Jon and Neda hope to shift the target from Rachelle to Sabrina

April 11, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Neda spoke to Rachelle and made it clear that she wants her to stay. Neda said that if they are in an endurance competition, she would throw it to Rachelle so that she could nominate Arlie and Adel in order to get rid of one of them. Neda also said that she is willing to throw the veto to Rachelle and will try to convince Jon to do the same. Neda said that the others are wanting to keep Sabrina and get rid of Rachelle because Rachelle is stronger at competitions and they feel that Sabrina will go crazy without her. Neda told Rachelle that she will do what she can to convince the others to keep her. Neda asked Rachelle to think of good reasons to keep her that she can start spreading to the others. Neda said that Sabrina and Rachelle will have to be nominated but there is the opportunity for a backdoor plan. Rachelle said that she will and that she would always be a vote for Neda and Jon.

Sabrina told Jon that she has a lot of things to say that might open his eyes. Sabrina told Jon not to waste his HoH making a safe move, as he cannot play next week and she guarantees that the others will not make a safe move. Sabrina said that she and Rachelle are a duo and will not split up. She explained to Jon that the two of them will therefore not try to split up the Jon and Neda duo either. Sabrina also made it clear that she will not go after Arlie since Jon has something with him, but she warned Jon that Arlie has proven that he will do whatever it takes to win. Sabrina said that next week’s competition will be endurance, so Rachelle will win it and will do whatever Jon wants.

Neda told Rachelle that she has been pushing to get rid of Sabrina by telling them that Sabrina is annoying, but everyone is saying that Rachelle has to go instead. She said that she does not want to go to the end with the guys. Neda explained that Jon could possibly get further by sticking with the six, but she would go after Allison. Neda again said that the best case scenario would be Rachelle staying and nominating Arlie and Adel, then it’s a free for all. Neda said that nobody will beat Arlie and Adel at the end. Rachelle said that Jon could likely convince Arlie and Adel to evict Sabrina. Neda agreed but said that they entire alliance will have to be convinced because they are set on making the Final 6 together. Rachelle wondered if it would be possible to backdoor Allison. Neda said that the whole alliance would turn on them if they did so, but she would get a feel for what the others are thinking.

Neda said that it would be great if Sabrina had some sort of rampage that made everyone want to get rid of her. Neda advised Rachelle to talk to Jon without Sabrina. Neda admitted that keeping Rachelle is definitely better for her game than it is for Jon’s, but she doesn’t think that it will be too hard to convince Jon to make the move. Neda said that she would love to send Arlie home next week. Rachelle questioned why they wouldn’t do that this week, as Jon and Neda would then be golden. Neda said that they need to think about jury votes. Neda said that the three options are to convince people to vote out Sabrina, have Rachelle win the veto or make a huge move and screw over the alliance. Neda said that she would not be opposed to going against the alliance. Rachelle again brought up the possibility of backdooring Allison. Neda feels that it will be tough to keep both Rachelle and Sabrina in the game.

11:00-12:00 PM: Arlie and Adel had a quick chat. Arlie said that him, Adel and Jon are solid but they should also do a side deal between the two of them and Heather. Both agreed that Heather would be down for it. Adel explained that Heather thinks that she has Neda. He expects that the girls will team up eventually, though he pointed out that they could convince them to take out Allison. Adel suggested that they get Allison out first at Final 6, then it will be three guys against two girls. Arlie suggested that they may even be able to keep themselves safe with Heather in the event that she won that HoH, as their secret Final 3 deal could work. Arlie told Adel that they can never speak of Neda and Jon to Heather, just in case Heather is close with Neda.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sabrina and Rachelle went to Jon to begin campaigning again. Sabrina said that she has proven her loyalty in the game, while Rachelle has proven to be honest. Sabrina explained that she would owe Jon if he saved them, as they know that they are supposed to be gone in the next two weeks. Sabrina told Jon that he will now have three votes, which is especially important next week when he is vulnerable. Even though Jon and Arlie are close, Sabrina explained that the two of them are each other’s biggest threats. Jon agreed. She noted that Allison is the next biggest threat. Sabrina said that the others are after Jon next week and if he doesn’t see that he is stupid.

Sabrina told Jon that Allison is the one that told her that Jon was bashing her. Sabrina said that Allison calls Jon “King Pin” and says that he walks around like he owns the place. Sabrina then mentioned that Allison said that Jon is in charge of them and it kills her that she is the only one that sticks up for her. Sabrina said that everyone knows that Allison will flip in a second, just as she did to her. Sabrina again reiterated the importance of the two duos working together so that they are not broken up. Rachelle said that she would be willing to do Jon’s dirty work. Sabrina told Jon that she didn’t trust him before and it was a mistake. Rachelle also said that is giving Jon her word and she has not turned on anyone yet. Jon said that he would think it over and get back to them before nominations. Sabrina said that they will even be okay with him nominating the two of them and then making a backdoor move in order to make it less obvious that they are together.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jon told Neda that he thinks that they can swing the vote against Sabrina this week. They both agreed that Rachelle is someone that can help them a lot moving forward. Jon told Neda that Rachelle came to him on her own after and said that she can help her more than Sabrina, as she can win competitions. Jon was concerned that all ties with Heather would be cut if they kept Rachelle safe. Neda disagreed. Neda revealed that she would consider going after Arlie or Allison if she wins HoH next week.

2:00-3:00 PM: The feeds went down for the have-not competition. The have-not teams were picked. It is Sabrina, Jon, Allison and Adel vs Arlie, Neda, Heather and Rachelle.

5:00-6:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Arlie, Neda, Heather and Rachelle are this week's have-nots. Neda told Rachelle that she spoke to Heather and she is on board with evicting Heather this week. Neda said that Jon is also on board. She said that they need to get Arlie now. Neda told Rachelle that there is no way that Allison will be getting backdoored, so they will just have to get rid of Sabrina.

7:00-8:00 PM: The “haves” were rewarded with a frat party. Sabrina took the opportunity to try to get closer with Jon and talk some game. Sabrina told Jon that Kenny and Sarah are the worst. She suggested that those two are to blame for the lies that were told to her about Jon. Jon explained that there was never a plan to target Sarah, but Sarah was so caught up in protecting Kenny that it backfired on her. Jon said that he and Arlie tried everything that they could to get her to jump over to their side.

After the party ended, Allison chatted with Arlie about Sabrina. Allison said that she is terrified about them not winning HoH next week. She mentioned that she feels as though Sabrina would nominate the two of them, potentially backdooring Jon. Arlie said that he is not worried about her winning at all. Arlie told Allison that Sabrina has proven that she freezes under pressure. Allison and Arlie discussed that Jon is down to have some type of alliance with them, yet he is “dipping his toes everywhere”. Allison said that even if Jon brings up a Final 3, they know that he will never ditch Neda. Arlie said that everyone knows that and hopefully it will work to their advantage. Allison agreed and said that the two of them need to avoid looking like a pair.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon again apologized to Neda for having told people that she was the one that dumped out the condiments. Jon said that it was not his intention at all to bring attention to her. Neda said that it is annoying because it was her game to try to go under the radar. Jon said that he understands and knows that the trust is not fully there right now, but he wants to regain her trust and get back to where they were. Jon said that he cares about Neda more than anyone in the house and would never choose anyone else over her. He said that he genuinely cares about Neda and would never turn on her. Jon said that he would even fuck his game to campaign to keep her there. Neda said don’t do that, but Jon told her that he 100% would.

Neda told Heather that what scares her about Sabrina is that when she talks and tells you things, she is so manipulative that she can get into your head and make you actually believe her. Heather agreed. On the other hand Heather said that there is nothing there at all when it comes to Rachelle. Heather said that she kind of wants Sabrina gone before Rachelle. Neda said that she really does too. The girls agreed to talk to Jon together to let him know that they would like to target Sabrina. Heather felt that Allison could be swayed, so she planned to talk to her. Heather said that Adel will not have a problem with it at all. Neda said that she doesn’t think that Jon cares who goes, so it is pretty much up to them to decide. The girls agreed that it is possible that they could bring in Rachelle and persuade her to take out big players if she stays. Neda went to Rachelle to inform her that Heather is on board with keeping her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Neda told Allison that Sabrina is dangerous because she has a way of making you believe what she is selling. Allison agreed and said that Sabrina has a very big gift in her ability to be persuasive. Allison mentioned that she watched Sabrina tell Jon that she would do anything for him, essentially offering to be a puppet just to get further in the game. Allison said that Jon is not that stupid though. Neda agreed and said that Jon laughed about it afterwards. Neda then brought up the fact that she wants Sabrina gone before Rachelle. Allison said that she completely understands what Neda is saying, noting that Rachelle would have no clue what to do without Sabrina. Allison said that she would be on board with evicting Sabrina this week, though she did have a couple of concerns.

10:00-11:00 PM: Arlie told Adel that Allison can be of benefit to the two of them. Arlie mentioned that Allison would likely go after Jon and Neda. Adel was concerned that Allison may not nominate Sabrina next week. Arlie disagreed and said that he has been working on Allison for a bit now. Adel believes that Allison is closer to Jon than she is to Arlie. Arlie said that it would basically be the two of them and Heather vs Jon, Neda and Allison then, though he felt that they could strong arm Allison. As for Sabrina, Arlie thinks that she would be someone that can be of benefit to Jon and Neda. Adel and Arlie agreed that next week it doesn’t matter who wins HoH, as they are all gunning for Sabrina. Once they get down to the Final 6, Arlie said that they could use Allison to take out Neda. Adel mentioned that they need to keep letting Jon get as drunk as possible, as it leads to him getting on everyone’s nerves.

Jon told Arlie that Rachelle came to him and said that she doesn’t care if Sabrina leaves. He said that Rachelle also told him that she would be his bitch if he keeps her. Jon said that it is something to think about since it could be advantageous to them if Rachelle wins HoH, especially if it’s endurance. If she doesn’t win, Jon said that they could just send her out anyway. Jon said that he is obviously nominating Sabrina and Rachelle, but they have something to think about in terms of deciding who to evict. Arlie thought that Rachelle was the bigger threat of the two. Jon brought up on a couple of occasions that Heather is scary because she wants to be known as someone that made the big moves. Jon pointed out that both he and Arlie would be big moves.

Heather told Arlie that she is starting to wonder if sending Sabrina out before Rachelle would be better for all of their games. Heather noted that it is easier to sway Rachelle, while Sabrina would do whatever she wants. Arlie said that he could see that case. Arlie told Heather that he is feeling better about Adel and thinks that the three of them should really start looking out for each other. Both Arlie and Heather believe that Allison trusts the two of them the most out of anyone in their alliance. Arlie said that they should talk to Allison and solidify something with her. They agreed that they feel better about Adel than they do about Allison. Heather asked how Arlie feels about Jon. Arlie said that he doesn’t know. Heather said that she thinks that Jon is very trustworthy, but it is inevitable that a choice will need to be made between Jon and Arlie.

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