Jon nominates Sabrina and Rachelle for eviction, then wins the veto and is considering saving them

April 12, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Jon told Sabrina that it will be her and Rachelle going up today. He said that if it would have been two weeks later, it definitely would have been something that he considered. Sabrina said that he will just go home next week then. Jon explained that she does not now how he is sitting within the alliance of six. Jon said that if he does anything different, it would be complete chaos and he is not willing to do that right now. He said that he does not want to make big move right now, as they are not ready to pounce on him yet. Sabrina asked Jon which of the two girls he is targeting. Jon said that he is not sure.

Sabrina told Rachelle that they are going on the block. She explained that Jon said that he is not ready to make a big move yet and is not ready to create complete chaos. Rachelle said that Jon is going to be sorry. Sabrina said that Jon didn’t say who the target is. Rachelle said that she already knows that she is the target, but it’s fine. Sabrina said that one of them is going up for sure, so they have to enjoy their week.

Jon asked Neda if he will be targeted next week. Neda said that she doesn’t know but thinks that Allison might target him. Jon and Neda agreed that people want to get down to the six, so they don’t think that he will be targeted next week. Jon said that Sabrina has been telling him that he will go next week since he can’t play for HoH. Neda told him that it will probably be endurance and she can win it anyway. Either way, they agreed that Sabrina and Rachelle have to be nominated. Jon said that he hopes that they can keep Rachelle. Neda said that they need to make a move against the six next week before the others pounce on Jon. Neda said that Heather would take Jon out but she wants Arlie out before him. Neda feels that Heather is closer to Adel than both Jon and Arlie.

9:00-10:00 AM: Jon asked Arlie if he had thought about keeping Rachelle. Arlie said yeah and that he has decided that it is better to get Rachelle out before Sabrina. Arlie said that they both need to go back to back either way. Jon said that the only thing that was making him consider keeping Rachelle was that she could win an endurance competition and keep them safe. Arlie said that he would rather he or Adel win. Jon asked what Arlie’s plan is once they get down to Final 6. Arlie said that he thinks they should just stick with Adel. Jon agreed, saying that if they ever got split up then the girls would be in the majority. Arlie and Jon agreed that the two of them and Adel cannot lose HoH from here on out. Jon and Arlie agreed that if they don’t take each other to the end, nobody will be taking them.

Arlie told Adel that they really need to solidify their side deal with Heather, even though it is the two of them and Jon until the end. Adel asked what they will tell Heather about Jon. Arlie said that they can just explain that Jon is too big of a threat to bring to the end, and that he also has Neda. Jon eventually joined them. Adel told Arlie and Jon that it is imperative that they do not give the girls much alone time, as they need to fear the girls teaming up and going against them.

Jon told Neda that he doesn’t think that keeping Rachelle is going to happen. Neda asked why. Jon explained that Arlie and Adel are totally against it. Neda wondered why Arlie is suddenly against it when he didn’t care before. Jon wasn’t sure but said that he will keep working on them for the rest of the week. He pointed out that Neda, Allison and Heather would have the votes if they wanted to evict Sabrina. Neda believes that the girls will vote with the guys, as they want everyone to vote the same way.

11:00-12:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Jon had nominated Sabrina and Rachelle for eviction. Sabrina was fired up about Jon's nomination speech. She and Rachelle discussed that they offered Jon a great deal and he declined to take it. Sabrina said that Jon will not win the game. Sabrina said that they just need to enjoy their last week. Both said that they will not even ask the others how they are voting. They mentioned that it doesn't even matter who goes home, as the other will be next or will go immediately after winning an HoH. Sabrina told Allison, Arlie and Jon that it isn't up to her to decide who goes home but, depending on what happens in the veto competition, she would like for them to send her home and keep Rachelle.

12:00-1:00 PM: Arlie spoke with Jon about the possibility of bringing Allison in to a Final 4 deal. He said that they could approach Allison in a couple of weeks and say that the plan all along has been to get rid of her first once they make the Final 6. They would then say that they know that the girls have talked to her about an alliance but it is fake. Arlie pointed out that they could then offer to work with her until the Final 4 since they are afraid of the girls turning on them. He explained that while Rachelle and Sabrina cannot be trusted, there is some hope with Allison since she would likely want to roll with the strong players. Jon said that his only fear is that Allison may turn on him.

As for this week, Jon said that keeping Rachelle cannot happen since she could easily win endurance, join the girls, and screw them over. Arlie agreed. If anything, he said that they could cut a deal with Sabrina to keep her around. Just as the guys wrapped up their talk, Neda went to Rachelle and informed her that people do not want to keep her, so she needs to win the veto. Neda said that Arlie and Adel are against keeping her, and that Allison would be too if the guys are not on board. Neda told Rachelle that she and Jon would throw the veto to her if they have the chance.

1:00-2:00 PM: Heather asked Neda if she has been thinking about who she wants in the Final 4. Neda said that she wants Heather there for sure, then probably Jon because he would take the two of them to the Final 3. Heather suggested that the best Final 4 would be her, Neda, Jon and Adel. Heather explained that Jon and Adel would likely want to take them to the end. The girls agreed that it is best for Rachelle to stay this week. Neda said that Rachelle would go after Allison and Arlie, not the two of them. Neda is worried that people will keep Sabrina this week and then will take one of them out next week because Sabrina is an easy win for whoever takes her to the Final 2.

They discussed who should go first between Allison and Arlie. Neda said that she is leaning towards Allison but Arlie is so smart. Heather said that she would likely vote out Allison. They felt that Allison would have a strong chance of winning the game if she made it to the end, as she would have fought back from being on the outs after entering late. However, Heather said that she would vote out Arlie if he was backdoored. She explained that Arlie is so strong and will only leave via a backdoor or instant eviction. The girls discussed how he demolished the veto competition in the double eviction when he actually tried.

Adel went to Arlie and told him that he doesn’t have any type of side deal with Jon, such as a Final 2. He swore to God. Arlie said that he doesn’t either and that it is him and Adel to the end. Adel said that he would prove his loyalty if he ever had to by using the veto. After Adel left, Arlie laughed to himself that he has Final 2s with everyone. He said that he hopes that it doesn’t come back to bite him.

Shortly after, Arlie went to Adel and admitted that Jon had approached him about a two man alliance. Arlie said that he has never wanted to go to the end with Jon, but he has always wanted to go to the end with Adel. Arlie told Adel that he will never reveal their Final 2 to Jon. He explained that he knows that Jon is lying to him when he says that he wants to go to the end with him, as he is one of the only ones that might beat Jon. Arlie swore on his family that he will take Adel to the Final 2. Adel swore on his Quran that he will take Arlie to the Final 2. After Adel left, Arlie was talking to himself and said that he has always wanted Adel with him in the Final 2, as he would crush Adel. Arlie said that nobody else in a million years would ever take him to the end, but Adel might since he wouldn’t so blatantly lie on the Quran. Arlie backtracked and said that maybe he would, but there is still a small chance that Adel might take him.

Neda told Jon that Heather wants to go to the Final 4 with them and Adel. Neda said that Heather knows that Adel would take her to Final 2, so now she does not want Adel near the end. Neda felt that it would be dumb to get Arlie or Adel to the Final 5. Jon figures that they should stay because they will not target him until that point. Jon said that Allison needs to go so that he can sway Arlie some more. Neda told him that Arlie isn’t dumb and that nobody wants Jon anywhere near the Final 4. Neda suggested that they keep Rachelle around so that she can take Allison out before the Final 6. Neda does not want to go to the Final 6 with the Sloppy Seconds, because she feels that all of them will want Jon out. Jon said that Arlie and Adel wont keep Rachelle. Neda was frustrated and asked Jon if he will do everything that Arlie says. Jon said that he doesn’t have a vote. Neda told him that he could still convince Arlie to keep Rachelle. Jon told her that he is trying and will continue to try.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda asked Jon if it is the guys’ strategy to make deals with the girls. Jon said that Adel was supposed to stick to Heather, Arlie was supposed to stick to Allison and he was supposed to stick to Neda. Neda was upset that Jon had not mentioned this before. Jon mentioned that he thinks that Arlie and Allison actually are getting closer and closer now. She questioned why the guys are so against keeping Rachelle if they think that they control the girls. They agreed that Rachelle staying would be the best case scenario. Jon agreed that he would throw the veto to Rachelle. Neda asked if Jon would consider backdooring Allison. Jon said that it’s possible but he would have to convince a lot of people. Neda told him that if Arlie and Allison are getting close, Allison will get rid of Jon to do Arlie’s dirty work.

Neda went to Heather and asked her if she had noticed that the guys never give them any alone time. She pointed out that she has noticed that Jon is with her, Adel is with Heather and Arlie is with Allison. Heather said that she hadn’t though of it but it is true. Neda told Heather that the guys are completely playing them and that they don’t want Rachelle to stay because they fear a possible girls alliance. Neda advised Heather to be careful about what she tells to Allison, as it is quite possible that she is telling the guys everything that they say. Neda pointed out that Allison has been with the guys all along.

4:00-5:00 PM: The veto players were chosen. Arlie, Neda and Allison were the three randomly chosen players. Adel used his power and removed Allison from the competition so that he could play. Allison was upset, feeling that it just confirmed her worst fear about flipping. She said that it is proof that she is the low man on the totem pole, given that Adel said that he couldn’t use it on Rachelle or Sabrina. She took that to mean that she is the next lowest. She told Neda that they may not have been the Sloppy Seconds until she joined them, but they still had an alliance. Neda and Jon both told Allison that they wouldn’t read too much into what Adel did, though they were all confused as to why Adel did not save his power for next week.

5:00-6:00 PM: Allison questioned if Adel is planning on taking her out at the Final 6. Adel said that it is too far into the future so he doesn’t even know. She pointed out that him taking her out of the veto competition would seem to hint that he would. Allison said that she is rattled by his decision. Adel explained that it was the second last week to use the card and next week everyone either plays for veto or hosts the veto, so he wanted to have some fun and play this week. Allison asked why it was her that he chose to remove from the competition. Adel said that he just had to pick someone and both Neda and Arlie are on slop so he wanted everyone to have fun. Adel later told the rest of the alliance that he doesn’t care that Allison is upset. He said that Allison is next to go after the Gremlins, so there would be no reason not to take her out of the competition over the others.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jon went to Rachelle and asked if her and Sabrina’s offer still stands. Rachelle said obviously. Jon told her that he is looking into some opportunities. He clarified that he is not saying that he will for sure be doing it, but rather that what they had discussed previously is not dead.

12:00-1:00 AM: The feeds returned after the veto competition and we found out that Jon had won the Power of Veto. Jon and Neda were in discussions about using the veto in order to save the Gremlins. Neda asked Jon who he would use it on. Jon said it doesn’t matter. Neda suggested to use it on Rachelle because she is the one that they really don’t want to lose. Neda asked Jon who they will tell Sabrina and Rachelle to target. Jon said that he thinks that they should gun for Arlie.

Jon and Neda spoke with Sabrina and Rachelle. Jon told them that he is leaning towards using the veto. He said that it will be tough since his alliance doesn’t want it to happen. Rachelle and Sabrina assured Jon and Neda that they would never nominate the two of them and that they will go after whoever they want them to. Jon said that he and Neda have targets that they do not want to directly take out. Sabrina said that they can do the dirty work for them, taking out Arlie, Adel or whomever it may be. The girls explained that they will not break them up because they are a duo that is just as close as them, so they understand. It was discussed that they could battle it out once they get to the Final 4.

Jon told Neda that he wouldn’t even care about bringing Sabrina and Rachelle to the Final 4. Neda said thank you! She told him that she is glad that he has changed his mindset from earlier on. Neda said that they would beat Sabrina and Rachelle 100%. Jon told Neda that he wasn’t going all out in competitions at the start, so he feels that he will have a very good chance of winning veto even if the others nominate him at this point. Jon and Neda mentioned that Allison is gone next week. Neda said that she really wants Arlie gone next week.

Arlie asked Adel how locked in he is to going to the Final 3 with Jon. Adel said that he thinks that it would be tough for both of them. Arlie said that he thought that he would beat Jon in the veto competition. Adel said he did too. They discussed that Jon is powerful and might dominate them in the final HoH. Adel said that the girls are intimidated by Jon, so they may go after him. Adel said that they will have to go along with it. Adel said that Allison was just begging Heather. Adel said that she is gone. Arlie agreed that she has to go. Adel said that Jon gets to do it. Adel said that when Allison goes up she knows she is gone, but he also said at least he hasn’t had any game talks with her. Arlie said that he and Allison had gotten sort of close so they had some talks but he can deny it.

Heather told Neda that she talked to Allison. Neda said “she is freaking out, right?”. Heather said yeah. She explained that Allison is still upset about Adel taking her out of the veto competition, as she believes that it proves that she is the low man on the totem pole. Neda said that Allison repeating this is making her more sure of the fact that Allison has to go. Neda explained that Allison will now feel that she has to come after them. Neda said that the smartest move would be to get rid of Allison and then a Gremlin. Heather agreed.

1:00-2:00 AM: Rachelle and Sabrina discussed that they cannot believe that they are safe this week. Sabrina pointed out that only 3 people are in the way of them making it to the Final 4. She said that only Adel, Arlie and Heather are left. They pondered who they should nominate if they win HoH, debating between Arlie and Adel or Adel and Heather with a plan to backdoor Arlie. Sabrina wondered if Heather knows about the plan to keep them safe. Rachelle thinks that she does. This led Sabrina to think that they may just be being used to take out Adel and Arlie, before Jon and Neda turn on them to keep Heather. Rachelle said that they don’t have much of a choice at this point. Sabrina agreed and said that they need to go with it. Meanwhile, Neda asked Jon if Arlie is fully on board with getting Allison out. She said that she guesses that he is just because everyone else is on board. Jon said that it doesn’t really matter, as the only thing that matters is that they (Jon/Neda/Heather) decided it right there.

2:00-3:00 AM: Neda told Rachelle that she has been fighting so hard to keep her this week, so she is happy that it is finally all falling into place. Neda explained that her goal from the start of the week was to take Allison out. Neda said that she is trying to get Jon to use the veto on Rachelle so that people don’t even have the option of voting her out for being a strong competitor. Rachelle agreed that people are less likely to vote out Sabrina than her. Rachelle asked if Heather is on board with evicting Allison. Neda said that she knows about it and has wanted to keep Rachelle all week, so she should be fine but Jon needs to confirm it.

Adel asked Rachelle if she has been talking to Jon and Neda. Rachelle said yes. Adel told her to make sure that she uses it to her advantage that she is good at endurance. He suggested that Rachelle works on her relationship with Heather since she is part of the alliance. Adel then told Rachelle that after Allison goes she can try to get in good with the others and get them to take out Sabrina over her, then it will be three guys vs three girls.

Sabrina and Rachelle went to Jon to ask if they should act surprised at the veto ceremony. Jon said yes. Sabrina asked who was on board with keeping them. Jon said that Heather was but she does not know that they know about the plan yet. Sabrina told Jon that it would be best for no one to know because they would suspect that they are working together if it got out that they knew. Sabrina asked if they are good for the Final 4. Jon told her yes and that they are safe this week. After they left the room, Sabrina told Rachelle that she was concerned about Jon’s response to her Final 4 question not being too reassuring. She felt that they may take Heather over them. Rachelle wasn’t as concerned, again noting that it is their only option right now.

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