A long night full of tasks

March 9, 2013

A Look Back at Day 16 in the Big Brother Canada House

Overnight Tasks

When the feeds came back following the nomination ceremony, the houseguests were talking about how they had to do some sort of task(s) and may be kept up all night. We soon found out that whenever an alarm went off, all houseguests must report to the living room. Big Brother would then give them further instructions.

The alarm went off for the first time at approximately 12:24 AM. Big Brother gave the houseguests the following task:

TASK #1: Please head to the garden and you must build a human pyramid and hold it for 15 seconds.

The houseguests initially made what was deemed an improper human pyramid, as there was not a single person on top.

Big Brother Canada Human Pyramid

Big Brother made them try again. This time the houseguests successfully completed the task, holding the human pyramid for 15 seconds.

Big Brother Canada Human Pyramid

Big Brother Canada Human Pyramid

The alarm went off for a second time at approximately 1:21 AM. Big Brother gave the houseguests the following task:

TASK #2: Prepare to get really close and really clean with your fellow houseguests. Please head to the bathroom. You all must fit in the main showers with the doors closed and the water running for 5 minutes.

Big Brother Canada Shower

The houseguests successfully completed the shower task. The feeds went down at approximately 2:37 AM. They stayed down for over 20 minutes. When the feeds returned, we saw the houseguests brushing each others’ teeth.

TASK #3: Brush each others’ teeth


Big Brother informed the houseguests that they had successfully completed the task. The alarm went off again at approximately 3:41 AM.

TASK #4: It’s been a long night, but it is time for the slam dunk. Unfortunately there is no basketball hoop in the Big Brother house. Please head to the pool area. Each of you must do 15 jumping jacks before every houseguest must enter the pool, where you must submerge your heads under water simultaneously.

Houseguests, hustle! If all houseguests are not around the pool in one minute, you will be submerged underwater for 30 minutes!

Peter- So, if we don’t get here in a minute we die! Everyone is evicted by death! Let’s not die, let’s not die!


Once again, the houseguests successfully completed the task. The alarm next went off at approximately 4:40 AM. The houseguests quickly made their way to the living room to be informed of their next task.

TASK #5: I know you guys all must be very tired, but Big Brother thinks it’s the perfect time for a dance party. When the music sounds, you guys will be dancing for 5 minutes. What constitutes dancing? All four of your limbs must be moving.

The music started a minute later and the dance party began!

Big Brother Canada Dance Party

The houseguests successfully completed the task. Next up was a wake up at approximately 7:40 AM.

TASK #6: Make a trail from the step from the dining room leading to kitchen, leading all the way to the bedroom. The trail must be made up of items ordered from smallest to biggest. Only one houseguest can be standing at a time and all houseguests must participate. One last thing, no two similar items can touch. That means no two forks in a row, no two plates in a row etc.

The houseguests began passing around a ton of items, everything from raisins to utensils to pots and pans to stools. After about 5 minutes, Big Brother warned the houseguests that they would only have 10 minutes to complete the task or else they would have to start over from the beginning.

The houseguests decided to unroll wax paper as one of their items. It ended up being long enough to span the entire way. The houseguests patiently waited for Big Brother to determine whether or not that was allowed.

The feeds were eventually cut and the houseguests were evidently informed that this would not be allowed. They went back to work on ordering items from smallest to largest. They thought that they had completed the task, but they had two forks back to back.

The houseguests eventually successfully made a trail of items from the kitchen step to the bedroom, but were informed that all items must be returned to their original spots to fully complete the task. The houseguests successfully completed the task.