Danielle agrees to be a pawn, the girls align

March 3, 2013

A Look Back at Day 11 in the Big Brother Canada House

Tom Continues to be the Center of Attention

Tom again voiced his concerns, to Liza, with the Emmett & Jillian pairing. Tom said that Jillian needs to go as soon as possible. He said that he’s there to make big moves and that taking out the strongest girl in the game (Jillian) would be a big move. He noted that Danielle can take Jillian’s place in the group of nine. That being said, he stated that he still wants to target Suzette and Gary first.

When the time comes to take out Jillian, Tom said that they will see where Emmett’s allegiance lies. Tom said that he can do this without Emmett, and that Emmett can do this without him, but he is keeping his word in this game. Tom said that if Emmett is not okay with them having evicted Jillian, then they will send his ass out the door after her.

Roughly around the same time, Gary, Danielle and Talla had been discussing that they need to make a big move next week. Danielle stated that she wants Tom out. Gary also wants Tom out, but suggested that they try brainwash Emmett and Jillian into being the ones to take out Tom. He said that they should do what Jillian wants for now, by evicting Aneal, but that starting next week they need to start working on planting seeds to get Tom out of the house.

Danielle Agrees to be a Pawn

Jillian was previously unsure of who exactly she would nominate in place of Gary. AJ was a name that was often thrown around, but Tom felt that it was best to avoid going down that road. Tom said that AJ has no idea about the nine, thinking that he’s still one of the guys. Tom explained that it was best that he and Emmett didn’t have to deal with the fallout of nominating AJ.

Danielle had previously offered to be a pawn, so it was suggested that they revisit that option. Danielle was brought up to the HoH room to see if she was still on board with that plan. After initially resisting, Danielle agreed to be a pawn as long as she was guaranteed to be 100% safe. Tom, Alec, Emmett, Jillian and Liza all reassured her that Aneal would be the one going home this week.

Danielle hoped that this would be a sign of her allegiance to the group. She noted that while she’s assumed to be aligned with Gary and Suzette, this shows that she doesn’t care and is willing to work with the other side of the house.

A Girls Alliance Forms

Liza approached Jillian to discuss her concerns with the guys. Liza felt that Emmett would be fine with cutting her in a second, while Tom would be fine with cutting Jillian in a second. With that in mind, Liza proposed that she and Jillian attempt to align with Talla and Danielle to take on the guys 4 on 4 (Tom/Emmett/Peter/Alec). Including Topaz would even give the girls a 5 on 4 advantage over the guys.

After volunteering to be a pawn, Danielle voiced her concern with Tom. She said that Tom is controlling and an asshole, and that she really can’t trust the guy. Danielle revealed to Jillian that her main concern with being a pawn was that Tom would try to flip the house to get her evicted. Jillian said that she feels that Tom will be appreciative of Danielle volunteering to be a pawn, and that she would be okay.

Talla had also joined in on the conversation, and it was at this time that Jillian let the girls in on Liza’s plan to create a girls alliance with them. Both Talla and Danielle were excited by the idea of a girls alliance. Jillian said “We can’t let the guys screw us over. We can’t let Canada think we’re stupid. We can’t let them be the Brigade.”

Jillian continued on by saying that if a girl wins HoH, they need to nominate two of the guys. In the time being, she said that they can continue to let Tom feel that he is the “big dog” of the house. Jillian, Danielle and Talla all agreed that aligning would be best for their chances later on in the game. They noted that if it got down to a 4 on 4 situation with the guys, they have the more diverse group. They felt that the guys just have muscle, while expecting Peter to be the brains of the group. Talla doubted that Peter is even that smart. They discussed that Peter has yet to be right about anything that he has said in terms of the game.

Jillian, Talla and Danielle ended their conversation by again telling each other how important it is that they stick together. Jillian noted that she wants them to look smarter than the guys and, while there has never been a girls alliance that worked, she knows that they can do it. They agreed to continue to act as though they were with the guys, but their true allegiance would be with the girls.  

The Veto Ceremony

Things went as expected. Gary used the PoV to pull himself off of the block, and Jillian named Danielle as the replacement nominee. Aneal was once again pleading for answers from Jillian and Emmett as to why he was nominated in the first place. Neither gave him much of an answer, with Emmett telling him that “this is Big Brother, expected the unexpected. You have 4 days (to make something happen).” ¬†Aneal thanked Jillian for what appears to be at least a fighting chance, given that Danielle was the replacement. At this point, the plan throughout the house is to evict Aneal.

Big Brother Punishes the Houseguests

Earlier in the day, after a feed cut, the houseguests were talking about some kind of reward that they would be receiving. Late this evening, Big Brother gathered the houseguests in the living room for what they expected to be their reward. Rather than receive a reward, they received a punishment!

Big Brother’s announcement to the houseguests: Many of you have been reluctant to respond to Big Brother’s directions in a timely manner. As a result, all hot water has been cut off from the house for 48 hours. Furthermore, games are not permitted in the Big Brother house. Topaz, bring the cards and the chess board to the storage room.
Big Brother also singled Topaz out, using her reluctance to put on her microphone as an example of the behaviour that led to the punishments. Big Brother told the houseguests that future punishments will be stricter if they do not start listening.

Aneal has Life

Aneal was sobbing to Liza, telling her that he was embarrassing his mom by being evicted so early. He said that his mom spent a ton of money buying things for him to be able to go to the Big Brother house. He also still cannot get over the fact that Jillian had promised him three times that he was safe, and then put him on the block. Liza told him that, if it makes him feel any better, her target is Jillian.

As this conversation was taking place, Tom was talking to Peter about a plan to save Aneal. Tom heard from Liza that Danielle and Gary were after him, so he now wanted to take out Danielle. Peter and Alec later discussed this plan with Aneal, letting him know that he has a chance. Alec said that he floated the idea to Topaz and that she was on board. They made Aneal promise to come back to them with any deals that he is offered and any info that he gets. They also wanted a guarantee that they would be kept safe by Aneal. Gary is Aneal’s target, and he was open to suggestions for the second nominee if he were to win HoH. Alec and Peter told him that it would have to be Suzette, and Aneal was on board with that plan.

Emmett was the guy in the alliance of four that was the most skeptical of the plan to evict Danielle. He felt that it didn’t make any sense that Gary and Danielle would tell Liza about their plans to Target tom, when they know that Tom and Liza are close. Specifically, Liza said that Danielle and Gary told her that they were going to nominate Alec & Topaz, then backdoor Tom.

Emmett informed Jillian that it was possible that the house had began to flip. Jillian shared in his skepticism in terms of wondering why Danielle and Gary would tell Liza that they were targeting Tom. Jillian did mention that it wouldn’t be the worst thing for them if Aneal did end up staying. Emmett said that, to be safe, they would have to bring him up to the HoH room on Wednesday and tell him that if they manage to keep him safe, he will have to have their backs in the future.

Peter picked Talla’s brain and found out that her vote seems locked in to keep Danielle. As the night commenced, Alec and Peter told Aneal that they will continue to work for the votes and that they will keep him posted. With 11 people voting this week, it’s still too hard to say which way things will go. Talla and Gary seem like safe bets to keep Danielle at this point. On the other hand, Aneal appears to have a good shot at getting Tom, Peter, Alec and Topaz. That leaves him needing just two votes from any of Emmett, Suzette, Liza, AJ and Andrew for this plan to fully be put into action. Whether or not the votes can be rallied remains to be seen, but this week just got a whole lot more interesting. Danielle may the latest houseguest to learn the hard way that you never agree to be a pawn in the game of Big Brother.