Sarah and Kenny are evicted; Jon wins HoH

April 10, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Neda told Sarah that she would not be getting her vote. Neda explained that what it came down to for her is that Kenny is clearly gunning for Jon, so taking someone out from her own side wouldn’t make sense. Neda apologized. Sarah said that she totally understands. Neda let Sarah know that she thought about it all night but she doesn’t know if she can trust Sarah. Neda said that she cannot see Sarah not telling Arlie that it was her that flipped, since they have been so close all along. Sarah said that her life is on the line. Sarah mentioned that she wants to be at the end with Neda and that Neda could use this move in part of her pitch as to why she should win the game.

Neda told Jon that she had already decided against voting out Allison but she wanted to hear his thoughts. Jon asked if it would then be the two of them, Sarah, Kenny and the Gremlins. Neda said no, you blame the vote on Arlie. Jon asked where this all came from. Neda said that she spoke with Sarah yesterday and Sarah said that she would be a number for them. She mentioned that Jon would then get Sarah’s vote if he were up on the block against Arlie, someone that he would otherwise likely leave against. Neda told Jon that she had decided it against it since she does not want to make Kenny any stronger. That being said, Neda pointed out that Allison could easily flip to Kenny’s side if he wins HoH. Jon said that if the other side wins HoH they are screwed anyway.

Jon felt that it wouldn’t make a difference if Sarah was there. He said that based on what Neda has told him, he doesn’t have the votes either way. She said that the votes to keep him would be her, Sarah, Adel and Heather. Jon said that if those people will keep him anyway, then he can stay whether or not Sarah is there. Jon felt that Allison would keep him over Arlie. Neda disagreed. Jon said that he is way more positive about Allison keeping him than Sarah keeping him. Jon thought Sabrina may even keep him over Arlie since Arlie flipped. Neda again disagreed but said that if Jon thinks that Allison will keep him there then that’s fine. Neda believed that Sarah would want to take them further than others, even though she wants to take Kenny further than them.

Neda made it clear that she had already told Sarah no but she just wanted to see what Jon thought. Jon pointed out that if you throw Arlie under the bus then it becomes 4 on 4 with Arlie in the middle. Neda said that she already thought of all of this and it contributed to her deciding not to keep Sarah. Jon said “I can’t do it”. Neda said that’s fine. Jon and Neda agreed that Sarah could be bullshitting Neda. Jon and Neda discussed Allison. Jon feels that Allison is closest to him and Heather. Neda said she is closer to Heather and Arlie than Jon, as she will want to take Jon out for Andrew. Neda also noted that Allison “legitimately loves the Gremlins” and cannot see the bad in them. Jon felt that Rachelle still needs to go before Allison does.

9:00-10:00 PM: Double eviction night saw Sarah leave first. Sarah left by a vote of 4-3. Neda went on to win HoH. She nominated Rachelle and Sabrina for eviction. Arlie won the Power of Veto and chose to use it on Rachelle, setting the stage for Kenny to be backdoored. Neda named Kenny as the replacement nominee, and he was sent out by a vote of 5-1. Rachelle was the lone vote to evict Sabrina.

11:00-12:00 AM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Jon had won the HoH competition. He told the Sloppy Seconds that they didn't just win, they steamrolled it. The Sloppy Seconds discussed that Rachelle would be targeted, with Sabrina being the fallback option if Rachelle were to win the veto. Rachelle and Sabrina fully expect to be the ones nominated this week. They were arguing over which one of them will be evicted. Rachelle figures that it will be her since an endurance competition is likely on the way. They discussed that they should try to push for Jon to target someone else, offering to go after Adel, Arlie and Allison for him. They want to explain that Jon will be the biggest target and he will be giving Allison and Arlie a shot at winning next week and taking him out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Sabrina and Rachelle continued to formulate their plan to get Jon to work with them. They said that they will pitch to Jon that they are two votes that will always be on Jon’s side. Sabrina said that it will take balls for someone on the other side to leave emotion out of it and turn on their own. She said that Arlie has already proven that he can do that. Jon then came back outside to tell Sabrina that his dad never would have said that everyone in the house is a good person (in his HoH letter) if he didn’t think that she was a good person. Sabrina appreciated that Jon said that.

Sabrina told Jon that she trusted the wrong people in this game. Sabrina pointed out that Jon would have three votes if he kept the two of them in the game. Rachelle agreed and said that once they are gone, everyone will be after Jon. Jon said that he feels comfortable because he knows the full story. He pointed out that he has been with Arlie all along. Sabrina said that it is concerning that Allison and Arlie are together, but Jon said that he instructed Arlie to bring Allison in. The girls continued their pitch by saying that they trusted Jon until Kenny fed them lies about him. Sabrina offered the same loyalty that she gave to the First Five to Jon. Jon said that he wanted to speak with Arlie about the possibility of working with the girls. Jon pointed out that targets can change very quickly in this house, which gave the girls even more hope.

Once Jon left, Sabrina told Rachelle that they should trust Jon and that they should have trusted him the entire time as he was the only one that was telling the truth. Sabrina said that they will owe Jon their game if he saves them. She suggested that they would have to go after Allison, Adel and Heather since Jon wants to keep Arlie. She discussed telling Jon that it’s best that the two duos (Sabrina/Rachelle and Jon/Neda) work together rather than let the others break them up. She said that they can even bring Arlie to the Final 5 if that is what Jon wants, before battling it out. Sabrina told Rachelle that it’s imperative that their conversations stay between them, as it is them and Jon together and they cannot break his trust. Sabrina said that she will keep her word to Jon until the end. Rachelle agreed. By the end of the talk, Sabrina had convinced herself that she and Rachelle were 100% safe. Rachelle wasn’t so sure but Sabrina told her that it would not make sense for Jon to go against them.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jon told Allison that he is so glad that she is still there. He pointed out the Newfoundland connection that they share. Jon told Allison that she better not ever turn on him just because Andrew said to. Allison said “why would I ever do that?”. Jon said that they could have something epic together. Allison asked if Jon would ever actually go against Neda. Jon told her that “one hundo” he would go against Neda when it came down to it. Jon told Allison that she cannot let that get back to Neda. He told her not to say anything to Heather or anyone. Allison said that it stays between the two of them. 

1:00-2:00 AM: Neda was irritated with Jon as he revealed that she was the one that dumped out the syrup and other condiments. Jon revealed it to Arlie. Neda thought that it was evident that she was annoyed, yet Jon then told others in their alliance. Neda said that he should have realized that it was bothering her and not done it. She said that it comes down to a trust thing between the two of them.

2:00-3:00 AM: Arlie told Jon that the best part about the two of them is that they are target number one and target number two, and they just have to stay close. Jon told Arlie that he would lose to him if they made the Final 2 together, but he doesn’t care because $20,000 would be huge. Arlie said that he feels the same way about the $20,000. Jon said that he would have no problem with Arlie beating him in the Final 2 if that’s how things played out. He said that the first eight rounds would be on Arlie though. Later in the night, Jon and Arlie discussed that they should bring in Allison to work in a three person alliance with them.

Jon and Neda spoke about Jon’s upcoming nominations. Jon informed Neda that Sabrina and Rachelle wore that they would always be votes for Neda and himself. Neda asked if it was anything that Jon would consider. He responded by saying that you consider everything. Neda asked Jon what he thought that Adel and Allison would do if they won HoH next week. Jon thinks that neither would nominate them. He said that he sees the Sloppy Seconds staying loyal until the Final 6. Both agreed that they could be safer with the Gremlins, however. Jon said that he doesn’t think that Rachelle would have sworn on her brother to keep them safe if she planned on going back on it. Neda asked if Jon would look into getting rid of Sabrina over Rachelle this week. Jon said that it is possible.

Jon said that he would have to have a conversation with Arlie if they are going to look into keeping Rachelle around. Neda said that Arlie pisses her off because it pisses her off so much when people tell her what to do. Jon said that he understands 100% but they have to “ride with the tide” right now. Jon explained to Neda that he wants to be sitting next to her at the end and that he would take the $20,000 in a second. Neda agreed. Neda brought up that she was annoyed about Jon mentioning that she had thrown out the condiments because it loses so much trust between her and the alliance. Jon said that he didn’t think of it and he apologized. They then went back to talking game. Neda said that she would want to work with Rachelle over Sabrina. Jon said that he is thinking the same and that possibly they could even keep both if they can talk a couple of people in the alliance into doing so. Neda Asked Jon if he believes that Arlie will take him far. Jon said no and that he has no doubt that Arlie will want him out first when they get down to the Final 6. Neda said that every single person in the alliance would want him out at that point.

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