A meltdown causes a change in plans

March 8, 2013

A Look Back at Day 16 in the Big Brother Canada House

Have-not Competition

The have-not competition took place this afternoon. The have-nots for the week are Topaz, Jillian, Aneal and, for a second straight week, Alec. Luckily for the have-nots, they will have it a bit easier this week when it comes to food. Canadians voted for poutine and beaver tails as this week's have-not food.

A Change in Plans

All week, Tom was focused on making Gary the target for this week if he or anyone in his alliance were to win HoH. The plan was to nominate Aneal and Suzette, and then backdoor Gary. Tom won HoH last night, leading everyone to believe that Gary would indeed be the #1 target this week. He reiterated that Gary would be his target, but had changed his mind about the backdoor plan. He was now going to keep it simple and nominate Gary and Suzette with his initial nominations.

Something big went down last night while the feeds were down until the airing of the “live” show. Apparently Suzette had a major meltdown at some point after Tom won HoH. On BBAD, there was a brief DR leak of Suzette, and she was freaking out. It sounded like she was ready to pack it in, but obviously she still remains in the Big Brother Canada house.

That brings us to tonight when the feeds came back after a very lengthy blockage (for the have-not competition). Shortly after they returned, Topaz was seen coaching up Gary on how to best speak to Tom in order to keep himself safe. What we didn’t know is that Topaz had already laid the groundwork with Tom. Topaz witnessed the Suzette meltdown last night, and apparently Suzette had some not so kind words to say about Tom.

Topaz relayed the happenings to Tom, causing him to totally alter his plans for the week ahead. Tom was heard explaining to multiple people that it was unacceptable that Suzette was spreading lies about him. He said that he had never physically or otherwise threatened Suzette or her family, and that he had also never bad mouthed Suzette’s family as she was claiming. Tom said that Suzette no longer cares to win this game, instead choosing to make it her personal vendetta to see him walk up those stairs and out the door before she leaves.

Tom spoke with Gary, letting him know that he would be nominating him alongside Suzette, but that he was in no way the target this week. Tom vowed to take Gary off the block if he were to win the PoV, and also said that he made a deal with Emmett to pull Gary off the block as well. Tom said multiple times that he wants it to be a 10-0 vote to evict Suzette. His ideal plan is to have Gary come off the block, replacing him with one of AJ, Aneal or Andrew. So far AJ seems to be the most likely of the three to be a replacement nominee.  Tom said that he did not want to make Aneal have to pack his bags for a second straight week, while Emmett noted that Andrew is a fighter and is probably not someone that you want to unnecessarily put on the block at this point.

Gary made a number of attempts to make a deal to work with Tom moving forward, but Tom simply wanted to get through this week first and worry about that later. He advised Gary to talk Topaz, saying that she would confirm what was going on. He also told Gary to get closer to Liza.

Tom then explained his feelings to many of those in his alliance, saying that this is now 100% personal. He said that Suzette has got to go because she has been degrading his character and his future in front of his family. While he admitted that evicting Gary is the better game move, he pleaded for the backing of the house in his attempt to evict Suzette. He said that he would be in the corner of the rest of them if they were ever in need of something similar. He further explained that the best move is to remove the biggest liar and rumour spreader in the house.

Tom and Emmett discussed that Liza wants to take out the Topaz/Alec showmance. Tom said that she just wants to make jury house. He went on to say that "we're dumping her at jury house." He said that the only way that he and Emmett were making the Final 2 together is if Quattro (Emmett/Tom/Peter/Alec) make it to the Final 4. Tom said that he hopes that Quattro will have his back down the line if he's on the block, regardless of how big of a threat that he is perceived to be. Tom said that they will need to start hammering out some competitions. Emmett said that they will need to be careful as the more that people get scared, the more they will scatter and create lies.

Nominations and The Aftermath

At the nomination ceremony, Tom followed through on his plan. Gary and Suzette have been nominated for eviction.

Later on in the evening, Alec and Emmett voiced their concerns about Liza, both stating that they do not feel that she can be trusted. Alec said that Liza told Gary that she wants to target the showmances, specifically he and Topaz. Gary brought this info to Topaz, and it eventually got back to Alec. Emmett also had concerns with Liza. He said that you have to look at the bigger picture, realizing that Liza wanted Danielle out because she has something going on with Aneal. Alec said that Liza and Aneal are two sneaky bastards and that he personally thinks that Tom wasted his HoH.

The two discussed that Liza can be dangerous if she can reel in Talla, Aneal and Gary, and therefore they have to take those people out. Alec went on to say that "it might just be on our best interest to blindside Liza at some point. What does she give us?" He also added that "Liza is just an immediate threat to me and Topaz."

Elsewhere in the house, AJ and Andrew discussed that they were not thrilled that Tom has been asking people to use the veto on Gary if they win it. They pondered who the replacement nominee would be in that scenario. Andrew noted that it would be quite difficult for him to use the veto on Gary. AJ then spoke with Talla. She was not in total agreement with evicting Suzette over Gary. AJ said that if he was HoH he would likely take out Gary, but that they should stick to the plan and vote out Suzette. Talla reluctantly agreed with that.