Jon and Neda plan ahead for next week

April 23, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Sabrina asked Neda if Jon was being real last night when they made their Final 3 deal and agreed to let her win HoH or if he was just wasted. Neda said that Jon is 100% on board, as he confirmed it this morning, and that it’s the same way that the whole Arlie thing went down. Jon and Neda then went out to the hammock and were trying to figure out what they were talking about when Heather was listening in on them. Neda said that they were talking about Sabrina and then Jon told her that he had told Heather about his Final 2 with Neda.

10:00-11:00 AM: Sabrina spoke with Rachelle about her deal with Jon and Neda. Sabrina said that she hates that she thinks that Rachelle is mad at her for making a deal. Rachelle promised that she is not mad. Sabrina said that she is going to get Adel out. Rachelle told her that everyone is going to ask why she would take out Adel. Sabrina said that she doesn’t care and that she hates Adel. Rachelle that it’s not about hate in this game. Sabrina said that she knows that but she would have three people coming after her the next week even if she didn’t take Adel out. Rachelle said that is not necessarily true and that it’s possible that others would bring her to Final 2 at that point.

Sabrina said that she would have Heather, Neda and Adel after her for getting rid of Jon. Rachelle disagreed, saying that most of them would want that. Sabrina said that Adel has disrespected her so much in this game and would be gunning for her even if she kept him safe. Rachelle said that she would make the deal with Jon and Neda but then go back on it and take out Jon. The conversation then came to an end as Rachelle said that she is getting annoyed with it getting brought up in front of her that she is going home on Thursday.

11:00-12:00 PM: Neda asked Heather if Jon has made a Final 2 with her. Heather said “yep, and you too”. Neda admitted that Jon had made a Final 2 with her. Heather said that they are at the point in the game where she would expect Jon to do that. Neda said that they just have to keep playing along with it but she is concerned that Jon may take Adel to the Final 2. Heather said that everyone wants to have a Final 2 with everyone in order to feel safe. Heather told Neda that she is the one that she actually wants to go to the end with. Neda agreed and said that it is the smartest thing to stick together. Both girls agreed that they would be unlikely to win against Jon and Adel. Heather asked what happened with Sabrina last night. Neda told her that Sabrina was just freaking out about Adel.

Heather said that she is surprised that Adel hasn’t come up to them yet and asked for a Final 2. Neda said that he hasn’t with her and has just said that they are always on the same page. Heather said that Adel hasn’t told her anything either, aside from saying that he doesn’t want to go out before Sabrina. Heather said that Adel must have something with Jon if he isn’t coming to them for a Final 2. Neda said that it would be stupid of him to go to the end with Jon. Heather then said that she honestly believes that Adel feels that his game is over once the Gremlins leave. Neda said that she doesn’t think that Adel is giving up yet. They agreed that Adel has too good of a story to beat at the end, so they can’t go there with him anyway. They decided that Adel must have something up his sleeve. Heather said that the two of them are in a good spot as long as Jon doesn’t begin freaking out about the two of them having talks.

Adel told Jon that if Sabrina goes they will win this game. Jon agreed 100%. Jon told Adel to keep seeing where Heather’s head is at and he will see where Neda’s is at. Adel asked what Neda is thinking. Jon said that he thinks that she is 100% on board with the Final 4. Adel said that Heather is more on board than anybody. They agreed that their only chance of winning is to go to the end with each other, at which point it would be a tossup. Jon said that he feels as though Heather is sketched out about something because she has been acting weird today. Adel said that things will be fine as long as Sabrina goes.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda asked Jon what he wants to do tomorrow. Jon said that he doesn’t know yet. He asked her who she would rather take to Final 3. Jon suggested Sabrina or Adel. Neda said that Sabrina has a lot of votes in jury, so that it something to consider. Jon revealed that he is even considering winning the next HoH and sending Heather home. Neda asked if he would rather have Adel around than Heather. Jon said yes cause Heather is a “sketch ball”. Neda said okay, do it. Jon explained that Adel will still go after Sabrina 100%. Neda said that she had been considering it too but just didn’t want to say it. Jon said that Heather and Sabrina would go on the block. Neda said that they need to sit Sabrina down tonight and tell her that they will either throw HoH to her or put her up if they win but will send Heather home.

Neda said that they would lose Heather’s jury vote and Sabrina would then win the game over them. Jon said that they can’t get everyone’s jury vote. Jon said that if they were up against Adel they could say that he did nothing the whole game. Neda argued that he was the #1 target and lasted until Final 2. She said that a strong argument could be made that all that Adel did was attach himself to them. Jon said that Heather would likely have a powerful speech planned and would take credit for snowballing a lot of things, starting off with evicting Kenny. Neda said that Heather made a lot of moves to get there and has Allison on her side in jury. Heather eventually broke up their talk before they could debate the issue any further.

3:00-4:00 PM: Sabrina told Rachelle that she hates everyone. She said that the others think that they can win everything. Sabrina was irritated that the others were playing up Final 4 and Sloppy Seconds. She then said “Over it. Deal is off. I’m not stupid. That’s it, I’m done”. She pointed out that they are saying Final 4 when there are still six people left in the house.

5:00-6:00 PM: Neda said she really wants to know what they should do tomorrow. Jon said that they should go for HoH since the Final 4 PoV is what decides everything. Neda said that they need to talk to Sabrina tonight and tell her that the plan is too risky. Neda said that one of the main reasons that she wanted to make a deal was to cover their bases, but the chances of her winning are very slim. Jon agreed. Jon and Neda said that Heather is acting sketchy and is driving them nuts. Jon said that they can tell Sabrina that they are going to win HoH but they are not going to send her home, though she will have to go up as a pawn. Neda said that Heather is going to flip when she goes up. Jon said that he doesn’t care.

Neda again said that she wants to run through scenarios to determine who is best to bring to Final 3. Neda said that Jon would definitely win against Heather, while it would be more of a toss up against Adel. She asked why Jon suddenly turned on Heather. Jon explained that Heather will take a swing at them, more so him, when she gets the chance. Neda then said that she would almost prefer a Final 3 with Adel because Sabrina would have a lot of votes in jury. That being said, Neda mentioned that Canada would never vote for Sabrina and they would also beat her in both Final 3 HoH competitions. Neda pointed out that her concern about going to the end with Adel is that he will choose Jon over her. As for next week, they agreed that they need to try to win HoH. They said that they will talk to Sabrina later and let her know that they will keep her safe.

6:00-7:00 PM: Neda told Sabrina that she is seriously considering throwing HoH to her. She said that the alternative option is that she wins HoH herself and does not get rid of Sabrina. Neda said that she is paranoid so she would like to ensure that she is 100% safe by winning herself in order to prevent something crazy from happening due to a twist. Neda also explained that she would finally like to get an HoH room as well as a letter from home. Sabrina was disappointed that Neda may want to win for herself, saying that Neda would be 100% safe and that all that she wants to do is evict Adel. Sabrina explained that Neda would not have to dirty her hands and screw herself in jury if she lets her win HoH. Neda agreed that Sabrina winning is the best case scenario but she said that she still fears the unknown. Neda said that she is leaning 70-80% towards throwing HoH to Sabrina, but reassured her that she is safe with her no matter what. Sabrina said that they could even send her home once she takes out Adel. Neda said that she will think about it.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon told Neda that he doesn’t think that they should tell Sabrina that they are no longer going to throw HoH to her. He is worried that Sabrina will be given HoH by Canada due to the way that Adel has been treating her, thus he doesn’t want Sabrina know that they have changed their minds. He said that they can explain it to her afterwards. Neda then revealed that she had already talked to Sabrina and told her that she is considering winning HoH herself. Jon was upset that she talked to Sabrina without him, but he said that it was more so due to looking at it emotionally and not because it was bad from a game point of view. Neda said that Sabrina continued to say that she wants to be the one to send home Adel. Jon said that she can be the one to do it next week, implying that Heather can go this week when they win HoH.

Neda said that she is not convinced that sending Heather home over Adel is the best option. She said that she needs time to think about it. Jon asked what heather has been saying to Neda. She told him that Heather is saying the usual, telling her that she wants to go to the Final 2 with her, and also asking what happened last night. Neda figures that Heather overheard something last night. Jon said that’s why she needs to go. Neda said that they just need to keep on winning and they can figure out who needs to go when they get a chance to think it over. She said that it is the best game move to take Sabrina further, but she is just unsure of who to take out first between Heather and Adel. She mentioned that everyone else is already pissed off at them, so getting Adel and Heather mad isn’t a big deal.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sabrina said that she is really giving Jon and Neda her word but she feels that they are lying to her. Neda asked what the point of lying to her would be. Sabrina said because they are in a legit foursome. Neda said that her concern is who she can get further in the game with. Neda explained that she considering throwing HoH or keeping Sabrina safe. Sabrina said that she is worried that they are trying to make her look like a fool. She mentioned that Adel is smirking as if he knows something. Neda said that she doesn’t even talk game with Adel and that Adel wants her out at Final 4. They continued to give Sabrina reassurance that they are being honest about their two alternatives and that they are not going to make her look stupid. Jon told Sabrina that if he or Neda win HoH, she will not be going home.

Neda and Jon agreed to try to win the HoH competition tomorrow. They have decided that they will not target Sabrina but they will nominate her next to their true target. There was some debate over who should go. Jon has been pushing for Heather to go. Neda has been somewhat reluctant to agree to that until this point, but she began to open up to the idea. Jon explained that Adel said that he would take Neda to Final 3 since he thinks that he can beat her. Jon also pointed out that Adel would have no chance but to take them to the Final 3 if they take Heather out. They agreed that there is no way that Adel would choose Sabrina over them. They also felt that Sabrina would continue to target Adel as long as he was in the game. While Neda did not commit 100% to targeting Heather next, she did say that she was leaning that way.

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