Interview with Big Brother Canada's Danielle Alexander

March 8, 2013

Big Brother Canada's second evicted houseguest, Danielle Alexander, participated in a conference call with ourselves and a few others. Find out what she had to say. You stated coming in that you wanted to "form an alliance with people that you naturally clicked with" but you "didn’t want to put your connection [with them] on display for everyone to feel threatened by". Do you think you may have made that mistake when it came to your connection with Gary?

Danielle: I feel like maybe it wasn’t so smart to just have it out in the open, but when you're in the house it’s actually a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be to hide emotions. It’s a very, very difficult situation to be in, and I didn’t expect it to be that difficult. The people that you know you can trust and open up to you stick with, and there’s a lot of emotions that go around when you're in there.

I’m an emotional person; I speak what’s on my mind. Gary’s the same way and I felt like we stuck to each other all the time because we didn’t really trust anybody else to let it out our emotions to. I feel like I just wanted to be myself and it was healthy for me to be myself and let these emotions out, and I’m just glad that I had at least one person in there to share that with. Had you stayed in the house, did you actually have an interest in working with the girls alliance long term, or was that something you just had to say yes to at the time?

Danielle: It was definitely something that I just had to say yes to at the time. It’s pretty obvious that Jillian is completely attached to Emmett, and Liza is completely attached to Tom. Talla, you know, she’s kind of just floating around. She had my back, which is completely awesome, but if she didn’t have my back it could have went either way, I wasn’t completely close with her. With the girls, I don’t think that it would have lasted because they're so emotionally invested in the guys. I am really the only one who’s not emotionally invested, so I think it would have been a downfall for me. So we’re not sure if you’re aware of this yet but… Obviously Gary is someone you considered to be one of your closest friends in the house. How do you feel about him not telling you that he knew ahead of time that you would be the one to be evicted (last night)? –

Danielle: *Long pause* Ohhh my god… I didn’t know that… Umm I feel pretty down I guess. I mean, it’s really hard to read people; I thought I was good at reading people until this experience. I guess they’re just in it for themselves, and I just have to remember that. I did my best, and I was trusting. I’m an honest person and that’s my nature, and I guess my nature got the best of me. But it is a competition, and I’m just going to have to remember that after this experience. Who do you think is the most underrated player that’s left in the house, who should everyone at home be watching out for?

Danielle: I feel like Peter is really, really underrated. I know that people in the house know that he is a strong mental player, but I feel like they’re really underestimating his physical ability too. He did last longer than Gary in that first HOH competition, but he directed all the attention to Gary. So he’s kind of flying under the radar and really able to play everybody in the house without anybody really realizing it. When it comes to you versus Aneal, was there any one point when you felt the tide was turning and votes were starting to be directed your way, and did you regret at all not kissing up more to the people in power?

DanielleNo, I actually was completely shocked. I got suspicious when Aneal was spending a lot of time in the HOH room, or he was talking to Emmett one on one. Everybody else kind of just assured me that you know, “we’re just being nice to him because he’s leaving in a couple days and we don’t want him to feel really out of place in the house”, and I was like “oh yeah, yeah”.

I felt so confident in Jillian keeping me in the house, and everybody keeping me in the house, that I didn’t feel like I had to suck up. I felt that it was so solid that you know I just had to be myself. They were just really good at lying to me and they were really good at the way they played me. Unfortunately for me it meant that I was a little bit too naive and I got sent home. I know things can change in the BB house, but had you stayed and won HOH, were there 2 people off the top of your head that you wanted to put up?

Danielle: I definitely would have put up Tom and Jillian. Even though she wanted a strong girl alliance, deep down I kind of thought she might keep me in this week and we might try to build more of a relationship, but deep down I just didn’t fit right with her and Tom is just not my favourite person.


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