Sabrina, Jon and Neda discuss Final 2 scenarios

May 4, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: The houseguests woke up and immediately began discussing whether or not today will be an eviction day. Jon noted that there is no message on the TV screens. Heather said that she is worried that there isn’t an eviction today. Heather is well aware that Jon plans to evict her. He began to say that he highly doubts that she is getting evicted today, but he stopped himself and said that he highly doubts that anyone is getting evicted today. It was discussed that they are still locked out of the backyard. The houseguests assume that it is due to preparations for the Final 3 HoH competition. They continued to speculate on the finale date. They have narrowed it down to being either Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday but they do not know which of the three days it will be.

Heather was frustrated that she has no idea whether or not today will be her eviction day. She asked the houseguests to inform her if they are asked to record a goodbye message for her. Jon, who is not allowed to shower for the remainder of the season due to a punishment from the veto competition, said that it is unlikely that the finale would actually be a full week from now. He felt that they would not prevent him from showering for that long, so the eviction must be soon. Jon is also on slop, while Neda has to wear the same outfit for the remainder of the season. Heather turned down wearing a squirrel costume that would have helped her in the veto competition.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jon hugged Neda and said that he is so proud. Neda said that she is too. She said that she thought that she could get far in this game but didn’t think that she would get far with one person. Neda explained to Jon that it is rare for a two person alliance to make it to the end, as it is usually two people from a bigger alliance that make it if it comes down to two allies in the Final 2. Neda said that they just need to win two more competitions. For the endurance competition, Jon said that he will step off as soon as Sabrina is out. Neda agreed that it is the best plan, as he has the better shot at beating Sabrina in Part 2. Jon said that it will be a lot of pressure on him but he will do it.

11:00-12:00 PM: Sabrina told Neda that she will take her to the Final 2. Jon was sitting there as well, so he said that it’s fine because he is not worried about her winning two competitions. Sabrina told him to continue to belittle her, at which point he said that he was kidding. Jon asked Neda who she will take to the Final 2 if she wins. She said that she would take him. Sabrina said that she is well aware that they will take each other. Shen then began to explain that if Jon takes Neda, he loses and if Neda takes Jon, she loses. Both Jon and Neda did not understand the logic, as it made no sense to them why the person that takes the other to the end would be guaranteed to lose. Jon mentioned that everyone that has left the house has told him that he has their vote if he is able to win his way to the end. Sabrina explained that if Neda takes Jon, he will have Allison, Arlie, Adel and Canada voting for him. She said that she thinks that Jon will win either way. Jon was quick to point out that that’s not what she was just saying.

12:00-1:00 PM: The feeds went down for a few minutes. When they returned, the debate was still going on in the HoH room. Jon asked Sabrina if she is saying that he wins no matter who he takes. Sabrina said that it will depend on Arlie and Adel, She pointed out that both Heather and Rachelle are voting for Neda. Sabrina then reworded her argument, saying that she feels as though it is the riskiest move for the two of them to take each other to the end, as it is a 50/50 chance of winning or losing at that point. She said that she knows that they are going to bring each other but it is less risky if they take her. Jon said that he is fine with that because it is more so about standing there at the end with Neda than about the money. He pointed out that they were together since Day 8. Sabrina said that making an alliance on Day 8 and making it to the end to lose the $100,000 would not be worth it to her. Jon said that it’s worth it to him.

Jon and Neda eventually spoke alone, at which point Jon asked Neda if he was a dick during their conversation with Sabrina. He was continually calling her out and saying that her argument made no sense. Neda told him that he was not being a dick and that Sabrina just wasn’t making any sense. Jon said that she could be the worst campaigner ever. Neda agreed and said that she has said that about Sabrina a million times. Jon pointed out that he was so close to telling Sabrina that no one on the jury would forgive him if he ever took her to the Final 2, but he refrained from doing so.

1:00-2:00 PM: The live feeds were shut down and will remain down for the rest of the season.

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