The houseguests speculate about there being an instant eviction

April 18, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: The houseguests were woken up and began speculating about what is going on. Jon was thinking that an instant eviction is on the way. He was irritated by the idea because he said that they are at the point in the game where everyone should be able to fight for veto every single time. He theorized that Neda may be secluded so that the decision for nominations is totally on her. Jon noted that it was the worst sleep that he had in the house, attributing it to being stressed about what’s going on with Neda. Sabrina said that Neda is probably in the HoH room watching everything or is downstairs in the secret room. Neda was watching on from the war room. She commented on how the person controlling the camera is obsessed with Jon and continually follows him. Heather had pointed out that Neda won’t be there to help her pick out an outfit today. Neda watched on as Heather picked one out and said “aww, I can’t help her pick out an outfit today. Finally, she commented that Allison even looks sketchy when she is doing her hair. Neda questioned if Allison is real or a robot.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jon said that you are screwed if you come into this game with your emotions. Sabrina mentioned that emotions allow you to have loyalty and never betray your allies. She questioned if Jon would turn on would turn on someone that he had been loyal to. Jon said that 100% he would for $100,000. Jon said that if was in the Final 3 and was up against someone that he would definitely beat and someone that he had pledged to go to the end with, he would choose the person that he knew that he could beat. Sabrina said that she agrees with Jon that the game is played that way but apparently not in the past two weeks, or else you get accused of being a bad person. Sabrina said that she would take Rachelle no matter what. The Gremlins then discussed that Neda would be smart not to go to the end with Jon, but said that she cares about him so much that she may. They told Jon that if it was an instant eviction right now and Neda was thinking strictly game, she would take him out. Jon disagreed but said that it would not surprise him if she takes him out at Final 3.

12:00-1:00 PM: Allison told Sabrina that she mentioned to Jon that Adel was swearing on his Quran that he would go after Jon and Neda. Allison said that Jon told her that Adel swore that he wasn’t. Sabrina was annoyed that Jon would consider keeping Adel. They agreed that Adel is saving face with everyone. Rachelle joined them asked what they think that Neda will do if it’s an instant eviction. Allison said that Neda will target one of the three of them. Allison thought that she may be targeted after doing well in the HoH competition. Sabrina said that Neda would be smart to keep them since next week is probably endurance. They discussed where Neda has been all night. Allison said that she was likely secluded and may have been able to watch them, but likely not with sound if so. She was quick to point out that she doesn’t know that but it is just guessing.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jon, Adel and Heather decide to mess with the girls by arranging the couches the way that they are on eviction night and telling the houseguests that Big Brother requested it. Sabrina eventually noticed and questioned who did it. Jon said that he did because Big Brother asked him to. Sabrina began freaking out and went to Rachelle and Allison and said that it is an instant eviction. She said that it will be one of them that leaves. She implied that Neda better not come after them since they were going to stick to the Final 5. Sabrina then asked Jon if Neda really was on board with the Final 5. Jon said that that’s what Neda told him but it is what it is now and he cannot go talk to her. Rachelle pointed out that Neda knows that they are all in jury now so she would not screw them over.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda was playing with the bobbleheads in the war room, placing them in different parts of the house on the table. She said that the Gremlins can go to the hot tub area because no one likes them anywhere else. She put Heather in the kitchen, cleaning. She placed herself in a corner, hiding. Adel was placed in the show and Jon was “just pacing”. Meanwhile, the other houseguests were put on HoH lockdown. They were sleeping in the HoH room as Neda looked on. She pointed out that Allison looks so worried.

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