Kyle Shore Exit Interview

March 14, 2014

Would you ever have considered turning on Adel and Paul if it meant staying in the house a little longer?
Kyle: F*ck that noise. No way. I would rather scrub Andrew’s feet, I would rather cry every 30 seconds, I would rather join in the Newfie jig with Jon and Kenny than ever abandon the boys.

You said that you wanted someone to make a big move and go against the dominant players in the house. Who do you think has it in them to make that big move?
Kyle: I’m unsure about this but, honest to God, Ika can. She is that lion. She is not afraid to pounce. I think that if she can really play it smart, she is a girl that can really do some damage. She is easily the most expressive person in the house. If you twist her the wrong way, she is going to make sure that you and everyone knows it. If anyone is going to make a big move, it is going to be Ika for sure.

Do you think that within your two weeks in the house that you grew from your whole Big Brother experience?
Kyle: Big time. Big time. It is an amazing feeling. I went in there and I have my beliefs and I have my biases, but I learned so much more from other people and other people’s life experiences that I can bring back. It educated me more, definitely. It’s a life change for sure.

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How frustrating was the backdoor?
Kyle: It wasn’t frustrating because I seen it coming, but the most frustrating thing was me watching my own fate get destroyed. Like, okay, I’m trapped and the guillotine is slowly coming down. It was miserable. I couldn’t defend myself. At that point, I switched gears. If I am going to go down like this, I’m going to stir up some shit, expose some alliances, and motivate my boys to come back. “Paul, keep your head up. Adel, keep your head up”, and just keep playing through them at that point.

Is there anybody that you wish you could have gotten to know better?
Kyle: I definitely wish that I could have gotten to know Arlie a bit more. That guy….I don’t even know. To me, he looks like a book that you can open up and there is so much more about him. He has a quirky, dorkiness to him but then, when you see him in the challenges, he turns into a freakin’ beast and he starts growling, he starts drooling, he starts spitting on everyone. It was amazing, so I wish I got to know him for the stories he would tell about his life.

The following question was asked by during our conference call:

Was there anybody there that you were really surprised about getting cast on the show?
Kyle: I don’t know. I was walking my dog one day and a van rolled up, and I got beaten in the face with a bat and I woke up in the Big Brother house. So…I don’t know. I’m still traumatized. It’s weird when you roll out of a cardboard box and suddenly you are in a place with all kinds of people. I’m still dazed and confused. There was a lump on my head. I was bleeding profusely. I have forgotten everything after that point