Arlie becomes the new target after a night of scheming

April 13, 2014

10:00-11:00 PM: When the feeds returned after the houseguests had a party, it was evident that a number of houseguests had too much to drink. Jon was being Jon, making all sorts of deals when he drinks. Jon was talking to Arlie, Neda and Heather about going to the Final 4 together. They all said that they are 100% on board. After the girls left the room, Jon told Arlie that they just made a Final 4 with Heather and Neda and now they are going to make one with Sabrina and Rachelle. Jon told Arlie that the others think that they want each other out and they can let them think that. Jon pointed out that the chances are that neither of them will lose HoH and PoV back to back. Jon feels that people will not take a swing at them and risk that they win the veto.

Jon, Rachelle and Heather were chatting in the HoH room. Jon explained that the plan is to use the veto on Rachelle tomorrow. Rachelle told Heather that she and Jon will not be nominated if she wins HoH. She said that they can work together as a team to decide who to nominate. Heather said that as long as Rachelle stays cool, she has a chance to stay longer than Sabrina. Heather said that she would actually like for that to happen. Jon later spoke with Rachelle and told her that he wants her and Sabrina to work with him and Neda. Jon said that Neda will not nominate them if she wins HoH. Rachelle promised Jon that she will never nominate him or Neda.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sabrina asked Neda if they are going home this week. Rachelle stepped in and said no. Neda said that she has worked her ass off so she would be pissed off if they do lave. Neda advised Sabrina not to talk game to anyone. Sabrina pointed out that they should use this opportunity to get rid of Arlie, not Allison. Neda said that they can’t do that. Neda, Heather and Jon then had a chat about going to the Final 3 together. Jon said that if the girls win HoH and want to boot him at that point, so be it.

Neda and Jon were having some issues, which Neda attributed to the fact that she and Arlie had to be handcuffed tonight. Neda figures that Jon saw them being so close and thinks that she would take Arlie over Jon. Neda and Heather discussed that the two of them have to just do whatever is best for their games. They agreed that Jon would take them to the end cause he thinks that he can beat them. They, however, believe that they can beat Jon in the mental and endurance portions of the HoH competition.

Talk then turned to Arlie. Heather and Neda said that Arlie is playing the exact same game as Paul and is making Final 2 deals with everyone. They agreed that it is going to catch up with Arlie eventually. While the girl were talking, Arlie is was talking to a drunken Allison in the HoH bathroom. Allison was very upset that she sees herself to be on the bottom of the totem pole for their alliance. Arlie said that they need to have a real talk. He mentioned that he wanted to help Allison and jumped in head first to their alliance but feels as though she gave him no information back. Allison said that it’s because she knows nothing. Arlie told her that that in itself is information that she failed to tell him.

Allison was getting quite snappy and irritated with Arlie. Arlie said that he doesn’t know why she is acting like that but he understands that she is not in the best position. Allison said that may be why she is upset. Arlie told Allison that she didn’t trust him enough, as he told her that she was at the bottom and that he could change it. Allison said that he didn’t change it. Arlie told her that it’s because she didn’t trust him. He explained that he can change anything in this game. Allison said that he couldn’t, so Arlie replied by saying that is exactly why he can’t. Allison told him that he made her think that she was going to be useful but she knows that she is not. Arlie again told her that she would have been if she had believed it.

12:00-1:00 AM: Allison eventually stormed off to the main bedroom, slamming doors, throwing shoes and throwing clothes. Allison then had a meltdown and began talking to herself. She said that she is going to care about no one and that everyone there is an asshole. She said that this asshole is not what she would be in real life. She added that she did not go there to be a bad person and that she wants to go home. She said that she is a health care professional and that everyone is a sick individual. Heather and Neda eventually found her and spoke to her. Allison told them that Arlie is going to fool all of them. Allison said that she is done and is leaving next week. She then told Neda not to trust Jon, as he will throw her into a ditch. Allison was sobbing at this point and told the girls that they cannot trust any of the guys.

The girls continually asked Allison to tell them what happened to make her feel this way. Allison told them that she knows that she is the sixth person in the alliance and that nothing will change it. She explained that she joined this side because she had no other choice. Allison told them that she wants to go home. Allison again told Heather not to let Arlie fool her. She told Heather to put her trust in Neda as opposed to in Arlie. She told Neda to put her trust in Heather, not Jon. Allison expanded on this by saying that Jon has been telling her that he will stab Neda in the back to go to the end with her, but she doesn’t believe it. Allison let the girls know that Jon and Arlie think that they have them fooled. The girls knew this and said that they are not idiots and realize what the boys are up to. Allison said that the boys are ruthless and that the girls need to win and beat them.

Allison was eventually called to the diary room. Heather said that that was the hardest thing that she has had to endure in the game so far. Neda agreed, saying that it is heartbreaking to look at Allison breaking down and feel no emotion. Neda said that she would love to mess with the guys’s games but taking out Allison is also of benefit to the girls. Neda figures that Arlie blamed everything on Jon and Adel and told Allison that she is getting backdoored this week. They agreed that Arlie was doing it to get Allison’s jury vote. They also agreed that Arlie is playing it up in the diary room that he is a mastermind that turned on his alliance. It was agreed upon that Arlie needs to be the next to go after Allison. Neda said that she will try her hardest to turn the guys on Arlie.

While all of this was going on, Arlie was out by the hot tub cutting a deal with the Gremlins. Jon walked in on it eventually. Jon came to Neda and Heather to tell them that they need to be careful about Arlie trying to take all of the credit for saving the Gremlins. Jon said that he felt as though Arlie was not going to include him in the conversation unless he walked in on it, and that freaks him out. Jon asked where Allison’s head is at. Heather said that Allison knows that she is going. Neda said that someone told her. Jon immediately said “Arlie”. They told him that Arlie is working for jury votes. Jon asked the girls if they trust Arlie. Both said no. Jon told them that he trusted Arlie until tonight when he saw Arlie pleading to the Gremlins. Heather told Jon that he needs to understand that Arlie already turned on his first alliance. Jon said that he will also turn on his other alliances. Jon asked that Neda and Heather help him to get through next week and then he will fight for every HoH and PoV to keep them safe.

1:00-2:00 AM: Neda and Heather had a chat about how they would love to keep Allison but she is so much stronger of a competitor than they are. They wondered if Jon would go after Arlie right now. They decided that Jon would not be down for that. They agreed that Arlie needs to go next. Neda then said that Jon or Adel have to go after Arlie, as the guys are just playing them. Heather pointed out that Jon starts needing them the second that they get rid of Arlie. She suggested taking out Allison, Arlie and then the Gremlins. Neda said that they cannot discount Adel’s role in all of this either, as he went to Rachelle and made it seem like he had a big role in keeping her. The girls discussed the need to get Arlie out in order for them to win the game. Heather told Neda that nobody thinks that they are the ones calling the shots but they are. They agreed that it would be the stupidest move for them to go to the Final 5 with Jon, Arlie and Adel, as they would have no shot.

Jon told Neda that Arlie is sketched out about her and Heather, suggesting that they may try to keep Allison. Neda said that she is considering it. Jon told her that she cannot do it cause it would screw him. Neda said that she will vote out Allison but wants to know what Arlie said to her. Jon said that he has no idea. Jon revealed that Arlie and Adel both want Neda out soon in order to split the two of them up. He said that Arlie wants Rachelle and Sabrina to nominate her and Heather. Jon let Neda know that she is the only one that he trusts 100% and that he has put all of his eggs in her basket. The compared notes on Heather, with both saying that Heather told them that she wants to go to the Final 3 with them.

Jon, Neda and Heather met up to talk things over. He asked if the girls were considering keeping Allison, as he did not want to nominate her if so. Heather said that it is a good move to get rid of Allison. Jon eventually asked if they want to take out Arlie or Adel over Allison. Heather pointed out that Allison will be on board with them if Arlie leaves. Heather told Jon that if he mindfucks Allison and gets Arlie out instead of her, she would join the three of them. Jon said that if Arlie goes then nobody else will be a physical threat to him. As for the cons, Jon said that Adel would 100% be after him. Neda pointed out that everyone is after Jon either way. Jon said that he wants to do what is best for the three of them.

2:00-3:00 AM: Talks continued between Heather, Neda and Jon. Jon told them that if they move forward with backdooring Arlie, they cannot leave him alone with Rachelle for even one second. Heather told Jon that Allison would also be on board with the move and would vote with them. Jon said that both Arlie and Allison will have a huge chance of winning the next HoH, so he asked who the girls want to compete against. Both said that they would rather compete against Allison. Heather said that Allison would fall into their hands if Arlie goes. He asked if it is a possibility to get Arlie out. Both girls responded with “yes”. Neda said that Arlie wouldn’t even get to compete for PoV. Jon said that he is out of the game if they do this.

There was some debate over whether or not now is the time to take out Arlie. They eventually agreed that it needs to happen. Jon said that the girls need to talk to Allison and explain that Arlie and Adel wanted her out but they are putting a stop to it and are keeping her. Jon, Heather and Neda agreed that they need to go to the Final 3 together. They all swore on their families and loved ones that they will take each other.

Heather and Neda went to the HoH room, where Allison was sleeping, to talk to Allison. When they got there, they struggled to wake Allison up. Allison was out of it and asked it was Sabrina. They said that it is Neda and Heather and that she has to wake up right now if she wants to stay in the game. The girls encouraged her to go to the bathroom and wash up, but she proceeded to sleep on the bathroom floor. They decided that they would have to speak to Allison in the morning.

3:00-4:00 AM: Jon told the girls that they need to secretly bring Allison in to work in a four man alliance with them. They plan to tell Adel that Arlie is being backdoored in the morning. They expect that Adel will be livid but will have no choice but to go along with it. They will explain that they want Adel in the Final 4 with them and that Arlie has made Final 2s with the whole house. They reiterated that Arlie cannot have alone time with anyone this week. The plan is use the veto on Rachelle, with Arlie going up as the replacement nominee and becoming the target. It was discussed that Allison and Rachelle will need to go home before Sabrina.

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