for it. Sarah said that she is so happy. She said that it was a perfect moment. Kenny agreed and said that now that everyone is being honest, who cares anymore. Sarah and Kenny said that it’s funny that no matter what it is, Sabrina has an ability to make everything about her. She continually pointed out that her best friends are gay.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sarah campaigned to Neda. Sarah said that all that she has ever talked about in the diary room is that she wants to get to the end with Jon, Neda and Kenny. Sarah explained that if by some small chance her side were to win HoH, she would keep them in the game. Sarah said that Sabrina has been so annoyed with Kenny for revealing the First Five to Jon weeks ago, so she knows that she could easily blame a vote to keep Jon or Neda on Sabrina and get away with voting against Kenny’s wishes. Sarah told Neda that while she wouldn’t turn on Kenny, it doesn’t matter because the other side of the house has the numbers. Sarah pointed out that Neda’s alliance would not crumble due to one person keeping her, as they cannot separate if they wish to keep the numbers.

Sarah noted that she would not have told Neda that she was voting to evict Paul a couple of weeks back if she did not 100% want to keep Neda safe. Sarah told Neda that the First Five was over two weeks into the game and that the only thing making her stay was the thought of the first five people into the game making the final five. Neda said that she cannot see Sarah wanting to go to the end with Jon. Sarah said that she doesn’t want to but they are not there yet. Sarah also said that it has been made clear this week that her loyalty to Kenny is a detriment to her game and that she will not let that mess up her game again if she survives this week. Sarah told Neda that if she and Jon save her, it would build the trust right back up. Sarah reiterated that it would not be good for Neda’s alliance but it would be really good for her and Jon. She said that it would be horrible for Arlie since people would assume that he flipped. Sarah made it clear that Jon is still the target for those on her side, so they could really use her vote. Neda told Sarah that she would think it all over.

7:00-8:00 PM: Neda told Jon that she is concerned about Arlie. She didn’t think that he would actually stay loyal to Jon once Kenny is gone. Jon said that he believes that Arlie is set on getting the Gremlins out. Neda said that even if Arlie stays loyal until the Final 6, every single person except for her will want Jon gone first at that point. Neda said that Arlie always runs to Allison and that Allison would keep Arlie over Jon. Neda also thinks that Adel would keep Arlie over Jon since he has mentioned how dumb it would be to keep power couples around. Jon said that Arlie and Adel tell him lots of things that they don’t tell her. Neda agreed but still thought that they would want to break the two of them up. Jon said that Neda has been right all game so he will trust her.

Jon said that he feels as though Arlie thinks he could beat him in Final 2. Neda said nope and she doesn’t think that he would even risk it. Jon said Arlie would know that he would be targeted next if he goes. Neda disagreed, saying that Adel would likely be the next target. She explained that both Adel and Arlie would beat Jon in the Final 2 right now, with Arlie being the only person with a shot of beating Adel. Jon asked if Neda is thinking that they should take Arlie out after Kenny. Neda said she doesn’t know but wouldn’t risk getting him any further since nobody would vote Arlie out over Jon. Neda explained that every single person in their alliance wants to split the two of them up.

Neda told Jon that she isn’t sure that they should wait until the Final 6 to do something against their alliance. She suggested that Arlie is the first one that they should target, even though Jon thinks that Arlie will take him until the end. Neda said she would be open to going after the others too. She pointed out that Arlie and Allison will work together. Jon said that Arlie had told him that he wants Allison out before the two Gremlins. Neda said that she still wants Kenny to go next but she is trying to think ahead. Jon said that he doesn’t understand how the two of them are so off on how they are viewing the situation right now. Jon doesn’t think that their alliance are set on breaking the two of them up at this point in the game.

Neda said that people are thinking about who they can take to the end and who will take them to the end, so both sides of the house want to break them up since they will clearly take each other to the end. Jon said that he doesn’t think that Arlie sees them as close, because he has made it clear that Neda is expendable to him. Neda wasn’t sure that Arlie actually believed that. Jon feels that Arlie is not a threat until the Final 4 or Final 5. Jon felt that everyone was on the same page until Final 6, but Neda said that others will want to keep the Gremlins around since everyone would win hands down against either of them in the Final 2.

Allison asked Jon where she stands in the alliance. Jon said that he wanted to work with her from Day 1 but thought that she was in on evicting him, like Kenny and Andrew were. Allison asked about Jon and Neda. Jon explained that Neda is someone who, is as bad as it sounds, when he doesn’t need her will need to go. He said that it would show loyalty to whomever he is working with when he nominates or evicts her. Allison said that is ruthless. Jon said it is Big Brother. Allison was worried that she is the low man in the alliance and will go if the other side wins HoH. Jon said that he disagrees and thinks that the two of them are the only ones that could possibly go back and forth winning HoHs, so it would be best to work together. Jon said that Heather is another one that they can work with. Jon said that they need to get down to the Final 6 and then go from there. Jon went to Neda immediately after and told her what he had discussed with Allison. They agreed that they have to tell the others that they would cut each other when the time comes.

Sarah again went to Neda about keeping her. Neda said that she definitely would if not for Kenny being in the game. Neda told her that she has not said a single word to Jon about what she had proposed, and would not even if she votes to evict Allison. Neda explained that the only one that benefits from keeping Sarah is her, because it would put a target on Arlie. That being said, Neda was skeptical that people would believe that Arlie actually kept Sarah after everything that has happened lately. Sarah said that Allison is Arlie’s new #1 and would never work with Jon over Arlie due to the Neda/Jon relationship. Sarah added that Allison is a sure vote against Jon, while she could possibly be a vote to keep Jon.

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