The houseguests are tasked with looking after babies

April 25, 2014

7:00 AM-12:00 PM: The houseguests were awake very early, as they were given the task of taking care of fake babies. The babies were often crying, forcing the houseguests to take care of them before they were allowed to sleep. The houseguests kept the babies until around noon. The houseguests named their babies as follows:

Jon- Lil Jon
Neda- Cigarette Butt
Adel- Yafa
Sabrina- Marissa Rachelle
Heather- Sebastian

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12:00-1:00 PM: Adel was talking about how it sucks that there isn’t a car being given away this season. Jon said that maybe it will happen in an upcoming competition. Adel said that he wouldn’t mind Neda winning it because she didn’t get her HoH room both times, or Sabrina winning it even though he can’t stand her because she wont win anything else in this game. They then began talking game. Adel said that he feels bad for Heather but it’s a game. Jon said that Heather came up to him this morning and asked if he is putting Adel up as a pawn. Jon said that he said yes. Adel said that he already went up as a pawn for the Sloppy Seconds. Jon said that he will talk to Heather tonight. Adel suggested that he tell Heather that he was not happy with going up as a pawn again.

Neda told Sabrina that she will be going on the block with Heather but it will be Heather that goes home. Sabrina said questioned if it was a sure thing. Neda said unless Heather wins veto. Neda explained that they are going to tell Heather that she is just a pawn. Sabrina asked if she needs to pretend that she knows nothing and thinks that she is going home. Neda said yes. Sabrina asked Neda to let her know if anything changes.

Sabrina then went to Jon and said that she wants to know what’s happening. Jon said that he already told her what’s happening. Sabrina asked if it was for sure. Jon said yeah and that tomorrow she will be going up next to the person that will be his target. Jon said that he will tell that person that they are the pawn and Sabrina is the target, but they are keeping her in the house. Sabrina again confirmed that she needs to act like she knows nothing and thinks that she is going home. Jon said yes and that he will be saying that she is his target tomorrow. Jon said that he will not let his target know that they are going home at any point, so she will have to play it up all week like she is going home. Before the talk ended, Sabrina informed Jon that he will 100% have her vote whenever he sends her to jury.

1:00-6:00 PM: The houseguests were put on backyard lockdown shortly after 1:00. There were some hockey sticks, a net and other sports equipment, such as badminton rackets, for the houseguests to play with. They were given a brief bathroom break at one point in the afternoon but have otherwise remained in the backyard.

6:00-7:00 PM: When the houseguests were finally let back into the house, a baby shower was awaiting them. There was plenty of food and drinks. The results of the baby task were revealed. Adel won the task. Neda was 2nd place, Heather was 3rd place, Sabrina was 4th place and Jon was 5th place. Jon received a punishment for finishing in last place in the task. He is dressed like a baby until further notice.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jon asked Neda how he should tell Heather that she is going up as a pawn. Neda said to make sure that he only says that she is going up as a pawn, otherwise she will have more fire in the veto competition. She suggested saying that he promised Adel that he would not put him up. Neda said that Heather is so scared right now and keeps looking for reassurance. Neda asked if getting rid of Heather is for sure the smartest move. Jon said that he thinks that it is. Neda pointed out that Jon hasn’t seen Adel perform. Jon said he has seen Heather and it scared him.

Jon said that Adel will take the two of them to Final 3, while Heather will not. Neda asked Jon if he is sure that Adel wont choose Sabrina over him. Jon said that there is a 0% chance of that happening. Neda said that she would have agreed that there is no way that Adel would take Sabrina until she saw how easily Adel was convinced to take out Heather. Heather joined the room and asked if the plan is still the same. Jon asked her why she keeps asking that. Heather said that they seem weird. Jon told her that asking every 8 seconds is weird.

8:00-9:00 PM: The lights in the house were flickering on and off, which led to the houseguests gathering in the living room area. Jon had been in the diary room but he came out because he said that everything went out. Big Brother then twice told Paul to please fix his microphone, then told Ika to please put on her microphone. The houseguests began speculating that someone was coming back into the house. Sabrina claimed to have seen Ika earlier, having told Neda that. The lights again went out, followed by a loud scream type noise. The feeds then went down.

9:00-10:00 PM: When the feeds returned, the houseguests were discussing that they had just seen video clips. At least part of it was from the nomination ceremony the week that Andrew was HoH. The houseguests had no idea what to think of it and were speculating about numerous random twists. It was also mentioned that someone ran through the backyard. Sabrina thought that it was Kenny. The houseguests were spooked and Neda was walking around with a frying pan in her hands.

Adel went to Jon and asked him if he would be fine with him saying in front of Heather and Neda that he was already a pawn for the Sloppy Seconds so it’s someone else’s turn. Jon said that he would be fine with that and that they can do it tomorrow morning. Adel felt that it would be best in order to minimize the chances of Heather thinking that something fishy is going on. Adel later informed Neda about the plan and told her to think of what she will say. Jon mentioned that he could possibly say that he promised Neda that he would never nominate her. Neda believes that Heather will know what’s going on as soon as it happens, as she is a smart girl.

12:00-1:00 AM: The houseguests finally settled in to bed. Big Brother has a few of them spooked, as they have continued with their antics. A couple of plastic doll baby heads were found around the house. Houseguests have also claimed to see people's faces showing up in the mirrors. Heather and Sabrina are sleeping together because Sabrina is freaked out. Jon and Neda are also sleeping in the same bed.

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