Blindside on the Horizon?

March 5, 2013

A Look Back at Day 13 in the Big Brother Canada House

Blindside on the Horizon?

When Danielle offered to be a pawn, every Big Brother fan knew that it was bad news for her game. While the plan at the time was to evict Aneal, things can change so quickly in the Big Brother house. The house appears to have flipped from the original plan, with Danielle now looking like the safe bet to be the second houseguest evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

It all started on Day 11 with Liza informing Tom that Danielle and Gary were after him. This led to Tom making it his personal mission to get Danielle out of the house. The talks initiated that night and have continued over the past couple of days. As of right now, it looks like we will be in for our first blindside of the season.

Tom, Peter, Alec, Emmett, Topaz, Liza, AJ and Andrew are on board. Gary is the only vote that Danielle has locked in. Suzette is also likely to vote in her favour. Jillian and Liza floated the idea to Talla today, telling her that it seems as though the house might be shifting towards evicting Danielle. Talla’s main concern was that she didn’t want to be the only one NOT voting for Danielle to be evicted, so she asked that someone let her know. Liza promised to keep her in the loop.

Later in the evening, Talla came to Tom and Liza to ask what was going on with the vote. Tom reassured her that Aneal would be leaving, so not to worry. Talla said that she had heard that Danielle might now be leaving. Tom asked where she got that info. Talla lied, presumably to protect the girls’ alliance, saying that she heard this from AJ. Talla is still not 100% in on the plan, thinking that Danielle is still staying at this point. The girls are unsure if they should let her in on it. Her vote will not matter regardless, as Danielle would leave by a vote of 8-3 even if Talla votes to evict Aneal.

All in all, the nine, or “The Dream Team” as Talla has named them, have the votes in place to hit Danielle with the first blindside of the season. Gary went to Danielle and expressed a bit of concern over the vote. He felt that Aneal was too comfortable. Danielle started freaking out at the thought of being evicted. She said that she has cleaned for two weeks, while all that Aneal has done is sleep. She was having a down day and didn’t want to be around the majority of the house, but said that the two weeks better be worth something to everyone. She did not want to have to go suck up to everyone to ensure that they are still keeping her, and felt that it would be ridiculous if one day of that from Aneal would seal her fate. The plan is to keep the vote a secret from Gary and Suzette, meaning that Danielle will be in for quite the shock come Thursday evening.

The Week Ahead

The most vocal member of the nine person alliance is Tom, and Tom has been telling everyone about his plans for the upcoming week. Tom’s main target is Gary. His plan for if he wins HoH, or if anyone in his alliance wins HoH, is to nominate Suzette and Aneal, with Gary being backdoored. Peter also mentioned this exact plan to Andrew, Alec and Emmett later on in the day. Tom’s plan for the subsequent weeks is to evict Aneal, Suzette and AJ, which would bring the Dream Team to the final nine.

As for the other side of the house, Gary and Danielle discussed that they need to evict Tom. Gary mentioned two possible plans. The first plan that he mentioned was to nominate Emmett and Jillian, tell Tom that he was safe and then backdoor Tom. The second plan was to nominate Tom from the start and try to align with Emmett and Jillian. Gary noted that Emmett and Jillian are strong players and are well liked, so perhaps their likability could rub off on himself and Danielle. It was also interesting to note that Gary mentioned that Peter is “strong and smart and social.” He went on to say that Peter is “the biggest threat in the house, but he is just coasting under the radar.” Peter does indeed appear to be one of the strongest players in the house, if not the strongest of them all, but he has yet to be mentioned as someone that needs to go anytime soon.

House Meeting?

Earlier today, Gary was expressing his displeasure with how dirty the kitchen was. He did not feel that it was right that Suzette was doing all of the dishes. Talla took offense to this, stating that it was hard to do dishes without hot water (they are still being punished by Big Brother) and that she did the dishes yesterday and nobody said anything then.

In typical Talla form, she let the debate escalate. Talla continued to argue with Gary for a good 10+ minutes, even calling him out on his glitter. It was eventually decided that a house meeting was needed in order for everyone to voice their concerns. The house chores would be split up at that time. The meeting was set for tonight. It remains to be seen whether or not it will actually take place.

Note: The house meeting did not end up taking place.

Girl Power

Liza spent some time speaking with Talla to try to find out what her plans were once they got down to the final nine. It was clear that Talla hadn’t really thought that far ahead, but she did express interest in working with both Liza and Jillian. Liza was interested in that, as she has been worried that the girls are all getting picked off one by one. Liza told Talla that she felt that Tom would cut her if he needed to in order to win, and she gets that, but she doesn’t think that he would do it in the near future. She is fine with sticking with the guys for now, but is also looking out for her long term game. She told Talla that she would be open to cutting Tom eventually, but it would depend on the situation and who he is up against. For example, it would make no sense for her to cut Tom for Emmett when she has no relationship with Emmett.

Liza then spoke with Jillian. The two of them reiterated that they need to work together and that they can’t be the type of girls that end up getting cut by their guys in the end. They discussed that the guys have a solid group of four (Emmett/Tom/Alec/Peter), so they need to do the same. Liza told Jillian that Talla would back them, but they need to find a fourth seeing as Danielle will be leaving. Liza has mentioned multiple times recently that Alec is someone that needs to go soon after they make it to the final nine. She says that he has a showmance and a bromance, and that it would break both Topaz and Peter to lose him. While she hasn’t came out and admitted it, it also feels as though she would have some interest in working with Peter down the line, making it that much more attractive to take out his main ally. Andrew is another houseguest that is on Liza’s radar. She feels that he is out to get Tom, and that is obviously not good news for her.

Another possibility to look out for is Aneal joining up with the three girls (Jillian/Liza/Talla). Their options are limited and Aneal seems to put a lot of trust in Liza. He has already expressed his interest in continuing to work with her. While he felt betrayed by Jillian’s nomination of him, he also felt all along that someone else was pulling the strings and had put her up to it. Whether or not the girls actually end up cutting their showmances loose down the road, and making a solid long lasting alliance of their own, it’s refreshing to see them planning well in advance rather than naively believing that everything will remain perfect between them.