Paul Jackson Exit Interview

March 21, 2014

If you had not been evicted, did you actually plan on staying loyal to Ika or what were your plans in terms of allies moving forward?

Paul: My plan was simple, we were going to have obviously Heather leave, and it would have been epic to see her face walking out that door because she would not have seen that coming. But I was going to stay loyal to Ika and Adel and pretty much run to the end with them and hopefully string along some girls and some floaters. I think that would have solidified myself, Ika, and Adel to go to the final three.

Do you think that by winning the first HoH you maybe came on too strong, especially in the manner in which you did win it?

Paul: Absolutely not, and I will tell you why. You know what, when you go into this house you never know whether you're making the right move or not. I’ve seen people get the first HoH and go pretty far and then I’ve seen people not go so far. For me I came into the house with a disadvantage, I was the oldest guy and I really couldn’t relate to a lot of these kids. What I had to do was at least guarantee myself the first two weeks to get people to get to know me and have Canada to get to know me. I thought that would have been a good thing for me, and who I was going into the house.

We saw you compete in the Divergent competition and face your fear of heights. How was that whole experience for you and how did it feel when you were able to overcome that?

Paul: That was huge for me! Listen, I’ve been rescued off of the roof of my house many times being stuck up there, and I don’t go up a 6 foot ladder, that’s just plain and simple. So for me to overcome that fear took a heck of a lot out of me. All I could think about was my kids on the couch at home just saying, “Daddy jump! Daddy Jump!” and I just could not let them down. I really want my kids to get the lesson out of this because sometimes in life you have to face your fears, and I was so glad that I did it. What I didn’t expect out of that was that it took so much out of me I could not get back up there. It literally took everything out of me to go down that zip-line and jump off that thing.

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

What was your reaction when you found out that Adel got the secret power from Canada?

Paul: Oh my gosh. Dude, insane. The fact that he won that means that we won it. Plain and simple. I didn’t care if he won it or I won it. I just wanted one of us to win it. And listen I helped him make that video too and take his pictures, so I’ll take half the credit. But the thing is he has something powerful in his pocket. I know that it doesn’t do everything that he says it does, but as long as other people believe it. What kills me is that I’m a big fan of the show, and so is Sabrina and so is Allison. We all know what the golden veto looks like and what it can do. Why is it that people are not being more…a little more careful as to what he’s saying that it can actually do?

Is there one move that you wish you would have made that would have turned your game around?

Paul: You know what, really in hindsight the only thing and this is a touchy one is that I wanted to campaign the last couple days. I thought, you know what, even if I just got to talk to the females for two minutes and say just give me an extra week in the house, I’ll really go after the guys. I really wanted to do that but I didn’t want to jeopardize Adel and some of the people in the house, like Ika who was really fighting for me. It was a tough decision for me kind of sitting back and kind of letting someone else play the game for me. That’s tough cause I’m a player. I’m not a floater. If you see me compete, I just don’t sit back. If I got to Sarah or Sabrina and at least just gave them a two minute spiel, it might have made a difference. I’m not quite sure though.

Why do you think people like Ika and some of the other people in the house are so afraid to go after some of the big guns? You put Andrew up and you’re the only one.

Paul: You know what, the thing is that in this house I think people are intimidated quite easily. I think the reason why Andrew and Kenny are gunning after me is that they know that I’m not intimidated by them, and they know it’s not a good thing for their game to keep me around. I think the longer I stayed in that house the more influential I became, just by the virtue of me being there and them knowing I’m coming after them. So I think that in this case, they needed to get rid of me because they knew that I was coming after them.