Jon and Allison use the PoVs; Arlie and Adel end up on the block

April 14, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Neda and Heather woke up early in order to get to Allison and inform her of the plan to backdoor Arlie that came about late last night. Heather told Allison that she, Neda and Jon want to work together with her and are going to take out Arlie. Heather said that Allison confirmed how much they cannot trust Arlie. Neda explained that a lot of people were pushing for Allison to be backdoored but they put a stop to it and decided to take out Arlie. Allison said that she is not surprised that people wanted her out since she is just a number. Allison said that she is down for getting rid of Arlie. Allison questioned if Jon will actually backdoor Arlie. The girls told her yes. Heather said that the five of them (including Adel) need to stick together and take down the Gremlins. Neda told Allison that she doesn’t want her to feel the way that she did before and that she wants her to go far with them.

While all of this was going on, Arlie had begun to notice that the girls were scrambling. He said that the girls are not even hiding it that they are planning something. Arlie said that they might be coming up with a crazy scheme to keep Allison. Arlie said that they need to make the girls feel comfortable in the next couple of days. He said that Heather is so dumb. Adel eventually got to Arlie and told him that he is taking out Jon if he has to but not this week. Arlie agreed. Meanwhile, Jon was telling the Gremlins that they are about to take a shot at Arlie. The Gremlins were on board with the plan.

Jon, Neda and Heather informed Adel about the plan to backdoor Arlie. The explained that Arlie has been like Paul and has made deals with everyone. Adel was slightly concerned that he doesn’t have much of a relationship with Allison or the Gremlins. He asked to talk with Allison. They brought her out and she swore to God that she will not backdoor him or Jon. Adel said okay, it’s done. Adel eventually spoke with Jon alone. Jon told Adel that he has a Final 2 with Arlie and they had discussed which girl they should take. Adel was not impressed. Adel was still concerned that he is not close with the girls. Adel went to Rachelle and was about to say that they are taking out Arlie. Rachelle said that she knows. Adel asked Rachelle not to let Sabrina get the last laugh against him. Rachelle said that she wont and that she trusts him.

9:00-10:00 AM: Jon told Adel that Neda and Heather will be their two closest allies and will go to the Final 4 with them. He also told Adel that the Gremlins promised to put up whoever he said. Adel was concerned that the girls would really have the numbers over them if Arlie were to leave. Adel said that they will now be in the toughest position in the game. Adel said that he is in but this could be their downfall. Jon said that it could also be epic too. After Jon left, Adel looked into the camera and said "We just lost the fucking game! Oh my God, we just lost the game”.

Adel went to Neda and said that the four of them have to stick together cause he is not with the Gremlins. Neda agreed. Neda said that she hasn’t trusted Arlie since the beginning since he does everything for game purposes. Neda said that she knows for a fact that Arlie is a huge super fan. Neda said that the way that Allison was speaking last night, it made it clear that Arlie worked Allison for a jury vote and told her that she was leaving. Adel said that he will nominate the Gremlins. He said that the Gremlins cannot get the upper hand or else they will look like a laughing stock. They agreed that Jon needs to stay for a while in order to help them get further in the game.

12:00-1:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Jon used the Power of Veto on Rachelle. He nominated Arlie in her place. Allison then used her secret veto on Sabrina. Jon named Adel as the replacement nominee. Allison was explaining to Heather, Jon and Neda that there is no way that they are voting Adel out but there was a possibility that people are voting out Sabrina. Allison said that she really wanted to use it, so she did. Allison said that Sabrina will vote however she wants because she saved her. Allison said that it was nothing against any of them and that she is still with them.

Allison said that she wouldn’t have a problem sending home the Gremlins if she wins HoH next week. Adel entered the room and said that he won’t take it to heart and that nothing changes between them. Adel asked Allison if Arlie told her last night that she was going home. He wondered if that’s why Allison was crying so much. Allison said that she doesn’t even know and all that she remembers is talking to Heather and Neda. They discussed that they will tell Arlie that he is the strongest player and made deals with everyone.

Jon swore on his dog’s life that if he ever has a veto and Adel is on the block, he will use it on him. Adel then swore to God that he would do the same thing for Jon. Adel said that the girls will get mad at them but they have to do what they have to do. Jon then spoke with Allison. Allison told Jon that in her brain this move made more sense to make sure that Arlie goes home. The two told each other that they will have their backs.

Jon told Neda and Heather that there is no more than he can do to prove that he is 100% with them, seeing as he nominated Adel and Arlie. He then left the girls to talk. They discussed that Allison may be a Canada’s player. Neda said that Allison is smart and that now she has the Gremlins. Neda believes that Allison will be after them if she wins HoH. They agreed that either of them or Adel have to win HoH. Neda was concerned that Allison and the Gremlins control the votes and could save Arlie if they want to. It was discussed that a Gremlin needs to go next, followed by Allison. They said that they will bring Adel and Jon to the Final 4. Downstairs, Allison was talking to herself and saying that she may have made the stupidest move but at least she made a move.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jon spoke with Neda and asked her if she ever questioned in her mind that he would nominate her today. Neda said not for a second. They mentioned that they thought that Allison was about to use the veto save Arlie. Jon said that Allison is a mole and was given the veto without having to actually work for it. They agreed that Allison needs to go next. They didn’t understand why Allison would risk breaking their trust in order to take Sabrina off the block. Adel and Heather joined Neda and Jon. Adel said that the others have the votes to keep Arlie if they want to. Adel told Heather and Neda to solidify a Final 3 with Allison in order to make sure that she stays on their side. Jon agreed.

Sabrina told Jon that Arlie might have known about Allison’s power and that the two of them will now come to her and Rachelle and say that they have the numbers to evict Adel. The girls said that they are still voting out Arlie. Sabrina asked if they are still sticking with the Final 4. Jon said “hundo” but mentioned that Allison is now a fifth. Sabrina told Jon that a serious conversation needs to be had because she knows that Jon and Neda are close with Heather and Adel. Jon said that he is fine with doing that. Sabrina then told Rachelle that they will tell Allison, Jon and Neda that they all need to swear on a Final 5 and that they will go after Heather and Adel next or else they will be keeping Arlie and will have everything in their favour. Sabrina said that “what they just did to Arlie is what I have been crucified for the past two weeks”.

2:00-3:00 PM: Adel went to Arlie and told him that he wants him to try and that he still has three days to make something happen. Adel told Arlie that if he was him, he would talk to the Gremlins first because they are a team. He would look to solidify their votes and then go for Allison and make a four person alliance. Arlie said that makes a lot of sense. Arlie spoke to the house as a group and said that he has come to the conclusion that he is not going to be a Paul or a Kyle and seclude himself. He said that he will hang out with them either way and that he has pretty much accepted what is happening. He said that he wont completely throw in the towel but he will have fun. The others said that that’s what they like to hear.

Sabrina told Neda that Allison just saved her ass so she is taking her in and wants to make a five person alliance with Jon and Rachelle as well. Sabrina said that Adel and Heather have to be the two that are nominated and go home over the next two weeks. Neda said that she agrees. Sabrina said that they need to talk and swear on their whole entire lives. Rachelle eventually joined Neda and Sabrina. They agreed that they will have a sit down conversation with Allison and Jon in order to solidify their Final 5. Sabrina said that she is so happy that she gets to vote Arlie out and be the final member of the First Five remaining in the game.

3:00-4:00 PM: Arlie told Allison that he thought that he knew what was going on in the house for the longest time, but he obviously has no clue what is going on. Allison told Arlie that she wasn’t even going to use her veto and that it was a spur of the moment decision to do so. Allison said that she really thought that she was going to be backdoored but she wasn’t worried about it since she had the veto. Arlie said that he can’t figure out what happened. He said that the only thing that he can come up with is that there has been an alliance for a long time that he doesn’t know about that did all of this. He explained that it feels like he walked into an alliance but thought that he helped create one.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sabrina told Allison and Rachelle that it is annoying to see Heather and Neda walk around like queens and now they think that they can just expect them to vote out Arlie when they treated them like crap. Allison said that she loves that the three of them have the power. Sabrina said that they are all up their asses now. Allison told Sabrina that she explained to the others that she used the veto in order to secure Arlie’s eviction. Allison revealed that she told Heather and Neda last night that hey cannot trust the boys, and then this morning they came to her and said that they were going to backdoor Arlie. Sabrina told Allison that they will need to make Neda and Jon swear on their unborn children that they are going to the Final 5. Sabrina said that Arlie would come after them if he stayed and is a stronger competitor than Adel is.

Adel told Jon that Arlie said that he had planned on keeping Jon around until 3rd or 4th, but he wanted to take the worst player to the end so that he could have the votes. Adel and Jon agreed that they will nominate Allison if they get HoH. Adel said that Allison getting the veto makes it clear that he is not Canada’s #1 or else he would have gotten the veto. They agreed that they need to cover their bases with Allison. Jon said that Allison is their only threat in the house, then they can cruise on through by evicting the Gremlins and going head to head with Neda and Heather.

Arlie has been revealing to the houseguests that he is a super fan. He has exposed his whole strategy and everything, saying that he came into the house to play a game that the fans would enjoy. He said that he wanted to make a big move and become hated, then have to win his way to the end. Arlie explained that it was more important for him to play an entertaining game and perhaps come back for All Stars than it was for him to win the game. He said that he acted cocky like Dr. Will even when he was unsure of things, as it would make him look very good if the things that he said actually happened.

5:00-6:00 PM: Adel told Neda, Heather and Jon that his plan for the next HoH, if he wins, is to put Allison back up. He said that he wants Allison gone because she is so strong. Heather said that the Gremlins are a pair and that she wants one of them gone first. Adel said that Rachelle should go up next to Allison and go home over Sabrina if Allison wins the veto. Adel pointed out that Allison had no need to use the veto. Neda agreed and said that she is saying that it was done to secure the votes but they obviously had the votes since they went through with the plan.

6:00-7:00 PM: Arlie approached Sabrina and Rachelle, telling them that he is going to try hard to stay. He explained that his only hope is Sabrina and Rachelle. He said that he would then have to go to Allison. Arlie said that he will tell Allison that she was going to be backdoored until this plan came about. The girls told him to talk to Allison and then get back to them. Sabrina then told Rachelle that it would be smart to keep Arlie. Rachelle disagreed and saw no benefit to keep a strong player in the game. Sabrina said that Arlie could go after Jon and Neda for them. Rachelle revealed that she is going to do that herself next week anyway. Sabrina then said that there is no real point in keeping Arlie then.

Rachelle began to backtrack and said that she feels bad because she swore on her family in her deal with Jon and Neda. She wondered if something bad would happen to her family. Sabrina said that Arlie’s family would die then. Rachelle reiterated the need to take out the strong players, saying that Arlie needs to go and then Jon needs to follow. She said that it would not be a good idea to go against the house to keep Arlie as Arlie will win this game if he stays. In the event that Arlie and Jon were gone, Rachelle said that it would be the two of them and Allison against Neda, Heather and Adel. Sabrina said that she would not be able to nominate Jon and Adel because she doesn’t have the balls to do it after everyone has told her how terrible of a person she is. Sabrina eventually agreed that it is best for Arlie to go. Sabrina mentioned that Neda isn’t stupid and probably knows that she can’t win against Jon, so her real Final 2 might be with Heather.

7:00-8:00 PM: Arlie told Allison that he had previously tried to explain to her that they were at the bottom and that they needed to make something happen. He said that his fate is now in her hands, as it is up to her and the Gremlins to save him. Allison told Arlie that she will be the swing vote if Arlie can convince the Gremlins. Arlie said that it would be 4 on 2 in the next HoH competition and Allison would be allowed to go back to the Gremlins who she genuinely likes. Allison agreed that she really does like them. Arlie pointed out that the plan was to backdoor her. She asked whose idea it was. Arlie explained that it was Adel’s idea because he felt that she should have just accepted that he was taking her out of the veto competition and also because they were pissed that she was hanging with the Gremlins.

8:00-9:00 PM: Arlie was campaigning to Rachelle and Sabrina. Sabrina mentioned that they would have less of a chance of going far if Arlie is there since he will win and the house would be against them. Arlie then began explaining why it was best for the Gremlins to keep him. He said that they will not be in any worse of a spot than they already are. Arlie said that the other side will not crack as they are so tight. Arlie said that he will fight like hell for the girls and will take out the people that tried to get him out.

Rachelle said that everyone would hate them. Sabrina said that everyone already hates them so who cares. Arlie explained that if he stays, he will be the target. If he is gone, he said that everyone would nominate Sabrina and Rachelle. The girls eventually agreed that they are going up even if they keep their word to Jon and Neda. While both girls said that they cannot trust Arlie after what he has done and said, they agreed that it would be best for their game to work with him. The three discussed that they cannot believe that they are being allowed to talk for over an hour. Arlie said that he never expected alone time with the girls, but it just goes to show how cocky the other side is.

10:00-11:00 PM: Allison told Jon that a reason that she used the veto is because she wanted to see who Jon would put up. She told him that he put up the right person. Allison then asked Jon who told him to backdoor her. Jon said that Arlie brought it up and then the whole group said that maybe it is the best decision. Allison asked if Jon was going to backdoor her. Jon said that he is not going to lie, he considered it. Jon explained that he did decide that they should keep Allison and make a really big move. He said that Heather and Neda were totally on board with that.

Sabrina told Rachelle that she thinks that it is the smartest thing to keep Arlie. Rachelle said that she agrees as long as Allison is on board. Rachelle then spoke to Allison about it. Allison said that she would not put it past Arlie to change sides again. Rachelle told her that keeping Arlie keeps them in the game longer. Rachelle explained that they will be at the bottom if Arlie goes but will be at the top if they keep Arlie and Jon goes. Allison asked when they would take Arlie out. Rachelle told her that it would definitely have to be done at the Final 4. Allison said that they should cut him after Jon is gone, if they have the chance. Allison was still hesitant to commit. Rachelle said that getting Arlie out is smart for Jon, not smart for them.

Sabrina joined the conversation and made her pitch to Allison. Allison eventually said that she saved Sabrina and not Arlie for this reason, implying that she wanted to make the move. The three girls agreed that they need to completely blindside the other side of the house. Sabrina asked if Allison swears that she would not change sides again. Allison said that if she wanted to she never would have done any of this. Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina pinky swore that they will be keeping Arlie.

11:00-12:00 AM: Adel and Sabrina were getting into an argument in the bedroom. They were going back and forth over random things that had happened in the house. Neda and Heather then entered the room. Sabrina eventually mentioned that people are bullying her and shunning her. The girls were pissed off as they said that they always ask Sabrina to eat with them or go to the hot tub with them. They went back to the HoH room and told Jon what had happened. They said that Allison was sitting there with a smirk on her face the whole time. Neda said that Allison was obviously feeding Sabrina things in order to fire her up. Neda and Heather agreed that something weird is happening. Jon said that all it takes is for Allison to join the Gremlins and save Arlie. Neda asked if he can see that legitimately happening. Jon said yes.

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