Peter Brown and Gary Levy Discuss the Big Brother Canada Side Show and More

February 27, 2014

What does it mean to you to be back involved with Big Brother Canada for it’s second season?

Gary: I am over the moon happy that this is happening. It is like a dream come true. The fact that I get to be a part of BBCAN2 is just amazing to me. I feel like I just walked off the finale stage and into the summer, and it’s like “okay, back to work!”. Oh my God. Are you kidding me? It’s so crazy! We get a job now. It has kind of just sunk in a little. It’s actually going to happen. We’re going to have a show. It’s sinking in but it’s like “Oh my God. This is crazy!”.

Peter: The one word that keeps coming up in anything Big Brother related is surreal. It was surreal to be in the house the first time, it’s surreal to be asked back but it’s certainly a privilege and an honour and something that I take very, very seriously. I’m certainly very, very happy for that.

What do you think that they saw in you two when they decided to bring you back as co-hosts of the Side Show?

Gary: I don’t know what they see in me. It’s hard to talk about yourself!
Peter: Well, we have probably got one of the most colourful personalities that you will ever see in your entire life (in Gary).
Gary: Peter is smart.
Peter: For me, I like to think that I am pretty analytical. Basically, Gary and I will be able to approach any situation completely. If I see one element of it, Gary will be able to see the other. There is really no element of the game that, between the two of us, we wont be able to cover.
Gary: Full coverage foundation!
Peter: On paper we might look like a weird match, but I think that we are actually kind of a really smart match to talk about these new houseguests that are going in.

What are you looking to accomplish with the Big Brother Canada Side Show?

Peter: We want to make it fun. Big Brother can be a very serious game, of course, but there are elements of fun as well. We don’t want this show to be just facts, all strategy. We want it to be exciting. Something that is a must see every single week. You don’t turn the channel after the eviction. You have got to see what are these guys going to be up to. We want to offer something fun.

Gary: We are adding another fun element to the show. There is so much going on with the show. There is After Dark. There are live feeds. This is the cherry on top to this whole Big Brother franchise that they have got going on here. I’m really excited for Canada to see what we bring to the table, cause it’s definitely going to be fun and unique and exciting but still informative. It’s still a game and there is still a lot of strategy going on.

Peter, you had tweeted to ask people whom they would like to see as guests on the Side Show. Tell us a little more about your plans in terms of that.

They could be from anywhere. There are a lot of Big Brothers all across the world. You never know who is going to show up. There is a pretty dynamic range of what people suggested for who they want to see.  I was surprised. There was some BBUK love, some BBAU love, a lot of Big Brother US, of course, and some BB Canada. I’m excited to see who is going to walk out on the show. I think it is going to be pretty cool to get that fourth voice.

Will your guests actually be here (at the Big Brother Canada house)?

Gary: Maybe, or maybe via Skype.
Peter: It could be via Skype. With technology, you can do basically anything.
Gary: Holograms!

In terms of Big Brother Canada 2, what is something that you would like to see change from season one?

Gary: I keep on saying this, but I want Pandora’s Box! I feel like if I could go back, that is the one thing that I would ask them to put in our season. In my dream, Rachel Reilly would pop out and be like “Let’s have a party!”, and I’m like “Cool! Let’s do it!”.

Peter: I don’t know. I think they did so many things good last year. I think just adding more. One thing that I loved was that it seems that there was a BBUK influence, with all the secret tasks and missions. More of that. Even if you get a task and someone gets assigned to screw over the other guy’s task. More of these elements of fun, cause I think sometimes Big Brother can get so serious and there is not that element of fun. I think that is one thing that Big Brother Canada did so well last time. Add to that. That is not a change but adding to what was good.

Finally, what are you looking forward to the most about the new season?

Gary: I can’t wait to watch them. I just can’t wait to watch, turn on the live feeds and see people walking around in rooms, and to watch the show even. The intros I want to see so badly.

Peter: I am interested to see if anyone has learned anything from our season, like what lessons can be taken from things that we did and what happened. Everyone can have a great strategy going in, but your strategy always has to change or you will fail. That is tough to wrap your head around when you get in there. It is so short on TV, but then you get in there and it is forever. I am interested to see what people have taken from our season.