Jon wins the Power of Veto; Heather looks to be on her way out

May 3, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Jon and Sabrina both woke up with a stomach sickness. Jon was curled up in bed and said that he felt like he as gong to throw up. He said that it is not a hangover at all. Jon told Neda that he is shaking. She suggested that it could have been something that he ate combined with the nerves that he is feeling for the upcoming veto competition. Jon thought that it may have been the pizza from last night, but then he realized that Sabrina didn’t have any of it. Jon said that he now hopes that the veto competition will be a question one with a buzzer.

9:00-10:00 AM: Heather told Neda that she is so nervous about the veto competition. She said that her only saving grace is that she is feeling better than the others and that if Sabrina wins she will want the girls to stick together because she doesn’t want to compete against Jon. Neda agreed and said that it’s 3 on 1. Heather said that she feels so bad because she knows that Jon is counting on both of them to win and take him to the Final 3. Heather and Neda discussed that they can beat Sabrina in the Final HoH competitions, though they felt that Sabrina would beat them in the Final 2. They said that it pissed them off when Sabrina continually says that they will win if they take her to the end. Heather and Neda agreed that they are going to take each other to the Final 2.

Heather said that she would be so pissed if Sabrina won two competitions and weaselled her way to the end. Neda said that they are aware that Sabrina didn’t really do much in the game, but it can easily be perceived as though she did. Heather wondered if they should flat out tell Sabrina that they are not taking her to the Final 2 if they make it to the Final 3 together, or if they should lie to her so that she may possibly not try as hard in the competitions. Neda said that Sabrina will still try hard either way because she doesn’t have many wins under her belt. Neda said that Sabrina will lock up the game if she wins the Final 3 HoH. As for today, Neda jokingly said that she doesn’t really know how the PoV competition will work today when three of them can barely move. Neda is still feeling ill due to drinking too much yesterday, though she says that it only really bothers her when she moves around.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jon said that Sabrina and Neda are pretty much write-offs in today’s competition due to how they are feeling. Neda said that she will be fine once the competition begins. Jon said that Sabrina has nothing to gain and wont care as much. Neda told him that Sabrina just doesn’t want him in the end. She also said that Heather knows that she is leaving if she doesn’t win the veto, so she will be ready to compete. Jon said that as soon as he wins he is going to tell both of the girls what’s going on, such as telling Sabrina that he is not taking her to Final 2. Jon then half-jokingly threw a conspiracy theory out there that Big Brother may have poisoned their food so that Heather would win.

Jon then asked Neda to swear to God and on her sister’s life that she would take him to Final 3 if she wins the veto. Neda did so, saying that she will take Heather out if she wins the veto. Jon asked her if that is an emotional or game move. Neda said both, as she obviously wants Jon in the Final 3 and she knows that both Jon and Sabrina would take her to the Final 2. Neda said that Heather and Sabrina would take each other if they had the choice. They agreed that they just have to win this one competition to lock up their spots in the Final 2, as there is no way that Sabrina will beat them in the Final 3 HoH.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jon came out of the diary room and told the girls that he is now feeling fine and is back to normal. Neda said that he now has colour back in his face. Big Brother then called Sabrina to the diary room and requested that Jon, Neda and Heather go to the main bedroom for a lockdown. They speculated that the veto competition may be starting shortly.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jon won the Power of Veto. It became apparent that he had told Heather that he would be evicting her, as Heather was telling Sabrina that Jon was stern in one what he said and she could tell from the look in his eyes that there was no changing his mind. Sabrina said that she will be leaving next if it makes Heather feel any better. Heather said that there is a good chance that Neda would take Sabrina. Sabrina said that she is not, as both Jon and Neda just told her that to her face. Sabrina said that she is sad to see Heather go. Heather told Sabrina that she has really come to adore her. Sabrina told Heather that she played a great game. Heather said that she is crushed to be leaving but she is happy that she can enjoy the rest of her time in the house without talking any game. Heather then asked Sabrina if she would take Neda to the Final 2. Sabrina said that she thinks so because she has no chance against Jon.

Meanwhile, Jon told Neda that Heather took things far better than he anticipated that she would. Neda said that it’s because she knew that Jon would evict her and that Sabrina has been putting that in her ear all week. Neda told Jon that Sabrina congratulated her on making the Final 2 because she is going to take her if she wins. She said that Sabrina then questioned why Neda lied to her and said that she was taking her to the Final 2. Neda said that she simply explained that it’s a game. Jon and Neda discussed that it is amazing that they made it this far together. Jon told Neda that one of the most special moments of his life will be standing next to her in the Final 2. They discussed that Sabrina has little to no chance of beating them in the Final 3 HoH. Neda said that everything ended up working out better than expected with Sabrina winning HoH. Neda said that Sabrina wont win endurance, while Jon said that she wont win the physical competition either. They agreed that she would be scary to go up against in Part 3 if she ever made it to that point. Neda said that their best option is to have Neda win Part 1 and then have Jon win Part 2.

Neda asked Heather if Jon has any doubts about whether or not she would take him to the end. Heather said that yes, Jon is not 100% sure if Neda would take him. She told Neda that Jon said that for him to get to the end he will have to win and take himself there. Neda asked if that means that Jon would take Sabrina over her. Heather said that Jon will hands down take Neda to the end. Heather said that Sabrina will also take Neda to the end, so she is in the best possible position. Neda said that she has worked so hard to be in that position, but she hopes that she ends up getting to make the decision on who to take to the end. Heather told her that if she does get to make the decision, don’t feel bad about evicting Jon if it is best for her. Heather explained that Jon will still love her afterwards anyway, as it is just a game.

Heather said that she is so sad to be going. Jon said that he is sad that she is leaving too. Heather asked Jon if they should tell anyone that they were working together from Day 1. Jon said that it is up to her. Heather asked if Jon would use it in his Final 2 speech. Jon said yes, so Heather decided that they will keep it a secret until then. Jon then asked Heather who she thinks that Neda would take to the Final 2. Heather said that it will likely depend on the next few days, as it will be a hard decision for Neda to make. Jon agreed and said that it is going to be a toss up.

10:00-11:00 PM: Sabrina said that it’s going to be so hard to beat Jon now. Heather agreed. Sabrina also said that Neda wins either way, as she is guaranteed Final 2 at this point. Heather again agreed. She said that she knows exactly the spot that Neda is in and she wanted it more than anything. Heather mentioned that she is glad that her best friend has it if she can’t have it. After Heather went to the diary room, Sabrina asked Neda if she was ever going to evict Jon. Neda said no. Sabrina said that she knew it. She then asked Neda if she would have still brought Jon even though she knew that she would lose. Neda said that she doesn’t know and that she would have loved to be in the Final 2 with Heather as well.

12:00-1:00 AM: Heather asked Neda if she would have brought her had she won the veto. Neda said that she is not going to lie and that it would have been a very emotionally draining decision to make. She said that she went into the competition not being 100% certain of what she would do. Neda said that she wanted to be in the Final 2 with Heather but was scared that her and Sabrina would take each other. Heather said that she never would have taken Sabrina. Heather did point out that she was unsure of whether or not she and Neda would have beaten Sabrina in order to get to the Final 2 together. Heather explained that she wanted to be in Final 2 with Neda but knew that going to Final 3 with Jon would have secured her a spot in the Final 2. Neda said that she had the exact same thought process.

The girls later spoke again. Neda asked Heather if she was mad at her for considering taking Jon if she had won the veto. Heather said no because she knew that if she was considering it, Neda was considering it. Heather said that she will love Neda forever no matter what. She said that she will go to jury and tell everyone how amazing Neda is. Heather explained that there were times that Neda was there for her that truly meant the world to her. The girls were getting emotional and were tearing up. They then talked some game. Heather mentioned that Jon is already unsure of whether or not Neda would take him to the end, so he will be okay with it if she doesn’t take him. That being said, Heather explained that it would be an amazing story if Jon and Neda made it to the end together. Heather said that she would love to see that happen.

Neda feels that the best game move would be to bring Sabrina, something that she pointed out is making her heart hurt. Heather felt that Sabrina would win if she made it to the end. She suggested that Neda would have more of an equal chance if she were up against Jon. Neda disagreed. Neda said that Sabrina didn’t do anything in the game and just floated to the end without making moves. They agreed that Sabrina would have a very good speech if she made it to the end. Neda pointed out that Sabrina let a line slip today, as she brought up that she did this all alone, saying that she had no one in the game. Heather said that Sabrina was never alone in the game. Heather advised Neda to think long and hard about her speech, remembering things that she loved seeing as a fan. Neda brought up that she worked for weeks to get into Jon’s head in order to have him take Arlie out.

1:00-2:00 AM: Jon joined Neda in the bedroom. He said that he just wouldn’t feel right bringing Sabrina to the Final 2. Neda said that she doesn’t think that anyone would. Jon mentioned that he would look like an idiot if he did it. He also said that they have continually let her slide by, so she may even win the game. Heather joined them and Neda brought up that Sabrina admitted to having code in her HoH letter. Neda explained that Sabrina and her sister set up various codes for them to use. The code that Neda said that Sabrina told her about revealed that Canada loves Sabrina and that she is being perceived well. Neda said that she will go complain to the diary room tomorrow. Heather said that it’s bullshit that Sabrina doesn’t deserve to be there and broke the rules, yet it’s her that is going home. They all discussed that they should try to do something about it tomorrow, then they headed off to sleep.

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