The Gremlins agree to evict Arlie

April 16, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Sabrina questioned if Arlie would flip on them and join Jon if they keep him around. Arlie said the fact that they are even questioning that after all that he has said just shows him that he has no chance of staying. The Gremlins were wondering if Jon and Neda had told Heather and Adel to go and tell everybody that they want to turn on them so that everyone would be more willing to get rid of Arlie. Rachelle asked Sabrina if Allison will work with them. Sabrina said that it would be really stupid if not and that using the veto on her would have been useless then. Rachelle said that the numbers are more in their favour if they keep Arlie. Sabrina pointed out that then they have to get rid of Arlie which is hard, especially when he gets extra time to manipulate people. Rachelle said that it buys them another week. Sabrina told her it’s possible that they would be falling into a very big trap by keeping him. Rachelle said that she doesn’t trust anyone, even Allison. Sabrina said that Jon has pull over Allison.

Sabrina eventually said that it is better to get rid of Arlie since he is a big player and you never know if you will get a chance to take him out again. The Gremlins spoke to Jon and Neda and said that it’s possible that they told Heather and Adel to pretend that they would nominate Jon. Neda said that Adel has been saying that he is after Jon for weeks now. Jon asked if the Gremlins are on board with the five. Sabrina said yes but they are unsure if Jon and Neda are in. Jon said that they have no other option but to go with them because it is better than a Final 4 with Adel and Heather. Sabrina said that she is putting her trust in him. Jon said that the Final 5 is real as long as the Gremlins want it to be.

Jon went to Neda and said that Arlie is having a rough day. Neda said that everything he does is for game. Jon agreed but said that he thinks that this is the first time that Arlie has realized that he doesn’t have much hope. Neda then spoke with Heather and said that she is so confident in their Final 4 that they made last night. They agreed that they want Sabrina out so badly. Neda told Heather that she is pretty sure that the Gremlins think that she and Jon are working with them, so don’t get sketched out.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jon told Sabrina that he is concerned that the Gremlins are keeping Arlie. Sabrina said that she could keep him and she isn’t, so don’t ever forget that. Jon said that it would be the ultimate show of trust if they get rid of Arlie, and he really wants this. Both Jon and Sabrina told each other that they better not turn after this. Sabrina said that it’s possible that Adel is playing up that he will nominate Jon, as he is going a bit overboard with all of it, so she is still concerned that Jon and Neda are with Heather and Adel.

Sabrina then told Rachelle that she thinks that they should get rid of Arlie. Rachelle simply said “okay”. She later told Sabrina that she agrees. Sabrina said that Jon would be fucked in the head to get rid of them after knowing that they could have kept Arlie. Sabrina also pointed out that Adel said that he will go after Jon. Adel joined them by the hot tub. Sabrina asked if he will nominate the Gremlins. Adel said “I’m joining the Gremlins”. Sabrina explained to Rachelle that it is more dangerous to keep Arlie because you never know what he could come up with. Rachelle agreed.

Sabrina relayed her conversation with Jon to Rachelle, telling her that Jon said that it will be the ultimate loyalty and that he will never go against them if they evict Arlie. Sabrina said that it will be easier to get rid of one big target than the two big targets that would remain if Arlie stayed. Sabrina said that she thinks that Allison has a Final 3 with Neda and Jon, which leads her to do whatever they say. Sabrina and Rachelle agreed that they need to try to make a Final 3 with Allison. Sabrina said that Neda must be in a Final 2 with Allison, as Allison’s hesitation with them is that she knows that the Gremlins have a Final 2. Sabrina told Rachelle that she would nominate Heather and Adel, and then backdoor Jon. They agreed that no one can catch wind of it.

Adel went to Allison and told her that he has to get rid of Jon no matter what. Allison asked if he was serious. Adel said “I swear to God I am getting rid of Jon. If I win HoH, I am going to cut off his head”. Allison asked why Adel would do it. Adel suggested that they need to make the two duos go after each other. He said that Allison convinces the Gremlins to break up Jon and Neda, while he will convince Jon and Neda to go after the Gremlins. Allison then went to the Gremlins and said that Adel will put up Jon and Neda 100%. Rachelle then asked if they should take out Arlie. Allison said just because he’s such a big target. Rachelle said that she agrees and that they may never have another chance.

1:00-2:00 PM: Heather told Neda that she is afraid of when it gets down to the Final 5 and they have to nominate Allison and Adel. Heather said that she doesn’t want either of them or Jon to be nominated. Neda said that she wants Jon around until at least Final 4 so that he can win the physical competitions for them. Neda said that the best case scenario is the Gremlins go up and then Sabrina leaves. After that, she said to nominate Adel and Rachelle in order to take Rachelle out. Heather told Neda that she would much rather it be the two of them and Jon in the Final 3 as opposed to the two of them and Allison. She explained that as much as they can’t beat Jon, they can’t beat Allison either so it would be better to take someone that they have been with longer. Neda said that she doesn’t know what to do but she wants them to make the Final 4 and then do what is best for her and Heather.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda told Jon that Sabrina was being blatant in saying that Arlie is definitely going. However, Neda said that she looked away for a second while they were saying it and then when she looked up the Gremlins were both smiling. Jon mentioned that Sabrina said that they better not turn on her. Neda said that she will do it the first chance that she gets. Jon and Neda said that they have no problem going to the Final 4 with Allison and Heather, though Neda said she takes things on a week to week basis. Rachelle joined them and said that she is for sure voting to evict Arlie. Jon asked if she is completely on board with the Final 5. Rachelle said yes.

Adel spoke with Sabrina in the storage room. Adel said that he was the last to know about the plan to backdoor Arlie. He said that he and Jon made a deal that morning that no matter what if they win veto, they will use it on each other. Adel said that Jon put him on the block over Heather just a few hours later, so don’t doubt that he has the balls to go after Jon. Sabrina reported back to Rachelle that Adel feels extremely betrayed by Jon. Jon asked Rachelle if she trusts him. Rachelle said obviously if they are voting to evict Arlie.

7:00-8:00 PM: Sabrina said that she is over Arlie trying to make a moment in history by saving himself. Rachelle agreed. Rachelle said that she will definitely not be keeping Arlie, seeing as Arlie is telling Jon that he will work with him and take him to the end if Jon finds a way to make him stay. Sabrina couldn’t believe that Arlie was actually trying that. Jon joined the two and said that Arlie just told him that the two of them can run through the house together if Jon makes him stay. Both Jon and the Gremlins agreed that it was a lie and that Arlie would do what is best for the fans, which would be making an epic showdown between he and Jon. Sabrina said that she is not voting to keep Arlie, cause he has done too much today. She said that there is no convincing her anymore.

10:00-11:00 PM: Adel went to Arlie and said that Jon taking him out just ruined everything for them. Adel said that he wished that Jon had just talked to Arlie. Arlie agreed and said that the probably could have talked him out of it. Arlie said that Adel and Jon are screwed and have no shot anymore. Arlie told Adel that he should pretend to injure his ankle in the HoH competition and play that up for a while so that they don’t see him as a physical threat.

Adel told Arlie that he is thinking that he is going to have to take out Jon if he wins this week. He suggested that Neda/Heather and Rachelle/Sabrina would then fight, so he and Allison could float through. Adel said that he would then side with Heather and Neda. Adel later told Arlie that he feels as though he has to be a Gremlin in order to get far in this game. Adel revealed that he has been thinking that his best option is to throw tomorrow’s HoH competition, as he feels that he is in a good enough spot.

11:00-12:00 AM: The Gremlins and Jon were reassuring each other that they are on board with the Final 5. Jon said that he is good with going to the Final 5, at which point he knows that he will be the target. He said that it is win or go home for him and he is fine with that. Sabrina questioned why Jon didn’t let them in the room last night when he and Neda were talking with Allison. Jon explained that he just needed to see where her head was at without any potential influence from the Gremlins.

After the talk, the Gremlins said that they would likely still go after Jon. Sabrina did leave the door open to taking out Heather and Adel first, however. They agreed that Heather needs to go before Adel. They said that they trust Jon a bit but do not trust Neda at all. Arlie joined the Gremlins out by the hot tub. Sabrina asked if he really believes that they will win the game. Arlie said that he would give anything for the two of them and Adel to make the Final 3. He told them that he really doesn’t think that Adel is after them. He told the girls that they should have Adel’s back.

Adel went to Jon and pleaded with him to not get sketched out by him. Adel said that he has to say absolutely anything that he can to Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina because they are the ones with the votes. Adel said that he has been lying to them for over two days and has been said that he will go after Jon and Neda, even offering Final 2 to Allison. Jon told him not to worry and that he understands. Adel suggested that they need to target Allison before the Gremlins because the Gremlins suck. Jon was open to doing that.

12:00-1:00 AM: The Gremlins and Allison agreed that it would be a waste to take out Adel this week since he is not that strong and since it will be very tough to get another shot like this at taking Arlie out. Adel joined them and told the girls that if he takes out Jon, he know that the girls will fight each other and that opens the door for him. He then mentioned that Arlie gave him the best strategy ever when he suggested that Adel takes Jon out and aligns with the Gremlins. Adel said that he absolutely has to go after Jon.

The girls convinced him not to nominate Jon initially, opting instead to go with Heather and Neda on the block. Adel explained that as soon as he does that and goes after Jon, he will be done with the other side and will then be a Gremlin. The girls said that they may need to use Adel as a pawn. He was fine with it as long as he did not go home. He said that he can realize that the end game is taking out Jon. While they were talking, Jon, Neda and Heather were discussing some concerns about Allison. In particular, Neda said that the emotional attachment that Allison has to the Gremlins is worrisome.

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