Adel is Evicted; Sabrina wins HoH

May 1, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Neda went to Jon and Sabrina to inform them that she had just told Adel that she will be voting him out. Neda said that he wanted to know if he should pack all of his stuff, so she told him and he say it is what it is. Jon was not impressed. Neda apologized and said that she could not lie. Jon immediately left the room. Neda followed him to the HoH room, at which point Jon angrily said that she should have stuck to the plan of not telling him anything. Jon said that even Heather doesn’t understand why she did it. Jon said that now Adel may go to Heather and let her know that they were in on the plan to evict her. Neda said that she wasn’t planning on telling. Jon sternly said “well, you shouldn’t have done it”. Jon questioned if she did it for a jury vote, which Neda denied.

Adel eventually joined Jon in the HoH room and told him that it is what it is. Jon said that he fucked up by putting Adel on the block. Adel said that it’s okay. Adel shook Jon’s hand and hugged him. He said that it’s okay and he will do a last ditch campaign. Jon said that he is done now. Adel agreed and said that Jon is in big trouble. Neda and Heather told Jon that all that they are going to say is that they just made up their minds last night and now they don’t know what they are going to do.

10:00-11:00 AM: Neda told Heather that Jon is making her feel like shit, just as he did when he made her cry yesterday. She said that she needs to put her emotions aside like Jon is when he makes her feel this way. Heather said that Jon needs to chill out. She figures that he is playing it up. Heather said that everyone messes up at times. Neda said that she will not be getting Adel’s jury vote now. Adel joined them and said that he will be a little bit bitter towards Neda. He told Neda to keep Heather to the end.

Adel said that he would love to see Heather win since she is from Edmonton and he could then do events with her back home. After Adel left, Neda said that she is now guaranteed to lose the game. Heather said that Adel will say whatever he has to to try to stay. Neda said that Adel, Arlie and Allison are all now bitter towards her, and she will probably not get Canada’s vote either. Heather said that they are all bitter towards each of them, not just towards her.

Adel went to Jon and told him that he asked Neda if he should pack his stuff, at which point Neda said that she has to vote him out. He explained that he told Neda that she is like a sister to him in an ethnic way and that he is going to be so bitter towards her. Jon said that he snapped on Neda when he spoke to her. Adel told Jon that he said to the girls that he will make sure that Heather wins the game. Adel said that he told them that he was fine with going home next week, so it’s okay. Jon said that’s smart and possibly it will work to change their votes, because Neda wants jury votes so badly. Adel told Jon to play it up to Neda that she was his sister in the game and he ran every move by her, so why do this to him now. He said that Jon should play up that it was always the two of them to the Final 2 and that everything with Adel and Heather was fake.

11:00-12:00 PM: Adel told Jon that he did something so sneaky. Jon continually asked what it was. He said that his power only gave him the capability to change a veto player and that there never was a Canada’s veto. Jon was shocked and thought that it was hilarious. Jon said that he milked that and threatened the entire house with that card. Adel got called to the diary room, at which point Sabrina asked Jon what Adel had just told her. Jon said that Adel made the biggest game move of the entire season. Sabrina asked if it will affect today. Jon said that he doesn’t know. Sabrina then wondered if she will go home. She asked if Adel had another veto. Jon laughed and said that no, it is not another veto. Jon said that he will tell her what it is once Adel leaves.

Adel came out of the diary room and told Neda that he had to do a goodbye message for her. He told Sabrina that he has a good feeling and that if a twist saves him she is going to be in trouble. The other all compared notes and said that they did not record any goodbye messages for anyone other than the nominees, but there was still some panic in the house. Sabrina said that Big Brother told Adel to stop talking about production whenever Adel was telling them these things, so she is freaked out that it may be true. Heather brought up the possibility that Adel is Canada’s player and could have the opportunity to nominate someone else tonight. When Adel came into the room, Sabrina said that he is the one that nominated her and Andrew. She said “You are Canada. That’s why you have the flag”. Adel smirked and told her to assume whatever she wants.

Adel went to Jon and said that he whispered in Neda’s ear that he just recorded a goodbye message to her, so now she is rethinking her strategy. Jon laughed and told Adel that he is an idiot. Sabrina then went to Jon and told him that Adel just said that she is leaving. Jon said that he is staying out of the girls’ conversations. Sabrina said no, not because of them. She explained that Adel was told something in the diary room. Big Brother then told them to stop talking about production.

12:00-1:00 PM: Neda then went to Jon and asked if Adel is just trying to leave with a bang. Jon said that he thinks that Adel is just making shit up but he hasn’t told him anything yet. Jon and Neda discussed Neda telling Adel that he is leaving. Jon said that it seems as though Neda is now beating to her own drum and is making shitty mistakes that she was not previously making in this game. He said that Neda is like a sister to him so it’s tough to take. Jon said that he doesn’t want the season to go to waste because he has been set on taking her to Final 2 the entire time while she has been fucking him over. Jon said that he is done if Neda leaves the house, so her screwing up her own game hurts him as well. Jon said that she left for 24 hours and he was completely mind boggled the entire time, not being able to sleep, eat or do anything. He said that there is no “you and me”, there is an “us”. Neda said she knows that telling Adel was not pre-planned.

Jon said that when he gets emotionally attached to someone, he is left vulnerable. He said that he has tried to avoid that feeling his entire life, but he feels it towards her. Neda said that she doesn’t know what to say. Jon then asked what Heather has been saying. Neda explained that Heather thinks that Jon is blowing things out of proportion a bit. Neda then tried to explain her actions and said that it was a total screw up as everything that she does is planned out, yet this wasn’t. Jon again told Neda that Adel will 100% still go after Heather if he stays in the game, as he feels as though he can beat her in everything. Neda then changed the topic to jury votes. She said that she messed up and is not as great as everyone thinks that she is at this game, as half of the jury now hates her.

10:00-11:00 PM: Adel was evicted by a vote of 2-0. Sabrina then went on to win her first HoH competition of the season. When the feeds returned, Heather and Neda were discussing that they cannot believe that they did not win the HoH competition. While the initial nominations are irrelevant when it comes down to the Final 4, Sabrina told Heather that she is taking the night to think things over but she thinks that Heather has the least to worry about.

Jon and Neda were talking things over. Jon said that there is a zero percent chance that Heather will take Neda to the end. He said that Heather would take Sabrina. Neda said that she is worried that Jon is just saying these things because he wants to make sure that she takes him to the end over Heather. Jon said that he was concerned that Neda would not take him this morning but he got over it. He then pointed out that Neda would have him, Adel, Arlie, Rachelle and Sabrina for votes if she were up against Heather, so there would be no reason for Heather to take her. On the other hand, Jon pointed out that Sabrina would only have Rachelle’s vote if she were up against Heather.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sabrina told Neda that Adel was telling her some things before he left, such as that Neda and Heather are going to go to the end together and that Neda will never take Sabrina no matter what she says. Neda said that she doesn’t even talk game with Adel. She also said that Adel seems to want Heather to win the game, so he has been trying to talk people into taking Heather to the end. Neda began discussing that she has messed up her game in recent weeks, as she made her moves to early and has now made mistakes in terms of not considering the possibility of bitter jury members.

Sabrina said that Neda has played and amazing game, better than Heather. Sabrina mentioned that the only way that they will be screwed is if Jon wins the veto, though that would be good for Neda since Jon would take her. Sabrina told Neda that she would beat Jon in the end but she will never tell Jon that. Sabrina listed off Neda’s jury votes as her, Rachelle, Arlie and Heather. She said that Jon would only get Adel and Allison. Sabrina later spoke to both Heather and Neda and asked how amazing it would be to have an all girl Final 3. Neda said that it would be so cool. Heather said that it would go down in history. After Neda went to the diary room, Sabrina spoke with Heather about their Final 2 deal. Heather said that she is on board with it but she does not want Sabrina to be making Final 2s with everyone. Sabrina asked what Heather had heard. She said that no one else has mentioned having a Final 2 with her. Sabrina said good and that she doesn’t have any others.

Jon told Heather that he doesn’t think that things worked out too badly. He said that it sucks that they wont be Final 3 with Neda though. Heather said that she is so upset about that but this could work. Heather said that the two of them could beat Sabrina in everything. Jon said that it ensures that they go to the Final 2. Jon pointed out that this could make it easier to justify evicting Neda. Heather agreed. They discussed that they would love to be able to stand at the end together and say that they are the only ones that aligned on Day 1 and stuck to their alliance throughout the entire game, even without letting anyone find out about it. They agreed that it would make no sense to bring Neda to the end, seeing as she would definitely win in the end. Heather said that Neda has never had to be nervous about being on the block. They said that they love and adore Neda but she is not best for their game. Heather also noted that she needs Jon there with her in the Final 3 in order to beat Sabrina in competitions.

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