Heather and Neda reach a decision and agree to evict Adel

April 30, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Jon told Neda that he thinks that evicting Adel is the wrong move. Neda said that she is going off a gut feeling, which has gotten her this far. Neda said that she was planning to talk to Sabrina in order to ask why she made Final 2s with everyone. Jon told her that she cannot do that, because it would totally screw him over with Sabrina. He asked if she plans on screwing him in everything now. Jon told Neda that they are at a point where she can do whatever she wants. He told Neda to make decisions for her game and he will make decisions for his game. Neda said that she won’t do it. Jon said that everything will come down to whether or not he wins the veto. Neda said that she can also win it. Jon pointed out that it doesn’t mean that she would keep him if she did win it.

Jon told Neda that he will be livid if she does not win HoH this week. Jon again said that obviously there is a point where you do things for her own game as opposed to their game. Neda said “yup, I have been told”. Jon then asked Neda if she thinks that anyone would take him to the Final 2. Jon said that Neda would beat him in the end but he would still take her. Jon explained that she would beat everyone in the Final 2 and he has known that she would beat him since Week 5 or 6. He said that Sabrina would have the best shot at beating Neda. Neda said that she is unsure of who would win between the two of them at the end. Jon said that it doesn’t matter because they will not make it to the end now that Sabrina is staying, as it sets up an almost impossible road to get there together. Neda eventually went off to the bathroom crying.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jon went to Adel and told him that when he talks to Neda today he needs to swear on everything, from his Quran to his family, because he is concerned about Neda’s vote. Jon told Adel that he started losing it on Neda when she said that she was considering keeping Sabrina, so Neda started crying. Elsewhere, Sabrina told Heather that she knows that she has a Final 2 with Neda but going to the end with Neda would be sacrificing $120,000. Sabrina explained that Heather would have Adel, Arlie, Jon and probably Canada voting for her if she took her to the end over Neda. Sabrina told Heather that she cannot tell anyone about their Final 2. Heather said of course not.

Neda went to the HoH room and hugged Jon and began crying. She said that she is stressed about Jon not being okay with the decision that she is making. Jon said that if he has the option to take Neda to the Final 2, he will still do it. Jon said that Neda will 100% have is vote at the end as long as she is not the one that kicks him out of the game. Jon said that he knows that if Adel had stayed and won, the two of them would being going to Final 3 with Adel. Jon explained that he saw it as he and Adel both competing to take each other and Neda to the end, while Neda could take whoever she wanted to. Neda said that the reason that she wants to bring Sabrina is because it gives her a better chance of winning HoH or PoV, and she would prefer to win it for herself. Jon said that he guesses that his chances of winning the veto would be better too.

Neda told Jon that she does believe that Heather is 50/50 as to whether or not she would take him to the Final 3, as they discussed that they could both beat Jon in endurance. Neda noted that it’s possible that Heather may want to take him out in order to make a big move. Neda said that Heather has talked about bringing Sabrina to the Final 3 as well, as she would be easy to beat in endurance. Neda said that Heather believes that Sabrina would win if she makes it to the Final 2 though, so she is worried about that. Jon asked what they would do if they had to choose between Heather and Sabrina. Neda said that they could maybe take Sabrina but she is still 50/50 on that too.

Jon asked Heather who she would beat in the Final 2. Heather said that right now she doesn’t know if she would beat anybody. She pointed out that she thought that the two of them were going to the Final 2. Jon said 100%. Jon said that their only chance in this game right now is to go to the end together. Jon said that Neda would beat everyone. Jon informed Heather that he went off when Neda said that she is going to do what is best for herself this week. He then asked Heather who she wants to take to the Final 3 with them. Heather said Neda, which Jon agreed to. Jon explained that it would be too risky for Neda to take him to the Final 2 over Heather, since she has not played an emotional game whatsoever. They then compared notes on the stories that Sabrina has been telling them, as she has been telling them all that they would lose to each other and need to go to the end with her.

Jon advised Adel not to threaten Neda with jury votes. He told him swear up and down on everything that he would go after Heather next week, taking Jon and Neda to the Final 3. Adel then spoke with Neda and said that he is getting weird vibes from Heather. Neda said that it’s not really anything and that Heather is just annoyed with how mean Adel is being to Big Brother. Adel said that Sabrina is threatening him about telling Heather that she was the target. Neda said just deny, deny, deny. Adel then said that he expects Heather to vote against him but doesn’t think that she and Jon will. Adel explained that he will be so bitter towards Heather if he stays. He said that he would be happy if he leaves next week, as he would have outlasted Sabrina. Adel told Neda that he would then go campaign for Neda to win in the jury house. If he leaves this week, Adel said that he would be extremely bitter.

11:00-12:00 PM: Neda told Sabrina that she is very certain that she will be evicting Adel but she will tell her 100% in a couple of hours. Neda said that Heather is feeling the same way. A few minutes later, Jon and Neda both went to Sabrina and said that she will for sure be staying this week. Sabrina said to trust her and she will not screw them over. Sabrina admitted that she made a Final 2 with Heather but said that it was a lie just to get her vote. Sabrina said that she would rather be at the end with the two of them and lose to them over Heather. Sabrina plans to continue to act as though she is going home and will act surprised when the votes are announced tomorrow.

12:00-1:00 PM: Adel told Jon that it sounds like Neda is saying that he will be staying. Jon said that’s good. Adel said that he keeps seeing Heather and Sabrina off whispering together. He said that he thinks that he should start calling out Heather. Jon said that he doesn’t care if Adel does or not. Adel said that when they are all sitting around he will say that he feels as though Heather is campaigning to keep Sabrina, so if he stays around he promises that if he wins HoH or PoV Sabrina is out of there. Jon said that he will act surprised when Adel does that.

Adel then went to Neda and said that he is going to call out Heather. Neda said that it is not smart and that he needs to just lay low and he will be okay. Adel reluctantly agreed. Neda told Heather and Jon that Adel is sketching out about Heather because she has not been talking to him. Neda then said that she has a feeling that Adel is going to start calling things out. Heather noted that Adel hasn’t even tried to talk to her about game or anything.

Neda told Jon that she is 98% sure that she will be keeping Sabrina, but she is worried that Heather will take Sabrina to the end. Jon said that Heather would for sure do that. Neda said that the fact that Sabrina is still in this game hurts her heart. Jon pointed out that they are keeping her again this week. Jon said watch her get Final 2 because of this decision. Neda said that Heather would take Adel to Final 2 hands down. Jon disagreed. Heather joined the conversation. Jon then asked if they are keeping Sabrina. Neda said yes. Jon said that he feels bad that they are screwing Adel over. Neda said that Adel would have screwed them first if he had the chance. Jon said that he can’t acre all of them. Heather said he would screw her and Neda. Jon said he couldn’t do both. Heather said that it would have been her.

3:00-4:00 PM: Neda told Heather that she and Jon spoke with Sabrina. She said that Sabrina told them that her Final 2 with Heather is fake. Neda said that she is still concerned that Sabrina will skate through to the end, but keeping her makes it easier for the two of them to make it through next week. The girls did however have some concerns about Sabrina now wanting to keep Jon if the decision is hers next week. Heather ultimately concluded that Sabrina can’t possibly be stupid enough to take Jon to the end. They agreed that Sabrina thinks that she can beat them both in the end. Heather said that she is pissed that Jon considered sending her home instead of Sabrina. Neda said that she doesn’t think that it would have worked either way.

Heather told Neda that she is the only person that she trusts, as Sabrina is making Final 2s behind her back and Adel doesn’t want her there. Neda said that she feels the same way about Heather. Heather told Neda that if they do keep Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison will be ecstatic with them for keeping Sabrina. Neda agreed. The girls discussed that Adel is a bigger threat than Jon is in the Final 3. They decided that they will be sending Adel home. Heather said that at least they have a fighting chance against Sabrina. They plan on blindsiding Adel and not letting him know that they are voting him out.

Heather and Neda went to Sabrina and told her that they have decided that it is better for her to stay. Sabrina was excited and hugged them both. They said that they will not be telling Adel, so act shocked. After Heather left, Neda said that she is going to lose Adel’s vote by doing this. Sabrina said unless Neda is up against her. Sabrina explained that Adel will never vote for her. Neda wasn’t sure about that. Sabrina then told Neda that if she were given the choice, she would bring her to the Final 2. Sabrina said that there are so many reasons that she would like to see Neda win the money from both a personal and game standpoint.

4:00-5:00 PM: Heather told Jon that she thinks that it is the best decision to keep Sabrina. Jon said that he is down with it. Heather assured Jon that she wants to go to the Final 3 with him and Neda. Jon then pointed out that both Sabrina and Neda will win the game if they make it to the Final 2. Jon said that he would rather compete against Sabrina than Neda but he obviously wants Neda with them from an emotional standpoint. Jon said that Neda is unbelievably smart and knows this game inside and out. He added that Neda is a genius when it comes to Big Brother and she has played the best game. Heather agreed. Jon said that it would be extremely stupid for him to bring anyone other than Heather to the Final 2. He said that it would then be a toss up between them. Heather said that she likes that idea. Jon swore on everything that he will keep Heather in the game no matter who she is up against. Heather said that she will do the same for him.

Sabrina went to Jon and asked him if he wanted her to stay. Jon said that he thinks that he is the reason that she is staying. Sabrina then said that both Heather and Neda came to her and said that she is staying. Jon was concerned that the girls had told Sabrina that he didn’t want her to stay. Sabrina assured him that they didn’t say anything bad. Jon said that it was the two girls that took so long to make the decision. Sabrina asked Jon if he was bullshitting her when he said that he was thinking about bringing her to the end. Jon said not at all, because he is thinking about bringing everyone to the end.

Heather told Neda about her conversation with Jon. She said that Jon made it clear that he wants to take them both to the Final 3. Heather said it was obvious since he wants to take Neda to the Final 2. Neda then revealed that she was getting a weird vibe from Jon a couple of days ago when he talked about bringing her to the Final 2. She said that something was off with the way that he was saying it to her, so now she is no longer sure if he will take her.

Jon asked Neda when she and Heather spoke to Sabrina and let her know that she was staying. Neda said that it had just happened. Jon then asked what they said when Sabrina asked if he wanted her to say. Neda said that she told Sabrina to talk to Jon. Jon questioned why she wouldn’t have said yes. She then said that she told Sabrina that Jon was on board. Jon told Neda that she has been so sketchy lately. Jon then questioned what Neda was talking to Heather about. Neda said that Heather knows that Adel and Jon wanted her out. She then later backtracked and said that she blamed Adel for wanting Heather out. Later in the conversation, Neda said that she told Heather that she doesn't know why Adel is acting like this when the boys probably wanted to get her out. Neda then apologized and said that she fucked up. Jon said that she did big time. Jon said that he will play it off as though he put Heather up to keep Adel happy, while knowing that Neda would never evict her.

Jon asked if Heather is giving Neda the impression that she wants him in the Final 3 with them. Neda said yes, 100%. Neda then kept questioning why Jon is asking, as it seems like he is pissed about something. Jon said that he just wanted to know what they talked about. They discussed that there is some lost trust between the two of them. Jon said that it is due to them not being able to see eye to eye on the decision this week. He said that it’s the first time that they have been at a complete crossroads in this game.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jon had earlier told Neda to do damage control with Heather since she had implied to Heather that he was in on the plan with evicting her. Neda told Heather that Adel was trying to get her evicted this week. Heather was not impressed, as she said that it was always Adel saying that there is no way that they can let Sabrina get further than any of them. Neda explained that she was not in any danger of actually leaving since she and Jon would never have went along with the plan.

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