A quiet day followed by an explosive evening

April 22, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: The feeds were down for the morning as the houseguests competed in an Easter egg hunt. When they returned, we found out that Jon had won. Rachelle was close behind. Adel and Neda were the bottom two. Neda ended up being put on slop. Jon got to choose some food and drinks for them to eat as part of his reward for winning. He chose pizza, burgers and alcohol.

1:00-2:00 PM: Adel said thank God that Arlie, Kenny and Allison are not there, as it would be such a harder battle for them to win against those three. Jon said that it will still be a hard battle because they are going to get a twist thrown at them. He said that as long as the four of them stay cool and modest, they will not let it affect them. Adel said that he had never realized how big of a difference there is between 1st and 2nd place until now. He explained that the $25,000 from The Brick is worth more than what the 2nd place winner gets. He said that the trip alone is almost worth what 2nd place will get. Jon agreed. Adel said that if there is a Canada’s Favourite prize, it will likely be either him or Jon that gets it. He pointed out that Neda may also have a shot at it.

Adel again reiterated that the four of them just cannot turn on each other until after The Gremlins are gone, and then he won’t care what happens after that. Both agreed that nobody will turn on their four in order to keep Sabrina around. Adel said that he loves that Jon keeps reiterating that anyone that does that would lose everyone else’s jury vote. Adel said that he would lose it if Sabrina stayed over him. Jon agreed and said that he would not be able to get over it.

3:00-4:00 PM: The feeds were again down for a while this afternoon as the houseguests received another part of their reward. They watched Alan Thicke’s show “Unusually Thicke” that airs on Slice. The houseguests were talking about how fun it was to watch that and how funny the show was.

6:00-7:00 PM: Adel was alone in the HoH room, talking to his family pictures. He said that he misses his parents and wants them to come to Canada. He then began discussing the different traits of each of them that he has brought into the game to help him. He spoke to each of the family members and said that he needs one of them to help him and give him some ideas for the game. Adel mentioned that it seems to be set in stone that Sabrina has to go next. Adel said that he is in the best case scenario in Big Brother history if that is true. He acknowledged that he is likely going to be nominated as a pawn next week no matter who wins HoH. He added that at least he hopes that it is as a pawn. Adel said that he has Arlie right where he wants him, in jury where he can help him get votes. Adel said that if people are superfans and vote based on game, Arlie can help him. If not, Adel suggested that they could be bitter and take what he has done to heart instead of seeing it as gameplay.

8:00-9:00 PM: Adel told Jon that he knows that he can’t win against anyone else and that the only person that he can get a 50/50 chance against is Jon. He later switched it to a 60/40 chance in Jon’s favour, saying that Jon will get the Gremlins votes and also Allison’s vote since she is from Newfoundland. Adel said that he is unsure if Neda would vote for him but he would still have a better shot than the 10-25% chance he would have against Heather or Neda. Jon told Adel that Neda would definitely vote for him if he takes Neda out of the game. Adel again said that they are done as dinner if they go up against anyone else. Jon said that nobody will vote for them against Heather. Adel said they wont vote for them against Neda either, as everyone will say that Neda took out the major players. Jon agreed.

Jon said that they need to decide who they have a better shot of beating in the Final 3. Adel said Heather for sure. Jon asked Adel if he thinks that either Heather or Neda will take a swing at them next week if they win HoH. Adel didn’t think so. Jon agreed, saying that he didn’t think anyone would break the Final 4 now that everyone has threatened to vote against anyone that does it. Adel suggested that they keep pushing on Heather than Sabrina is talking smack. Adel said that he will tell everyone that the temptation to bring Sabrina to the Final 2 will be there if anyone turns on the group. Adel said that he is praying that Heather or Neda win HoH and go after Sabrina so that both he and Jon can play for the following HoH. Jon revealed that he is considering throwing HoH once Sabrina is eliminated. Adel said that it may be risky. Jon explained that all that they need to do is win the Final 4 veto and then they control the vote. Adel hadn’t thought of it that way and said that they are guaranteed the game if Sabrina leaves next.

9:00-10:00 PM: The houseguests got cigars and alcohol as part of Jon’s reward for winning the challenge earlier in the day. All six of them were drinking in the hot tub together. They began discussing their first impressions of each other. They also talked over various things that happened earlier in the game, such as Sabrina’s fight with Ika. There were discussions about Sabrina exaggerating the situation and that there were conflicting stories over who took the sugar from her. Adel and Sabrina eventually got into it when Adel called her out on changing her story about who took the sugar. Sabrina said that everything always gets pointed at her. Rachelle told the others not to gang up on Sabrina. Sabrina said that it will suck for her when Rachelle leaves, because that is exactly how it is. Sabrina said that everyone loves to make her feel like shit. She said that others can do the exact same things as her and it would not be a big deal.

Sabrina said that Adel always has to go after her. Adel told her that everything she has done in this game is against him. Sabrina said that she would have made Rachelle nominate him if that were the case. Adel said that Sabrina couldn’t have made her do shit cause she has her own brain and he had his power. Adel said that Sabrina acts all innocent but was always after him. Sabrina said that he was after her. Adel replied with “I could care less about you. I still don’t care about you in this game. Are you kidding me? If I cared about you I would have pushed everyone to take you out. We know she (Rachelle) is a bigger threat”. Sabrina said that Adel is so mean. Adel said that he doesn’t care about her and ignores her. He said that Sabrina is so fake. Adel said that all that they hear from Sabrina is “I’m the #1 target”, yet he said "Who the fuck wants to take you out in this whole game? I don’t think one human yet”. Everyone left the hot tub almost immediately after the confrontation.

10:00-11:00 PM: As Sabrina stormed off out of the hot tub area, she said “he is so fucking mean. He is so fucking mean! I don’t need this bullshit, okay? It is my dream too, like all of you guys”. Sabrina told Jon and Neda that Adel is crossing the line. She told Jon and Neda to vote her out because she can no longer take it. She said that Adel lied on his bible so many times yet somehow she is the biggest liar. Neda said that Sabrina and Adel should not be together anymore. Sabrina said that she had been trying so hard to be nice over the past three weeks and had gotten over it.

A few minutes later, Sabrina again began crying and said that she wants to be voted out because she cannot handle being in a house with Adel any longer. She went off on her own to the bedroom. Rachelle joined her, at which point Sabrina said that she is leaving because she doesn’t want to hear this bullshit anymore and because Adel ruined her dream. She left the bedroom and was screaming on her way to the diary room. Sabrina stopped Jon and said that she wants to be evicted because she has had enough of being treated like a piece of shit every day. She told Jon to imagine that it was his sisters being treated the way that she is. Sabrina said that she has a breaking point. She then went to the diary room.

Jon went to Neda and said that it now ensured that Sabrina will go after Adel if she wins HoH. Neda agreed and said that is why she eggs them on. Jon said that he will do damage control with Sabrina, while Adel will not. Jon said that they can throw HoH and let Sabrina and Heather battle it out, as he believes that they are safe either way. Adel joined them and said that Sabrina is just trying to play the victim on national television. Heather then joined and pointed out that Sabrina treated her this way for over three weeks. Jon told her that it is just Sabrina’s game to play the victim. Heather told Jon and Neda that she is very happy to be going to the end with the two of them. She said that all that she can think about when Sabrina says that she is self evicting is “yay, one less person for us to evict!”.

11:00-12:00 AM: After Sabrina got out of the diary room, Jon went to comfort her. He said that it was not his intent to have Adel and Sabrina go at it when he brought up the topic of the Sabrina/Ika fight. He apologized to her. He said that it breaks his heart to see her crying and upset. Sabrina said that she appreciates it. Both Jon and Neda promised to not let Adel attack her once Rachelle is gone. Jon said that they will have her back and that they would love to have her come hang out with them.

Sabrina asked Jon and Neda to let her win HoH so that she can send Adel home. They asked her who she would nominate. Sabrina said that she would nominate Adel and then Heather as the pawn. She told them that she swears on the Holy Bible that those would be her nominations. She added that her speech would be “You (Adel) said you would throw yourself off a bridge if I took you out of this game. Start thinking which bridge”. They asked the Gremlins who they would vote for in the Final 2 if it were between Heather and Adel. Both said that they would vote for Heather. The talk then got broken up temporarily. Jon and Neda were considering throwing HoH to Sabrina. Jon took the time to reiterate to Neda that she is the only person that he would take to the Final 2. Neda said that she knows and has already told him the same thing.

Neda then spoke to Rachelle and asked her who would win if she was in the Final 2 with Heather. Rachelle said that Neda would win 100%. Rachelle explain that Heather hasn’t done shit. She said that if she were to make a suggestion to Neda about who to take to the end, it would be Heather. Sabrina rejoined them, at which point Neda said that she is giving serious consideration to throwing the HoH to her. Sabrina warned Neda that Heather would try to separate her and Jon, as she seen Heather listening in on their conversations multiple times. Jon joined them again. Sabrina explained that she is not trying to trick them and that they will not regret it if they throw her the HoH competition. Sabrina said that she would rather see them win the money than make the smarter game move herself by taking them out over Adel. Both Jon and Neda said that they believe her and that they would be very open to going to the Final 3 with her if this happened and she followed through on evicting Adel.

12:00-1:00 AM: Sabrina continued her pitch, saying that Canada would love it if she sent Adel home after the way that she has treated him. She told Jon and Neda that they would be seen as accomplices and would look good to Canada since they would appear to have hearts and to have stuck up for what is right. She said that even if Heather or Adel win the PoV, she is the tie breaking vote and can save Jon and Neda. After the talk ended, Jon told Neda that he is leaning towards throwing HoH to Sabrina. He mentioned that Sabrina is playing an emotional game, suggesting that she would go after Adel.

Jon and Neda then went out by the hot tub to continue their chat. Heather was listening in on their conversation from outside of the door. It is unclear if she could actually hear anything, but Jon was telling Neda that he is considering throwing HoH. He then said that he would feel iffy about Heather winning this week. He also explained to Neda that he made a fake Final 2 with Heather earlier today to cover his bases. Jon told Neda that he thinks that Heather actually believes that the two of them would go to the Final 2 but there is no one other than Neda that he would take with him. The Gremlins were then making their way outside so Heather had to enter the outdoor area in order to avoid being caught.

Heather later asked Jon about his conversation with Neda. Jon said that Neda is dead set on going to the Final 3 with the two of them. Heather said good, that is what she wants as well. Jon then began pleading with Heather to go to the Final 2 with him over Neda. Jon said that he will take Heather to the Final 2 even though he knows that he will only get the $20,000. He said that he would rather have Heather get the $100,000 than Neda. Jon said that he is fine with $20,000 since it would allow him to start a life with Janelle. Heather told Jon that she wants to go to the Final 2 with him as well. Jon explained that he and Heather were together far before he and Neda, so he has more trust in her and wants to be able to say that they had a Final 2 since Day 1 and stuck to it. Heather said that means a lot to her. After this conversation broke up, the Gremlins informed Jon and Neda that Heather was listening in on Jon and Neda’s conversation for at least 10 minutes.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sabrina, Jon and Neda were again talking about their deal. Jon told Sabrina that if she follows through on what she is telling them, it IS a Final 3 between the two of them and Neda. Sabrina reassured them that she will nominate Adel and Heather and will vote one out with her tie breaking vote if one of the two win the PoV. Jon said that he is not going to lie and that he is not going against Neda. Sabrina said that she knows that and realizes that Jon and Neda will choose each other if she does not win the Final HoH. Jon swore on many family members that he wants to go to the Final 3 with Sabrina and Neda. Sabrina swore on the bible that she wants to go to the Final 3 with them as well. Neda and Jon eventually told Sabrina that they are 100% in and will be throwing HoH to her as long as Heather is out of the competition. Neda said that they will then have to go against Adel and Heather because keeping her around is the best move.

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