Anick looks to be in some trouble heading into Thursday's eviction

March 5, 2014

10:00-11:00 PM: The feeds launched with Sabrina in a panic. In the early hours of the feeds, she was seen going to many people in order to ensure that she was in a good spot with them. Of particular concern to her was Adel. It was said that she and Adel had a fight at some point prior to the feeds coming on. Sabrina felt that it was now a certainty that Adel would target her if he were to win HoH. Sabrina and Adel eventually talked things over and Adel told her that it was far from certain that he would go after her. He said that he is just looking to stay safe long enough to find himself a group to work with. The two speculated that there has to be a guys alliance in the house.

Andrew, Sabrina and Sarah had a brief conversation, discussing that they are going under the radar in terms of not being seen as an alliance. Andrew pointed out that everyone suspects that he is with Kenny. Elsewhere in the house, a somewhat defeated sounding Anick was telling Kenny that she needs to think of her eviction speech. While the show left of with Paul being crowned the first HoH of the season, the discussions on the feeds made it apparent that the houseguests were deciding between evicting Anick and Ika. We can assume that these are the two nominees. Anick looks to be the one on the outside as of now.

11:00-12:00 AM: Neda and Ika had a lengthy discussion about their position in the house. Sabrina and Sarah are two of the others that they seem to be working with. They discussed that it may be necessary to put some fear into Sabrina and Sarah in order to ensure that they don’t throw the upcoming HoH. Both Neda and Ika feel that they are in a more vulnerable position than Sabrina and Sarah. They noted Andrew and Kyle are big threats that they need to look out for. In the event that they don’t make a big move, Neda told Ika that they could play things safe by nominating Adel and Paul which would ensure that a boy goes home.

Both girls agreed that they don’t mind Heather as a person, but are annoyed that she is in such a good position in the house and is getting a “free ride”. Heather is not part of the girls alliance, though Rachelle also appears to be with them. Ika later told Rachelle that Heather feels safe with Neda because both girls share a common bond with Jon.

Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Sabrina continued to talk things over. Sabrina and Paul spoke about the upcoming weeks in the house, with Paul pointing out that Andrew is the only person in the house that he views as a threat. Sabrina let Paul know that he is not alone in thinking that. Paul said that Andrew needs to go. Paul then revealed that Andrew had won the Power of Veto, saved himself, and had been getting on his nerves ever since. Paul's initial nominees were Andrew and Anick, with Ika going up in Andrew's place. Paul went on to call Andrew sexist, biased and racist, as well as arrogant and obnoxious. Sabrina asked for Paul’s help in keeping her safe when it comes to Adel. Paul revealed his admiration for Adel, saying that Adel is someone that he would want to go to the Final 2 with since he respects him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Kyle and Sabrina were the last two awake and took the opportunity to talk things over. As she had throughout the night, Sabrina made it evident that Adel is her number one target. As for Kyle, he is set on taking Rachelle out of the game. Kyle said that he will nominate Rachelle next to Heather if he wins HoH tomorrow. Kyle is concerned that Rachelle would come after him since the two never talk. He is also worried about the influence that Rachelle has over some of the guys, such as Jon. Kyle believes that Heather is playing dumb, so he plans to take her out in the near future as well.

Sabrina believes that there is a guys alliance between Kyle, Jon, Kenny, Arlie and Andrew. Kyle did not deny it, opting to laugh it off. Both agreed that Jon and Kenny are in too good of a position at this point in time. Kyle believes that Jon and Kenny have a Final 2 deal since they are both from Newfoundland and know some of the same people. He said that they are both very nice but a move will need to be made against them at some point. Kyle offered Sabrina protection with the majority of the house in exchange for information on what Sarah, Heather and the girls are thinking. Sabrina said that Kyle would have too much information, and thus countered by promising to divert the girls from going after Kyle whenever his name happens to come up.