Arlie is evicted; Neda wins HoH and enters the war room

April 17, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Arlie was up early and was rehearsing his speech for tonight. His speech that he practiced was as follows: “Being on the block next to your brother is something you never want to happen. I have wanted to be on Big Brother ever since I was a little kid. It has been the coolest experience ever, the most wild emotional roller coaster that I could ever explain. It has been the coolest experience ever. Just want to say thank you to all of the fans for making this show what it is. Thank you to Arisa for looking so gorgeous every night we get to see you. Big Jon, you screwed up your game royally. I’ll see you in jury soon, bud! Guess I’ll just finish off with Canada, save me from the block! I’m not ready to go home yet.”

10:00-11:00 AM: Adel said that he was going to say in his speech that he is after Jon. Neda pleaded with him not to, saying that they don’t need any bigger of a target on Jon and that everyone is already set on voting Arlie out. Adel questioned if Neda is sure. She said yes, because last night they had a two hour rant session about Arlie and everyone was all fired up about him. Neda said that Arlie’s lies came out last night. Neda again told Adel not to put any bigger of a target on Jon. She said that Adel is gone as soon as Jon is gone. Adel told her that he won’t go through with it then.

Adel spoke to Sabrina and said that he is wondering why Arlie told him to make sure that he packs all of his bags. Sabrina said that he doesn’t have to because he is staying for sure. She said that Arlie is probably doing it just to mess with him. Sabrina said that Arlie is probably trying something but it is not going to work. Adel then went on to tell her that he plans to nominate Jon and Neda. He explained that it would prevent them from using the veto on each other and it is imperative that they get separated. Adel said that if you nominate Heather and Neda, Jon could save both he and Neda. Arlie and Adel were up most of the night. Sabrina said that Arlie was likely trying to drain him for the upcoming HoH competition. Adel said that he hasn’t been this exhausted in his whole time in the house.

Neda informed Jon that Adel said that he was going to blow him up in his speech and call him out on everything in order to make sure that he doesn’t go home. Neda said that she explained to Adel that it would be the stupidest thing to do and that Arlie is going home anyway. Neda said that she thinks that Arlie has gotten into Adel’s head and he wants to get Jon out through Adel. Jon said that he would go tell Adel that if he calls him out in his speech, they will no longer be working together. Neda was against the idea but Jon said that he will do it anyway. She told him to explain what went down last night and that everyone is on board with keeping him. Neda said that Adel is so stupid to think that his speech will actually change anything.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sabrina came to Neda and asked who she will be nominating. Neda said she wants Adel out and will be nominating Heather and Adel most likely. Neda assured Sabrina that the Gremlins will not be nominated. Sabrina said that they are 100% on board with the Final 5. Afterwards, Jon and Neda discussed that they will never get the Gremlins’ jury votes after they turn on them. Jon said that he believes that Allison is on board with their Final 4. He said that he planted in Allison’s head that it could be a good idea to get rid of Adel and keep the Gremlins, even though he wants the Gremlins out first.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jon went to Adel and told him that people are saying that he is sketching them out. Jon said that it’s a 5-0 vote to send Arlie home. Jon said that Adel cannot throw him under the bus in his speech, as it is the only way that Arlie would stay. Adel understood. Adel said that he is saying all sorts of things to people just to get their votes, but he wants the Gremlins out.

10:00-11:00 PM: Arlie was evicted by a unanimous vote of 5-0. Neda won HoH. When the feeds returned, Neda was found in the war room by herself. She was watching the houseguests, just as Allison, Scott and Nate had during their stay. The other houseguests do not know that she is in there, though Allison has made many comments about thinking that Neda is “in the walls”. We also found out that there will be an instant eviction this weekend. The feeds will be down starting tomorrow morning, returning after Sunday night’s episode. It is quite possible that Neda will remain in the war room until it is time to make her nominations, at which point the houseguests will cast their votes to evict.

In the house, Jon and Adel were talking about how the Gremlins just screwed themselves by voting to evict Arlie. Jon pointed out that they thought that they had so much power of the past couple of days and then they blew it all by voting him out. Rachelle and Sabrina were discussing what Neda may possibly do. Rachelle said that Heather going up would not make sense, as she and Neda have a Final 2. Sabrina said that Neda’s true Final 2 is with Jon. Rachelle told her that Neda can’t beat Jon and thus she won’t take him to the end. Sabrina disagreed and feels that Neda would never turn on Jon.

12:00-1:00 AM: The Gremlins and Allison were chatting about what Neda might do. Sabrina said that Neda made a Final 5 with them so she thinks that she will keep her word. Rachelle thought that Neda was still in a Final 4 with Adel and Heather. Sabrina said that Jon and Neda would have wanted to go with the Final 5 had one of them won HoH this week, so Neda better stick to it. Allison said that they were planning on Jon and Neda, so they have to expect that Neda may be thinking the same way.

Neda was talking to herself about what she was seeing. She said that the Gremlins are clearly pissed, likely because they asked Jon if she was going to put them up and he either said that he doesn’t know or that she might because it was her decision. She said that they got angry since since promised them that she would not put them up, but she doesn’t really care what she promised because she hates the. Neda said that is what she getting from all this, that the Gremlins are extremely scared. She later mentioned that there are 7 people left, so 4 are voting. She said if she puts up the Gremlins, she has Jon, Adel and Heather voting. She then said one comes off and Allison goes up. It was unclear if she meant that her plan was to backdoor Allison or if she would only nominate her if one of the Gremlins won the veto.

Sabrina told Allison that they would have kept Arlie if not for their trust in her. She said that she really hopes that Allison doesn’t bring everything that they say back to Jon and Neda. She said that they have been hearing that Allison has something with Heather and also with Jon and Neda. Allison said that she does not have any Final 2s or 3s with any of them. They then discussed that Adel acts like he can be trusted and is with them but just runs back to Jon with everything. They were wondering where Neda could be. Sabrina mentioned that they heard her in the “secret room”. Allison played it off and said or whatever it is that is behind those walls. Shortly thereafter, they went and listened outside of the war room door to see if they could hear anything.

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