Interview with Big Brother Canada's AJ Burman

April 1, 2013

Here is what AJ had to say after falling victim to the "Instant Eviction" twist and becoming Big Brother Canada's first jury member.

Are you surprised by the house's decision?

AJ: I’m not surprised. I knew Andrew had a lot of friends in the house as well, and a lot of people who wanted to play with him. I was surprised by Topaz’ decision – if she wanted to get Andrew out of the house I was probably not the right person to put up against him.

When do you think the competition shifted gears? Was there a definitive moment or was it a process?

AJ: Tom leaving definitely changed the house a great deal. It changed because the guys had been pretty firm about staying together – it was an unspoken alliance but we all had mutual targets – but him leaving opened up the competition a lot.

Why did you connect so well with Andrew?

AJ: Andrew and I being the two oldest guys in the house, we connected on that level, as we both have established careers. We also both really liked to joke around a lot, and poke fun at the other houseguests. Andrew is also a good physical player and was underestimated by the other houseguests, as was I. That was a strategy for me, but Andrew didn’t like to be underestimated since he likes to be recognized along with the young guns for being a physical player. I had to reassure him often that being underestimated was a good thing.

What was your favourite/worst experience/moment in the house?

AJ: The worst moment was leaving the house, definitely. I’d say one of the best moments was Talla and Topaz’ kiss – that definitely comes to mind first! The obstacle course was fun too.

What did you discover about yourself that you didn't know prior to being on the show?

AJ: I discovered that I can live with other people and adjust myself to those conditions. I learned to cook more, and clean more. I even cleaned up after others sometimes - which is something I definitely don’t do in normal life. I learned to live with strangers, and even sleep in the same room – after a while I think I adjusted well.

If you can go back to any moment in the house and change your reaction, which moment would that be and why?

AJ: I would have targeted stronger players, like maybe Emmett and Jillian more aggressively. I never had the opportunity to put them up myself, but I would have looked for chances to encourage other people to put them up. Ironically Topaz would have been a great opportunity for that move but unfortunately she didn’t get to talk to anyone so I didn’t get the chance to plant that seed.

Do you have any final thoughts?

AJ: Look for the new line of AJ cutoff hoodies coming to a store near you at some point!