Jon changes his mind, wants to keep Adel

April 29, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Adel asked Neda if everything was still good. She said of course. Adel said that as long as Sabrina goes before him, he will never be a bitter jury member. He then said that Neda deserves the win more than anyone else because she is playing a sick game. Adel told Neda that nobody but her will get his vote at the end. Adel suggested that he would nominate Heather and Jon if he stayed and won HoH, as Jon used him as a pawn and he would be safe with Neda voting anyway. Adel told Neda that she and Jon are like Jillian and Emmett and he knows that they will take each other to the end, but he is fine with that as long as Sabrina goes before him.

Adel said that he knows where Neda has come from, as his family followed a similar path, so he would enjoy seeing them benefit from this all by her winning. He again assured Neda that she will get his vote no matter what. Neda said that she wont get it if she is next to Jon. Adel said that Jon played a good game but Neda has played the best game in the house, being good in competitions and from a social perspective. Neda said that she doesn’t think that she would beat Jon at the end. Adel said that she would have his vote and he would not let Arlie vote for Jon. He pointed out that Arlie gave Neda the credit for taking him out, while he is bitter towards Jon for nominating him.

12:00-1:00 PM: Neda asked Heather if she is still leaning towards evicting Adel. Heather said yes. Neda said that Sabrina scares her because if she somehow made it to Final 2 she would win. Heather said that she would but so would Adel. Neda pointed out that both of them keeping saying that if they drag them to Final 2 it’s a sure win. Neda believes that they would have a better chance up against Adel in the Final 2 if it came down to a worst case scenario where either Adel or Sabrina made it. Heather said that she would rather it be Adel staying over Sabrina, but Adel has a better chance of winning HoH or PoV next week. Neda agreed.

Jon was finally released from solitary confinement. Adel spoke to him and said that he had just talked to Neda and let her know that he would be a bitter jury member if he goes home this week. Jon told Adel to stop telling everyone that Neda would beat everyone in Final 2. Adel said that he has never said that. Jon then told Adel that Neda is never going to vote against him. Adel pointed out that Heather has been snotty for the past 24 hours and has been using his own lines on him, such as when she told him that he is one billion percent safe.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jon went to Neda and said that he cannot have Heather win the HoH or PoV, or else he is going home. Jon said that the best option is to keep Adel in order to ensure that Heather does not win, as Sabrina is useless and wont win either. Neda said that Adel will get rid of her. Jon told her that there is no way that Adel will get rid of her. Jon said that he can convince Adel to get rid of Heather more than anyone else. Neda disagreed and said that Adel has been pointing out that Heather is the easiest one to beat at the end. Jon explained that he can get Adel to buy into the fact that the three of them are the true Final 3.

Jon added that it is more beneficial for it to be the two of them and Adel playing against Heather, rather than it being just the two of them against Heather. Jon said that it took him a good 16 hours of thinking about it before he decided that it was best for Adel to stay. He said that it would ensure them of Final 3. Neda disagreed. Heather joined the conversation. She said that she thinks that it would be smarter to keep Sabrina but she is scared of Sabrina making it to the Final 2 and winning the game. Jon said that he is now back to thinking that it is best for Adel to stay. He explained that just as Heather had pointed out that Adel would be bitter, he now believes that it would be best to stay true to their word and battle it out at Final 4. Heather and Neda said that Adel has a better chance of beating them in the competitions next week.

Neda spoke alone with Heather, filling her in on her earlier conversation with Adel. Neda said that it was tripping her out that Adel was suggesting that he would vote for Sabrina if they took him out this week. Heather said that she knows that Adel will do it but he has no choice but to vote for one of them if they get to the end together. Neda said that if Sabrina magically makes it to the end, she would have Rachelle, Allison, Adel, possibly Arlie and maybe even Jon since he will hate them if they take him out. Neda pointed out that Jon gets off easy out of all of this, as Adel will be the least bitter towards him. Neda said that she is almost considering splitting the vote and letting Jon decide. She was concerned that Jon would then take Adel, so she immediately decided that it was too risky to do that.

Heather said that she had loyalty to Adel until he said that he would make a fake Final 2 with her yesterday, thinking that she is a huge idiot. Neda said that she lost trust in him when she heard about him telling Jon that the three of them had made a Final 3. Neda said that Jon must have changed his mind because he is scared that Sabrina would not take him to the end. Neda told Heather that they just need to focus on getting to Final 2 together and keeping would give them the easiest route to the end. Heather was worried that Adel would never forgive them. Neda said that he would forget about it eventually. Both agreed that they would rather have Adel over Sabrina in the Final 2 on a personal level.

Heather told Neda that Sabrina has been trying to convince her that Neda and Jon are going to the end together. Neda said that it would be stupid to take him and it sucks that she will lose him as a friend, but it’s a game and she will have to get rid of him. Heather said that Jon will be able to get over it. She said that it’s a game and they have no chance against Jon.

2:00-3:00 PM: Neda filled Jon in on Sabrina’s campaigning and how she has been telling both her and Heather the exact same things. Jon let Neda know that Adel came to him and said that he wants to go to the Final 3 with him and Neda. Neda said that she is leaning towards keeping Sabrina because she has a better chance at beating her. Jon explained that it hurts his game because both Heather and Sabrina would vote him out. Neda said that she is sorry but she doesn’t think that she can beat Adel. Neda explained that Heather keeps saying that she wants to go to the Final 3 with them. Jon said that Heather knows that she was the target and she will not take him further. Jon pointed out that their best chance to make it to the Final 2 together would be by having Adel in the Final 3. Neda thought that having Sabrina there would be the better option. Jon ultimately told Neda to do whatever she wants.

Heather told Neda that she believes that Jon may have been watching them while he was in solitary confinement, so he will now know that they are taking each other to the end. Neda was unsure of whether or not that would be possible, as it was supposed to be a punishment and not a reward. Jon joined them and said that Adel has only come close to winning one competition. He noted that Adel has no chance of winning anything if it involves memory. Jon and Neda spoke alone again. Jon said that Neda can do whatever she wants but he will be pissed about Adel leaving. Jon pointed out that he put the power in their hands by nominating Adel, so it’s his own fault. Neda said that it would make no sense for Adel to keep her around because he knows that the two of them would take each other to Final 2 over Adel. Jon said that he thought keeping Adel was better for both of them, so if Neda doesn’t see it then don’t keep him. She said that she doesn’t see it that way.

5:00-6:00 PM: Sabrina told Jon that it sucks that her dream may be coming to an end and she could be leaving in a couple of days. Jon told her that she has a better chance of staying than leaving. Sabrina told Jon that she told Heather that she wants to go to the Final 2 with her but she was lying. Sabrina said that she would like to be standing next to Jon or Neda at the end. Sabrina swore to God that she would vote out Heather if she won the PoV next week and had the lone vote. Jon said that if Heather won HoH and Sabrina won the PoV, he would be fine with Neda staying if that’s what Sabrina decided on. Sabrina then told Jon that he would have a 100% chance of winning against her, while he would only have a 50% chance of beating Neda. Sabrina told Jon that both Rachelle and Arlie will vote for Neda over him 100%. Jon said that if he sets emotions aside, Sabrina is the person that he would want to bring to the end.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon asked Heather if she and Neda are going to tell Adel that he is being sent home. Heather said that her vote is still up in the air. The feeds went down briefly. When they returned, she said that she is wondering if they should take the chance and keep Adel and just hope that they beat him. Adel then broke up the conversation. Heather left the room, at which point Jon told Adel that Heather is voting to keep him but he is pushing in order to make sure that nothing changes.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jon told Neda that one of them is going home if Heather wins HoH, so it is more beneficial to have Adel there since he gives them a better shot at preventing that from happening. Neda said that Adel being there does not ensure that Heather does not win anything. Jon said that it does a lot more than Sabrina being there does. Neda said that it comes down to the fact that she does not trust Adel. Jon said that he does trust Adel and that he would not be pushing for this to happen if he did not feel confident that Adel would take them to the Final 3. Jon told Neda that there is a zero percent chance that Adel will take he and Heather to the Final 3 over Neda. Jon said that the best option to ensure that the two of them make the Final 2 is to keep Adel around.

Jon continued on, saying that he is fucked if Adel goes home and he will not be happy about it. He told Neda that he has made it clear to Adel that he will not take him to the Neda if he screws Neda over. Jon explained that he has always went along with plans that were best for the both of them, such as getting rid of Arlie even though he trusted Arlie. Neda again pointed out that Adel is smart enough to know that they would take each other to Final 2, so he would take her out next week. Jon said that Adel views Heather as the tougher competitor, so his plan is to bring Neda to Final 3 so that he and Jon can crush her. Neda continued to argue against keeping Adel, saying that she has a better shot of winning HoH against Sabrina.

10:00-11:00 PM: Heather told Jon and Neda that she feels more confident about beating Sabrina in competitions except for those that involve memory. Jon said that he thought that Heather was close with Adel. Heather said that they were but she doesn’t know what the problem is now. Heather said that Adel will keep Neda over her because he went to both she and Jon about Final 2s but did not come to her. Jon asked Heather if she is thinking that Adel would not take her any further at this point. Heather said that it is looking that way. They agreed that Adel would take Jon to the Final 2.

Heather then pointed out that Sabrina will win the game if she makes it to the end. However, Heather did point out that Sabrina will freeze in mental competitions, isn’t physical and will not beat them endurance. Jon countered that by saying that both of the girls would have a good shot at beating Adel in endurance, Heather would beat him in physical and Adel would have no chance in a mental competition. Heather said that right thing to do from a moral point of view is to take Adel but the right decision from a game point of view is to keep Sabrina. Once Jon left the room, Neda told Heather that she is not really listening to anything that Jon says because he is clearly trying to convince them to keep Adel.

11:00-12:00 AM: Heather told Neda that she doesn’t think that Sabrina would be stupid enough to take Jon to the end, so at least it would be Jon that goes in the event that Sabrina wins the PoV next week. She said that she thinks that Jon just knows that he is safe if Adel stays. Neda said that’s why she is not listening to Jon and that they have to do what is best for the two of them. Neda acknowledged that Jon seems to be regretting nominating Adel instead of her, as he knows that Adel would have voted however he wanted him to. Neda then asked Heather if she wants to go to the Final 3 with Jon. Heather said that the idea scares her because Jon might win at that point. Neda said that she is 50/50 on whether or not she wants to at this point.

Heather pointed out that Sabrina could weasel her way to the end if she makes it to Final 3, so that’s a reason that she doesn’t want to bring her over Jon. Neda explained that she was hesitant to take Jon up until about a week ago, at which point she realized that it was all because he looks physically intimidating. Neda said that the competitions are made for anyone to win, so that goes out the window. They ultimately agreed that they don’t care how they get to the Final 2 as long as they make it there together, though they were leaning towards going with Jon at this point. They also agreed that their talk tonight has made them believe that Adel needs to go this week.

Neda then went to Jon. He told her that Heather pretty much just said that Adel would take Neda to the Final 3 over her. Neda said that’s because Jon was being manipulative and was trying to make her say it. Neda told him that she still feels more secure with having a better chance of winning her own way to the Final 3 rather than relying on Adel, so she wants Sabrina to stay. She told Jon not to be pissy about it. Jon said that of course he will be, because he is pretty much screwed. Neda said that she has went with her gut all along, and her gut says to evict Adel. Jon told her to go with it again. He said that hopefully it works out for her, but it wont work out for the two of them.

Jon also let Neda know that Adel will be very bitter and will vote for Heather over her in the Final 2 because he is relying on her to keep him this week, as he sees Heather as a vote against him. Neda quickly went back to Heather and said that she is leaning towards evicting Adel but she wants to sleep on it. Heather agreed, saying that she likes the idea of Sabrina being there in the event that something happens and Jon doesn’t make it to the Final 3.

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