Interview with Big Brother Canada's Aneal

March 15, 2013

Big Brother Canada's third evicted houseguest, Aneal, participated in a conference call with ourselves and a few others. Find out what he had to say. How did you manage to stay so unbelievably composed last night when you exited the house and then spoke with Arisa on stage?

Aneal: “You know what, once Tom replaced me as the replacement nominee, I knew it was completely out of my control. I wasn’t going to “woulda, coulda, shoulda” myself. I just took it as I was viewed as a threat, and that it was my time to go.” Had you have stayed in the Big Brother house, what were your long-term plans in terms of an alliance and surviving week to week?

Aneal: “I knew that the guys were in power, and I was really working trying to get the girls together, and really take over week four. On my radar were specifically Alec and Peter and had I won HoH, I would have nominated AJ and Alec, hoping that the girls would have backed me up to send Alec packing.” Looking back to week one, what did you and Kat hope to accomplish by pretending you two knew one another outside of the house, and do you regret spreading that false info around looking back now?

Aneal: “At first it was just an entertainment ploy that Kat and I were having as a discussion. I was never going to spread it myself to the other houseguests. I didn’t know Kat had stirred the pot up as much as she did before she left, so I definitely think that helped put me on the block week 2, but I don’t think that’s the reason why Tom put me up.” We saw the crocodile tears and the glitter stunt, had you had more time in the house what other stunts were you hoping to pull on the other houseguests?

Aneal: “A lot of my stunts were kind of spur of the moment. Another thing I did was re-arrange the pictures on the memory wall – they were magnetic – and convince the houseguests that that was going to be the upcoming HoH challenge to kind of mess with their heads a little bit. I was always trying to do something each week to kind of just get to peoples heads and have them just thinking on a route that I wanted them to think” Had you stayed in the Big Brother Canada house, out of the people left who would you have ideally liked to be sitting next to in the Final 2, and why? 

Aneal: I would have loved to be sitting next to Liza. Just from Day 1, she was the first person I talked game with and I think that she kind of had an angle that I didn't have. She really knew how to work the guys, so I think we could have been a force to be reckoned with. It kind of seemed like your initial friendship with Jillian may have been the cause of you being targeted early on in the game. You told her your theories and she relayed them to Emmett. Why did you think you had a target? 

Aneal: I do think that definitely could have hurt me, but I think the biggest target that I had on my back was that everybody felt comfortable talking to me in terms of game, whether it be on a small scale or a large scale. Nobody really knew where I stood. I was kind of just seeing things out and trying to gather as much info as i could. So, I think the fact that nobody really really knew where I stood. There are some really strong social gamers in the house. If you were back in the house and were able to take out two of them with no consequence to yourself whatsoever, who would they be and why?

Aneal: I would take out Peter and Alec. Peter and Alec were on my radar just because I think that this is a game of strategy. If you put them next to Tom and Emmett, Peter and Alec are definitely smarter. I can see them going further in the game. I think that with Topaz on Alec's arm and Peter really getting closer to Liza, they are definitely two of the best players in the house right now.