Jon nominates Heather and Sabrina

April 26, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Jon nominated Sabrina and Heather for eviction. Heather is the target. Everyone but Heather is in on the plan and is acting as though she is just a pawn. Sabrina and Neda were chatting about how it is odd that Jon will not just tell Sabrina that Adel knows the plan. Sabrina pointed out that Adel is making it so obvious that he knows what is going on. Sabrina asked Neda if she would keep her over Adel next week. Neda said yes.

Jon then joined them. Sabrina asked what he would do if Neda wins HoH and he wins PoV next week, leaving her on the block with Adel. Jon declined to answer. Sabrina asked Jon if she thinks that Heather is going to be bitter. Jon said yes but he didn’t feel that it would necessarily be against him. He pointed out that while he is putting her up, the others are voting her out. He later clarified that he means that Heather will be equally bitter towards them all.

11:00-12:00 PM: Once Sabrina left the room, Jon and Neda agreed that they will evict Adel if Heather wins the PoV. Adel stopped by and mentioned that Heather looks like she is really thinking about things right now. Neda asked what they are going to tell her. Jon and Adel both said to say that she is just a pawn. Once Jon and Neda got a chance to speak alone again, Jon asked her if she wants to go to Final 3 with Sabrina. Neda said that she hasn’t decided yet. Jon said that he hasn’t either but if Heather goes home this week and they have a chance to take out Adel as well, it would greatly improve their odds of winning in the Final 3. Neda said that she is leaning towards taking Adel to the Final 3 because he would suck in the mental competition and because Sabrina would have a lot of jury votes if she ever made it to the Final 2.

Neda went to check on Heather. Heather was crying and said that it would have been nice to get some warning that she was going on the block since they always talk about being in the Final 3 together. Neda agreed with her that Jon should have spoken to her beforehand. Heather questioned why Adel wouldn’t be the one nominated if they really have a Final 3. She pointed out that Adel has so much trust in their Final 4 that he even would have left nominations the same if he won the veto. Heather said that it seems as though the plan was to nominate her all along and she doesn’t believe that it was just because Adel was mad about going up.

Heather told Neda that she doesn’t know what to think anymore. She said that this has left her wondering if Jon even wants them to be in the Final 4 or Final 3 together at this point. She said that she is so pissed because she was this close to beating him in the HoH competition and then he put her on the block. Heather asked Neda if her thoughts have changed. Neda said no. Heather said good because she still wants to go to the Final 2 with Neda. After her talk with Heather, Neda filled Jon in on what Heather had said. Neda pointed out that it may be best for them if Sabrina wins the PoV because Heather would be less bitter if she went home when she was nominated next to Adel.

12:00-1:00 PM: Heather went to Jon and asked why she was nominated when they have been in an alliance since Day 1. She said that she just doesn’t understand. Jon said that Adel pulled him aside this morning and put up a fuss that he should not have to go up as a pawn for the Sloppy Seconds because he already has. Jon said that he feared that Adel would do something to blow up the alliance if he used Adel as a pawn, so he was left to choose between her and Neda. Heather said that she wished that she had known beforehand. She also pointed out that she has been a pawn more times than Adel has. Jon said that it was his intention to nominate Adel until this morning, and that he would have let them all know the plan but it wasn’t decided upon until he went into the diary room to nominate.

Jon asked Heather what her biggest fear is. She began crying and said that they were supposed to have a Final 2. She also explained that you never know what could happen, suggesting that a twist could somehow see her end up on the block next to Neda. She mentioned that she is on the block because of the one person that she thought would never nominate her. Jon said that he put a lot of trust in the fact that she wouldn’t lose trust in him, which was probably a bad idea. She said that she would have felt at least a bit better about it if they had discussed it beforehand. Jon assured her that Sabrina is still going home unless Adel and Neda are screwing him over, which they shouldn’t be because they didn’t even know who was going up. He reiterated that it was not some big game move. Heather said that she will have to put her trust in them to keep her. Heather asked if anything has changed with their Final 3. Jon said nothing has changed. Both agreed that they have always want to go to the Final 3 together with Neda.

1:00-2:00 PM: Neda and Sabrina had a brief game talk. Sabrina asked if they are going to tell Heather that she is leaving. Neda said no. She then said maybe after veto. Neda pointed out that she didn’t want Heather to leave and that it was Jon that did. Sabrina asked if it was the other one (Adel) that Neda wanted to leave. Neda said yes. Neda explained that she was flip flopping between the two alternatives but points were made as to why Heather should leave and she also did so well in the HoH competition. Neda told Sabrina that they will see how things play out in the veto competition tonight and then it will be up to Jon to decide if they tell Heather or if they blindside her.

3:00-4:00 PM: Adel told Jon that for the third time today that he has noticed Neda bringing up who is going to win at the end. Adel said that Neda knows that she has all of the votes. Jon and Adel agreed that they have no chance against Neda. Adel said that Neda thinks that she is so smart. Adel said that Neda is trying to get the two of them against each other. Jon said that they wont let it happen. Adel pointed out that Neda has been campaigning for every jury vote as people have left, and she has them all.

Heather told Neda that her biggest fear is that the alliance isn’t as true as she thought it was, as was the case when the girls alliance almost voted her out. Heather said that she trusts Neda more than anyone in this game though, so she feels that Neda would have the decency to tell her if she was ever in danger of leaving. Neda agreed. Heather mentioned that she had spoken to Adel to get some reassurance that she is safe but he would not give a straight answer. Shortly after, Sabrina told Heather that it’s possible that she may win the veto. In that case, Sabrina said that Heather would have a big upper hand because there is no way that she would vote against Heather with Adel nominated next to her.

5:00-6:00 PM: Adel was in the living room talking to Heather and Neda about how he enjoys fighting with Sabrina now. Adel mentioned how she chose to fight with him. Adel then pointed out that Heather was able to get her nemesis out. Heather said that he will be able to get his out this week. Adel said he hopes so. Heather said that it better happen, otherwise it means that she is leaving. Heather said that it’s scary being on the block. Adel told her that she shouldn’t be afraid of it this time. Heather pointed out that that’s what she was told before when she went up as a pawn, but she should have been afraid. Sabrina then jumped into the conversation, as she had been listening all along from upstairs. Sabrina and Adel then engaged in a joking back and forth argument. Sabrina said that she is winning the veto and Adel is going up and going home. Adel said that Sabrina’s vote doesn’t mean shit. Sabrina pointed out that Neda will not vote against Heather.

7:00-8:00 PM: Adel mentioned to Jon and Neda that he told Heather she is “one billion hundos” safe. Neda said that Heather told her that she trusts that she would let her know if something was up. Adel said that they can do what they want but he is planning on lying to her the whole time. Jon said that he thinks that it’s best to let her know the night before or the day of her eviction. Neda told them both that she thinks that it’s best if they give it a day to make sure that they are going through with that decision, then tell her the truth so that they don’t have to lie to her face for 3-4 days. Neda said that she would not want someone lying to her face like that.

10:00 PM-5:00 AM: Feeds went down at 10:28 PM, seemingly for the veto competition. The houseguests were confused as to why it was start so late, especially because the screens did not say that the veto competition was today like they usually do. The feeds remained down until shortly before 5:00 AM. This isn't an unusually long length of time, as 5-6 hours has been typical for veto competitions this season. When the feeds returned, everyone was preparing to head to bed. There was no talk of what had happened, other than some houseguests questioning what the point of that was. It is possible that they were referring to being locked down for some reason, as Jon went and looked around the house to see if anything had changed. At this point it is unclear who won the PoV.

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