Jillian Nominates Aneal & Gary for Eviction, Gary wins PoV

March 3, 2013

A Look Back at Day 10 in the Big Brother Canada House

Jillian Gets on Board with Targeting Aneal

Things picked up where they left off last night, with the alliance of nine pushing for Aneal to be the target this week. (Note: The alliance of nine is Tom, Peter, Emmett, Alec, Jillian, Liza, Topaz, Andrew and Talla). When talks of targeting Aneal first started, the plan was to backdoor him. There was a slight change of plans once Jillian was on board, as they then discussed making Aneal an initial nominee. Gary would be the second nominee. In that scenario, the fallback option would be to nominate and evict Danielle if Aneal were to win the PoV. Jillian was having a hard time dealing with the stress of having to make nominations, confiding in Emmett and Peter along the way. She seemed to be on board with the plan to target Aneal, but had two main concerns; 1) Danielle coming after her and 2) looking like a backstabber for nominating Aneal.

Peter calmed her by explaining that she can make a deal with Danielle after nominations, saying that she wants to be guaranteed safety from Danielle in exchange for keeping her safe this week. Furthermore, Peter explained that Aneal understands the game so tell him that he is not the target, but that she had to nominate someone that she knew would stay. Peter said to explain the nominations to the house by saying that she had decided to nominate the two biggest social threats in the house, Aneal and Gary.

The Nomination Ceremony

Feeds went down around noon. When the feeds came back, over four hours later, we found out that Jillian had indeed gone through with the plan to nominate Aneal and Gary for eviction.

Aneal and Gary were seen chatting about the nominations, and were surprised that Jillian chose not to nominate Danielle. Aneal asked Gary if Danielle would save one of them if she won the PoV, and Gary said that it would probably be the easier move for her not to. Aneal said that Danielle was up in the HoH room with Jillian for half an hour earlier and that the two were now hanging out and doing their nails together after the nominations.

Aneal was noticeably rattled by being nominated, breaking down a number of times throughout the course of the day. He was left wondering why this happened, often asking how things could change so quickly after he had been promised safety three times by Jillian.

The Veto Competition

Just hours after nominations had been made, it was time for the veto competition. The veto players were Jillian, Gary, Aneal, AJ, Danielle and Peter. When the feeds returned we found out that Gary had won the Power of Veto, which will now give him the opportunity to pull himself off the block.

Aneal began to try to work Tom and Alec for their votes. Tom gave him a small glimmer of hope by saying that if Jillian is dumb enough to nominate Suzette, it will be Suzette that gets sent home. This did not go over particularly well with some of those in Tom’s alliance. Both Peter and Alec were frustrated that Tom would give Aneal any hope at all.

The Brigade 2.0?

It was just yesterday that Aneal had warned Jillian of what he saw as a potential Brigade-like alliance forming between Emmett, Tom, Peter and Alec. Aneal expressed his concern that Jillian would just be strung along with the other girls and then would be let go whenever the guys no longer needed them. Today we got a little more insight as to how those four feel about each other and about their girls.

Determined to get to the bottom of things, Tom went to Emmett with a number of questions. Tom was curious where Emmett’s true allegiance lies, wondering if he would be fine with cutting Jillian somewhere down the line. Emmett and Tom agreed that they are going to be loyal to their final four (with Peter and Alec) for as long as possible. Emmett hoped that they could bring Liza and Jillian to the #5 and 6 spots, but Tom warned him that if Jillian has to go sooner, she has to go. Emmett said that he understood.

Shortly thereafter, Peter and Alec had a lengthy conversation. Both of them expressed their concerns with Tom. In particular, Alec made it clear that he feels that “any association with Tom is dangerous”. Peter noted that “Tom is going to play himself out of this game. It’s just too much.” Peter also stated that “if everyone else is going to overplay, we need to underplay.” While both men shared their concerns with Tom, realizing that they may have to cut him loose at some point in the not too distant future, they agreed that they have to ride out this final four for as long as possible.

Later on in the day, Tom had a chat with Liza about needing take out Jillian. Throughout the day, Tom had mentioned that Jillian’s ego has gotten huge since she won the HoH. Those of you that have been watching the feeds would realize that it’s Tom with the overinflated ego. Tom seemingly has to be at the centre of everything in this house, trying to assert his dominance. Tom told Liza that it would be “the biggest move in the game” if she were to backdoor Jillian. Tom said that they don’t need Liza around, and that it would be a test of Emmett’s allegiance. He said that he would tell Emmett he’s sorry and that if he has to come at him, come at him.

The Replacement Nominee

There has been no word on when the nomination ceremony will take place. However, there has been plenty of discussion about who the replacement nominee will be. Jillian has stated that she will not nominate Suzette, as the two of them had made a deal. She has also said that she will not be nominating Danielle, likely to preserve any goodwill that has been built up between the two of them over the past 24 hours.

Given that Jillian is part of the alliance of nine, her options after that are fairly limited. The most common name that has come up has been that of AJ. Topaz told Jillian that she can use AJ as a pawn, but advised that she doesn’t blindside AJ with the nomination. Topaz feels that, as long as AJ is made are of the plan, he will be understanding of the situation.  
Whoever the replacement nominee may be, the current intention is for that person to simply be a pawn. Aneal’s game is in some serious danger at this point, and he will have a long week of work ahead of him if he hopes to stay in the game.