The debate continues: Vote out Arlie or vote out Adel?

April 15, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Jon asked Sabrina if Arlie is campaigning hard. Sabrina said yes and that he is explaining the logic in keeping him. Sabrina said that he pointed out that Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel are a Final 4, so they need to break them up. Sabrina said that she knows that it’s true so they need to have a talk with Neda. Sabrina explained that Arlie has been saying that they would turn on the Gremlins in order to stick to that Final 4. Jon said that he can’t see any situation in which leaving Arlie in the game will help them. Jon said that he and Neda want to talk later.

Adel told Allison that Neda and Jon are guaranteed allies, but Neda and Heather can’t beat Jon. Adel said that the Gremlins are also allies. Adel mentioned that Allison is in the middle. He said that he will be down to break up the Gremlins next week and then break up Neda and Jon the week after that. Adel explained that he and Allison are on the bottom of the totem pole and are in need of something solid. Adel told her that he knows that Jon will not take him anywhere, as Jon will always choose Neda over him. Adel said that he is willing to jump over once a Gremlin, preferably Sabrina, leaves. Adel said that it would then be 3 on 3 (Adel/Allison/Rachelle vs Jon/Neda/Heather).

10:00-11:00 AM: Adel and Allison agreed that it’s a little too early to make a move on Neda and Jon. Adel again suggested that it is worth breaking up the Gremlins first, keeping Rachelle around to win stuff for them. Adel said that Neda and Jon would be done with him forever once he turns on them, yet Allison would still have a shot at being close with Heather. Adel assured Allison that he will not turn his back on her. He said that they are the two outsiders and need to stick together. Adel said that he knows for a fact that he is on the outs with Neda, Jon and Heather. Allison asked Adel if Heather, Jon and Neda will really break up the Gremlins before they come after them. Adel said that Heather will nominate the Gremlins, while Neda will nominate one Gremlin and one non-Gremlin. Allison felt that Jon would prefer to keep the Gremlins in his pocket. Adel didn’t think that Jon would risk keeping both of them.

Heather told Allison that she has done what she could to keep her around over the past couple of weeks and is scared that Allison may go with Arlie and not stay in a secret alliance with her. Allison said that she is still with Heather and will be doing this since it is best for her game and the alliance. She said that she will not screw Heather ever. Allison asked Heather if she would take her over Jon and Neda. Heather said yes. Heather said that what she wants more than anything is for their loyalty to stay good and get down to the four of them. Heather said that she would be stupid to take Jon to the end, and she would love it if she and Allison got closer over the next few weeks. Heather later told Jon of the conversation and said that she believes that Allison is more so on their side than the Gremlins’ side.

11:00-12:00 PM: Arlie told Allison and Rachelle that he would never go back to the other side. He said that he would expect to get to the Final 4 with them and Sabrina, at which point he would expect the others to gang up on him. Arlie said that he doesn’t expect them to trust him but he expects the game logic behind keeping him to prevail. Arlie said that he would hang out with the girls 24/7 in order to prove that he is not having conversations behind their backs. Arlie said that he would have the girls forever and they would be his angels, Arlie’s Angels. Allison said that her only fear is that they keep Arlie and then he goes off and does his own little thing again. Arlie said that he understands but Jon isn’t going to the end with him, given that he tried to knock him out in 8th place, so he will never go back to him. Arlie later spoke with Sabrina and suggested that Sabrina tell Allison about her Final 4 with Jon and Neda. He said just keep talking to her.

Arlie and Sabrina continued to campaign to Allison. Arlie said that he wants Jon and Neda out so badly. He pointed out that getting Allison out was clearly in their heads, as the original plan was to backdoor her. Sabrina mentioned that Allison will be in her Final 3 no matter what. Allison said that she believes that. Sabrina explained that her Final 4 with Jon and Neda doesn’t help her much, as they have their alliance with Adel and Heather as well. Allison talked to Sabrina and Rachelle alone and said that it has crossed her mind that the Gremlins could screw her by keeping her deal with Jon. Sabrina said that the first thing she told Jon is that their Final 4 is now a Final 5 and they will not leave her behind. Sabrina told Allison that she is in their Final 3 but Rachelle is her Final 2. Sabrina said that Allison has a Final 2 if she keeps Arlie.

12:00-1:00 PM: Neda told Jon that she is concerned that Arlie will tell the girls that she dumped the condiments last week. Neda said that she is going to tell them that she did it and it was to weaken Kenny. Jon then said the Gremlins want to talk about a Final 5 with them and Allison. He suggested they tell Allison that their options are to do that or to stick with Heather, so they want to know what she prefers to do. Neda said that she feels as though Allison is trying to pull Heather away from them to bring to the end with the Gremlins.

Neda went to Sabrina and admitted that she had thrown out the condiments to weaken Kenny. She said that they were so afraid of Kenny winning HoH. Neda said that she wouldn’t be telling Sabrina if she didn’t trust her. Sabrina said “that is so mean! You have balls that I never knew you had, girl”. Rachelle joined them and Neda admitted to throwing out the condiments. Rachelle said that it is a mean thing to do and was just rude. Rachelle told her that it was like bullying and doesn’t look very nice that they did that. Sabrina said that it’s so hypocritical that they make her look so mean when they are doing things like that. Neda said that it was from a game standpoint. Rachelle that it’s over but it’s annoying and don’t do shit like that again.

Rachelle told Sabrina that Adel said that he is going to have to join the Gremlins next week because he has to vote out Jon and Neda. Sabrina got excited and had a huge smile on her face. She said that maybe Jon and Neda don’t trust Adel then. Sabrina told Rachelle that her mind is being blown and that they will have to talk with Jon and Neda. However, Sabrina was upset that Adel to Rachelle that she should go to the end without Sabrina. They said that they should vote Adel out.

1:00-2:00 PM: The Gremlins and Allison discussed that the others will do anything they can to get them on their side, so they cannot fall for it. They discussed that they can do things if they stick together as Arlie’s Angels. Sabrina said that if Allison flips back to the other side on Thursday, she will drown her with her own two hands. Sabrina said please don’t do it. Allison said that she will do it if Sabrina keeps asking her. Allison said that she will go ape shit if they flip and don’t vote out Arlie.

Sabrina said that they are scared that she will vote him out and then the Gremlins will be hung out to dry when everyone sees that they voted to evict Adel. Sabrina questioned if she is for sure voting out Adel. Allison said yes but do not tell Arlie. She was worried that Arlie would go to the other side if he knows that he is staying. Sabrina then pondered if it is better to get rid of Arlie so that Jon is the only threat left. She talked herself out of it by saying that Arlie would go up before they would. They agreed that they will 100% vote to evict Adel. Allison said that she has wanted Jon out ever since he wanted Andrew out. She said that Jon has been lying to her face all game long.

Allison talked to Arlie and said that her biggest reservation is the trust thing and the fact that he could screw her over. She said that she does not want to force Arlie to be her ally through this move. Allison said she always had him in this game. Arlie said that he had her more than she understands. Arlie said that if she can trust him, he will never turn on her. Arlie told Allison that Neda orchestrated this plan against him. He said that Neda knew that he would be after her since they had never talked game. Arlie said that it’s kudos to her if she gets him out. Arlie believes that Neda will make it to the end if that happens. He said that it is good game and he can respect that but it eats him alive since he always knew that it would be Neda that would come after him.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina told Jon that she feels that he doesn’t have his back and would protect people like Heather more than her and Rachelle. Jon said that Heather would beat him in the Final 2 100%. Sabrina said that she really wanted to trust Jon but she heard a lot of stuff today. Sabrina pointed out that she is concerned about Adel. Jon said that he has ZERO loyalty to Adel. Sabrina is worried that Adel will nominate her and then she will go. Jon said that he has known for two and a half weeks that Adel has been trying to get him out. Sabrina said that keeping Arlie makes sense since it keeps another target. The girls said that they are not doing it but it’s true.

Neda joined the conversation and said that she likes working with them because they are both pairs and they can be real with each other and understand who is taking who to the end. Jon asked if they should bring Allison in. Sabrina said that Allison did something for her but she is still thinking about it. Rachelle brought up her concerns about them taking Heather further than they take the Gremlins. Jon said that he and Neda have made it very clear to each other that they don’t trust Heather.

Neda asked Sabrina if she is considering keeping Arlie. Sabrina said that when she thinks of game she knows that she can’t trust Adel. Neda said that Arlie will win everything if he stays, while Adel will not win anything. Neda said that keep Arlie is the worst decision that anyone can make. Sabrina said that keeping Arlie would force everyone to go after Arlie and also after Jon, which keeps the girls safer longer. She believes that both Adel and Heather would come after the Gremlins. On the other hand, Sabrina said that she cannot believe anything that Arlie says. Neda questioned what happened to the girls swearing to vote how Jon wanted.

Sabrina said that when they found out that Jon and Neda had Final 4s with everyone and lied so easily to their faces, they became concerned. Sabrina asked if Neda will nominate Heather and Adel if she wins next week. Neda said that she wants them gone because she cannot win against them, while she can make it further with the Gremlins. Neda said that she would not throw the HoH competition and would not nominate the Gremlins at all. The Gremlins questioned Neda about the Final 4s that they have. Neda swore on her sister that the Final 4 with the Gremlins is the real one. They discussed that they want to work with Allison as well. It was agreed that the four of them need to talk later tonight.

5:00-6:00 PM: The feeds came back after being down for a couple of hours. The houseguests had a challenge in which the winning team won a reward of dinner cooked to them by people from Top Chef Canada. It sounds like that will take place later this evening.

When the game talk got back under way, Sabrina was telling Jon that she cannot have Adel around any longer. She mentioned that she can’t take his bullying. Sabrina explained that she wants to work with Jon and Neda but feels that both Adel and Heather will target her 100%, while Jon and Neda are safe across the board. Jon said that Adel has been after him for weeks and would put him up. Jon gave Sabrina his word that he is down with the Final 4 with her and Rachelle. He said that Adel will be going home if Neda wins HoH. Jon said that he also would target Adel the next chance that he gets to compete.

Sabrina said that she is on board but Jon will have to talk to Rachelle. She said that she will give Jon the same loyalty that she gave to the First Five. Jon clarified that it has to be to him and Neda. Sabrina agreed. She explained that she would rather trust the two of them than anyone else left. Jon then swore on his girlfriend and dog that he wants to work with that particular Final 4. Sabrina told him that he needs to be the one doing the talking when the speak with Rachelle later tonight, as she will need to be convinced. Sabrina said that she cannot go against Rachelle if she is not on board with this. Sabrina said that she was not on board before but now she is, as she realized that Jon and Neda were just going off of things that they heard from Arlie when they were against her.

Sabrina then went to Rachelle and informed her that she spoke with Jon and that they are going to talk tonight as a four. Sabrina then told both Rachelle and Allison about her talk. Sabrina said that Adel is mean and all but he is not a strong player. On the other hand, Sabrina said that Arlie will beat them in everything. Rachelle said that she thought the plan was to vote out Adel. Allison pointed out that it was until an hour ago. Sabrina continued on by saying that she trusts Jon more than she trusts Arlie. She said that Jon is convinced that Arlie will go after the Gremlins if he stays. She pointed out that Arlie will find a way to make a deal with Jon again, as Arlie will not want to be the only target in the house. Sabrina asked Allison if she will stay with them if they vote Arlie out. Allison said yes.

Rachelle said that she still thinks that it would be smarter to keep Arlie, as they could get further in the game with them. At one point, she also said that she is very conflicted about the decision. Sabrina said that Arlie could totally use them to save him and then turn on those that saved him to look like even more an evil character. She said that Jon had sworn on everything that he would vote out Heather. They ultimately decided very little. The girls all agreed that they will need to speak with Jon (and Neda) in order to see how much he lies about the various deals that he has, at which point they can make a more informed decision.

9:00-10:00 PM: When the feeds returned from being down for the houseguests to get their dinner from the Top Chef chefs, there was drama on the feeds. Those that didn’t participate in the reward got to watch on a screen. Rachelle claimed to have read Neda and Heather’s lips and says that she saw them saying that they have a Final 2 and that they were made that both PoVs were used to save the Gremlins. Neda was visibly upset and went to speak with the Gremlins. Neda said that Rachelle was totally wrong in what she “read” them saying. Sabrina said that she believes Rachelle because Rachelle has been reading lips since she was a child because her brother is deaf. Sabrina said that Neda lied about not know who threw out the condiments, so she could be lying again. Sabrina said that she doesn’t believe that Heather is nothing to Neda.

Neda and Jon discussed that Arlie is having a field day with this drama, cause Allison was already wanting to keep him and so were the Gremlins. Adel refused to believe that anyone is keep Arlie. He told Jon and Neda that they were overreacting. After Adel left, Neda told Jon that Allison’s whole thing is that she has had zero power in this game, so she is now going to take the opportunity to make a big move. Neda told Jon that she is so sorry if this move backfires and Arlie stays. Jon said that it the Gremlins made it clear that they do not want to work with them. They were trying to figure out how to handle the Gremlins. Neda said that they need to make sure that the Gremlins fear Arlie.

Meanwhile, the Gremlins were speaking with Heather. They had a conversation similar to the one that they had just had with Neda. Heather was trying to convince them that Arlie needs to go. At one point she said that they became scared that Arlie was coming after their own alliance. Sabrina said that is exactly what she wanted to hear, and there is no reason that Arlie would not go against them now that they tried to take him out. Heather had been trying to convince the Gremlins that Arlie would go after them if he stayed.

10:00-11:00 PM: Sabrina spoke with Jon and told him about what Rachelle had found out by reading lips earlier on. She said that her and Rachelle no longer trust Neda or Heather at all. Sabrina said that Neda had 1000% said that she would backstab her alliance. Sabrina also mentioned that the two girls had a Final 2. Sabrina said that she and Rachelle are done with Neda and Heather. Feeds then cut to a different room. Allison was asking Heather if she can trust Neda and Jon. Heather assured her that she can. Heather then told Allison about Arlie’s plan to backdoor her. She explained that Arlie has no intention of bringing Allison to the Final 2 or Final 3. Heather said that they will take out the Gremlins, then Adel, and then they will be at the Final 4. Allison was reassuring Heather that she is on board. When Heather left, Allison asked herself “what am I going to do?”.

Jon and Neda were again discussing how they were going to handle things. A short while earlier, they told Allison that they would go to the end with her and Heather. Now, they were faced with the Gremlins planning to come to them for a Final 5 with Allison. They realized that Allison would be questioning why they are making two deals. Jon said that he found out in his talk with the Gremlins that Allison is going back to them with all of the info she gets. Neda said that if she had to take a guess, she would guess that Allison has already made up her mind and is keeping Arlie. They continued to try to figure out what to do, eventually settling on talking to Allison to see where exactly her head is at, as they were too confused to figure anything else out. They said that they cannot throw anyone under the bus because they don’t know whose side she is really on.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jon and Neda spoke with Allison and asked her where her head is at. Allison said that she has been listening to both sides and knows that she would be an idiot to keep Arlie. She said that she will consider it if it is best for her game but said that it would not be as long as Jon and Neda don’t turn on her. Jon pointed out that the Gremlins are making it seem as though Allison is for sure keeping Arlie and they are the swing votes. Allison said that’s not true. Allison said that she does not WANT to keep Arlie. They eventually began discussing who Allison would prefer to align with, Heather or Rachelle and Sabrina. Both Jon and Neda said that they want to work with Allison and are open to going in the direction of her choice. They said that everything from the past will be forgotten and this new direction will be the one that they stick with.

Allison said that she didn’t know who to choose. She asked how on board Heather was with backdooring her. Jon said that Heather resisted it more than anyone. Allison said that emotionally she wants to go with the Gremlins but from a game standpoint she does not. Jon told her that the Gremlins had no issue with throwing her under the bus when their lives were on the line. Allison said that going with them would be beneficial since it is a five man alliance, not four. Jon suggested the opposite, as they would have to take out one of their own even sooner. He added that he personally does not see Heather turning on Allison. Neda backed him up and said that she is personally leaning towards choosing Heather because she has seen how much Heather has fought for Allison.

While all of this was going on, Arlie was trying to get in Heather’s head. He noted that Heather had now been asked to give Jon, Neda and Allison a few minutes more than once when she tried to enter the HoH room. Arlie pushed for the need to break up Jon and Neda in this game. He attempted to bring her in, in order to make it everyone against Neda in the upcoming HoH competition.

They debated what they should tell the Gremlins if they do the Final 4 with Heather. Everyone agreed that they do not want to swear on anything. Allison had settled on working with Heather but wanted to deal with things in a way in which the Gremlins would not realize which side she was on until the HoH competition played out. Heather eventually came into the room and she looked quite upset. Allison asked if she is sad because she is scared. Heather nodded. Allison then broke the news to her that they are doing a Final 4 so she has no reason to be scared. Everyone agreed that they were down with the Final 4. They shook on it.

12:00-1:00 AM: It was then time to deal with the Gremlins. Allison, Neda and Jon spoke with them. Jon told them that Arlie is not going to be staying this week if what they had just discussed is true. Sabrina was a little surprised but said okay. Jon then explained that he is not swearing on anything but he is giving them his word that the wants to work with that five. Jon said that Arlie will be leaving since they have the votes. Rachelle and Sabrina suggested that they sleep on it and meet back tomorrow. Sabrina then told Rachelle and Allison that she is worried, scared and annoyed that she doesn’t know anything. She asked Allison if she wants to vote Arlie out. Allison said maybe. Both Sabrina and Rachelle were upset.

Allison explained that she is undecided. She told the girls that she just squashed a potential Final 4 between her, Jon, Neda and Heather. Allison said that Rachelle and Sabrina have each other, while she would be left relying on Arlie for a Final 2. Sabrina eventually go annoyed and said that she is not doing this and that Allison can go with the others if she wants. Allison was not happy with that response. They continued to discuss the talk that Allison had with Jon and Neda, and Sabrina and Rachelle denied everything that Allison said that Jon had told her. Allison said that Jon brainwashed her. She later told the girls that there will be no more talking to anyone else, as it will be them that makes the decision. Sabrina was throwing out random scenarios, such as Allison possibly having a Final 2 with Neda. Rachelle told her to stop doubting Allison or else she will start doubting them. Rachelle said that she wants Allison to decide to keep Arlie on her own. Allison said that it is what she wants to do. Her concern was that she would look like the stupid girl that got ran over by Arlie.

1:00-2:00 AM: Neda told Heather that they must continue to work on Allison, not the Gremlins. They felt that as long as Allison keeps pushing for the Final 4 with them, they would be okay. They decided that it would be necessary to have someone following Arlie around at all times so that he cannot talk game alone. The girls then reiterated the need to take each other to the end. Later on, Jon and Neda discussed that they may have actually just pulled this off and got Allison on board. They too said that someone needs to stick to Arlie all day tomorrow to stop him from changing things.

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