The BBCAN Awards Show Takes Place; Sabrina nominates Jon and Heather

May 2, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Jon and Neda discussed that things may end up working out for them since the best case scenario would be going to the Final 3 with Sabrina. Jon noted that even in the worst outcome, he goes home with $20,000 if he takes Neda to the end. Neda said that if the finale was a couple of weeks ago she thinks that she would have won but now it’s more so 50/50. Jon figures that it will come down to who wins the last few competitions and takes the other person to the end.

Jon told Neda about his conversations with Heather, including that they have been telling each other that they will go Final 2 together. He pointed out that Heather said that she is just lying to Neda when she says it. Therefore he said that he is unsure of whether or not Heather would actually take Neda to the end. Neda told him that Heather is saying the exact same things to her, and that is exactly what they have been making fun of Sabrina for doing lately.

10:00-11:00 AM: While the houseguests were sitting around on the couches, Sabrina went to Jon, while laughing, and hugged him while saying that he is going on the block. Jon said that he will be pissed off if he goes on the block. He said that he will probably win the veto anyway and then that pretty much ensures that Sabrina will not be going to the Final 2. Sabrina said that everyone would beat her in the Final 2, while no one would beat Jon. A short while later, Jon asked Sabrina who she is nominating. She said that she didn’t know.

Sabrina could tell that Jon was clearly irritated with the earlier conversation, so she pointed that out and said that there are only three people to choose from. Jon told her to put him on the block because it will make for a better story since he can save himself the time that he was nominated. Jon said that nominations don’t matter this week anyway. Sabrina said that Jon is always trying to make her feel bad and is even diminishing her only HoH win. Jon told her that he is just saying that nominations are meaningless, but she won the most important HoH of the season since she is guaranteed Final 3.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sabrina told Neda that Jon is going to win if he makes it to the end. Neda agreed. Sabrina explained that that is the only reason that he has to go. Sabrina then told Neda that she was thinking of nominating Jon and Neda this week. Sabrina said that it keeps Neda from having to make the deciding vote. Neda explained to her that she will have to make it anyway if she wins the veto. Sabrina didn’t fully understand and said that Jon has to go and she doesn’t want to put Neda in the position of having to evict Jon. Sabrina said that Heather would have no problem voting out Jon. Neda said that putting Heather in the position to vote Jon out would give her a very good argument to win in the end. Sabrina said that she would be the one that nominated Jon.

Sabrina asked Neda what she would do if she had to make the deciding vote. She hinted that she was leaning towards evicting Jon. Sabrina continued to say that it would be best for people to bring her to the end. Neda said that both Sabrina and Heather have three guaranteed jury votes over her. Neda has been playing it up that she is upset that Canada cheered when she got a question wrong in the HoH competition. Sabrina told Neda that she would choose her to go to the Final 2 with her if she gets to make the decision. Neda said that she would choose Sabrina over Heather if it came down to it.

Sabrina said that if Jon wins the veto they are screwed. Neda agreed. Neda suggested that Jon may be wise to evict her if he wins the veto, as it would be the better game move. Sabrina said that it would never happen but Jon wins the game if he wins the veto. Sabrina told Neda that she is scared that Neda would get soft in the moment and would not evict Jon over Heather. Neda explained that she knows that evicting Jon is better for her game, and she is there for a game. Neda said that she would prefer not to be on the block but she would not be angry if she is on the block. Neda told Sabrina that she has been prepping herself for this moment for a while now.

Jon spoke to Sabrina and asked her who is going up next to him. Sabrina said that she doesn’t know and doesn’t want Neda to have to make the hard decision if nominations stayed the same. Jon told Sabrina multiple times that it doesn’t matter and that it all comes down to the veto. Jon said that he won’t be pissed since nominations don’t mean a thing in this scenario. Jon said that he would probably put Neda up because it would be cool to be on the block together. Jon suggested having the girls play rock paper scissors to determine who goes up. Sabrina again pitched that the smartest thing for anyone to do is bring her to the end. Jon pointed out that she made Final 2s with everyone and said the same thing to them all. Sabrina said that it was just explaining logic, not making Final 2s. Jon said that Sabrina obviously doesn’t want him in the Final 3. Sabrina said that it’s because Jon would win and would bring Neda over her.

As Jon had suggested, Heather and Neda did rock paper scissors to determine who goes on the block. Sabrina said that if they do this, that means that they agree to go on the block if they lose. Neda won the best of three 2-0, meaning that Heather and Jon will be nominated together. Neda went to Jon and informed him about her discussion with Sabrina. She said that she told her that she would evict Jon if she had to. Jon suggested that she continue to say that so that Sabrina doesn’t use the veto on Heather if she has the option to. Neda said that she will 100% take Jon to the Final 3 if she wins the veto.

12:00-1:00 PM: Gary entered the house and shouted “houseguests, I’m here!!”. They all ran up the stairs and greeted him. Gary informed them that they are going to have an awards show, so he is going to help them get dressed up and everything. The girls had dresses awaiting them in the bedroom, while Jon had a suit. The feeds eventually went down and stayed down for much of the afternoon while the awards show was filmed in the backyard.

5:00-6:00 PM: The feeds returned briefly and the houseguests were still in the backyard eating and wrapping up the awards show. They were discussing how amazing all of the people that work for the show are for giving them this opportunity and for all that they do. The feeds eventually went back down while things wrapped up in the backyard.

7:00-8:00 PM: The houseguests realized that the screens said that the nomination ceremony will be today. Sabrina then went over a schedule of the upcoming events, though it is unclear whether or not she knew for a fact or was just guessing. She said that the veto competition and veto ceremony are tomorrow, followed by an eviction on Sunday. Part 1 of the HoH competition was then said to be scheduled for Tuesday. Jon spoke to Sabrina and said that it’s clear that he is going home if he does not win the veto. She said that Neda won’t necessarily evict him. Jon said that Neda has pretty much made it clear to him, saying that “it’s a game”.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jon told Sabrina that the veto competition will come down to the two of them and Sabrina, seeing as Neda will be in no state to compete tomorrow. Neda had too much to drink during the awards dinner and has been throwing up off and on for the past couple of hours. Sabrina then began practicing her nomination speech. She said that she is nominating Jon because he is everyone’s biggest threat and will win the game. As for the second nominee, she said that she is nominating Heather because she lost rock paper scissors to Neda.

11:00-12:00 AM: The nomination ceremony took place. Sabrina nominated Jon and Heather for eviction. Heather asked the girls if the plan is to take Jon out. Sabrina suggested that it is and that is why she wanted Neda on the block so that she would not be forced to decide between keeping Jon or voting him out. They again pointed out to Sabrina that the nominations are irrelevant and it will come down to who wins the veto. Neda did however say that she would have to do it if she were to win the veto and cast the lone vote. Jon then joined them and said that it is what it is at this point and that his game lies in the veto competition.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jon asked Heather how she is feeling. Heather said that she is scared as shit because her whole game is riding on what happens tomorrow. Jon said that he can’t see the two of them losing the veto tomorrow. He pointed out that he will stay true to her if she is staying true to him. Heather said that it makes the most sense for them to do that. Jon asked if she will definitely take him to the end. Heather said “hundo”. Heather then left the room and Neda entered it. Neda told Jon that he is 100 million percent staying in the game if she wins the veto. Jon said that he better be. Jon then assured Neda that she is the one that he wants to take to the Final 2.

Sabrina was telling Heather that she keeps going back and forth between her options for who to take to the Final 2. She said that it comes down to Heather vs Neda. Heather said that she feels the same way about Neda and Sabrina. Sabrina said that it’s clear that both Heather and Neda have the best shot of winning if they are up against her, so it would make sense for them to bring her to the end. They agreed that Jon would definitely take Neda to the Final 3 if he wins tomorrow’s veto competition. Sabrina then asked Heather if she thinks that Neda would actually evict Jon. Heather said yes. Once Neda joined them, Sabrina asked Neda if she would. Neda said that Sabrina knows what she would do and that’s why she was crying tonight, implying that she would indeed evict Jon.

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