Heather wins the Power of Veto

April 27, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: The houseguests were woken up and were all grumpy because they did not get much sleep. They said that they heard banging from the backyard all night. Heather went and checked the screens and questioned why they didn’t say that the veto ceremony is today. Heather then spoke with Neda and told Neda that she is so happy. Neda told her that she had a good strategy. Heather told Neda that she is happy for her cause Neda won money.

Adel told Jon that he has been playing a flawless game all season long, so he is not going to tell him what to do. However, Adel told Jon that the girls will probably make a move on him if Jon nominates him. Jon said that Neda wouldn’t vote Adel out if he went up, as it would be too risky knowing that he would be playing in the Final 4 PoV and Final 3 HoH. Adel disagreed and said that the odds are in her favour now since the girls have the numbers. Adel pointed out that during the video clip that it was always Neda and Sabrina together. Adel later pointed out that she (Neda or Sabrina) went for $3,000 while he didn’t go for a single dollar. Jon said that he wont nominate Adel if he feels that he has a chance of going home.

Jon then spoke with Neda. They were pissed off that Sabrina went for money in the veto competition. Jon said that he just wants to send her home for that. The two of them agreed that they should have tried to win the veto and not go for the money. Jon said that he especially felt that way since he got no money out of it. Neda said that she is worried that Sabrina will tell Heather that the plan was to target her. They agreed that the two of them and Adel need to just deny it. Neda also said that they cannot leave the two of them alone. Jon said that they will tell Sabrina that Adel is going home. Sabrina eventually spoke with Jon and told him that she would never tell Heather that she was the target. Neda said that they will need to think of who is the best option for them to evict. Jon said that he knows that Adel will take them to the Final 3, while he sees no reason for Sabrina to do so.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jon and Neda again discussed that they cannot believe that Sabrina went for money. Neda said that she is not leaning either way at this point, in terms of evicting Adel or Sabrina. Jon again pointed out that Adel will take them to the end. Jon said that Adel feels that he is the only one that he can beat in the Final 2, so he wont go after him. Adel was in the bedroom talking to himself and saying that Jon is going to make the move and put him on the block. Adel said that he is done. He then pointed out that it’s not the first time that his back has been against the wall, so he can’t get paranoid and needs to just keep his cool or else his game will be over.

Adel told Jon that Neda can go up as a pawn. He said that they will need to take her out eventually, even though the time is not now and he can still keep his word to Neda by keeping her safe. Jon said that he doesn’t think that Adel would go home if he were on the block. Adel pointed out that Neda was so quick to cut Heather even though they had a Final 3 with her. Adel said that it would be Neda’s best move to take him out, as Jon would then not be able to play for HoH. He noted that Neda has the jury votes secured and the only thing standing in her way of the win is Jon. Adel pleaded with Jon not to put him up, saying that he is willing to play for 2nd place. Adel said that he will rip everyone a new asshole, while allowing Jon to comfort them, in order to guarantee Jon the 1st place prize. He said that all that he needs is Jon to keep him safe and give him the go ahead and he will do it. Jon said that it may be an option but he wants to see how things play out over the next 24 hours.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina told Heather that she has something to tell her the day that she leaves that she cannot repeat. She made Heather swear not to tell anyone. Heather did. Sabrina said that it will benefit Heather’s game. Sabrina asked Heather who she would take to the end out of the other three remaining houseguests. Heather said that she is thinking Neda. Sabrina said that would be stupid. She then told Heather that she would win the game if she were up against Adel. Sabrina said that it would be 50/50 if she were up against Neda, while nobody has a chance against Jon. Heather agreed that Jon wins the game if he makes it to the end. Sabrina said that it sucks that Heather has to vote it out. Heather said that she agrees and it makes her sad.

Sabrina then went to Jon and told him that she has no chance of staying if she is nominated next to Adel. Jon asked why. Sabrina explained that there is no way that Heather will vote for her and then Jon is the tiebreaker and will not send home Adel. Jon said that it is not out of the realm of possibility. He said that he will let her know when they make a decision. Sabrina then mentioned that Jon lied to her again about the Final 3. Jon asked why she thinks that. Sabrina said because they are sending her home this week.

Sabrina then spoke with Neda. She too told Sabrina that it was undecided at this point. Neda said that while she and Jon will make the decision together, she thinks that it will come down to whatever she decides. Neda said that she will let Sabrina know when a decision is made. Meanwhile, Adel was talking to Heather and told her that he knows that he is not playing for first. He said that he burnt his bridges too early. Adel said that there will be so much bitterness between their Final 4 if Sabrina managed to squeak her way through to the Final 2, she would win the game. He said that whoever brought her there would never get his vote. Heather agreed that they would never get her vote either.

3:00-4:00 PM: Neda told Jon that Adel is playing it up too much that he will have no jury votes and that everyone should take him to the Final 2. Neda said that everyone knows what he is doing when he says that. Jon told her that it’s a good thing then, since everyone knows. Jon said that Adel is obviously going on the block if he gets to pick the replacement nominee. There has been some speculation by the houseguests that Canada might get to choose it. Jon then told Neda that they will just have to decide who is better for them to target, Sabrina or Adel.

10:00-11:00 PM: After hours of an HoH lockdown, followed by a feed outage, the feeds returned and the houseguests had got to see their loved ones. Jon’s father, Heather’s boyfriend, Sabrina’s sister and Neda’s sister, and Adel’s best friend were at the house. They got to speak to them for two minutes but could not have physical contact as there was glass in between them. It sounds as though the houseguests had to give things up in order to speak to the loved ones. Heather mentioned that she can’t go into the HoH room even if she wins HoH. Neda seems to have given up her clothes, Jon is headed to solitary confinement, Adel must stay awake for 36 hours and Sabrina is on slop. The houseguests were discussing how amazing it was to have gotten to experience that.

11:00-12:00 AM: Neda and Jon discussed who they should target. Neda said that it is so much easier beating Sabrina than Adel in competitions. Jon said that he would also feel more comfortable competing in the veto comp against Heather and Sabrina. Neda said exactly but asked Jon to give her the night to think it over. Jon asked Neda if Heather would take them to the Final 3. Neda said that Heather would likely not take Jon. Jon agreed. They then discussed what they had heard from their loved ones. Neda’s sister told her not to get too cocky and comfortable. She said that she has not been cocky. She figured that it was directed towards Adel. She also mentioned that maybe her sister was hinting that they should not be too comfortable with their Final 4. They discussed that they were both told to keep doing what they are doing and not stop playing the game.

While Jon and Neda were speaking in the bedroom, Sabrina and Heather quickly spoke outside. Sabrina said that she doesn’t want to tell her the secret until she leaves, but it is something that will be important for Heather to know when it comes down to the Final 3. She said that it is nothing crazy but it will let her know to be careful. Heather tried to get Sabrina to tell her now but Sabrina said that she doesn’t know if she can trust Heather not to say anything. She explained that her game would be over if the others knew that she was telling Heather.

Adel was talking to himself and said that he is done and will be headed home. He then spoke with Jon and asked if he was okay. Jon said yes and that Neda has said that it would make no sense not to evict Sabrina because then she would have Sabrina and herself competing against Heather rather than Adel and herself competing against Heather. Jon said that he hasn’t even decided yet and may throw Neda up on the block. Jon mentioned that Neda’s best bet for getting to Final 3 is having Adel in the house. Adel disagreed and said that Neda is covered with the girls as well.

Adel noted that Heather keeps running away with Sabrina and that some sort of girl thing is brewing and he hopes that Jon realizes before it is too late. Jon said that Heather take Sabrina to Final 2. Adel told Jon that she would also take Neda before she would take him. Adel explained that he will never win against the girls and that he wont even think about taking them. Jon agreed. Adel told Jon that Neda’s family needs the money and she will look at it and think that Jon will understand in a month or so if she were to cut him. Afterwards, Adel pleaded with Jon’s picture in the backyard to see the light and not put him up as he is his true Final 2. Adel said that if Jon nominates him again he will nominate Jon next week if he wins HoH.

12:00-1:00 AM: Sabrina went to Neda and said that she would like to talk to Jon before he heads into solitary confinement so that she can prepare if she is going to be evicted. Neda said that she and Jon agreed to think things over while he is in solitary and then they will make a decision as to who will go home. Neda pointed out that there are still two full days left after Jon gets out. Sabrina asked if Jon is leaning towards evicting her. Neda said that she really doesn’t know. Sabrina then asked if it is equal at this point. Neda said yes. Sabrina said that was all that she needed to know.

Adel again spoke to Jon before bed and explained to him that the girls will take their shot to keep the numbers and will evict him if Jon puts him on the block. He said that the girls will then have the 3 on 1 numbers advantage next week and will take a shot at Jon. Adel said that it would make no sense for the girls to take Jon to the Final 2. He suggested that Jon nominates Neda and then tells her that it was just to ensure that he did not go home this week. Adel said that there would be plenty of time for Jon to smooth things over with Neda, especially when it would be him, not Jon, that takes Neda out eventually. Adel said that he will to take a shot at Neda in the next week if he wins HoH.

Adel said that he will not vote her out if she goes on the block this week, but he realizes that he will be taken out if he is on the block. Adel continued to plead with Jon to nominate Neda, saying that Neda has everyone right where she wants them and will lock the win up if he goes on the block. He said that Neda already has all of the jury votes secured. Adel explained that the girls will have nothing to lose by taking him out and then going after Jon, while he has nothing to gain by taking Jon out. Adel again said that he would be willing to rip every girl apart and make them cry in order to lock up first place for Jon. Adel then brought up that he, Neda and Heather made a Final 3 and there is a reason that neither of the girls told Jon about it.

Jon went to Neda and said that Adel is trying to get her nominated and said that he made a Final 3 with her and Heather. Neda denied it and said that it’s bullshit that Adel is lying like that. Neda asked Jon to bring it up to Adel in front of her tomorrow. Jon said that he will. Neda said that she now wants Adel out even more if he is being this shady, as he would come after her next. Jon said that he is leaning towards keeping Adel at this point. He explained that Adel will take the both of them to the Final 3. Neda said that Jon is putting too much trust in Adel taking him far. Neda said that she is still flip flopping as to who should be evicted this week. She said that they can think things over while Jon is in solitary and then meet up and talk it out until the reach a decision.

Jon then spoke to Heather and asked her what other Final 3s she has. Heather said that the only one that she has is with Jon and Neda. She swore on her boyfriend. Jon then revealed what Adel had told him. Heather said that it was not true. Heather pointed out that Adel must have a Final 2 with Jon since he hasn’t spoken to either her or Neda. Jon said that Adel always pushes for a Final 2 but he has no intention of bringing Adel to the Final 2. Jon said that he does believes that Adel would take him to the Final 3 but he believes that he has a strong Final 3 with Neda and Heather.

Heather said that she still thinks that Sabrina needs to go this week because she would win the game if she were in the Final 2. Heather also pointed out that Adel would be a very bitter jury member. Jon said that he would have to vote for someone. Jon told Heather that it would be great to compete against Sabrina and that as long as she doesn’t win they would be guaranteed Final 3. Heather agreed. Heather warned Jon that he would go home if Sabrina were to win HoH. Jon said that he is willing to take his chances that Neda or Heather win HoH and that he could win the veto. Jon let her know that there is still plenty of time to think it over. They reiterated that they want to go to the end together. Heather said that it would be stupid to let Sabrina get to the Final 2 because she would for sure win. Jon agreed.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sabrina made a quick half joking pitch to Heather and Neda. She said that she will stay loyal to the girls, will not win anything, which allows them to get further, and will not take Jon to the Final 2. She also said that she needs to be able to get Adel out of the game before she leaves. Heather and Neda then went and talked things over. Heather said that she is leaning towards keeping Adel this week. Neda said that she really is up in the air about it. Heather’s main concern is that Adel will blow their games up in jury in order to screw them over if they were to send him home before Sabrina.

Both girls agreed that Sabrina wins the game if she makes it to the end. The benefit of keeping her was that they thought that Sabrina would be easy to beat in the competitions. Neda and Heather agreed that their best chance of winning is being in the Final 2 against each other. They eventually said that they have a few days to think about it all. Neda made one last point in saying that guys are always perceived to have played a better game than girls. She also said that up until two weeks ago she didn’t think that Adel would actually take Jon to the end, but now she kind of believes it. Heather felt the same way.

As Neda and Heather were getting ready to head to bed, Sabrina came to them to make another couple of points. She said that if they send her home before Adel, she will not be there to see what really goes down. Sabrina explained that Adel will then go to jury and bash the girls and she will not be able to defend them. On the other hand, if she leaves after Adel she said that she can influence the jury more so than Adel. Sabrina also stated that she can do more for Neda and Heather’s games since Adel is so obsessed with Jon that he will do nothing for them. Sabrina said that it is obvious that Adel will bring Jon to the end. Sabrina said that Adel would have no votes in jury other that those of Arlie and possibly Canada, yet Adel still wants to take Jon.

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