Heather uses the PoV on herself; Adel is nominated

April 28, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Jon told Neda that if Adel goes to Heather and tells her that they were trying to get her out this week, they can say that it’s bullshit and that he made it up just like he made up the Final 3 with Heather and Neda. Jon said that it’s best to get Adel out this week because he would like to compete against Sabrina. Neda said that she is having trouble deciding between the two because they are so equal. Jon said that Adel would crush him in everything besides a competition that involves using your memory. Jon said that Adel legitimately believes that he could beat him in the end. He added that it is Adel’s belief that Neda has the game wrapped up and has secured all of the jury votes so she will win if she makes it to the Final 2. Jon suggested that Adel would target Neda next week. Neda said that obviously makes her want to keep Sabrina more. Jon said that he wouldn’t be leaning towards taking out Sabrina if he didn’t trust Neda. He said that they are at a point in the game where he can easily be taken out if he loses the veto competition.

Jon and Neda discussed that Heather continually says that she wants to go to the Final 3 with them. Neda said that she keeps drilling it into Heather that Sabrina will win if she makes it to the end. Neda pointed out that Sabrina is a terrible campaigner and continues to bring up that Adel would have no votes at the end. Jon said that he gives Sabrina credit for nothing. Neda said that the only thing that she would give Sabrina credit for is manipulating Rachelle and getting Ika nominated. Neda said that Heather appears to be leaning towards keeping Adel around because she feels that he would be a very bitter juror, and may be considering it even more due to Sabrina’s poor campaigning. Jon said he would vote for Adel over Heather if they were in the Final 2 together. He said that he would never give Heather his vote in the Final 2 unless Neda screwed him over in the end and went with Heather.

Adel told Jon that if he is gone and one of the girls other than Neda win the veto, he will be going home next week. Adel explained that Jon would have two chances of winning the veto if he was still in the game. He told Jon to think it over. Jon told Adel that Neda is not going to send him home. Adel said that it is Jon’s call but 100% the girls have something going on. Adel implied that he knows that he will go home if he is nominated, so he will have to do something about it sooner than later.

Jon asked Heather who she would rather compete against in endurance, Sabrina or Adel. Heather said Adel. Jon and Neda both agreed that Sabrina is easier to compete against. Heather asked if Jon is thinking that evicting Adel would be the better decision. Jon said that he is thinking it but he is not the one with the votes. Neda said that she is leaning 60/40 towards evicting Adel. Heather then said that she doesn’t like how mean and cocky Adel has been lately. Jon said that the only pro for him to keeping Adel is that Adel would definitely take him further than he would take the girls.

9:00-10:00 AM: Adel was out by the hot tub talking to himself. Adel said that if he does not get put on the block, he will cause shit all day and all night today. If he does get put on the block, he said that he cannot cause problems because he will need the votes. He acknowledged that he will be done as dinner if he is nominated because the girls think that he will stay loyal to Jon and that it would make no sense to keep him. Adel said that alliances go out the window at Final 5, so he can’t expect much out of his alliance. He pointed out that he knew that they should not have kept Sabrina around, but they did it anyway.

Neda had a quick chat with Sabrina and advised her not to say in front of Heather that Adel would never get any jury votes. Neda explained that it makes Heather want to keep Adel even more since she thinks that nobody would vote for Adel if she kept her around until the Final 2. Sabrina said “oh shit, you’re right”. Sabrina said that she is an idiot and wasn’t thinking. Neda said that she is leaning towards keeping Sabrina. Sabrina asked if Neda had told Jon that. Neda said that she had and that Jon is seemingly thinking the same thing at this point.

Jon spoke to Adel and let him know that he is going on the block. Jon said that he knows that Adel will not be going home. Adel said okay, I’m good then. He said that it’s Jon’s decision. Jon said that it would prevent Neda from blowing up and then they can still stick to their Final 2. Jon told Adel that he can go and talk to the girls if he wants reassurance. Adel said that Neda is still covered on both ends and will plan something out with the girls so that they can take Jon out next week after he leaves this week. Jon didn’t think that the girls would do that. Adel explained that it makes more sense for the girls to send him out this week.

Adel said that he will not let it show that he feels that something shady is going on but he is definitely concerned. Jon again assured Adel that Neda will not vote to evict him this week, and he would be the tiebreaking vote even if Heather votes him out. Adel then went outside and looked at Sabrina’s pictures and said that she might beat him now. He said that he will jump off a bridge if that happens. He then questioned what Jon is thinking. Finally, he went to Neda’s picture and said that if she backstabs him she will not get his vote. He said that she will not get Arlie’s vote and she will also not get Allison’s vote because he will tell Allison that Neda was talking about her and got her out on her birthday.

12:00-1:00 PM: When the feeds returned following the veto ceremony, we found out that Heather used the Power of Veto on herself and Jon had nominated Adel in her place. Sabrina told Heather, Jon and Neda that they have a bigger chance of winning against her as opposed to Adel. Jon said competitions, yes, but not at the end. Sabrina said that she only has two jury votes. She told Jon that he will win the game if he makes it to the end. Sabrina explained that Adel has made it very clear that he will bash everyone, so they need Sabrina in the house longer than him so that she can go to jury house and set the record straight.

Sabrina said that the people that are in jury right now would listen to her over anyone else and she is willing to have their backs when she goes to the jury house. Sabrina then told Jon that Adel has his head so far up his ass that he will take Neda out just to be in the end with Jon. Sabrina also noted that all three of them would beat her in the Final 2 because she survived just because she wasn’t a threat.

After Sabrina left, Heather said that it may be smarter to keep Sabrina since they have a better chance of beating her in competitions. Heather said that as long as the three of them stick together, they win either way. Jon agreed. They all agreed that Sabrina has jury votes locked up and would win if anyone takes her to the Final 2. They said that they need to battle it out once they get to the Final 3. As for reasons to keep Adel, Heather said that it would prevent him from being a very bitter jury member. Jon said he has to vote for one of them.

Heather then said that she is scared of Sabrina winning and breaking them up. Jon said that if Adel wins they are broken up anyway. Jon said that he personally would benefit from keeping Adel but he doesn’t want to go to the Final 3 without Heather and Neda. They discussed that Adel would have to be blindsided or else he would “blow shit up”. They agreed to tell Sabrina that they don’t know which they are voting. Jon said that he is no longer leaning towards anything, as he simply wants Adel to go. He said that it makes no sense for anyones game to keep Adel around.

Sabrina told Heather and Neda that all that she asks of them is that they let her know what they are doing. Neda informed Heather that Adel had come to her earlier and said that she is going to make a fake Final 2 with Heather in order to see if it gets around. They agreed that they are leaning towards evicting Adel at this point. Sabrina then interrupted and asked if they really are considering keeping her. The girls said yes. Sabrina told them that she would continue to act as though she is going home.

1:00-2:00 PM: The punishments that were handed out last night in exchange for the houseguests getting to see their loved ones kicked in. Jon has 24 hours of solitary confinement in the HoH room. Neda lost all of her clothes and makeup and has to wear her onesie. Heather is banned from the HoH, even if she wins HoH. Sabrina is on slop and Adel must remain awake for 36 consecutive hours.

2:00-3:00 PM: Sabrina asked Heather if she is really considering keeping her. Heather said that she is still weighing out her options but she is strongly considering it. Sabrina said that she is interested in a Final 2 with Heather. Sabrina told Heather that she will have no chance of winning up against Heather. Sabrina explained that Arlie, Rachelle and Allison will 100% vote for Neda and that she likely would too if Heather got rid of her and didn’t trust her. Sabrina said that everyone’s best option would be to take her to the end because she has no shot against any of them.

Sabrina said that no one would win against Jon. She asked Heather if she would nominate Jon. Heather said that of course she would. Sabrina told Heather that she knows all about the deal that the Final 4 had where they would not vote for the others if they took anyone further than they did each other. Sabrina said that it is all out the window at this point, which is why she knows about it. Sabrina mentioned that Adel has no jury votes unless he is up against Heather, because Rachelle will not let things go, so he would have Rachelle, Canada and Arlie in all likelihood.

5:00-6:00 PM: Neda told Heather that the only thing that scares her about keeping Sabrina is that if she magically gets to the Final 3, she knows her days very well. Heather agreed. Neda said that Sabrina is the worst campaigner ever for bringing up that she knows the days so well. Sabrina was alone with Neda and began campaigning again. She said that Heather would take Jon out would have a good shot of beating her in the Final 2. Sabrina said that she is the only one that Neda has a 100% chance of beating. Neda pointed out that Arlie likes Heather, Adel will vote for Heather and Canada also may vote for her based on the fan reactions that she has heard during the HoH competitions. Sabrina said that she would be so grateful to get the $20,000. Sabrina told Neda that her speech against her in the Final 2 would be that Neda deserves the $100,000.

Neda said that it would be 50/50 whether or not she would beat Sabrina in the end, though she is still leaning towards keeping her over Adel. Neda pointed out that everyone would see how strong Sabrina had to be to make it through everything including the failure of the First Five. She suggested that Sabrina would have Rachelle’s vote, Allison’s vote, Arlie’s vote and possibly Jon’s vote depending on how Jon is eventually evicted. Sabrina disagreed and said that she would only get Rachelle and Allison’s votes if she were up against Neda. Sabrina said that she told Heather that she would take her to the Final 2 but she would really take Neda because she is the most deserving. Sabrina said that she will prove her loyalty to Neda by not telling Heather that they were going to vote her out this week. Heather eventually joined them. Sabrina pushed them to let her know when they will make a decision. They said that they want to think it over but are leaning towards keeping her.

7:00-8:00 PM: The houseguests were discussing that there will be bitter jury members. Adel said that Allison will 100% be bitter, more so towards Neda than to him. Neda agreed. They discussed who Arlie would vote for. It was agreed upon that Arlie would vote for Adel first, then for Heather, then for Sabrina, with Neda and Jon as the bottom two options. Adel told Neda that the two of them would be bitter, while he is unsure of whether or not Heather would be. Heather said that she would definitely be bitter but would still make her decision based on who played the best game. Adel said that he doesn’t think that he would look at it that way and he would be more likely to let the bitterness impact his decision.

10:00-11:00 PM: Neda and Heather agreed that evicting Adel is the better idea. Heather pointed out that they know that Sabrina talks a lot and they can see through it. She also said that Sabrina is a weaker competitor. They discussed that it would be so cool if they made the Final 2 together. Neda said that it would be the only thing that makes sense, as both Jon and Sabrina would win if they made it to the end. Heather pointed out that with the way that Sabrina and Adel have been acting lately, Canada is likely shifting from liking Adel to like Sabrina. Neda agreed. Heather said that she feels that who Adel is in here is not really the true Adel. Heather told Neda that Adel can threaten them all that he wants but at the end of the day it doesn’t make sense to keep him. Both girls said that they are getting annoyed with Adel saying that they will be so huge outside of the house and that they can make a lot of money off of it. They wanted Adel to just enjoy the experience and opportunity that he has by being there.

11:00-12:00 AM: Neda said that she wishes that Sabrina would quit pushing Final 2 on her. Heather agreed. Heather said it’s annoying that it’s so clear that they are best friends like Sabrina and Rachelle will, yet Sabrina keeps trying to get them to take her to Final 2. Neda said it’s pissing her off that Sabrina is setting it up to make it seem like she manipulated them into keeping her, while they really are only doing it because it’s best for their games. They discussed that Sabrina made the exact same Final 2 pitch to each of them. Neda said that it is pissing her off that Sabrina is being so cocky now that she knows that she is staying. Neda said that it makes her blood boil that Sabrina is still in the game. Heather said that she wanted Sabrina out so long ago because they knew that this would happen. Heather and Neda agreed that it makes the most sense for them to go to the Final 2 together.

12:00-1:00 AM: Adel said that Neda is clearly the mastermind, so Heather will vote along with her to evict him if Neda says so. He said that the needs to tell Neda that he will be a bitter bitter jury member if that happens. On Thursday after the rehearsal he plans to put a plan into action and try to save himself. He said that perhaps he really is safe but his instincts tell him that it would make no sense to keep him. He said that he will tell Neda that she is the smartest and deserves to win it but he will hold a grudge against her if he leaves before Sabrina, as will Arlie and Allison. Adel worried that that was too much of an aggressive approach. He said that if Neda saves him this week he will tell her that she is the only one that he would vote for. As for Heather, he planned to tell her that he would go Final 2 with her since Jon and Neda are going Final 2, then they can have backup plans with Neda and Jon.

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