Andrew discusses his upcoming nominations

March 7, 2014

The first have-nots of the season were decided late last night. Rachelle, Neda, Sarah and Heather are the have-nots for the week.

5:00-6:00 PM: Kyle informed Paul that he may be in danger of being nominated. Paul was shocked to hear this, feeling that the deals that he had made when he was HoH would keep him safe. Paul thought that both Kenny and Jon were in solid with them. Kyle and Adel pleaded with Paul to open his eyes. Paul was frustrated that he was taking the blame for Andrew being nominated last week, as he feels that it was a team decision and that he should not be held solely accountable for it.

Paul wanted to confront Andrew about potentially nominating him, but Adel and Kyle told him that it would be a terrible thing to do at this point, as it would ensure that he does end up being nominated. Adel said that they just need to make it through this week with a girl going home, and then they can make a big move next week. Adel is set on breaking up Kenny, Jon and Andrew. He said that he will nominate Kenny and Jon, as the Newfies need to be split. He noted that Andrew is hated by the girls, so he is less of a threat than those two. Kyle agreed and said that he would nominate Jon and Kenny as well. Paul continued to have trouble understanding why he might be nominated, and later told both Kyle and Adel that he has a plan in store for them.

6:00-7:00 PM: Andrew revealed that his ultimate goal is to get rid of Paul this week. They both shared a concern when it comes to Kyle, feeling that he isn’t with them as tightly as he wants them to think. The two eventually rethought things and decided that it was best to target Kyle this week. That being said, he will not be an initial nominee. Paul will still be nominated alongside a pawn. Neda’s name was thrown out as the pawn. In the event that someone on their side wins the Power of Veto, they would use it in order to take someone down and get rid of Kyle. Kenny and Andrew discussed that they can tell Paul that they are saving him if this happens, which would hopefully lead to him having their backs.

In terms of alliances, Andrew and Kenny mentioned that their alliance with Sabrina, Sarah and Arlie is “deadly”, in terms of both their capabilities and their personalities. Both agreed that they like Jon, but said that he is not part of the alliance since he wasn’t part of “the five”, which consists of the first five houseguests to enter the Big Brother Canada house. They agreed that Jon is their 6th if they need him, but pointed out that it wouldn’t be a huge deal if they had to let him go at some point.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul was seen talking to himself in the storage room. He said that he expects the Newfies, Jon and Kenny, to talk to Andrew and throw Kyle under the bus, which he hopes will take the heat off of him. Paul then said that he trusted Kyle and that Kyle should have let him know if there was any chance of him being nominated. Paul was now set on shifting the target to Kyle in order to save his own game. Paul went on to begin planting some seeds with Heather, seeing as he had heard rumblings that she was closely aligned with Andrew. He told Heather that there are people that are looking to flip the house and get Andrew out next week. Paul said that he is not an immediate threat to Andrew, while Kyle is.

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah and Neda briefly talked things over, with Sarah noting that she always sees Kyle with Adel and Paul. This has led her to believe that Kyle is a mole. Neda is hoping that Andrew will target Kyle without going the backdoor route, so that Kyle can win the Power of Veto and be set on getting his revenge on Andrew next week, which would buy the girls some safety.

10:00-11:00 PM: Members of the First 5 alliance were up in the HoH room when Ika decided to pay them a visit. Ika then revealed to Andrew that Paul had been calling him a “racist” and a “sexist”. Ika said that she explained to Paul that he should not be saying these things. Andrew handled it all fairly well, but everyone was pretty surprised to hear the news. Kenny and Andrew had a one on one to talk things over, with Kenny telling Andrew that he will support Andrew’s decision if he now decides that Paul needs to go. Andrew ultimately decided that he could no longer live with Paul, thus the target was once again on his back. Jon later told the guys that he was on board as well, as he could not believe Paul’s comments and did not want their season to become about things like that.

11:00-12:00 AM: Adel, Paul and Kyle continued to hang out throughout much of the night, acknowledging that they are in big trouble this week. They spent much of the time joking around about the fact that they are screwed and could very well be going home this week. Kyle and Adel are hoping that they can cause a stir tomorrow after nominations that may be able to save the three of them. They realize that they are on the outside looking in and have a lot of work to do in order to make that happen. Paul prefers to try to play it cool until they see what happens at the veto competition, but Adel and Kyle were very much against that approach.

The Final 5 (minus Sarah) had a meeting in the HoH room. There was discussion of again shifting the target back to Kyle, with a plan to backdoor him. They discussed that Paul can easily be the target next week, while Kyle needs to be struck before he has the opportunity to strike first. Kenny told Andrew that Kyle is the only one there that can compete with Andrew in strength and endurance competitions. The alliance discussed that they are so solid and nobody knows it. Kenny is happy that people are assuming that he is with Jon, as it takes the spotlight off of the First 5 alliance. Sabrina said that she felt bad for Jon, as he was not included. She wanted him to be the 6th member, but Kenny said that it can’t happen though the alliance was a “5 + 1”. Sabrina understood and said that the First 5 need to be the last five.

As of now, it appears as though the target is back on Kyle, though things remain somewhat up in the air.