The houseguests look to reel in The Gremlins

April 13, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Arlie told Adel that he thinks that him and Jon or him and Adel need to make a deal with the Gremlins not to nominate him and Jon or all three of them. Arlie said that he doesn’t think that they would go back on it for at least a week. Adel said that he would have a good chance of going up if Arlie and Jon make the deal. Arlie said that he doesn’t have to do it. Adel told Arlie that he would rather he didn’t. Adel explained that now that Jon won PoV, it will be a lot easier for the girls to nominate him. Arlie was unsure that the Gremlins would save Jon if he saves them. Adel said that the Gremlins aren’t going to win shit. Arlie said that perhaps they could make a deal with them to nominate Heather and Neda. Adel said that he is not talking to Sabrina in this game. Arlie mentioned that they could even bring Heather in on the deal.

10:00-11:00 AM: Arlie told Jon that since they are taking Allison out, the two of them should cut a deal with the Gremlins to take them up on their offer to be Jon’s bitch. Arlie said that it will have to be a big deal, such as complete protection until the Final 4 and voting however they want. Arlie said that Allison is going home either way, so there is no reason not to try. He explained that the two of them will be nominated if not. Jon agreed 100%. Arlie mentioned that they will make the girls think that their plea worked and that they have a shot at Final 4 after previously having been set to go out 7th and 8th. Arlie told Jon that he was snuggling with Allison last night in order to ensure that Heather and Neda want Allison out.

Neda told Sabrina and Rachelle that the others know about the plan but Arlie still needs a bit of convincing. Sabrina said “do they know that we know?”. Neda said that she doesn’t think so. Neda told the girls to act like they know nothing. Sabrina asked Neda if they are really going to the Final 4. Neda said she is not stupid and knows that they cannot go to the end with the others. She told Sabrina that it would be the best case scenario and that she does not want Sabrina or Rachelle out.

Arlie told Adel that Jon is on board with making a deal with the Gremlins. Adel said that he wouldn’t risk it because he wants them out. Arlie said that he wants them out too and that it is just to offer protection in the event that they win HoH. Adel said that if they win they will have a chance to team up with the girls and make a big move. Arlie questioned if they would rather team up with the girls or with him and Jon if they believe their offer. Adel was skeptical but Arlie thought that it was the best way to save him and Adel. Arlie explained that the two of them will likely go up if they don’t have this talk.

Adel suggested that the two of them talk to Rachelle only and say that they will have her back and are even okay with Neda and Jon being split up. He believes that they can have the most influence over Rachelle out of anyone left. Arlie said that it sounds like a good plan. Arlie feels that he could even have influence over Sabrina still at this point. Arlie mentioned that the Gremlins offered to be Jon’s bitch so Jon likely already made the deal or is going to, so he needs to get in on it to have some influence. Arlie said that Jon likely would have agreed to take them out if the girls win HoH. Adel said that they can tell Rachelle that Jon has offered a deal to everyone.

Adel explained to Rachelle that the girls need to be worked on because they don’t like her as much as Sabrina due to Heather and her not getting along. Adel said that he will be trying to convince the girls to keep her over Sabrina. He said that the guys will get rid of her over Sabrina or else the girls will turn on them. Adel told Rachelle that Arlie and Jon are likely going to talk to her today. Rachelle said that Jon already told her that Arlie will be talking to her.

11:00-12:00 PM: Rachelle told Sabrina that Adel told her that while everyone is going to try to pull them in, they want her gone before Sabrina. Rachelle told Sabrina that Adel warned her to look out for herself since Sabrina looks out for herself. Sabrina was not happy to hear that. Rachelle then told Sabrina that Jon came to her and said that he and Arlie are going to be making a deal with them and to just go along with it. Sabrina told Rachelle that Neda made her believe that she is not that close with Heather and that maybe they do want them in the Final 4.

Adel told Neda that he cannot beat Jon in anything. He said that he doesn’t know about anyone else, but something has to be done eventually. He told Neda that he will do it if he gets HoH. Adel said that they need at least one Gremlin out before they do it. Neda suggested that both Gremlins get taken out before going after Jon or Arlie, or else it becomes too easy for the remaining guy to take a Gremlin to the Final 2. Adel was fine with that plan. Neda said that she is fine with Adel taking Jon out, as she doesn’t want strong players at the end so it is better for her game too.

Neda asked Adel if he does not see Arlie as a huge threat to him. Adel said that Arlie is a machine so of course he does. Adel mentioned that he only has a shot of winning against Neda and Heather. Adel asked if Heather is on the same page. Neda said that she thinks so. Adel said that he will play up to the guys that the Gremlins need to go and then they will be able to crush Neda and Heather. Both agreed that they want Sabrina to go before Rachelle. Neda told Adel that she would rather get rid of Arlie before Jon, because Jon has said that he wants to go to the end with the two of them since he thinks that he can beat them. Neda said that she is unsure of where Arlie’s head is at. Jon and Heather then joined them. Adel reiterated that the Gremlins need to leave after Allison does. Adel then went back to Arlie and told him the same. Arlie said that he would love that.

12:00-1:00 PM: Adel again spoke to Rachelle. He said that he got the plan to evict Allison going once she got so upset at him pulling her out of the veto competition. He also told her that she cannot forget to work on Heather and the girls. He explained that the guys will want to keep Sabrina over her because they know that she will just be a floater and will stick with the strong players. Therefore, Adel told her that she needs to tell the girls that she will target the guys such as Jon and Arlie.

Sabrina went to Jon and told him that Arlie approached her and Rachelle and wondered why they are not campaigning. Sabrina said that they played dumb and explained that laying low is best for now. She wondered if Jon had told Arlie that they know that the veto is being used. Jon said no. Jon told her that he and Arlie will be making a Final 4 deal with her and Rachelle but it’s not the real Final 4. Sabrina said that they will play along but will not fall for Arlie’s shit. They agreed that the real Final 4 is Jon, Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle.

1:00-2:00 PM: Allison was sitting outside of the entrance to the war room and talking to herself. She wondered if there were people in there, perhaps Kenny and Sarah. She said that would be so cool if they were in there. She mentioned that things would be so different if she had won HoH before Kenny left. She said that this week Kenny could have won the veto and she could have used theirs, so they both would have been safe again. She said that now she is a sitting duck, as she has no pull with anybody. Allison said that Jon is the only one that has been giving her any information but he is vague. She added that Arlie has her back but is also being surprisingly vague, especially for someone that wants information out of her. Allison then tried to get back into the war room. She was unsuccessful.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jon informed Neda about Arlie’s plan to make a Final 4 with the Gremlins. He said that he warned the Gremlins about it already, but they will have to go to them again and say that it was complete bullshit and that Arlie is just trying to save himself in the event that the girls win HoH next week. Neda said that she wants Arlie gone next week. Jon said that he would rather not do that. Neda told him that there is no point in keeping him because every single person wants Jon out of the game. Neda informed Jon of her conversation with Adel from this morning. She said that Adel wanted to go after Jon next but she thinks that she talked him into going for the Gremlins first. She mentioned that Adel said that he has his three man alliance but isn’t going to the end with people that he can’t beat.

Jon asked Heather and Neda if he should take Rachelle off instead of Sabrina. They both said yes. Jon agreed and said that nobody would vote Sabrina out since it would be stupid. Jon asked Heather what she would do if she won HoH. She said that she would nominate the Gremlins. In the event that the veto was won by one of them, Heather said that she would talk things over with Jon and Neda to decide if they want to backdoor someone. Jon pointed out that they are going to be presented with opportunities that only come up once so they will have to look into them.

After Jon left, Neda and Heather discussed what they would do in the event of an instant eviction. They agreed that they would get rid of Arlie. They decided that Sabrina could be nominated next to him. Heather said that one of them, Jon and Rachelle would be the three votes that they need to evict Arlie. If it was not an instant eviction, Heather said that she would still go after the Gremlins. She explained that she does not want to backdoor Arlie yet because it would be hell if he had three days with them. Neda disagreed, saying that Arlie would be smart enough to keep quiet and would know what to say to people to convince them to keep him around. Neda told Heather that Arlie backstabbed his own alliance so she cannot trust him, even though it was something that helped them out.

3:00-6:00 PM: Adel was given a mission, presumably by Marsha. The other houseguests were in on it and were seemingly supposed to do what they could to make sure that Adel was unsuccessful. They were in successful in their mission. Adel was later heard saying to himself that "Oh my God. I got fooled by the whole house. Marsha, you are going down. You are going down, Marsha."

6:00-7:00 PM: Arlie told the Gremlins that he and someone have planted a very big seed to save both of them this week. Arlie said that they will probably both stay as long as they are convinced that the girls wont screw them over. Sabrina said that they would not break each other up, as they are duos and understand what it’s like. Arlie said that he didn’t want to get the girls’ hopes up but it is very much in the cards to save them. Arlie said that he doesn’t know if this is a long term deal or if it is more of a one week thing, but either way the girls are going one after another if they do not save them. Arlie told the Gremlins that they will need to talk either tonight or tomorrow morning in order to make this happen.

7:00-8:00 PM: Arlie, Jon and Adel discussed the talk that Jon and Arlie are going to have with the Gremlins. Adel is not 100% sold on it since he feels that they will be after him. Arlie said that he is not expecting much loyalty out of them but would be happy to get even one week out of the talk. Arlie and Jon agreed that they should be able to stay safe with them for at least next week. Arlie told the guys that he plans on telling them that they cannot put him or Jon up, have to vote with them and cannot vote against them if they end up on the block. Adel said that he is praying that the Gremlins don’t win HoH and that they just go up themselves. Arlie said that would be the best case scenario.

Big Brother told the houseguests to get dressed up for a fancy evening. It is a reward for completing their mission earlier in the day. Feeds then went down.

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