Rachelle is evicted; Jon wins HoH

April 24, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Sabrina approached Neda and told her to make her do her dirty work for her. Sabrina promised that she will not put Neda on the block at all. Neda said that she is worried because Canada might have Power of Veto or some twist might put her on the block. Sabrina said that she is the tie breaking vote anyway and she will keep Neda safe, so it is the only safe week to let her win. Neda said that she will see what the competition is but she doesn’t want Sabrina out either way. Neda acknowledged that Sabrina’s main goal is to send Adel home, but she has to think game and make sure that she is 100% safe.

Sabrina questioned if Neda thinks that it is smarter to send Adel home, presumably over her. Neda said 100% she wants either Adel or Heather to go. Sabrina wondered why Neda didn’t care which one would leave. Neda said that she still needs to think it over and that she is unsure which of the two is better to keep. Sabrina told Neda that Heather would be a possible lost jury vote if Neda brings Adel to the end. Neda said that ideally both Adel and Heather will be in jury. Neda said that she is still considering throwing HoH. Sabrina advised her to remember that it’s a lot better if someone else sends her alliance members home as opposed to Neda having to do it herself. Neda agreed.

11:00-12:00 PM: Neda and Jon agreed that they should probably vote out Heather if it’s a double eviction tonight. Neda said that she loses a jury vote if she does that though. Jon said that he does too, but Neda told him that it will look worse for her. Jon explained that Heather thinks that they are going Final 2 and that he has been working with her since Day 1. Jon mentioned that Heather told him that she will just tell Neda yes to a Final 2 if Neda asks her. Neda said that she isn’t really concerned about that, but she feels that Adel and Sabrina would have less of a chance of beating them.

Jon told Neda that because of Adel’s nomination speech and the way that he is treating Sabrina, Canada would not vote for him to win the game. Neda suggested that it’s possible that Canada hates Sabrina so much that they would. Jon said that he doesn’t care how much they hate her, it would be tough to vote for him after the way that Adel acts towards her. Neda pointed out that even last week the crowd was cheering when Sabrina got eliminated from the HoH competition.

Sabrina went to Neda and said that Jon told her to “ask Neda” when she asked him if she would be going home in a double eviction. Neda said that she doesn’t think so. Sabrina questioned if she was being real with her, as she didn’t plan on doing her hair. Neda said that she is considering either Adel or Heather going home because it is better. Neda explained that she will have to put Sabrina on the block though. Sabrina begged Neda to nominate Adel because he will win in the Final 2. Neda said that Adel sucks at competitions though.

Rachelle pointed out that Neda would have a far better chance of beating Heather in Final 2. Neda mentioned that Adel hasn’t done anything. Sabrina said that Adel has a good story. Jon joined them and reassured Sabrina that she will not be leaving if they win HoH. They said that they are undecided on what they will do if Sabrina and Adel are on the block with Heather as HoH. Neda also informed Sabrina that she will be trying to win HoH tonight. Sabrina said that’s fine. Afterwards, Jon and Neda agreed that they need to vote a Gremlin out tonight no matter what, even if Canada saves ones and Heather ends up nominated next to the other. Meanwhile, Adel was downstairs talking to the camera and saying that he is going to tell Neda that Sabrina will turn the whole jury house against him. Adel hoped that it would make Neda want to take him further.

10:00-11:00 PM: As expected, Rachelle was evicted by a vote of 3-0. When the feeds returned after the episode, we found out that Jon had won Head of Household. Jon was reading his letter from his girlfriend Janelle and said that it is the happiest that he has been this entire game. Adel continued to plant seeds that he would be a good choice to bring to the Final 2, telling Neda, Sabrina and Heather that his alliance is dope but he didn't think of the big picture and consider jury votes. He said that he feels as though others had been setting themselves up well with the jury members for a while but he didn't think of it.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jon went to Neda and told her that Adel is 100% on board with evicting Heather, so it will be a 2-0 vote. Jon said that Adel was even the one to bring it up. Neda said that’s good because that is what she wants to do. Neda said that what scared her the most was Heather’s facial expression after Jon won HoH. Neda said that Heather looked pissed, so Jon would have been going home had she won. Jon agreed. Neda asked who they should take to the Final 3. Jon said that he would take Sabrina in heartbeat because she sucks. Neda said that she can beat Sabrina in endurance and then Jon can beat her in the physical competition. Jon said that Adel is on board with bringing Neda to Final 3 because he says that they will be able to crush her.

Adel then joined the two of them outside. Jon pulled him aside for a second and asked if they should tell Neda that they want to bring her to Final 3. They then proceeded to do so. Neda asked Adel if he would be fine with Heather going home this week. Adel simply replied with “It’s a game, Neda”. Jon asked them both if evicting Heather is something that they want to do. Neda said that she would be down. Adel said that he will be voting against Heather. They agreed to target her and mentioned that Heather will be forced to vote for one of them if they make it to the Final 3 together.

After the Final 5 spent time in the HoH room together, Jon, Neda and Adel had some time alone by the hot tub. Jon again asked for confirmation that Adel and Neda were on board with targeting Heather. They said that they are. Adel said that he wishes that they could get rid of Sabrina but it’s not worth it. Neda agreed and said that it doesn’t make game sense to get rid of her. Neda said that it scared her how well Heather did in tonight’s HoH competition. He pointed out that it will be up to Neda to win HoH next week if it is a mental competition, as he will not be able to win it.

Adel then continued to play up that he has no one in jury, saying that Arlie is the only one that would vote for him. He noted that he messed up royally and that there is no way that the Gremlins will vote for him. Heather then made her way outside and joined Adel, Jon and Neda. Jon said that he is on board with the Final 4. Adel said that Jon won HoH so he did it. He said that it’s them and that they will be the house next week. He pointed out that Sabrina will go home and he will be loyal to the three people that he was loyal to since Day 3.

12:00-1:00 AM: Neda pointed out to Jon that Adel easily could have won the competition tonight and that he could be tough to beat in endurance. That being said, she still said that she is fine with Heather going because it would cause Adel and Sabrina to go at each other. Jon was surprised that Neda believes that Heather would take her to the Final 2 over Adel. Neda said that it wont matter anyway since she already agreed to take Heather out. Jon then went to Adel and told him that two of the girls are going up and that the other will go up if one of them wins the veto. He told Adel that he will not be going up. Jon said that they can take Neda or Sabrina to Final 3 and crush them. Adel pointed out that if Neda wins the veto she might use it on Heather and then they have the votes to take him out. Jon said that Heather hates Sabrina but just win the veto to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Adel said that they need to keep an eye on Heather to see if she is crying or acting differently, because that would mean that Neda told her.

1:00-2:00 AM: Jon brought up the idea of bringing Sabrina to the Final 3. Neda brushed off the conversation. Jon said that he really doesn’t care who it is as long as it isn’t Heather. Neda was concerned that Jon is taking Heather out only because he feels that Adel will take him further than Heather will. Jon said that Heather is leaving because she would have taken him out if she had won HoH and he had not won the PoV. Neda continued to push Jon and got him to admit that he wants Heather out because she will take him out before Adel will. Neda said that she is worried that Adel was so easily on board with taking Heather out, as it means that he would be fine with taking her out next. Jon said that he is not going to make a decision that will hurt Neda in this game.

Neda explained that she has been on board with taking Heather out but she is just scared that Adel is no longer playing emotionally since he is so easily getting rid of Heather. Jon said that there is no way that Adel will take her out over Sabrina, because Adel will know that he would then take Sabrina to the Final 2 over him. Jon said that he would even tell Adel that. They agreed that Heather and Sabrina will be nominated, with Heather being told that she is a pawn. Neda asked Jon if he will eventually tell Heather that she is going home. Jon said no. Neda thought that that was a dumb move, but said that they can worry about that later because Heather may still win the veto.

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