Ika Wong Exit Interview

March 28, 2014

What hurts more, the fact that you got sent home the week after you had HoH and PoV and kept these people safe, or that you went out at the hands of the girls in your own alliance?

Ika: I think that I had HoH and POV and had the ability to make the move I wanted to make and didn’t take it. Having Rachelle send me home it wasn’t like I was so hurt, but I didn’t like her I couldn’t stand her or Sabrina, I couldn’t you know! If Adel had done that to me it would have hurt, but having Rachelle do it, whatever girl. But definitely having that HoH and POV, and I just honestly thought that had I had taken those two good players and put them up for upcoming weeks, people would see me as a big target and I wanted to keep people in the house like Paul to do my dirty work for me.

You and Adel got off to a bit of a rocky start, yet developed such a close bond as time went on. Are you surprised about how close you two got, and what does your friendship with him mean to you?

Ika: Oh my gosh, can I just be honest with you [laughing]… all my friends that I am friends with till this day, we probably all had a rocky start, we did! And I think the thing with Adel was that every single moment was real, the rocky start to the good moments, we kept it real! When we were at it, we were at it, and when he loved me and I loved him it was real. Adel means a lot to me, he is such an amazing person. For someone to stand by you when every single person has turned their back on you it’s a true testament to their character, and to who they are as a person. I love that guy, my ride or die for sure.

Which houseguest or houseguests do you think will regret sending you home the most, and why?

Ika: [Laughing] Dumb ass Rachelle will, Sabrina’s pet will! Rachelle for sure will regret it because Sabrina’s in an alliance with the first five and she is just disposable you know, they're using her. When it's time to pick her off she will go and she will realize she made a very big mistake, she made a big mistake getting rid of me. Sarah, had she had even kept Paul, would have been in a great position in the house as well. Kenny would have been looking to her for safety as opposed to her looking towards him. She would have been a stronger woman in the house had she had done that because she would have had more power than she has right now.

The following questions were asked by cartermatt.com during our conference call:

How difficult was it for you to gauge when people were telling you the truth and when people were lying?

Ika: It was so hard. I think, for me, I didn’t like the girls I was working with but I figured that was my alliance and I was going to be loyal to them and I was going to trust them and their numbers and go with it. I did not trust them personally or like them personally but I trusted them in the game that we could have at least went a couple weeks together. It’s hard. Honestly, I thought in my head that they are all liars, so just take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

In the early stages of the game, there was a lot of animosity towards Heather. What do you think was really the source of that?

Ika: Honestly, when I first moved into the house I really liked Heather. We slept together. We were bedmates. I really liked her, and Sabrina started telling everyone in the house that Heather hates them and she was telling everyone that Heather was saying all this stuff. So, it’s not as much I wanted to evict Heather because of what Sabrina was saying. I just wanted Paul to stay in the house. I thought, if Heather went, nobody likes her anyway and it wouldn’t ruffle feathers, and Paul would stay and be a number for me and we could go after the bigger guys.

Who do you think is playing a really strong game that maybe people aren’t talking about so much?

Ika: Honestly, I would say Sarah is playing a good game too. I think she is. She is in this strong alliance and she has the targets and the threats, you know they're shown and it does take a target off of her. I think Arlie is also playing a good game; again, he is in a strong alliance. But no one is really looking at Arlie and his conniving little ways. They’re looking at the big threat and targets like Kenny and Andrew, so I think Arlie is doing a good job. Heather isn’t bad either, you know. She's playing a little floater game, “I can’t really do much, I’m so sweet”, but I think heather has some fight in her. And of course Adel is going to kill it! Adel’s game is golden.

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