Neda does not use the PoV; The Gremlins remain on the block

April 21, 2014

7:00-8:00 AM: Adel was outside talking to himself before the other woke up. He said that he doesn’t think that anyone is going to do anything crazy and that they are just going to battle it out at the Final 4 after the Gremlins leave. He said that he wants to use his last few days as HoH to make sure that his crew stays strong and that the Gremlins leave back to back. Adel said that he will struggle with any competitions that require him to know the dates that things happened. He said that he will stay away during the study sessions to appear as even less of a threat.

Adel the revealed his strategy for getting people to take him to the end, saying "I have to keep ripping apart every jury member that leaves. I want to guarantee $20,000 if I rip apart any jury member that walks out.” He wants to make it appear as though he would have no shot at winning the $100,000 so that more people take him to the end. Adel said that hopefully there is a Canada’s favourite player, as he should win that for sure. He explained that he pulled a lot of sneaky shit and made people laugh and cry. Adel said that Neda is his favourite and has the most brains. He said that Neda is cutthroat and knows what it takes to win this game.

Adel said that Neda will go to the end, so he can ride her there unless Jon, Neda and Heather have something up their sleeves. Adel concluded that it would not make sense for the three of them to blindside him cause he only has Arlie’s and Canada’s votes. Adel noted that Jon has got to go because Jon will beat him in competitions. Adel said that he will smash both Heather and Neda at the end in the jury questions, as he is more witty. He plans to tell the others that they would all lose against Heather and that he will convince everyone that they are shitty players if they take Sabrina to the end.

9:00-10:00 AM: Adel asked Jon if he has been thinking about the big picture yet. Jon said that once they get down to the Final 4 he will start worrying about it. Jon then went to speak with Neda, who was rehearsing for the veto ceremony. She plans to leave the nominations the same. They eventually talked some game. Neda said that she thinks that Adel would get more votes than Heather would if he found a way to make it to the Final 2. Jon agreed. She said that’s why she would prefer to have Heather at the Final 3. Neda said that the best thing would be that she wins endurance in the Final 3, then Jon can hands down beat Heather in the physical part of the competition.

Neda said that she is scared to win the upcoming HoH because she wants to play for it in the Final 4. She said that Adel will take her out if he wins. Jon said that he could just win the veto and then Heather would have to go. Jon said that there is a zero percent chance that Sabrina would not target Adel if she wins HoH next week. Neda disagreed and said that Jon will 100% go up because she knows that he has to go if she wants any chance to win anything to stay in the game. Jon still wasn’t buying it.

10:00-11:00 AM: Feeds are down for the veto ceremony.

11:00-12:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Neda did not use the Power of Veto. Either Sabrina or Rachelle will be evicted on Thursday. Rachelle is the target at this point.

2:00-3:00 PM: The Gremlins were having a chat when Sabrina asked Rachelle why she is not campaigning. Sabrina suggested that she tells Jon that if she wins she will not put him up and will go after Adel instead, if they get rid of her (Sabrina) this week. Rachelle said that the others don’t think that Sabrina will win the next HoH so they are going to keep her. They then discussed how the game is going to be so boring since it is so predictable that Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel are going to be the Final 4. Sabrina said imagine Heather wins his game. Rachelle replied by saying that she will be so embarrassed if that happens and she will never say that she was a part of the show. Rachelle said that she doesn’t see how Canada could like Heather, as she is annoying as hell. She figures that Heather must be being portrayed totally different than she actually is.

5:00-6:00 PM: Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel were hanging out in the bedroom. Adel said that he wants to be bad and suggested that they go point and laugh at the Gremlins. Heather told him that would be mean. Jon dared him to go do it. Adel didn’t but said that he will do worse than that. They then discussed that they are glad that the alliance made an agreement that if anyone screws them over and keeps a Gremlin around, they will lose the jury votes of the remaining three alliance members. They have been studying the dates hard in order to prepare for the upcoming competition. Adel said that they are only two competition wins away from getting Sabrina out and sealing the deal of their alliance sweeping the whole house.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon asked Neda if she thinks that it is way too risky to throw HoH. He suggested that they need to think about it. Neda asked if Heather would ever consider turning on them. Jon said yes but wondered if she would risk having them all gunning for her if she did it. Neda said that Heather wants to make a big move. She was unsure if Heather felt confident enough about waiting to do it until the Final 4. Neda suggested that Heather likely thinks that she will join up with her if Jon is gone. Jon wondered if it would be possible for her to convince Adel to keep Sabrina over him. Neda pointed out that it was very easy to convince Adel about Arlie.

Jon asked Neda who she would rather take to the Final 3. He said that he thinks he would rather take Adel. Neda said that she feels as though Adel may get more jury votes than Heather would but she admitted that she keeps flip flopping on the issue. Jon then asked Neda if she is still fine with going to the Final 2 with him, as he said that he has made it extremely clear that’s what he is doing. Neda said her too. Jon eventually said that he thinks that they should just give Heather the next HoH. Neda thinks that Heather would not risk making a big move and would nominate Adel and Sabrina. Jon figured that Heather would be worried about losing a jury vote if she took him out but Neda explained that Heather doesn’t care about votes or else she wouldn’t be talking to Sabrina the way that she is. That led Jon to have second thoughts about throwing HoH to Heather. They did not reach a decision before their talk was broken up.

9:00-10:00 PM: Adel told Jon, Neda and Heather that Big Brother is trying to get them thinking so that they consider breaking up and keeping Sabrina past next week. He said that they have nothing better to do but overthink but they cannot give in. Neda and Jon said that they will be bitter jury members if anyone keeps Sabrina over them. All four again agreed that they will stick together until the Final 4. Neda pointed out that they really need to consider the amount of friends that Sabrina is building up in the jury house.

10:00-11:00 PM: Neda and Jon again discussed the possibility of Heather turning on them next week. They agreed that it likely will not happen. Neda said that her biggest worry is that Heather will throw the HoH. Jon and Neda also want to throw the HoH in order to be able to ensure that they both compete for it once they get to the Final 4. Neda said that if it is an endurance competition she could see Heather dropping out immediately and blaming it on her knee. Jon said that he would call her out then and that they could send her home if they wanted to. Neda pointed out that they would then have a 0% chance of getting Heather’s jury vote.

They then discussed who they should take to the Final 3. Neda asked Jon for the pros to taking Adel. Jon said that they would beat him in the Final 3 competitions. Neda said that Adel has yet to prove what he can do in endurance and that he could be amazing in it. Neda added that she just does not want to make the wrong decision like Emmett and Jillian did last season. They believed that both of them would get the Gremlins jury votes over either Adel or Heather. Jon said that he thinks that he would beat both Heather and Adel at the end, with Neda being the only one that would be a toss up up against him. Neda agreed but disagreed when Jon suggested that she would also beat both of those two.

Jon said that he would likely vote for Adel to win over Heather at this point. He said that Adel was supposed to go home in Week 2 or 3. Neda pointed out that Adel didn’t really do anything though. Neda said that Heather would likely try to take credit for Arlie’s eviction. Jon said that she didn’t really do anything and that he would call her out on that if he were on the jury. Jon eventually said that maybe it is best to take Heather to the Final 3. Ultimately they were both still undecided. Neda said that while Heather tells her that she wants to go to the Final 3 with the two of them, she doesn’t believe it. Neda explained that Heather thinks that both her and Adel would take her to the Final 2, so that would make more sense for Heather as the Final 3. For now, they seemed to agree that it is best to throw the upcoming HoH to Heather if they can.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jon told Sabrina that it is a cool little battle to see who will get who first between her and Adel. Sabrina then approached Jon with an offer. She said that she would rather take Adel out of the game than win the $100,000. Sabrina said that if Jon throws her the HoH, she swears that he will not go up and that she will take out Adel. She said that Adel crossed a line with her so she wants him out. Sabrina told Jon that she will even swear on the bible that she will not nominate Jon. She explained that Adel and Heather would be her nominations and that she will evict Adel with the tie breaking vote if it came down to it. Neda would be the replacement nominee if Adel won PoV, and then they could evict Heather.

Sabrina said that she would rather see Jon win the game than Adel win the game. Sabrina said that she would not be able to compete for HoH the following week, and she will not win the veto, so she would go home at that point. She added that she is fine with Jon, Neda and Heather then being the Final 3. Sabrina pointed out that Jon will not get Arlie’s vote if he goes up against Adel. Jon eventually said that he will throw HoH to her if it comes down to the two of them. Sabrina made him agree to keep the conversation between the two of them. Jon said that they will talk again before the HoH competition.

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