Scott Bosse and Nate Sandri Exit Interview

March 14, 2014

Scott, what would you say was the hardest part about being in your Final Houseguest situation…relying on Canada to vote you in, being stuck in the same room, living with the same two people for a week or something else?

Scott: Honest to God, I have got to start with a bit of a positive and say what an incredible reward to start this process, this Big Brother experience, off by seeing what Canada thinks of us. I love Canada’s opinion, and for them to be able to come in hardcore right away, spend a week with us in that room, and get a sense of whether they loved us or they didn’t, was a truly humbling experience. At the same time, the most difficult part for sure was realizing that you were in this secret twist, that you were going to have to live in that room. That was devastating for me, and I struggled to maintain my positive reaction and not let my devastation out too much. I wanted to throw myself on the floor a couple of times and cry because you just really think that you are going into the house and this is it. To be hit with the bed and the mattress and pillow and all the things that made that room difficult, I mean that was probably the trickiest part for me.

Nate, what would you like to see Allison do now that she is in the Big Brother Canada house?

Nate: Honestly, Allison is a good girl, she knows what’s going on, she knows a lot about that game. What I would like to see is a power switch to her favour, that’s for sure. Take it away from Andrew and Kenny. That’s what I feel like is going on. I feel like they have the power right now. I would like to see her just rise to the top and bring it home for the secret houseguests!

If you knew from the start that you weren’t going to be 100% going into the house, would you still have wanted to go through this whole experience?

Nate: Definitely. I think that it was a great experience. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and this was the first time that it has ever been done so why not be a part of something new? It was just a great experience.

Scott: Absolutely. 100%. Definitely I would have been a part of this opportunity. Once you take away the shock and you scrape off some of the sadness and disappointment as far as realizing that you are not going into the house right away and that you have got more work to do, you then immediately flip in to a feeling of gratitude that they thought of your personalities and your characters enough during the audition process to think that you could handle that room and you could fill up that room with entertainment. I think that that room could have been a very boring room for live feeders, had the three of us not came together the way that we did. So, yeah, in the end I would have 1000% taken this on. 

Scott, what did you think about Allison? How do you think that she is going to do in the game?

The following questions were asked by during our conference call:

Scott: I just adored Allison. We tried to give each other a boost and be there for each other. I didn’t doubt for one second that she did not have the right to be there. She so did. She had a tremendous athletic figure about her, so you know she can be a hardcore challenge demon, and I definitely also so that…she came up with the best term…”resting bitch face”. She just sat there with her mouth not moving and her face just resting. She can serve some serious hardcore resting bitch face and be ruthless if she needs to be. I could tell that in the room. There were days when she was really holding back her desire to be hateful.

Nate, you guys had the opportunity to watch the game. How do you measure up people without the ability to hear what you saw?

Nate: It was a great clip that we got to see (with sound). It told us a lot. When you are watching that TV and there is no sound, all you can do is go on the body language and how they look, right? So, you have got to be kind of judgmental in a sense, and that is really hard to do because you don’t know what their dynamic is. They could be the kindest, sweetest people but just by the look of them you take them as a kind of jerk asshole group. To be honest, it was that one clip that they gave us that was awesome. It kind of filled us in. It definitely divided the house and we saw that in that clip.

You guys had such a weird, unique Big Brother experience. Being locked in that in that little room, are you guys going to pretty much be BFFs for life?

Scott: I feel that the bond has definitely been established. I have been saying all along that obviously being a part of a twist this massive was really rewarding, very humbling, and I did see honour in it even though it was a hateful twist. I would have rather watched it from the sidelines. Being in that room really forced us to bond, because it was somewhat traumatic. I’m not going to lie, I was cuddled up to a blanket that would have made an SOS pad feel like Chinchilla fur. I was really dying in there but we did…we support each other.
Nate: Definitely BFFs for life. When you spend that much time with two people, you get to know each other, you get to become close. It’s just really hard when you leave each other. The comradery that you get and the support from each other just to make it through that week was so good. They couldn’t have picked two better people to put in that room with me. We just all bounced off each other, we all had great dynamics, we were all our own people and we just made the best of the situation.